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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 27

Translator: xjshengchen

Editor: Myro

Part 3: Under the Sky

Chapter 27: Greetings from the Preacher

At 7:30 in the morning. September 11th, 2017.

The 7th hour of the bunker time.

It’s been 2 hours 27 minutes since the first generation of the seeds of disaster were preached.

At that time, the sky was still gray, and the cold fog in the morning began to dissipate gradually. A police car was parked along the road in the town, the red and blue lights changed color intensely. A policeman held a loudspeaker and talked to the locals. “Please return home and the lock the door. Wait at home and don’t go out, also don’t approach the transparent wall! Please call the police immediately if anything happens, we will arrive in the first moment!”

Along both sides of the road, people still watching were not willing to disperse. As the local people in the town heard the fresh words like transparent walls, they really wanted to touch them but there were police hanging the yellow lines. Yes, the police were now standing on the edge of the protective film, which was currently the east most place, reachable in the city.

In the northeast direction, it is the place where the flight was wrecked. It is said that the mayor was sitting there and directing the operation at night. The fire trucks and the armed police carried out a search and rescue all night long, and finally the area was temporarily stabilized. But the trauma in the hearts of the people there was difficult to heal. Half an hour ago, radio station in the city finally released a message that a transparent hemispherical wall enveloped their entire city. The main city and dozens of small surrounding towns were all trapped inside.

“The Preacher did it.”

The locals said so. The police did not explain much. When the unreasonable status occurs, no matter how they explain it, it is superfluous. They couldn’t even explain a transparent wall, let alone the information dissemination of the Preacher.

“The walls are soundproof and completely isolated from the outside world.”

A police officer turned around and reported to the director after a brief sign language exchange with a non-commissioned officer on the other side of the protective film. Wang Ji pulled the yellow lines and stood by the roadside, listening to the communication between the police officers while watching them collect information. There was temporarily no work for them at the airport. In the middle of the night, the citizens had already lit candles there, praying for the victims. The police station immediately launched the investigation after receiving the news about the transparent wall. By dawn, everyone saw the dome that was more than 20,000 feet tall.

When everyone did not pay attention, he secretly opened his phone and looked at the relevant information about the protective film.

Equipment Name: Protective Film.

Equipment Type: Assistant Equipment.

Equipment Introduction: The dome of the civilization. Stephen King’s unlimited writing style led to many stories which have happened in this dome. When you think he’s writing science fiction, it is very different; when you think that when he’s writing the spirit, it is very illusory… In short, the story has just begun in your world.

Equipment Effect: The protective film provides energy with the energy force field, which can also have multiple effects on the items within it. It’s 16000 meters wide, it can filter all air and isolate the two worlds inside and outside. It has the strongest defensive power known in the universe.

p.s.: People outside want to come in, while people inside want to get out.

From experiment A.

Wang Ji quietly put back his phone.

“Damn, I really didn’t think we could have encountered such a thing like this. Are there meteors that are going to destroy the world? Is it a time the stroke prediction of a polio patient occurs?”

The director leaning on the police car threw the cigarette butt and cursed. Director Zhao is already fifty years old. Although he had not slept overnight, he still looked refreshed. He is tall, his eyebrows are somewhat white, and he is already bald. He likes to cover it with a hat.

“There’s no electric current.”

Liu Hsiao Nan’s palm was printed on the dome, which the other palm was still on the pager. The transparent wall did not have any influence on the electronic equipment. But it is also completely isolated inside and outside. They even found that gas couldn’t be filtered and circulated in police experiments. This special “dome” is deeply immersed into the soil. If it is a perfect spheroid, it may be more than 8,000 meters deep into the underground.

“How about the communication?”

Director Zhao’s thumb pressed his chin, and a green electronic watch that doesn’t look like his was shown in his wrist. According to him, this is a military watch with multiple functions and can be immune to nuclear shock. After Liu Hsiao Nan sent several messages in succession with the radio, she shook her head helplessly to the director.

The protective film shielded all external signals.

“Do you have a LAN connection? Call the bureau, and there are several communication companies. Ask them to find a solution right away! If the information in this damn wall is primitive, then these companies had better die! These bastards! ”

Director Zhao cursed and seemed to be in a bad mood. Wang Ji knew about this. He heard about the disappearance of the mayor. The government department almost made a mess. The director mobilized the police as soon as possible to maintain the security of the entire city, from the main city to the suburban town. He became the backbone of the city. However, it is not an easy task to be the backbone of this chaotic time.

“25 minutes left.”

Wang Ji thought quietly.

The Preacher said that he would greet the city at 8 o’clock in the morning. Wang Ji believed that such a good greeting like this is definitely not a good thing. In fact, he suspects that the disappearance of the mayor is highly related to the Preacher. It is not an easy thing for an average person to kidnap the mayor at the search and rescue site.

