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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 18

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Part 2: Ms Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 18: The Fallen Badge

“What’s wrong with your arm?”

“I got into a fight at the bar.”

The leader said helplessly. “You are a policeman. It is really… the person who pinched your arm was so strong that he actually left such a bruise on it. Well, I guess I’m the same. My broken finger was also chopped off at a bar. But I did it for the mission, not the same as you. Take a rest and come to my house tomorrow morning. My wife will make dumplings at noon.”

Wang Ji nodded his head. Before leaving, the leader did not forget to instruct him.

After the Leader Liu was picked up, Leader Wang, the successor, was really nice. He introduced Wang Ji to a new rental house at a reasonable price. When they returned to the city, they brought people to help Wang Ji to move his house. Leader Wang said that it’s not easy for a guy from far away to be a policeman here. He is not young, so he should plan for his family. These conversations and concerns were totally different from those with other people.

The leader left after he cared for Wang Ji’s arm. Wang Ji stayed in the new house meditating. He didn’t have much stuff to move, except for some small trivial stuff and clothes ── the notebook and Isaac’s toy box required to be moved.

It is 17:52 p.m. After the confirming the time, Wang Ji started the operation.

During the night, Wang Ji returned to Lily’s bar according to the contents of the agreement. The moment he entered the bar, all the demon waiters seemed to freeze.

“I’m here to work.”

Wang Ji bowed politely to the guests in the bar. Lily stared at Wang Ji quietly in the darkness and her twinkling eyes seemed to be surprised. “Welcome back.” Lily suddenly said when Wang Ji passed the bar.

“Thank you.”

Wang Ji replied.

His work was like last night, helping Lily send those lost drunken girls home safely. There was no accident due to the devil’s companionship. At three o’clock in the morning, the work was finally over. After Wang Ji sent the last person, he sat down at the bar and started resting. He was ready to talk about the weapons with Lily.

“You were absent-minded all night, what’s wrong?” In the darkness behind the bar, the witch Lily asked Wang Ji while smoking.

“Weapons, I hope you can handle it sooner.” Wang Ji said.

Lily laughed meaningfully and had a special charm in the darkness. She spat a cigarette and said calmly. “It is three o’clock in the morning. After 24 hours, there will be an arms dealer from the hell coming to me. It smuggles the arms from the hell through some special channels. Unlike me, his trade surprises people and the transaction is very special. In short, after he arrives, you can talk to him.”

“That’s good.”

Wang Ji nodded his head. Although it is not possible to get weapons right away. But as long as he survives tonight, he will have the opportunity to fight back and truly investigate into the civilization. “But frankly, there is not much time left for me. I hope that the surprise mentioned by Lily is useful to me.” Wang Ji thought.

“Do you know why rookies are not willing to trade with demons?”

Lily suddenly asked, her tone was very light and her bright eyes turned to look at him behind the dark bar.

Wang Ji shook his head. Lily laughed. “Yeah! Many rookies found me like you did yesterday, but they hesitated after asking about the price and they left eventually. I have said that they trust the friends they made in the experiment mode too much. They would rather give up their own independent status in the Warband than trading with us. Why?”

Lily helped Wang Ji with the answer to this question. “Or they are facing business with Satan, which only the soul can be used as a transactional equivalent. Or it’s because those hunter friends of his told him that only the devils would help you at the beginning. But once you accept the trade with devils, you can no longer receive the gift from angels. You are going to lose the source of the items, which will be significantly important in the future.”

Wang Ji calmly said: “It’s a speculation if the essence of the gift couldn’t help you when you’re most needed.” He already expected such a thing. Lily said that few people were willing to trade with the devils for the first time that they met. The reason is not that it is as simple as borrowing equipment from other guys. As for the gift from the angels, Wang Ji stated his attitude.

“We are allies and trading partners. Then, do you know what kind of organization the Warband is?”

Wang Ji also asked a question. He looked at the clock hanging on the cabinet and silently counted the time in his mind. He wanted to extend the time that he’s relatively safe as much as possible. Lily looked at Wang Ji for a long time in the dark. She just gazed at him silently and didn’t talk. Wang Ji was also quiet. About five minutes later, Wang Ji stood up from the seat.

Lily smiled vaguely then. “Do you know the Garden of Eden? The ancestors of human beings ate the good and evil fruit, and then they possessed wisdom and created civilization. This metaphor is very clever, thinking and characteristics of civilization are sinful since their birth. Following this logic, it is not difficult to imagine that the Warband was an evil alliance that controls the world broadly, protecting the results brought by the original sin. The term ‘hunter’ still retains barbarism when it is civilized. The latter is especially for other forms of life, which is appropriate to you.”

Speaking of this, Lily’s tone suddenly changed.

“But I don’t like this addressing. Since 4,000 years ago to now, most hunters I know have died, and the Warband has completely fallen. I knew some independent hunters long time ago, they should be able to have endless lives like me. But in the end, they could only watch their civilization destroyed by unimaginable violence, losing the identity of the Hunter or dying in a battle. They knew too much, also they want too far. Son, this point is what I don’t want to say. You are a person who steps forward in bloody battles. Don’t expect anyone to help you on the way.”

“The person who gave me a mask is not like that.”

Wang Ji took the initiative. What the ninja gave him is not exploitation.

“Because he and you are destined unable to face each other.”

