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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 22

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Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion
Chapter 22: Murder in a Maze

The eighth painting was a group of peasants breaking into the mansion. They took sickles and shovels, rushing toward the unusually tall gate of mansion on the right side of the painting. The door was full of darkness. A group of peasants seemed to be rushing towards the gate of hell. Under the huge mansion, they stood on the stairs, which were negligibly small.

This large building and the composition of the little humans became a stereotype. The repressed atmosphere seemed to start to intent on Wang Ji’s mood in the dark, making him feel the horror and the breakdown. However, Wang Ji’s mind was incredibly determined.

“These ordinary people began to rush in to look for death. The mansion in the painting constantly became darker and bigger, while the people were getting smaller and smaller.”

Wang Ji continued to walk down.

The ninth painting was a group of intruders in green uniforms. A group of people were still madly pounding on the gates of the mansion like locusts, where it was still dark. Compared with the eighth painting, the only thing that changed was the identity of the intruder. In the darkness, there was a vague face that was facing opposite of Wang Ji. At the same time, there were some creaking sounds in the mansion, as if the bones were torn and shattered.

“This painting suggests that no matter when, she will not suffer, the intruders are still small and ignorant, looking for death.”

Wang Ji went towards the tenth painting.

The mansion in the painting had six people in modern-day clothes carrying bags, running to the right side of the painting. They were 40-year-olds and 20-year-olds. They were small, but carried portraits bigger than them, running in fear to the darkness at the end of the right side.

“It was the theft gang, they were trapped inside. I understand that all the intruders were lost in the mansion and I saw them later.”

Wang Ji almost understood.

The eleventh painting.

This was a painting completely different from the previous ones in the clockwise direction. On the left side of the painting was Leader Wang in his sleep. His right hand, with a finger lost was still exposed outside the quilt. Standing beside him was a tall figure, bloody leather pants, exposed upper body. Though the high-lifting sickle wasn’t visible, the shadow was already reflected in Leader Wang’s face. Behind the bedroom door, a blonde woman was crying. She shed tears, but her face was smiling with her eyes facing the opposite of Wang Ji.

Suddenly, blood came out of her eyes but she was still laughing and looking at Wang Ji.

“So now it’s my turn?”

Wang Ji looked at Mrs Isa, who was crying in the painting and went to the twelfth painting.

A dark dress looking like a flaming shadow in the painting seemed to be standing in the position where Wang Ji was now. It was looking at a portrait. In that portrait, a night devil was appreciating a painting of which the content couldn’t be seen, but the layout could still be seen through the scene of the devil watching the painting. A night devil looks at another night devil in the painting, while the night devil in the painting does the same thing. The same story and scene were repeated infinitely. All the previous paintings gave him a sense of oppression and this painting reached its peak.

Wang Ji turned his head and went to the first painting in the beginning, returning to the origin. The original photo was Mrs Isa pointing to the right, but now Isa’s gesture was changed unknowingly. She was pointing to the right before, but now her gesture was pointing to Wang Ji.

As Wang Ji saw the smile of Mrs Isa, the woman crying in the darkness turned into a sharp sneer. The laughter of the woman began to echo quickly in the mansion, responding in every corner. Soon, a rough laughter appeared, and then a lot of ghostly laughter began to appear. It seemed to be windy outside, and the sound of banana leaves was rustling. The moonlight was originally visible through the office door, but now it became completely dark.

The black fog completely enveloped the entire mansion.

As the night devil, Wang Ji’s eyes still possessed a blood-red hexagram. Everything in his eyes is gray and the details are infinitely clear. Crack! The planks near his feet were broken and a decaying claw suddenly came out to grab the legs of Wang Ji’s. It was full of the unpleasant waxy smell. Wang Ji’s reaction was fast, he lifted his foot and smashed the claws. Then, he turned around and quickly went to the office where he first came.

The sneer appeared!


The dense door knocking sound appeared on the door of the first floor of the mansion, as if there were many unknown things knocking the door. Wang Ji was abnormally calm. The night wind of the balcony was blowing in the dark office and it was extremely cold. At this moment, strange footsteps began to appear on the roof. In the direction of the balcony, it seemed that something is beating the masonry.

In the darkness, the shadow of Wang Ji could hardly be detected. He still clearly realized that the strange things outside could feel his existence. He silently awakened the black bow and the black wing mark on his palm suddenly spread its wings, instantly spreading a black bow. The wings folded on both sides of the bow slammed like a knife and the length almost exceeded the height of Wang Ji. The blade was domineering.

