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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 23

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Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 23: Civilization Heritage “Power Force Field”

In the mansion.

Wang Ji did not move at all to prevent the invasion of monsters. He stood still and started to think of everything he’s been through. A possible clue gradually came to his brain.

“I see, I really do.”

Wang Ji clenched the bow and whispered to himself. “There should be two mirrors here. One mirror is what I need, and the other is you. These two mirrors make up the maze here. If l go out, I’ll return to the original point. The dead theft gang was like this. They were wandering in the maze, and the time was permanently fixed on a certain night in 2011. It repeated endlessly until they died a few days ago. But the time of their death was fixed in 2011, so they seem to be dead for a long time.”

Wang Ji stood still and looked at the portrait of Mrs Isa not far away.

Mrs Isa kept smiling, she will not give any answer in the portrait. Wang Ji was not surprised. He didn’t follow the clockwise direction from the original point to try to get out of trouble because he would have to face another round of monsters if he did this.

He stood in front of the painting that painted his ending, confronting Mrs Isa.

“I don’t know if I can talk to you like this. Can you understand? But I have to show that I have had enough of these three days. It’s not because of this prison that I can never escape. Of course, it is really depressing. The fierce executors will tear you off crazily when you try to escape from prison. After I exhaust my last arrow, I will be shredded. The executors and your wax figures are waiting outside. But all this is far less touching than last night.”

Wang Ji seemed to be talking to himself. He looked calm, and the bloody hexagram didn’t reveal any feelings.

“A certain part of my sensibility in my thinking has been erased, but I still feel uncomfortable. The captain you killed last night is a very responsible policeman. He dares to accept the challenge, and cares about his subordinates. He is the first person who cares about me after I revive. I am not touched, but I am grateful. I know that I am also responsible for his death. I feel ashamed and shameful, and these will only make me more determined to destroy you.”

Wang Ji faced the painting and stopped talking. He raised his hand with a bow and held the bow toward the dome of the dark mansion. He pinched the bowstring and swayed!

“The stories of you and the mansion only informs me of a core rule. That is, in order to catch the thieves, you must be their leader first. At least you are the one who caused all the problems here, then…”

Wang Ji’s fingers hooked the purple-red bowstring.

The flexible bowstring immediately produced a completely transparent beam from his forefinger. Wang Ji could touch the body that was gathered by the light energy, it was in a completely invisible state. It’s straight and slender, with a smooth and cool surface. which cannot be reflected by a mirror.

In his mind, Wang Ji repeated the scene of seeing Rodin accidentally smashing the mirror with a box in the bar. Lily installed mirrored glass on both sides of the wall, and through the reflection of the two mirrors, she created a world of mirrors without the ends, making the entire bar look like a lot larger. This wonderful metaphor came to his mind.

Only when the two mirrors are facing each other that they can form such an infinite reincarnation scene. In fact, except for the mirrors facing each other, he did not know what else could reincarnate in the same scene among things that give him the same feeling.

Suddenly, a dry hand full of unpleasant waxy smell came out of the floor and grabbed Wang Ji’s leg!

“Can’t bear with it?”

At the same time, Wang Ji let go of the bowstring, and the beam flew out silently. Originally he was not sure whether he aimed at the right direction but now he was sure.

Of course, the mansion is a “big mirror”, and is probably the civilization heritage that Wang Ji wants. It is the origin of the gallery stories, which stems from the thinking of civilization real estate. So suppose that civilization real estate can’t be erased, what he needs was to break another mirror opposite to it: Mrs Isa.

No reasons are required, the fact that Mrs Isa occupies here is the reason.

As for her position, some experts said that the area where the mansion is located has a special strong magnetic field. And the positions of the mirrors that Wang Ji is sure were quite limited. The magnetic field will only be under his feet. So if the other mirror is to be opposed to the former, it can only be above his head!

At one moment, a dark beam passed through the sky, and the ceiling above Wang Ji’s head was instantly evaporated by the amazing heat as if a vain flame burned everything. He vaguely smelled the smell of sulfur fire, and there was an endless overlapping sounds of building collapses coming from the top of his head.

No reflection, no turning back.

A totally invisible beam shattered the reflections of countless worlds in an instant, breaking through the mirror of Mrs Isa. The sharp squeaking came out as if from the extreme point of the zenith, followed by a moonlight pierced through darkness, illuminating the office through the balcony, which symbolized the collapse of the “mirror of the mirror”!

At the same time, there was suddenly sharp screaming inside and outside of the mansion!

The door of one bedroom was suddenly knocked open, the bricks and stones were flying in the air. The huge body of the executor smashed the narrow door from the inside with the giant sickle waving at Wang Ji. The low screaming resounded through the entire mansion, making it hard for Wang Ji to calm down because the claws that grabbed his calves had already broken out of the shell and were slowly moving upwards. With sly laughter, the sharp claws directly penetrated his waist!

