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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 20

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Part 2: Ms Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 20: Wave-Particle Duality

Searching mission, day 3.

An hour later, Wang Ji reported himself in the police station. Since he had a little break, he leaned on the chair, falling asleep. Liu Hsiao Nan saw him when she’s reporting. She was going to wake him up. She reached out her hand, but she put it down in the end.

“Fine. He said that he was tired after the blood donation. Let him sleep.”

Liu Hsiao Nan turned around and left.

At 8:30 a.m.

The special investigation group came to the meeting hall after putting the files in order. Now they got half an hour to discuss and sort out the information. After they all sat down, they realized that Leader Wang was absent. Wang Ji saw the seat in front of him was empty. The thing that he wasn’t sure of now became the fact. He called Leader Wang.

“Weird, Leader Wang is always punctual. Why hasn’t he came here this morning?”

“Maybe he overslept.”

Everyone was discussing.

“What, is no one answering?”

Liu Hsiao Nan asked.


Wang Ji hung up the phone. He remembered the headless man who had lost one finger under the streetlight in the fight this early morning.

After waiting for 15 minutes, an old cop suggested that they should go to Leader Wang’s house to find him. The rest of the people kept doing their job. Some guy said that there’s another bunker collapsing in the mansion when phubbing his cellphone. In the meantime, the old cop called made a phone call to the station. Leader Wang laid in his house, and he was not breathing.

There’s a notice from the station in the afternoon, indicating that Wang Ji’s position and the investigation of the special investigation group are both temporarily called off. Wang Ji and others went to console the families of Leader Wang. After leaving Leader Wang’s place, Liu Hsiao Nan was weeping. “It’s difficult to be a leader!” She said. Wang Ji left without talking to her.

“Where are you going?”

Liu Hsiao Nan asked.

“Going back home to rest, I’ve already taken a medical leave. I need to rest for a week to adjust my body.”

Wang Ji said without turning back.

“You coward!”

Lu Hsiao Nan suddenly yelled. Wang Ji still did not reply. He never escapes, but standing in the front line. But he couldn’t explain these to a normal person.

As time went by in the evening, Wang Ji got up and quickly ate some food he had prepared. Heading to the bar, he could get the weapon tonight. After being chased for two nights, he finally had the opportunity to fight back now. He could only discover the potential scourge because he only had the Night Devil’s Suit. Even though he had the fallen badge, he could only protect himself.

He didn’t know martial arts, he didn’t have any special skills except for the items. Only with the weapon can he truly defend the monsters that are also souls but more powerful.

Time has quietly approached into the last nine hours. A strange guest came to the bar when the bar was almost closed at three in the morning. At that time, Wang Ji was sorting out the tables and couldn’t help but look back and found a tall black man entering the bar. He was wearing a windbreaker, carrying a box and wearing a red scarf. He wore a pair of cool sunglasses at night. The box accidentally hit the mirror glass as he came in, causing cracks on it. Sitting in front of the table, the bald head was very eye-catching under the light of the bar.

“It has been a long time, Lily. I broke your glass when we just met. I’m really sorry.”

After the bald head guy greeted Lily, he raised his head and looked around the environment of the bar through his sunglasses. He said to himself. “The environment here is really good, but it is a pity that you have taken the opportunity. It made me start the business of smuggling. Those bastards will definitely be furious after knowing it.”

A simple opening statement clearly showed his identity of a demon. Therefore, using sunglasses to cover his devil eyes is reasonable to Wang Ji. It is commendable that the arm dealer actually used Mandarin as he adapted to the culture. But his sound was heavy, a typical devil’s voice.

“I heard that you are in a middle-aged crisis. Compared to the bar, I feel that smuggling is suitable for you to overcome the crisis.” After Lily, who was smoking, sat down at the bar, there was a vague smile on her face. At this time, she reached out her hand and pointed to Wang Ji to introduce him to the arms dealer. “Capital A, the Hunter of this civilization, a rookie who has just experienced the experiment mode. The first customer of hell in the last 50 years, he is very rare. Rodin, you have to come up with some surprises, otherwise our only guest will be disappointed.”

Wang Ji wiped his hands with the towel, standing in front of the bar.

The bald smuggling arm dealer from hell turned his head along Lily’s introduction. He looked at Wang Ji impolitely through sunglasses, and his sausage-like lips smirked. “He’s so young, I didn’t expect the tree party to select a young man like you. You are a hundred years younger than my damn daughter. Son, may you be with eternity.”

“Thank you very much.”

Wang Ji replied calmly.

The arm dealer said in disapproval. “Okay. Decent words have already been said. I am Rodin. Hunter, you don’t have to tell me your name. I know that you are Capital A, which is enough. Let’s talk about the deal, I don’t want souls or blood. The deal is to provide you with weapons. So, you have to let me choose one trophy in exchange after you killed the preacher and gained his items in the preaching war.”

“As long as you consider this investment reasonable, I’ll definitely accept it.”

Wang Ji agreed to it. It’s risky to invest in a new Hunter like him. If he dies, then the investment of the arm dealer’s will fail.

The arms dealer opened his fat lips and laughed. “It’s nice that you accept it. Of course, my investment is reasonable. I am smuggling. If you die, the smuggled items will return to hell and will eventually come back to me. So the investment is never a loss. The ideal result is that you and the Preacher both die, which is the most profitable to me. Fortunately, this situation is not uncommon in the preaching war. You are all prepared for sacrificing, aren’t you?”

The bald arms dealer said with the devil’s eyes re-examined Wang Ji through his sunglasses. Wang Ji had no expression on his face and he was indifferent to the jokes of the bald arm dealers.

“Lily was right, your blood is really a bit cold.”

The arm dealer said thoughtfully and he no longer said anything useful. He took the box beside him, placing it on the bar. The demon servant at the bar immediately pulled down the roll-up door. At this time, the arm dealer opened the box. There was a black bow in it. The shape was very classical and seemed to be folded.

Wang Ji quietly took out his phone and looked at the screen of it. The screen quickly displayed the information of the weapon after displaying the garbled code.

Equipment Name: Wave-Particle Duality.

Equipment Type: Devil Weapons.

Equipment Introduction: The great scientist HATEinstein in the 20th century assigned Wave-Particle Duality as the weapon for devils in the next war between the heaven and the hell. HATEinstein claimed that he didn’t know which modern weapons they would use in the war between the heaven and the hell when interviewed. But in the next war, compared with the fact that human beings uses bats and stones, we definitely can afford bows and arrows in the hell.

Equipment Effect: The person who possesses it can shoot black beams. It can act on any visible targets in any forms. Wave-Particle Duality can possess 200 units of light energy when it’s fully charged. It costs 50 units of light energy to make the holder be a black beam to break through. It requires to be charged before using if there’s no light energy.

p.s: This equipment is a smuggling item.

From experiment A.

“Smuggling item?”

Wang Ji put away his phone, finally realizing the help of the arm dealer.

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