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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 2

We will be releasing a total of 15 chapters initially for the start of this wonderful novel!!
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Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 2: Update of the Clues

After excluding the possibility that the message was fake, he was confident that he did have mental problems according to his self judgement. Ordinary people should inevitably have intense emotional reactions when facing these type of problems. But he didn’t.

Capital A is his network ID and his working code number. Wang Ji is his real name, which is the same as that of the holder of this ID card. But in reality, he was an engineer in a network technology company. So only the name and the age-matched with the holders. Due to a knife robbing on his way back home, an accident eventually led to this circumstance when helping the police fight against the robbers.

He couldn’t find the identity related to him from before. The father is still a famous writer, but his son is not Wang Ji.

Wang Ji tried to find any marks he left in the world, but it seemed like all of them were replaced or erased. Facing the incident that he’s been through now would make a huge emotional impact on anyone. Having an emotional breakdown and bursting into tears due to this incident was not impossible.

However, he didn’t.

Wang Ji took a bite of an apple calmly, trying to look for his past indifferently. Being in such a condition made him feel like he had lost something, which led him to build a path to see for himself.

“First, since I’m awake, there is definitely some meaning to my revival. Second, the only way to understand the future, is to complete the so-called experiment mode by searching and using the hints.”

“So, I have to do it now.”

Wang Ji told himself. He thought the unscientific existence of experiment A to be the only path that explained his unscientific experience.

Tik, Tok.

The sound of the water dripping coming from the hallway gradually disappeared, leaving the whole place silent.

Suddenly, the phone rang in the quiet room. Wang Ji picked up the cellphone from the desk and looked at the incoming call from the person noted as “Leader Liu”.

“Leader Liu should be the superior of Wang Ji.”

Because he browsed the address list, he could roughly know the identity of the man calling. He unlocked the phone with his finger and picked it up. He chose not to greet in order to wait for the man to speak first.

“Is this Wang Ji? Say something!”

An irritated voice of a man came from the phone.

“Yes, I’m now at ……”

Wang Ji decided to tell a lie. But before he could finish his sentence, the man started shouting “Do you know what time it is? Do you even still want to do this? You think you can ignore the rules just because you got this job through a back door? You’d better get here before 10, or you’re fired!”

The man hung up the phone firmly.

“…..At least we know his superior is a hothead.”

Wang Ji put down the phone and took a look at the affiliated department box on the police license. After that, he put on the police uniform, locked the door with the key and went downstairs. He got into a taxi and departed.

Wang Ji thought he should follow the schedule of his identity, and investigate the weird hint he got. Thus, he would be able to understand the reasons why he faced this circumstance, why he was here, and what experiment A was. What the meaning of the message was, and what caused him to lose some emotional reactions.

In his mind, he knew that he had to know the reasons. In the unseen world, the reason why Wang Ji existed is probably his crazy thinking.

It’s 9:30 a.m. August 30th, 2017. Wang Ji was in the Province of Yunnan, Agency of Southwest in the republic nation. The police station he works at was in the scenic area of a volcano, Tengchong City, which was entirely different from the address on his ID card. Tourism makes up the vast majority of the income for the local government, which was considered very important by the leaders of the government. Without a doubt, Tengchong is a scenic place, where the city became an integral part of the natural scene. It’s considered one of the top 10 best-living cities in the nation.

Time: 9:50 a.m., there are 14 hours and 9 minutes left before the second phase of the seed begins.

Place: the Police station in the south of the city.

After paying the taxi driver, Wang Ji got out of the vehicle and checked his phone. The Preacher sent another message, notifying people of the time. He quickly ran up the stairs to the police station. He had memorized the path of the taxi to know the city more.

He realized that he had an incredibly useful ability for memorization.

Wang Ji walked into the lobby. Police officers were busy, people sitting on the chairs were worrying. There was even a middle-aged man being handcuffed sitting on the seat along the hallway, and another bald man covered his face with his hands and bent his body low. It seemed like he was quite ashamed. Noise and sounds of talking never stopping, made him think it wouldn’t be easy to work here.