The pain in the abdomen began to irritate his nerves. Wang Ji gritted his teeth and firmly loosened the bowstring that had already been fully tightened. The dark beam penetrated the executor who rushed over! The roaring giant shadow was centered on the beam source, and was instantly evaporated by the powerful heat flame!


The sharp bark suddenly resounded from his back, Wang Ji suddenly turned around and almost fell.

Two dry claws climbed up along his back and grabbed his neck. At this time, Wang Ji almost lost his balance, but he saw an executor rushing out from the wall on the other side of the gallery. In the vicinity, a pale blond ghost also dashed out from the portrait of Mrs. Isa, whose arms spread out to him!

“That’s it!”

At this moment, he almost exhausted all his power. At the moment he struggled to pull the bowstring, he dragged the blade on both sides of the black bow as if cutting the curtains to smash the ghosts!

The ghost of Mrs Isa’s dissipated and the whole shadow was swallowed up. The executor who ran toward him suddenly fell into a stalemate. The black mist that permeated the public hall dissipated along with the death of Mrs. Isa. The executors also began to burn themselves and became smoke. Wang Ji loosened the fingers which were originally going to pull the bow. The rolling black bow tightened the string, and an arrow evaporated the waxy monster on his back!

Putting the bow down, Wang Ji silently fell to the ground, supporting his body with his hands. The smashed traces of his waist began to drip black blood that evaporated as they hit the floor boards.


The Night Devil’s Suit began to become transparent on his body, and the virtual flame drilled into his injured waist. Wang Ji began to breathe heavily with difficulty, feeling the fiber of the Night Devil’s Suit swelling crazily in his body and filling his wounds. This should be the strong resilience of the body of night devils. The darkness lasted for a long time. Screaming resounded inside and outside of the entire mansion. After a long time, Wang Ji finally recovered a bit of strength. He stood up arduously and limped down the stairs to the first floor.

The ghosts outside have already dispersed. It seemed that after Isa’s death, all the monsters seemed to lose their source of strength, dying with Isa.

This is somewhat similar to the speculation in the beginning. The monsters were hiding in the mansion to protect it. They were actually protecting Isa. Now all kinds of painful reverberations are everywhere in the mansion, and resounding inside and outside of the mansion. And the unpleasant wax water flowed out of the various rooms. When he passed through the gate on the first floor, everything around him no longer oppressed him. The night breeze blew, Wang Ji looked at it without saying a word; the last three executors lying on the ground eventually “lost their souls” after painful struggling, leaving three blood-stained linen bags.


Wang Ji took a look at his watch.

Capital A, there seemed be existing some kinds of strong magnetic field under this mansion. Please look into it in the basement.

From experiment A.

Wang Ji turned and returned to the mansion. In the kitchen, he found the portable floor that he had searched but did not exist. He opened it, an underground passage appeared in front of Wang Ji. He went down, and the dark basement gradually glowed with green light in his eyes. A huge circular array of bright green lightning flashes appeared in the middle of the basement, which was abrupt in his gray vision.

The circular lightning was floating up and down from time to time silently. When Wang Ji approached, the green lightning suddenly burst out like it was attracted, and instantly poured into the bow in Wang Ji’s hand. The information flow was quickly updated and the Wave-Particle Duality was fully charged.

The electric mans returned to the circular array.

The phone vibrated and the message was sent.

Capital A, you discovered the civilization heritage and completed the searching mission. There is a power force field left by the ancestors in the underground of Mrs. Isa’s Mansion, which will become your recharge supply point, recharging all your energetic items. When the protective film comes down, you will occupy the supply point.

From experiment A.

Capital A, you’ve completed the independent hunter test. In every following preaching war and mission, you can receive a strong support from the tree party through the tree party machine based on the clues and current situation.

From experiment A.

“Protective film? What kind of support is the tree party item support……”

Wang Ji focused on the keywords. What is the protective film? Will it come? And what is also a tree party item support?

“I will find out sooner or later, let’s go back first.”

Wang Ji thought.

It was midnight. The entire mansion was very quiet. He came out of the basement and covered the board again. After carefully making sure there was no evidence of him leaving, Wang Ji took a thread and jumped off the balcony in the end, leaving the main entrance along avenue. After killing Mrs Isa, Wang Ji’s departed calmly.

Wang Ji took a look at the time, and it was now only 4:40 in the morning, which meant there was still more than an hour left before the start of the day. And now everything was already over, the ghostly laughter would not reappear. Wang Ji was in the station of North Sea Town, sitting in the chair waiting for the dawn with a pale face.

He was so tired, and his exhausted body had been tortured for three days. The only thing that made him feel gratified at the moment was the treasure he gained after the searching mission and his fast-recovering body after turning into a night devil. He bought a ticket at 7 a.m., and he returned to the city at around 7:30. He returned home around eight o’clock. After he laid in bed, he closed his eyes. He slept for the whole day. This was a comfortable time for him to sleep after his revival.

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