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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 21

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Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion
Chapter 21: Mrs Isa’s Story

The arms dealer shook his head and looked at Wang Ji with a smile. He said. “You should be relieved. But there are some nosy people will try to confiscate it. If this is the case, don’t sell me out. It’s definitely harmless to you. If they forcibly confiscate it, I will find a way to recreate a new one for you.”

After Saying, the bald arms dealer took the black bow out of the box and handed it to Wang Ji.

“If that’s the case, thank you very much.”

Wang Ji took the black bow. The moment he took it, the two wings of the bow suddenly opened like black blades. A dark red string appeared, and a strong bow almost as long as his height appeared in his hand. However, he almost couldn’t feel its weight. A message flowed into his brain through his hands, informing him that Wave-Particle Duality is currently fully charged with 200 units. Then, the whole black bow disappeared into the hands of Wang Ji’s, only leaving a black wing mark in his palm. Wang Ji suddenly asked. “Is this beam reflected by the mirror?”

“Please inform me if such a mirror really exists.”

The arms dealers kept smiling.

“Thank you, I still have something important. If I am still alive and you are still here, we still have opportunities to meet.”

After expressing his appreciation, Wang Ji got up and was ready to leave. He had endured enough in order to obtain the weapon. He was going to abandon all the patience in these two days immediately. No matter what kind of monsters appear in Mrs Isa’s Mansion, he won’t escape.

It’s now 3:20. What the mission of the civilization heritage is will be known it immediately. Wang Ji took a look at the time and said goodbye to Lily in the end, leaving the bar.

“There is no car now. I’ll get someone to send you back!” Lily ordered a demon to send him away. She’s heard from Wang Ji that he wouldn’t go home tonight. He had to go far.

After Wang Ji left, there were only the bald arms dealer and Lily left at the bar. The arms dealer ignited a cigar and swallowed the clouds. “You didn’t tell me before, his tree party machine is old equipment. And the oldest equipment I know is almost gone.”

“Stop kidding, Rodin. Do you think the new tree party machine will allow you to smuggle?” Lily extinguished the cigarette.

“He has escaped two death threats. This is the third night, and it is his turn to fight back.”

She said.

“Is this the independent hunter test?” Rodin accidentally said. “It’s even rarer than a Hunter who trades with us. It’s been a long time now, all the guys dealing with us died during the independent hunter test. Or they relied on their hunter friends in the halfway.”

The arms dealers looked at the ceiling to calculate the time. He spread his hands and cursed. “Damn it, since Gomorrah was destroyed, I haven’t had an independent hunter as my customer. I would have given him another version with increased beam load if I knew it. Didn’t I send him to die if there are only 200 units? I am such a moron!”

Lily sighed slightly. “I also regretted that I brought the most ordinary Night Devil’s Suit, making him lack power like a ghost. So I gave him the Fallen Badge as a compensation. Now he has a weapon to fight back. Believe your instinct!” The arms dealer touched his head and walked away from the bar. He said: “My instinct says that he can’t survive tonight.”


At 3:40 a.m. At North Sea Town in the suburbs.

Before coming out of the carriage, Wang Ji put on the Night Devil’s Suit. The shimmer of the Fallen Badge flashed on his chest. He looked up toward the direction of the mansion, and there was an indescribable fog on the dark night. He jumped out of the car, and the truck made a little noises. The devil didn’t even bother to close the rear door, but immediately drove the truck away. Wang Ji didn’t watch it, but looked up and quickly determined the surrounding environment. Then he knew what to do next.

He started the operation quickly. His figure was like an erratic flame with his feet leaping gently and falling on a big tree. Wang Ji easily climbed on the nearest hill and looked down the entire town. The large mansion in the northeast direction immediately caught his eye, standing in the dark fog. He flew down the hillside and went to the mansion rapidly, moving like the wind, like a demon.

The manor.

Wang Ji gently jumped and grabbed the top of the wall, jumping onto the top of wall. After confirming that he did not see any monsters, he jumped off. His footsteps gently clicked twice on the dark forest road. His figure flew and climbed up the window of the mansion. The window was locked from inside. Wang Ji did not break through the window, but climbed onto the roof briskly along the wall, flying through the night sky and landed on the balcony. Wang Ji tried to push open the balcony door. He didn’t want to make any noise, disturbing the monsters that might appear at any time.

Pushing open the glass door of the balcony, he entered a wide office in the mansion. There was a huge desk and finely crafted furniture. After Wang Ji looked at the general layout briefly, he made sure he had a backup route for when he had to leave. He gently pushed open the office door and entered hallway on the second floor of the mansion. Just pushing the door open, he heard a woman silently crying, which echoed in the empty mansion.

Dark, solemn, and strange.

In the darkness, except for Wang Ji, the mansion was empty. The silent crying seemed to come from the house opposite to him. But it was also possible that it came from the office behind him. Crying sounded hinted at some kind of ominous trouble, which made people lost and afraid.