The Wave-Particle Duality spread his dark wings in his palm like a sharp blade. The purple-red bowstring was silently tightened. In a moment, a touchable beam was formed between his both hands, and his Night Devil’s Suit was completely integrated into the darkness.

In his night devil’s vision, the whole world in the dark night was painted grayish white. He originally thought that the dark beam was black, but he did not expect it to be completely invisible in the devil’s vision.

The so-called dark beam is not dark, but the kind of light that is truly invisible. All kinds of natural light have completely different color depths in Wang Ji’s sight as identification. It was completely transparent and invisible. The so-called darkness is a real invisibility.

The night was disturbed by a scream, while the wooden board on the stairs was suddenly knocked open. The monster that had just stretched out his claws jumped out and threw himself at Wang Ji.

Loosen the string, shoot the arrow!

This time, Wang Ji did not escape. He silently loosened the bowstring. The bowstring was relaxed without any slightest sound. The departure of the dark beam also showed the speed, which was invisible to naked eyes. At the moment of the departure, the beam straightly shot through the monster that rushed to him and the screaming monster instantly vanished!

“Good weapon!”

Wang Ji thought in his mind. When the dark beam touched the monster, it was immediately evaporated without any delay. The performance of the new weapon, Wave-Particle Duality, was far beyond his expectations. It could be described as the ultimate weapon of physical destruction.

Tighten the bow, place the arrow!

Wang Ji did not stop. He wasn’t that excited in such an emergency. With a loud noise, the gate of the mansion were knocked open, dozens of headless monsters rushed in from the gate. The unpleasant smell of waxy water followed the night wind. Wang Ji glanced at the huge figure behind the headless monsters. An arrow was released again, and the giant figure of the executor which exceeded more than 2 meters high was instantly evaporating. Even a trace of blue smoke did not emerge.

“I’ve quickly found the civilization heritage . They are too many, which is not good for me.” After releasing the arrow, Wang Ji quickly turned around and ran towards the balcony! He can’t be surrounded even though he got a strong bow. Otherwise, no matter how strong the weapon is, he still can’t defeat them.


The glass shattered! A tall figure slammed in from the balcony, standing less than a meter in front of him. The black mist revealed a gap. As the moonlight was laid, the dark sickle has been raised!

Wang Ji released the arrow and killed it, rushing towards the balcony from a smoky blue smoke. The short and sharp laughter suddenly appeared, a rotten wax-like monster jumped out of the balcony railing. Its long claws quickly leaped into the air, swaying and slamming at him!

Wang Ji stepped back and stood still. The devil eyes have locked on the thing that was thrown at him. He rolled the bow and aimed the bow to the ghost!


The blade flicked and smashed the ghosts into a pile of wax like water splashing. Wang Ji took the bow and jumped forward from the balcony to the ground. At the same time, he let go of the bowstring and the colorless beam quickly shot toward the executor who was climbing up the balcony, killing it at a close distance!

He did not receive any archery training, but only released the beam by the sensitivity and neural response better than those of his past. Wang Ji didn’t know how many monsters there were, but the fully charged Wave-Particle Duality with 200 units should be enough for him to survive.

Landed, gallery.

Wang Ji did not discover that he was standing in the gallery again until he landed and the portrait of Mrs Isa was not far away. At the moment he landed, everything went back to the very beginning.

“It was…..”

Wang Ji suddenly had a sense of extreme absurdity. The painting in front of him was still the scene of the demon appreciating the painting, which was re-enacting the situation he was facing now. The demon in the portrait appreciated the demon’s appreciation of the portrait and an infinite reincarnation was clearly shown in front of him. He jumped off from the balcony and returned to the original point.

“I see.”

Wang Ji looked at the clock hanging in the corner in the end, convinced that the time he had just experienced was reset. He suddenly understood what was the meaning of the painting of him.

This time, he did not move rashly. He stood in this position and the dark space couldn’t cover his thorough eyes. As long as Wang Ji jumps out of the balcony of the mansion, he will return to the original point, then it will repeat the loop endlessly. It’s like the theft gang that died not long ago and the young people who can’t get out.

“If I didn’t guess it wrongly, no matter how I go, I can’t escape this mansion, nor can I escape the chasing of the monsters. I understand that the losses at the first two nights were true. Compared to my situation now, they were much safer at the beginning when they were lost.”

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