Lily’s smile revealed some bitterness, but it couldn’t be seen in the darkness. She said. “You should be thankful. Fortunately, in your experiment mode, the support you received was from the ninja and Isaac. They are destined unable to meet you, so they will treasure every friend. But if it’s in other worlds that you can reach, then everything will be different. I bet among three items support you got, except for Ninja and Isaac, the third one definitely has mentioned that he could come to your world. And he is more attentive to you than the other two.”

Wang Ji was silent because what Lily said was right.

The assassin’s letter was the longest and most passionate.

“Well, the purpose of your delay today has been accomplished. It’s time to go. You can’t stay here overnight.” Lily reminded Wang Ji. Her words pointed out the real reason why Wang Ji stayed here.

“Take it, live well.”

Lily whispered. Wang Ji vaguely saw her put her hand into the cabinet and took out one thing. A porcelain white innocent hand holds a blood-stained cross, which appeared under the light of the bar, pulled by a deep red thread.

The Fallen Badge.

Wang Ji was a bit surprised. “Aren’t you afraid that I will run away with this and never come back?” Lily seemed to be smiling. “It is terrible if you don’t keep your word with the devil. Take it! How the trade goes is my decision.” The work you did last night has provided the deposit, so it is not a violation accept it now.”

Wang Ji silently accepting the Fallen Badge. Upon wearing it in his chest, he felt something in his chest began to surge, and the bloody red sacred stone badge easily passed through his clothes and stick to his skin.


“Ok, you should go.”

Lily looked at the time, and it was about to ask Wang Ji to leave.

“Come on!” she said. “For a rookie who survived with the experimental equipment, the first mission is often the hardest. No one has passed the test of independent hunters for a long time. You are not special, but rare. Live well, remember that you still owe a friend who is willing to help you a movie ticket. If you die, he may not be able to see that movie.”

She looked at the back of Wang Ji’s departure and silently lit a cigarette. When Wang Ji disappeared into the night, she spat out a smoke circle. Then she uttered the second sentence that Wang Ji couldn’t hear:

“I said it wrong, you are not only rare but also very special.”


3:20 a.m.

Once Wang Ji’s front foot just came out, and the rolling gate of the bar slammed down. After looking at the time, Wang Ji made some adjustments for the time. It was a little bright at around 6 in the morning. If setting the day and night as the dividing point, he would only have to survive less than three hours.

“Yes, the city is so big that I have rooms to hide.”

Wang Ji thought. Though his understanding of this city isn’t much, it’s still more than those of the monsters, which he has confidence in. Under the sly streetlights, Wang Ji walked quickly along the street. There was no one on the street in the early morning. Only the flies flying under the lampshade of the streetlights were a bit of vigorous. While he was walking, he suddenly heard some strange sound trailing behind him.

The strange sound was beyond description, it was like the sound of a particularly thick chain dragging on the ground with the distinct squeaking sound of a metal blade also dragging on the ground. Wang Ji can’t help but stop and look back.

There was no one on the dark street, but the sound of the dragging metals didn’t stop and it was getting closer. Bang! Wang Ji’s heart was beating hard and the blood pressure instantly rose. Wang Ji’s tired body was suddenly filled with adrenaline, and the pressure of the suffocation shrouded the lonely streets under the night.

“It’s the unknown creatures coming. They’re approaching me now, which indicates that I’m still affected though I’m without the identity of normal human beings. Then let’s test it without the Night Devil’s Suit to see if it hurts my real body.”

He ran back and ran. As he ran, the metal friction sound suddenly began to become stronger and accelerated to approach him. The metal slamming sound made his scalp numb!

As the sound became closer and closer, Wang Ji suddenly felt a stream of air blowing from the side. His eyes suddenly opened, and he struggled to jump forward. The moment he jumped, he turned over to avoid the strong airflow. The unknown creatures can affect the airflow, which is enough to show that they have the ability to influence the surrounding environment. Realizing that, Wang Ji won’t be stupid and to continue to risk his life.


The black flame on his chest was opened by the wind. Showing Wang Ji’s triumph, the sky highlighted the exhibition, and the monitor of the roadside store was still open, recording the moment when he jumped up and disappeared.

The colour of the world he was familiar with began to change. Wang Ji’s eyes trembled fiercely, reflecting a pair of blood-coloured hexagrams. The colours of the streets and the lights around them suddenly faded out. The grey world began to show some rich details. Wang Ji’s chest, a Night Devil in a black robe, fluttered with a glimmer which was only able to be seen in another world. The Fallen Badge flashed with a starburst, spreading into the Night Devil Suit, which was fluttering in flames.


Dark sickles crossed the front of his eyes. It was only a centimetre away from his eyes. The sharp part of the huge sickles landed on the ground and smashed a huge pit. The moment Wang Ji was about to fall, he got up with one hand holding the ground. His body was much lighter than that last night. The Fallen Badge was working silently. With the support of his single arm, he took off. He was like a dandelion blowing in the wind, he jumped out of the pit the height of the three-story store!

In front of his chest, the Fallen Badge changed its dim mysterious colour, making the entire Night Devil’s Suit dance in the air.

At the last moment, before taking off, Wang Ji clearly saw a tall black shadow pulling dark sickles embedded in the ground out. The sickle was very huge, just like the black shadow with a height of more than two meters. Its upper body was exposed, full of horrible scars from the chest to the abdomen like crawling worms. It was dragging a huge sickle in one hand, and rusting the chain in the other hand. It wore the bloody leather pants, and its head was covered by a linen bag. No facial features could be seen.

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