“There are mostly photos of the warlord and their subordinates on the 1st floor, while the gallery on the 2nd floor is full of paintings. But the paintings I am watching now aren’t the same as the ones I came with Leader Wang.”

Wang Ji looked at the entire second floor, then he walked along the hallway to the stairs. The first portrait that caught his eye was a photo of a middle-aged woman. Blonde, Caucasian , smiling lightly as she points at the direction of the hallway in her right side. Wang Ji saw the second portrait on the wall not far away along the direction of the lady’s finger in the portrait.

It was a figure painting of a bearded warlord and a blonde woman standing together. Painting work and its color were really good, although Wang Ji only saw gray, but in no way could you conceal the level of the painting. The central part of the portrait is the warlord and Mrs Isa. Wang Ji thought it should be them two. The two are in the most central position of the painting, standing together. They are unusually tall as they were the main body of the painting. The man is burly, and has a fierce temperament reflected by his facial expression. In a military uniform, he looks down, with a gun in his right hand. There’s flame shooting out from the muzzle. The woman is tall, in a dress. There is a feminine elegance in it. She absent-mindedly looks to the right. Under the feet of the two, there is the red ground stained by bones and blood.

The dead bodies are obviously foreigners.

“This should be a clue. The second painting of Mrs Isa looked at the right side. According to the terrain of the second floor gallery, this is a clockwise rotation. It should give me a hint of time change. ”

After watching the painting, Wang Ji saw the third painting along the hallway. Not knowing why, he vaguely felt that the interior of the mansion was so empty that he could not see the paintings hanging on the opposite hallway clearly.

The third painting is the office where Wang Ji entered from the balcony. On the left side of the painting is the desk. The bearded warlord stands behind the desk and holds a gun pointing to the right. On the right is Mrs Isa, who is shot in her shoulder. Her whole body is fallen to the right with blood all over her shoulder. And the person beside the warlord looked at her indifferently.

“There is a story behind it.”

Wang Ji went to see the fourth painting along the hallway.

In the fourth painting, the injured Mrs Isa was lying on the bed. The servant hangs portraits of the warlord on the wall around her. The details of the portraits are very clear, each of which was seen on the first floor. In the painting, Mrs Isa looks at the wall on her right with a very complicated look, looking at the biggest portrait of the warlord. The portrait is the first portrait that Wang Ji saw and for the first time he felt someone gazing at himself.

The bedroom that Mrs Isa’s recovering in is probably the first bedroom on the first floor that Wang Ji has been to.

Wang Ji went toward the fifth painting.

The painting is a wide bedroom with a large bed in the center and a big-bearded man lying on the bed. He wraps his towel on his forehead, looking like he is sick. Except for this, there are no other characters in the painting. The bedroom in the painting is very large, and the handling of the furniture is also very high. But the center does not match the actual ratio.

The painting makes you feel that the bed is very small, as if it’s lying in the abyss-like bedroom. The big-bearded man lying on the bed is helpless, lying alone in a tiny bed. He also appears to be very small, deeply sinking into the center of the painting, as if he’s in a twisted vortex and unable to extricate himself.

The depressing atmosphere unconsciously overflows from the picture. This bearded man should be the same as the photo below. It is a warlord who lived here in the 1930s. He seems to have died in the painting. Wang Ji found out that the warlord on the bed had a hand reaching out from the sheets. The middle finger, ring finger, and little finger were hooked up by the thumb, while one index finger pointed to the right.

Until now, Wang Ji understood that the story expressed by the paintings in the gallery. They are that the warlords have seized Mrs Isa’s mansion and made her be his wife, that the warlord abused or even shot and injured the Mrs Isa, that injured Mrs Isa’s room is filled with paintings and her eyes are very mysterious, and that the warlord is lying on the bed, small as an ant, respectively.

Wang Ji went toward the sixth painting.

The painting is the living room on the first floor. It is similar to the fifth one. The subordinates of the warlord who eat in the center of the painting are very small, as well as the long table for dining, while everything around them is very big and tall. A group of people who are eating seem to be in pain. Dining in the dark-colored living room, they seem to be dining in the abyss. It is worth mentioning that the lady sitting in the center of the table is Mrs Isa. She is full of smiles. The whole painting is like “The Last Supper”, but Isa is not Christ. Her smile is more like the distorted face of the devils. The repressed atmosphere increased without any reason.

“This should be the beginning of revenge.”

Wang Ji understood the painting while walking toward the seventh painting.

The painting is manor. There are some very tall banana trees, leafy, rising from the sky. The leaves and trunks are dark, and there are many dead bodies lying under the trees. They are wearing the servant costumes or military uniforms, all of which are like ants, lying quietly in the manor. Wang Ji vaguely heard the sound of the banana leaves rustling. And the banana leaves in the painting seemed to shake gently.

“People in the mansion are all dead and buried under the tree. Sure enough, Mrs Isa is not a person to be trifled with. It can be seen in the first painting. She can be absent-minded at the wedding though there are bones and bodies on the ground.”

Wang Ji understood the story gradually. He felt a bitter cold breeze poking his back. He chose to continue to see the eighth painting.

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