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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 26

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Part 3: Under the Sky

Chapter 26: “Brainless” and “Dead”

At 0 a.m., September 11th, 2017.

The first hour of the bunker time.

The night flight from Yunxi Airport to Shanghai was wrecked. The flames and smoke coming from the moment of the explosion almost lit up the entire night sky of the city. Many citizens were awakened by the roaring, and then saw the terrible flames falling through the window. The disaster happened so quietly.

“Protective film, it turned out to be like this.”

Wang Ji stood on the desk and stared at the spectacular fire through the window. The most ironic thing is that the first chaos after the arrival of the Preacher was caused by something called a “protective film”. At this moment, Wang Ji didn’t even know if the fact that there may be very few passengers on the zero flight who can be a comfort.

People clearly know the impact from disasters on the life. In all propaganda, they only consider it to be a kind of data, and they cannot face the disaster. Although the disaster in front of him was more difficult to make Wang Ji touched than the arrival of the Preacher, he clearly knew that the peace maintained desperately by people has been broken at this moment. And the crisis has never been clearer, which made him think about the real problem: my race, my civilization, can only rely each other when facing such a crisis? Or defending our own civilized home together?

When the problem appeared in his mind, Wang Ji almost immediately thought what kind of curse the grief people would have after knowing the facts: Why the ones dead are my loved ones but not yours? It appeared because of your protective film, because you, so the plane crashed!

The whole city has become a bunker, and Wang Ji got the answer at the beginning. He now understood why the Warband wouldn’t find a country to cooperate with. Compared to the beginning of the current preaching war, the experiment model was too easy on every aspect.

At 0:05 in the morning, his phone began to ring. Wang Ji looked it up, it’s a strange number. He picked up, Liu Hsiao Nan anxious voice appeared on the other side of the phone. “Get to Yunxi Airport now! Immediately!”

Liu Hsiao Nan hung up the phone. Wang Ji was silent for a moment and had a preliminary conjecture on the beginning of the entire preaching war. In fact, he should go to Yunxi Airport, but it is not necessarily reasonable. He believed that the protective film will become a regular existence in the preaching war, and that his civilization will adapt to such a cycle sooner or later.

The problem is that after the Preacher sees the flight crash, it will naturally be confirmed that it’s the first time for the civilization that he’s going to destroy to experience the preaching war. So what will the Preacher do in such a rare chaotic condition?


Wang Ji couldn’t confirm whether the seeds preached by the Preacher are still nightmare knitters. Maybe they are more terrible monsters. After a short period of thinking, he set off to go to Yunxi Airport. The reason for making this choice is that he still didn’t know any information about the preacher. The cruel fact informs him that the best option is to camouflage and kill the Preacher when it is exposed. When making this choice, Wang Ji remembered the body of the deceased in the morgue. He knew the power of his choice and that someone will die of it.

But he didn’t regret it.


“The language is loaded.”

“Civilization destroying seeds are loaded.”

On the same morning, on the hills of an ordinary town in the suburbs, a figure in dark blue suit stood on the mountain pass. Behind him is the most famous national volcanic park in the area, while in front of him is the night view of the entire city, and the flames and wreckage peeled off from the protective film.

“Sure enough, it is a civilization without any cruelty, and without knowing what ‘destroy’ is. The human beings here don’t know the existence of the protective film, which will make the Hunter very passive. Unfortunately, a new hunter who catches the prey for the first time doesn’t know that he is also a prey in the eyes of the prey. Without the baptism of blood, no life can be a predator. I hope that the hotbed of civilization will not make you faint, rookie.”

Talking to himself, the suit figure disappeared in the volcano. Time continued to pass, but there is no trace of him.

Before 0:30 in the morning, Wang Ji made it to Yunxi Airport. Outside the airport, there were a lot of media and crowds. The flashing lights flashed desperately, while the sad relatives sat on the ground and cried. Angry crowd shouted loudly, which was a mess.

“Sir, you can’t go there.”

An armed policeman stopped the Wang Ji at the entrance of the hall. The latter silently took out the police license and successfully passed the wall composed of the armed policemen and entered the hall. The staff of the police station moved quickly in the hall. Everyone was busy collecting information about the wreck nervously. As the incident occurred, Wang Ji saw that the police station almost mobilized all of the available personnel. And the fire on the wreckage and the rescue is not easier than the airport here.

On the other side of the terminal, Liu Hsiao Nan took a note and quickly went downstairs. Her face was serious, her brow was locked, and she buckled up the police cap before her hair was not even combed. She walked to Wang Ji’s side, pointing at the upstairs, and said. “You have to go upstairs to help immediately. There are not enough staff. The more people we have, the more strength we have.” After Liu Hsiao Nan left quickly, Wang Ji stood for a moment and went upstairs. There, two police officers were asking an airport staff. The staff at the airport were red-faced and emotionally unstable. He could cry at any moment.

