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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 19

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Part 2: Ms Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 19: The Executors

“They are those executors.”

It reminded Wang Ji of the old photos he saw in the data office at one moment!


A burly tall executor suddenly waved his hand, and the rusty chain rolled out, slamming into the sky. The chain flew into the sky and made a loud sound. The longest point of the chain was reaching Wang Ji’s toes, starting to circle around his ankle crazily! Wang Ji’s pupils were instantly magnified. Before he could react, the monster standing like a tower suddenly pulled with force. A huge force was suddenly created, pulling Wang Ji down from the sky.


Wang Ji fell on the ground. When he landed, he endured the pain and quickly rolled toward the opposite direction. The power from the other side of the chain was beyond imagination, making he felt the pain of landing for the first time after he wore the Night Devil’s Suit.

As Wang Ji’s body was rapidly rolling, that tall figure had already waved the sickle. The eyes were completely invisible since his head was covered by the linen bag, making the facial expressions totally invisible too. It’s a cold-blooded executor, all it cared was waving that scary torture device, killing the person it caught.


The sickle was inserted into the ground once again. Wang Ji, who just rolled out from the chain, was leaping off desperately, passing by the sickle! The flame cut off turned into a linen fluttering in the air, while Wang Ji jumped out of a dozen meters away. The explosiveness he had while landing was gathered in his both feet. All he did was jumping on tiptoe, and it made him quickly disappeared into the night.

Behind him, the heavy footsteps caused all the streetlights on the street to start shaking slightly…

4 a.m.

In the old district of Guanyin well, Wang Ji hid behind an old alley. He silently listened to the heavy footsteps on the streets outside and the harsh sounds of the sickle dragging around the neighborhood, which they never went away. Wang Ji didn’t say a word, but silently looked back through the dirty alleys, seeing the strong and tall figure dragging the sickle and wandering.

He turned back, starting to adjust his heart rate quietly.

It took him nearly half an hour to succeed in getting rid of the executor who chased him. He tried to escape with great effort, but the broad city made it extremely difficult for him to truly escape from its vision. The executor also had an incredible explosiveness while it’s running. There’s a strong tension in its two bloody leather pants when it moved back and forth. The streetlights were almost shaken when it ran.

If it were not for the Fallen Badge, he would definitely get killed.

The bonus of the demon item effect of the Fallen Badge made Wang Ji more sensitive and fast. Therefore, when getting chased on the open area, he completely outran the executor as he made all-out effort. Now Wang Ji could jump higher the height of a 4-story building, which is the sensitiveness and the elegance that the executor couldn’t achieve.

However, the situation wasn’t optimistic. Wang Ji finally outran the executor in the old district of the city, but he hasn’t completely escaped from the executor yet.

Quake, quake……

The chain was still shaking while the executor was moving, making unceasing sound. Wang Ji pressed his hand on his chest and placed it on top of the Fallen Badge. “It’s fine if I can keep putting it off, but it’s not that simple. It’s really easy to be exposed in this alley. When the situation last night was like now, that theft gang came out of nowhere. I don’t know what would come out tonight.”

Wang Ji turned back again and looked at it. He saw several teenagers hobbling down the street. Because of their appearance, the executor stopped immediately.

“This mansion isn’t as big as it looks, but why can’t we find any heads!”

“This is weird. This mansion is definitely huge. Let’s see what valuable things are here.”

These teenagers talked to each other, walking on the street. Wang Ji frowned as they were approaching the executor without knowing it.

“It’s happening! Again! They’re missing people like the theft gang, I’ve seen all their photos in the data office. They’re all talking about the mansion, and lost too. This is an important detail.”

Wang Ji’s nerves suddenly tightened, and he kept watching what’s happening.

Like the theft gang that came out of nowhere last night, Wang Ji saw the face he had seen in the police data office tonight. Although it is dark at this moment, his eyesight at night was exceptionally excellent because of the Night Devil’s Suit. Wang Ji has seen all the faces of the teenagers on the yellowing photos in the old file.

“Just like the wax monster last night, the executor may possess some special ability. I feel bad, I’d better leave here.”

After feeling a sense of danger, Wang Ji turned back and jumped. He stepped on the both sides of the walls in the alley, flying fast to the top of the building without a trace. A sharp sound appeared in the middle of the night, and the execution appeared as expected. Wang Ji suddenly turned back, seeing the sharp sickles killing all the lost teenagers. Wax was quickly secreted from the headless bodies in the next second. They swayed to the alleys where Wang Ji hid.

“The monster last night was transformed from it!”

Wang Ji’s heart beat a bit. After knowing this, he quickly turned around and ran faster after falling on the balcony of the tall building. Wang Ji opened the black robe looking like the black flame fluttering and quickly left the area. In the center of the city, the prospering area is still prosperous like a city that never sleeps. Wang Ji was more likely to escape from the executor chasing him there. Falling on a street, he began to run at full speed.

