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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 25

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Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 25: The Key to Survival

Wang Ji took the opportunity to ask for what he still didn’t understand. There were many questions in his mind. Even if he can’t really understand it, he needs to know at least a conceptual thing. For example, he knows that the Warband is an evil organization with a special definition, as well as the Hunter that has a disadvantage in the war against the Preacher.

It’s not necessary for him to know the details, but he needs to know an overall concept.

“Something the organization uses to contact with you.”

“How about the tree party?”

“It’s the life evolution map.”

Lily said, “It is not something like religion and myth. I am talking about the huge species evolution tree formed by the origin of life. It is a perfect circle, which is spread out from the center of the circle, and the branch of the wisdom tree is less than one 100 million. Currently it is just a concept for you, it doesn’t matter.”

“Then what will it do to support me?”

Wang Ji asked again.

“It will give you the props to overcome the difficulties according to your predicament.”, Lily explained. “As an independent Hunter, you will receive two different kinds of support. The first is a support from the tree party, the free gift, which is powerful and can directly come to you; the second is a third-party item support, which is also the item of support that all Hunters can get. For example, merchants like Rodin and I obtained the items through paid exchange. The third-party supporting props will leave obvious traces of the super membrane gliding. Your enemies may get clues from this, robbing your item supports, and vice versa.”

“I see.”

Wang Ji nodded as he understood what Lily meant. The third-party prop support is the same as the experimental items he got in the experiment mode. In the real preacher war, when the third-party items were sent to his world, the Preacher would know the coming of the Hunter’s items because of the traces left by the “super membrane gliding”.

Lily’s last sentence was also true. In fact, she has already told Wang Ji that both the Preacher and the Hunter can get item supports’ in a war. The game of this kind of war means that both sides in the war know that the other party has added a new card. They either try to take it away before the other party gets it, or they have to face an item which is likely to be harmful to themselves.

Due to what Lily said, Wang Ji had a new understanding of the challenge that he is about to face.

Lily’s smile was hidden in the darkness. She said, “All third-party support items will be sent to you after you get the corresponding clues. After the war, you can re-trade with the merchant to decide whether you want to accept and buy the items. The tree party is different, and its support requires you to apply through the tree party machine. The conditions for the application are: you have explored all of the clues of the entire preaching war and the civilization mission. After you provide all of them, you can get the support you need. Don’t be surprised, powerful things always cost something.”

“How powerful is it?”

Wang Ji was curious.

“It’s so powerful that will shock you. As long as you are alive, you will know it sooner or later. Lily said that as she sighed.” It has been a long time since there was a Hunter who dared to try to get the approval of the tree party. As the Hunter gets stronger, the independent test gets more horrible. The years that are almost equal to the life of your civilization have passed, but now you are the first. Getting a tree party approval doesn’t mean that you can be left unscrupulous. Instead, your appearance may cause more horrific attention of the Preacher, which is so terrible that will make all life fearful. ”


Wang Ji did not respond immediately. He understood Lily’s words. The longer he can survive, the more terrible the disaster will be. He thought of a science fiction novel called “The Three-Body Problem” that he had read. The dark and desperate view of the world can be used as a survival rule that he needs to pursue in when facing the preacher war.

Hide yourself, clean up well.

“Thank you.”

Wang Ji’s thinking was clear, and all doubts were solved in a flash. He immediately got up and expressed his thanks, and said right away. “Not only because of what you told me now, but also for the help when you traded with me.”


The witch Lily suddenly annihilated the cigarette butt and changed the way she called Wang Ji. For the first time, her face faintly came out of the darkness as if it was showing its stunning facial features behind a black gauze. She said, “Don’t thank the devils again. This is an insult to them.”

Wang Ji did not answer. He got up and left the bar to continue the game of killing with the devil. In terms of strength, he has no way to compare to his opponent. The only thing that can be used is his own understanding of the city. The opponent does not even use the ability of the devil to locate his position. In this case, if Wang Ji can’t escape within an hour, then he is really incompetent.


At 23:30, September 10th, 2017.

The super membrane channel was now open.

Both Lily and Rodin were going back to their world, including the devils in the bar. This means that the bar will be closed for a while. When the bar is about to be opened once again, they would have to wait for Lily’s return. It was very early to open and close tonight. Wang Ji got caught nine times in the chasing, and he had hardly touched Luo Dan with the beam. Under the premise that he must ensure that he needs items for survival, Wang Ji has to find ways to improve his mobile shooting ability to increase the accuracy.

He almost had to lose an item.

The arm dealer said, “The mentally retarded people in the heaven will definitely break the rules, but a damn demon like me will definitely follow the rules of the game. Take the key to the bar shutter gate, I will send you a useful item in the war, free of charge. You know, all the third-party support items are paid.”

“But can’t you interfere in the preaching war?”

Wang Ji asked.

“My Lord of Mental Disability!” The bald head tightened his red scarf and said in a serious tone to Wang Ji. “Hunter, how can you insult such a great profession, like the smuggling, after insulting the devils?”

It turns out that he had already known about the talk between Wang Ji and Lily.

In the end, Lily got up and walked into the darkness behind her after smoking the last cigarette. She didn’t say a word to Wang Ji on the night of farewell. She didn’t turn back until she finally left. “Good luck.”

Wang Ji pressed the ninja mask on his face as a response. He is a hunter with a lucky blessing.

“Don’t be too convinced of luck. Live well, the smuggling industry is currently lacking customers.”

Rodin patted him on the shoulder, following Lily into the dark with the other devils. It turns out that the darkness was a special passage. After the devils left, the bar was empty, except for the cabinet. The special darkness that covered Lily disappeared along with them.

Holding the key to the rolling gate, Wang Ji finally closed the door of the devil bar, and returned home alone at night. Lying in bed, he was waiting for 12 midnight in silence. The city was quiet and time was slowly passing. The last second hand of 23:59 started in time, and everything in the city was still as usual. Finally, the 59th second that was displayed had became two zeros.

The earth suddenly shook! Wang Ji jumped out of bed and instantly switched on the computer screen.

Capital A, the Preacher has arrived, and the protective film has covered your city to isolate the battlefield and prevent the spread of seeds. After receiving the information, the city officially enters the bunker time, please be sure to survive. After you die, the protective film will be cancelled due to loss of contact. If the Preacher still survives then, your civilization will be destroyed.

From experiment A.


A strong explosion resounded in the night sky. Wang Ji stood in front of the window and saw a spectacular explosion of the night airplane in the sky. It seemed to be hitting something transparent, and it was broken at the moment it came in contact with it it. Flames and smoke lit up the sky of the city!

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