“Now it’s daytime, it is going to be quite inconvenient if I show up as a night devil. If you let the Preacher find it, it is not good for me. There is also a daytime left, I’d better use my position and resources, to try to do something. I should avoid large-scale casualties and determine the specific information of the seed and the tracks of the Preacher.”

Wang Ji looked up at the rising sun and prepared himself.

“Go back to the city, and ask the deputy mayor to hold an emergency meeting.”

The director sat down in the police car after clenching his fist, making an order with a bad tone. After exchanging some words briefly, the police officers and those of the local police station also went into the police cars. Cars drove on the road one after another. There are only 2 police officers left on duty in the police station to inspect the yellow lines, while others dispersed the crowd.

The whole city is now full of rumors and fear. Only the police wearing government uniforms and holding guns can keep the people stable when a disaster suddenly comes. The director in the police car had no time to rest. He used the radio to direct the police in the city to conduct inspections and maintain order.

“We must use unusual means in unusual period! The police must be equipped with guns, killing all the signs of the unscrupulous thoughts!”

The director shouted with a clenched fist, his eyes bloodshot, but his spirit was like a lion. Even with a car in between, Wang Ji could still hear the roar of the director in the car. Liu Hsiao Nan sat next to Wang Ji and whispered. “Do you think ‘they’ said by the Preacher will appear?” Wang Ji shook his head and calmly said. “I don’t know.”

The police car got on the freeway and didn’t return to the city for ten minutes. When returning to the police station, Wang Ji took a look at the time. It’s 7:53; there was less than 7 minutes left before 8:00. The director got off the car and shouted to the back. “Get the gun! Go to the Central Square!”

“What happened there?”

“A bunch of young people are throwing a party there. Shameless sons of a bitch! Take them away immediately!”

The director frowned and cursed.

“Are these people thinking it’s the end of the world?”

Liu Hsiao Nan could not help but sigh in the car. People lacking calm will increase their burden. The crash of a flight and a dome that enveloped the city produced such an effect in such a short period of time. Are the souls in this era so fragile? Wang Ji looked at her and did not speak quietly. Everyone was running into the station to get the equipment. After getting the guns, the police jumped into the cars and rushed to the Central Square. In the car, Wang Ji silently looked at the time, and there were two minutes left before eight.

“Damn it!”

The policeman driving the car shouted. The police car was stuck on the road. Wang Ji quietly observed everything, and it seemed that everyone could not calm down this morning. The more people are not calm, the more harmful the hidden dangers are. Everything is like a sheepfold invaded by a wolf at night. If you are careless, you will step on yourselves.

“Let’s run.”

After Wang Ji saw the vehicle blocking for hundreds of meters, he said to the colleagues inside the car. He got out of the car and pulled the safety bolt of the gun to watch out for a sudden sneak attack.

“Good morning, my friends!”

Suddenly a load voice echoed between the buildings. Wang Ji suddenly looked up and saw a huge LED electrified on the big screen of the mall. The man in a suit with a mask and smile appeared there. The man appeared on the electronic signage of all the big shopping malls and the big screen. In that moment, it was like a kind of virus spread. Wang Ji looked over, the whole commercial street was like this.

At this moment, all the people looked up at the appearance of the man on various electronic screens on the tall buildings. The man showed up on all the computers, televisions and even the screen of the mobile phone. The young people who had stripped their clothes in the Central Square also calmed down and stared at the strange scene.

“I am very sorry that I kept you waiting. I always want to say hello to everyone as soon as possible. But the sky is not bright yet. Everyone may not wake up yet. Now I know that I have seized the opportunity. You have already started the carnival for the end of the world in the square. Oh, oh… look how beautiful your boobs are! But please don’t rush, I am a conservative, I don’t like to see such an unscrupulous scene. Please follow my rhythm, also give your civilization a last respect.”

He was very close to the camera, and his face was almost attached to the camera. He gestured. After he had finished speaking, he stepped back two steps, revealing the shape of the suit again. The mayor also showed his face in front of the camera. The mayor, who was tied to a chair, looked mentally stable, but the white shirt on his chest was stained with a lot of blood.

The mask man caught the mayor’s hair with his head close to the mayor’s ear, and whispered. “I am sorry that I’ve humiliated you so much. You are a great person, I believe that you will be sadder when you see the public like this. But it’ll be over very soon, and maybe your life will only last three more hours.”

Although the voice was not high, it’s clearly communicated to the entire city through the screen.

“3 hours.”

The Preacher faced the camera again, and the blue pupils without being covered by the smiley face began to get darker. “I know you are watching too. I will give you three hours to think and take action. When you are ready, come to the national volcano park to look for me. Otherwise…”


With the crisp crack of the bones, the mayor actually bite the teeth and only leaked a trace of moan, while the Preacher had broken one of his fingers. And his smile appeared in the gap of the mask.

“I am sorry that I have used such a low level of torture.”

The Preacher took a towel from his chest and wiped the blood from his hand. He whispered to himself ashamedly. He went back to the camera and continued. “But you’ll also see that he will die alone after suffering.”

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