“The evidence at the scene is almost examined. The evidence makes us think that the mother did the crime. Outside of that, there’s lots of evidence left by an unknown spider web and Arthropods at the scene. What a weird case!”

A female police officer, who was walking by, frowned and talked to her coworkers while carrying the file and walking fast. Her words showed that she was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

“The mother did the crime, lots of spider web, and Arthropods.”

Wang Ji stopped to listen to their conversation quietly. He retrieved some information that might be useful to him.

Combining with the clues that experiment A left him: nightmare knitters, contribute to the family, you’ll see the heaven, the seed of disaster. He thought that his mission was related to what the female police officer said.

“If ‘the mother did the crime’, it means the mother killed the family, then the dream in the nightmare could be a lie. The knitting of lies can have a supernatural relation with the knitting of the spider, while the knitters of the spider web, the spiders, are exactly Arthropods. Contribute to the family and you’ll see the heaven. This clue might be the way the lie behaves.”

Meanwhile, a middle aged man who looked chubby walked down the hallway. He also wore a uniform and was smoking a cigarette. A female police officer who was answering the phone covered the mouthpiece on the phone and shouted at him ”Leader Liu, no smoking!”

“We got work to do!”

Leader Liu casually waved his hands trying to fool her. He frowned and walked by Wang Ji, and then quickly stopped and turned around and stared at Wang Ji. He took a long drag on his cigarette and scolded “What are you doing now? Go buy a cup of coffee for me!”

Then he stubbed out his cigarette and threw it into a trash can, walked a couple of steps and told Wang Ji loudly “Put more sugar this time!”

“If he wants more sugar this time, means that he used to have a medium or little amount of sugar, even sugar-free…..why am I thinking something like this?”

Wang Ji shook his head, turned around and went to buy coffee for Leader Liu.

10:20 a.m.

“Where is Leader Liu now?”

Wang Ji went back with a cup of coffee, asking a policeman who happened walked by.

“In the interrogation room.”

Replied a police officer who sat next to them. Wang Ji nodded his head to say thank you. When he turned his head around, he took a glance at the map of the building on the wall of the lobby, making sure the positions of all offices. Then, he walked out of the lobby with the coffee, passed through the yard to find the interrogation room.

Knock, knock!

Wang Ji knocked on the door and opened it. Leader Liu sat along with a strange police officer in the office. Leader Liu took a glance at Wang Ji, and then talked a coupled words quietly with the man beside him. After that, he walked out.

You are working like a bird today! It seems like you didn’t fool around!”

Leader Liu took over the bag in Wang Ji’s hand, and took out the coffee. It sounded like Leader Liu was satisfied with his efficiency today.

Wang Ji nodded his head but kept looking at the situation in the interrogation room. Because Leader Liu didn’t close the door, he could see the prisoner who sat not to far away from the desk through the crack of the door very clearly.

A woman, in her 30s, messy hair, kept laughing and shaking her head and body.


Noticing that Wang Ji was peeping, Leader Liu closed the door. He took a deep breath and shook his head and said, “Nothing interesting, she’s a nut, totally a nut.”


Just right after he finished his sentence, a sharp scream came out from the interrogation room, which is unlikely the sound that humans could possibly make. The light bulb in the room broke with a loud noise, which shocked Leader Liu. The coffee cup dropped on the ground, and the black coffee spilled on the floor.

“What happened!”

Leader Liu pulled out his pistol, and kicked the door open.

The officers sitting behind the desks were confused, with sweat all over his forehead. His body was limp.

The officers who heard the noise were coming over.

Wang Ji calmly looked into the room through the crack of the door. The woman who was interrogated was ravaged, with blood leaking from her eyes, nose, ears and mouth. The phone in the Wang Ji’s pocket suddenly started vibrating and, he took it out to check. And he saw the screen turned garbled and then showed a sentence.

Update of the clues: She(He) did see the heaven.

from experiment A

Wang Ji squeezed into the interrogation room after receiving the new message, confirmed the death of the woman at a close distance. He found some evidence of spider web on her clothes.

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