“It is 4:15 in the morning, still less than 105 minutes left before dawn. It can’t exist in the daytime. I know the second floor of a supermarket is idling. It would be much safer to hide there.”

Wang Ji kept his pace and quickly headed to the place he wanted to go. Five minutes later, he appeared at an intersection. Under a streetlight not far from the road, a figure in a black leather coat stood under the light, and his neck was covered with a dark police hat. He seemed not to have a head. Or is the police cap covering the entire head? The strange proportion of his figure made Wang Ji stop and began to avoid him subconsciously.


Wang Ji retreat to the other side of the road alertly. He has smelled a bad smell of wax water and had a bad feeling in his heart. This kind of hunch just wandered in his heart, and turned into the fact immediately. The figure in the black coat suddenly rushed over to him at an incredibly scary speed. The hat flew away at the moment he leaped, and it was completely empty above his neck. Wang Ji jumped to dodge it. As he looked down, he saw a finger missing in the right hand claw of the monster’s that tried to grab him.

“Leader Wang……”

Wang Ji’s eyes fell on the right hand of the headless man. The hand that lacked a finger slammed the team. He couldn’t help but think of the afternoon a few hours ago. He and the Wang team entered the Isa House… they were all stared!

The thought flashed in my mind as Wang Ji landed. He turned around and jumped onto a billboard, flying in the air with his right foot.

He’s not going to look back, but focusing on escaping.

Although he did not look back, he could still perceive that the wax-like monster that fell into dust began to recover quickly under the influence of the black mist. And then it began to chase him desperately. Nothing like this is going to happen in the city the early morning. After a while, the ground seemed to be slightly shaken. The executor dragged the sickle and the chain, hopping over the vehicles parked along the road, chasing toward the direction of Wang Ji. A drop of blood on the leather pants fell on the roof of a car and instantly evaporated.

At 5 a.m.

There are dozens of wax-like monsters swaying on a street, all of which had no heads. They moved around without purposes. The executor who dragged the sickle and the chain walked silently. The ground shook, and the atmosphere was low and depressed. It bumped into a wax monster as it had no scruples, and walked straight over it like stepping onto a dog. Later, the monster that was stepped into the waxing water stood up again and continued to wander on the street.

Wang Ji hid on the second floor of a supermarket, leaning along the window and revealing half of his head to watch everything silently in the darkness. He didn’t say a word but thought silently. “It turns out that an executor can generate more and more wax monster, so a executor is equivalent to a troop.

“This position is better than the last time, I can adjust it anytime.”

He thought, waiting for the sunrise quietly with confusion or hesitation. He knew that any sacrifice is irreparable. “I can end this after approximately 20 hours.” This was his last thought.

At 6 a.m., the ground became lighter. There’s sharp sound like scratching the door behind the door of the house where Wang Ji hid. It’s sharp and hasty. His figure became gradually full, the gray world in his vision was starting to restore the colors.

“It’s going to be light right away, only a couple time left.”

Wang Ji clenched his fists. At this time, the wax monsters on the streets began to melt, and the wax water began to evaporate. A tall executor still didn’t leave, but wandered in the neighborhood for a long time. Eventually it stood by the streetlight reluctantly. Wang Ji saw that it began to turn into a green smoke, and evaporated completely in the end.


Suddenly a sharp sound of slamming the door appeared, the security door left from renovation was broken. A tall executor broke through the steel door with huge sickle, dashing into the house from its head down. What came along with the silent pressure was the sound of slamming metals. Wang Ji’s heart was beating. But at this key moment, the executor suddenly stopped and turned into a green smoke, while the wax figures behind it also started to evaporate.


Wang Ji let out a sigh of relief.

Tik-tok, tik-tok.

The phone started to ring. Wang Ji took out his phone, and words appeared on the distorted screen.

Capital A, the crisis of the second night has passed. After sunset, there are no longer unknown creatures arriving in your area in Ms Isa’s Mansion in North Sea Town. All known monsters will defend Ms Isa’s Mansion. After 27 hours and 31 minutes, if you still haven’t completed the exploration mission, your identity as an independent hunter will be demoted. Then you and your civilization will become the subordinates of other civilization hunters, please complete the searching mission as soon as possible.

From experiment A.

“It’s finally over.”

Wang Ji took off the Night Devil’s Suit, leaning on the wall tiredly. He sat on the ground, watching the wax water flowing beside his feet silently. The blood-stained cross-like badge was hung down from his chest, which is still mysterious.

He didn’t rest for one more night. He was exhausted after taking off the Night Devil’s Suit. Fortunately, this kind of toss is about to end soon.

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