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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 24

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Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion
Chapter 24: Game of Killing

At night, he went to the Devil’s Bar to continue to make his own deal. When he went into the bar, all the waiters in the bar looked at him just like the first night he came there. Wang Ji stood still and asked. “Any problems?”

Those devils turned back and continued on their jobs. Lily greeted him. “Welcome back, Hunter.”


Wang Ji casually replied and went to change his clothes. He didn’t notice that Lily always called him “son”, it’s the first time she changed it to Hunter.

“I’ve researched the surrounding environment today; I think the business here definitely will……”

The arms dealer coming out of the bathroom sat in front of the bar, chatting with Lily. Wang Ji, who just changed his uniform, came back. Rodin stopped talking, but gazed at Wang Ji through the sunglasses.

“What you gave me was a surprise.”

Wang Ji talked to him.

Rodin seemed to be in a daze. After hearing Wang Ji talk, he murmured. “I felt the same way , Hunter.”

Wang Ji smiled.

He did not notice the change in attitudes of Lily and Rodin. In his view, after the civilization heritage mission was taken down, he would be able to spare a lot of leisure in the next few days. He needs to rest, and wait for the upcoming challenges. The existence of the Preacher is no easier than Mrs. Isa’s Mansion, but more terrible.

After all, in the mission introduction of the experiment A, the monsters in the mansion are only with difficulty degree of 1 star.

The deal with the devil continued.

During the daytime, Wang Ji did not waste any second, walking along the streets of the city in the afternoon to understand the situation of every inch of the entire city. Many sanitation workers who started working early died on the night the executors entered the city to find him. However, their bones could not be found. There were just some tracing notices attached to the telephone poles.

The police were trying to solve this case, while Wang Ji remained silent. One night, he put on the Night Devil’s Suit, and after putting some money on the table of the family who lost his loved ones, he quietly left without any trace.

In addition to rest and completion of the transaction, he devoted all his focus to understanding the city. At night, he went back to the Devil’s Bar, where he was nominally a bartender, but actually a servant who sends a female guest home. Lily mentioned that Wang Ji’s blood was a little cold more than one time, but there was nothing to say about his work completion.

The smuggling arms dealer named Rodin also temporarily stayed at the bar.

“The smuggling merchant is like this. Only when you return with the official businessman can you feel safe.”

He explained this to Wang Ji.

Everything was calm, and Liu Hsiao Nan had never contacted him again.

There are five days left before the Preacher comes. As a time-sensitive news topic, journalists have chosen to forget the powerful communication power of the Preacher. Under the official and multiple stable maintenance, people have already considered the Preacher a prank. People always have very poor memories, not to mention that everyone has their own lives, no one will pay attention to whether a farmer will cultivate.

“Are you asking the Preacher? Excuse me, isn’t he no longer a hot topic?”

They said something like that in a show.

On a quiet night, when Wang Ji got off work and went home to sleep, Rodin touched his bald head and stopped him. “You haven’t become a night devil for two days. This is not a good sign. Once even the consciousness is unfamiliar, you will be killed by the Preacher. What’s more, you have no skills to rely on.”

“What do you mean?”

Wang Ji turned to ask.

Rodin untied the red scarf on his neck and said. “When my damn daughter and I were bored in hell, we always played the game of killing. There is no rule. You chase me. If you catch me, I will give it to you…oh, of course it’s a surprise.”

“Is it an item?”

Wang Ji was tempted. Wang Ji realized that having many items is the key to survive.

“Surprising item.”

Rodin took off his sunglasses and revealed his scarlet-colored eyes. “Within an hour, if you can’t catch me in an hour, I will catch you in turn. It ends at dawn. I won’t bully you with the devil ability to locate your position, you can shoot me arbitrarily. As long as you touch me, you win. I win if I tackle you. If you get caught for ten times in a row, I will take away one of your items.”

“I’m willing to try.”

Wang Ji said that the Night Devil’ Suit on the chest was covered with flames throughout the body. He just held the black bow, while Rodin has become a huge shadow. He flashed from Wang Ji’s side and rushed into the city at night. Wang Ji did not hesitate to turn and give chaset. Lily watched the two demons run out, but she still sat down at the bar and smoked calmly.

Until the early hours of the morning, the main city was still bright. And the city that never sleeps means that most people in the taxi industry don’t take a rest. The invisible demon ran on the main road of the city. It could touch all the entities, but all the entities could not touch it. The drivers who were excited at night either listened to the passionate music or chatted outside.

It’s not called fate. The driver who lived in the Anyi Community who sent Wang Ji to the police station was still praying, devoutly chanting God, eager for God to give him wisdom and ability to make money easily to support the family. At this time, there was some wind coming out of nowhere blowing outside the door. In the meantime, the driver seemed to hear the heavy and depressive words of the devil. “How dare you pray for wisdom to the mentally retarded! How can it allow you to be smarter than him…”


The wind stopped and the devil words disappeared. A loud noise appeared at the roof of the car, and the whole taxi shook. The driver looked at the window and wondered what had happened.

An hour later.

Wang Ji returned to the bar. The shutter wasn’t closed, and there was only Lily behind the bar in the empty bar. “Not caught?” Lily asked. Wang Ji sat down at the bar. “I can’t catch him. I retreated to escape when there’s 10 minutes left. Now he has started to chase me.”

Lily smiled and said. “You are so calm!” “All I did was hiding when he chased me.” Wang Ji replied in a low voice and removed the state of the night devil. He asked Lily. “How does the Night Devil’s Suit and the Fallen Badge peel off?”

“The items that can be hidden on the hunter with “traditional branding”, which is the tattoo on your palm. If you want to peel off, you can do it with your own mind. I remember that a hunter can hide 6 items at most. They’re the safest, and they are equivalent to a hunter’s limbs. Ordinary humans can also wear the Night Devil’s Suit, but they are not the owner of the item, so it is easy to be stripped by the real Hunters… He came, come over.”

Lily suddenly reached out and grabbed Wang Ji, and easily pulled him into the darkness behind the bar. Wang Ji smelled a mysterious and unique fragrance, and then heard the voice of Rodin. “I just heard his voice. He hid so quickly; the kid is very fast! Have you seen him?”

“He’s been here, but I won’t interfere in your game.”

Lily’s voice was clear.

“Then I’ll go out and find.”

Rodin left. Wang Ji had held his breathing, waiting for a long time, until Lily notified him. He craned his neck and flipped over the bar. “Thank you.” Wang Ji said.

Lily smiled. “Thank what? You were going to hide under my skirt, right?”

Wang Ji smiled and didn’t make any excuse.

“You smiled. It’s the first time I have seen you smile.” Lily smoked a cigarette elegantly, looking at Wang Ji with her star-like eyes. The smile on the face of the latter quickly faded, he asked. “What’s a tree party machine?”

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