“Get to the electricity control room, Wang Ji. They need help there.”

Those two police officer said to Wang Ji.

Then, a strange mutual helping circle was formed. Wang Ji went to the electricity control room, where the old policeman asked him to help Liu Hsiao Nan to sort out the information. When he found Liu Hsiao Nan again, the busy policewoman asked him to go upstairs to help. It all seemed to bring him back to Mrs. Isa’s Mansion. Wang Ji finally got out of this tense hall. A ‘marginal people’ like him seemed to be redundant even though he’s helping. If he had the time to wander, he’d rather buy some coffee for those who work.

Late at night.

After Wang Ji sent them the coffee, he still wandered around in the hall in an incomprehensible manner. He silently waited for news about the preacher, walking back and forth in the empty stairs alone. At 5:02 in the morning; his cell phone shook silently. Wang Ji took it out and saw the news about the destruction.

Capital A, the Preacher has already preached in your city. It is confirmed that the Preacher carries two kinds of supporting seeds of civilization destroy, all of which have been preached. According to the seeds obtained in the protective film monitoring, the clues analyzed have been sent to you.

Clue: The brainless creature invades the world; the dead life conquers civilization.

Goal: Kill or send away the Preacher and destroy all seeds of disaster.

From experiment A.

“Brainless and dead.”

Wang Ji whispered. He carefully thought about the meaning expressed by these two clues. Then, his phone received another strange text message. At this moment, almost everyone’s phone began to ring. The text messages coming out of nowhere got the crowd in different moods together. At this moment, the entire city is echoed with the corresponding SMS ringtones, even if the equipment that has been shut down was also opened in advance without detected, including the inexplicable pop-up window on the computer screen:

I am coming, surprised? At 8 o’clock in the morning, please watch the TV program on time. No matter where you are, you will receive my greeting.


“Wang Ji!”

The hall was echoed with Liu Hsiao Nan’s voice, which is crisp and eager. She looked around anxiously, looking for Wang Ji, holding a note and a pen in one hand, and holding a mobile phone with a bright screen on the other hand.

“I’m here.”

Wang Ji stood next to handrails on the second floor.

“Do you get the text?”

The slim hand which Liu Hsiao Nan held the phone clenched a bit. Wang Ji said. “I see it.”


The time late at night was very difficult, as well as the case for government officials. When the news of the plane crash occurred in the early morning, the mayor got a call from his subordinates in no time. After bidding farewell to his family, he quickly rushed to the wrecked place. As the local leader, he personally presided over the work of rescuing and searching for survivors on the front line.

The citizens who came from all directions were very impressed. The tall man dressed like firefighters only showed his face and directed the work at the scene, he didn’t rest until he returned to the car in the latter half of the night.

“You, don’t sit here and fool around, go buy some drinks and food for the firefighters, they are far more tired than me.”

The mayor told his driver that when a huge disaster came to him, he knew that the public could not rely on anyone if he did not step out. Commanding everyone to perform their duties, he temporarily took off his firefighting clothes and took a rest in the car.

“10 minutes, I’ll rest 10 minutes.”

He talked to himself.

It’s hard to open the eyes again once you close them. He opened his eyes tiredly as he heard the phone text message ringing again. He looked at the text message on the screen. Suddenly, all the exhaustion was swept by an unprecedented fear. He sat up and found that his car was already driving. A man in a bright suit sat beside him with a funny smiley mask.

The mayor quickly became focused and wanted to know who was driving in the driver’s seat. He did all the effort to get up like this, then he found that the driver’s skull had been completely opened. On the bloody face, the absent-minded eyes looked at him through the rearview mirror.

“Pull over.”

Perhaps he was exhausting all of the courage throughout his life. The mayor used a firm tone to order the person whose brain had been emptied to stop, but he had already sat slumped into the back seat. The driver continued to drive mechanically. The car was full of pungent bloody smell, and the mayor tried to hold back and not to throw up, even though his stomach didn’t feel well.

At this time, the mask man sitting next to the mayor spoke, and his voice was very magnetic. He said. “You and my civilization have many things in common. For example, you and I all like to wear a suit.”

He said, he reached out his arm to showed the mayor his suit cufflinks and continued speaking. “You are a respectable person; I believe that you can be a great person to be remembered. Of course, only I can remember you.”

“Do you know that you kidnapped…”

“Thank you for letting me confirm your identity again.” The person behind the mask interrupted with a smile. “I forgot to introduce myself, I am the Preacher. You should have received my letter ten days ago. This is the first time we met, it’s my pleasure.”

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