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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 28

Translator: xjshengchen

Editor: Prawnxia


Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 28: Blood on Live

“Damn it!”

Liu Hsiao Nan bit her teeth, watching the big screen of the mall turn off. She was full of anger and did not know where to vent. Wang Ji was in a daze, he turned around and slapped his hands on the police car.

“3 hours?”

Wang Ji felt strange about the time limitation.

“If I were the Preacher and had to fight against the Hunters in this city, I would never give such a loose time limitation. No, I would never be so stupid to invite them to fight and show so many people of my position. It’s stupid, and it’s not like real.”

Wang Ji can’t help but to think so. The walkie-talkie rang at this moment, and the director screamed in the car hysterically. “Come back to the police station, go to the National Volcanic Park and search it!”

“Go back! Turn around the car and go back!”

The police officers spoke to each other and all got on the cars. When Liu Hsiao Nan was about to get on the bus, Wang Ji grabbed her arm. Liu Hsiao Nan threw back her head, and a few strands of hair covered her eyes. She looked at Wang Ji. “What?”

“Do you remember that monster?” Wang Ji asked calmly. Liu Hsiao Nan retracted her arm and rubbed her hair. She turned and looked up at Wang Ji, speaking clearly. “Now it’s not the time, our mayor is kidnapped. If we can’t even protect the current top leader, people will consider us incapable of protecting them. In that case, it will be more chaotic.”

Wang Ji affirmed. “He will spread the seeds of monsters. The so-called seeds are monsters like spiders. We should protect the city now, especially the densely populated areas. Then we go to the remote areas to investigate since the initial seeds were likely to be hatched from those places. But if we don’t pay attention, it will start from the city’s populous area. In any case, we should not go to the volcanic park.”

“If that’s the case, we should better catch him! Force him to take out the vaccine!”

Liu Hsiao Nan’s tone was firm and she got on the bus. Wang Ji couldn’t help but got in puzzle. He did not know how Liu Hsiao Nan thought of the word ‘vaccine’. The latter grasped the door by hand and asked Wang Ji in the tone of inquiry and even order. “Do you want to stick to your thoughts or listen to director’s orders?”

Wang Ji silently closed the door for her, then turned and walked away. He would prove his point with action. Liu Hsiao Nan did not say more, and called the police in front to drive.

“In any case, it’ll the same with or without you. Remember to open the safety plug before shooting, coward.”

The policeman in the front seat dismissed a chewing gum on the window to express his sarcasm to Wang Ji. Wang Ji did not bother to challenge. He was too lazy to talk nonsense with others. All his brain power was analyzing what the Preacher might do. First of all, he determined that the current police force in the entire city was very limited because of the protective film. Under this circumstance, the director had taken away some people to search for mountains, which would only make the whole city unstable.

The more unstable it is, the more chances he has.

Wang Ji was walking fast on the street, and his brain was trying to think.

“But there is a problem here. The Preacher will directly point out the opponent. If I were him, I would not rush to provoke the real opponent because it’d cause the opposite effect if I didn’t do it right, which would let the hunters guard the city and ignore me. This kind of move is too stupid. What really provokes is only the violent institutions in this world. Therefore, his goal is probably not the city I’m guarding at all, but…”

Wang Ji stopped walking.

The buildings in the city were tall and dazzling. He suddenly turned back and watched the police cars whistle away and disappear at the intersection. At this moment, the traffic lights made Wang Ji feel glaring, and he couldn’t help but watch the time. The time was now 8:05 in the morning; it has been three hours and two minutes since the first preaching of the Preacher. If it is a nightmare knitter, the time for the seed to mature will certainly not be so fast. However, the clues that Wang Ji got this time were completely different from the experiment mode.

Brainless creatures invade the world, and dead lives conquer civilization.


At 8:30 in the morning, the urban power supply system was recovered;

At 9:20 in the morning; urban water system was recovered;

At 9:40 in the morning; the urban LAN was successfully grafted, and the local communication was successfully repaired. The TV stations began to record the current status of the citizens. And they conducted various broadcasts through the Internet. With the stability of various resources, the urban order has stabilized.

At 9:50 in the morning; they broadcast a bad news that the attempt to leave the transparent wall from the ground failed. The deepest point that people can reach has been completely blocked by transparent walls; the representatives of each district held an emergency meeting and passed a number of public security principles about the Preacher and the isolation zone.

At 10:10 in the morning, the big screen of the central square began to broadcast the report about the kidnapping of the mayor. The National Mountain Park has been isolated. The police have dispatched a large number of manpower to carry out the mountain search. At present, the special police unit has already dive into the crater and started the search and rescue operation to the arrest of the Preacher.

Outside the yellow lines of the National Volcanic Park, Wang Ji wore a casual sweater and used a mobile phone to watch the live broadcast of the TV station. While showing his license to the armed police who isolate the mountain, he crowded out from the reporters and squeezed into the back of the yellow lines. After getting on the mountain road, he put on the ninja mask and kept his identity a secret from then on.

In order to stabilize the public mood and let the public see their record, Director Zhao specially let the reporter team of the city TV station follow them into the volcano and broadcast the entire search and rescue process to the public.

“I can hardly guarantee a fair trial for the Preacher. I think this may really be God’s business. Our laws may not be able to measure his crimes. After catching him, I will send him to see God immediately.”

The director opened the pistol’s safety plug in front of the camera and showed his pistol to all the people in the city. After the shot, the special police unit has sneaked into the crater. The volcanoes in the park are all extinct volcanoes. For the sake of sightseeing, the government has made a lift at the crater, and it’s helping them now. Soon, the signal flag floated in the lens.

“We successfully rescued the hostages and found no targets.”

Wang Ji stared at his phone while walking, and he recognized the meaning of the flag.

“The mayor is rescued, but the damn perverted man with a mask had fled with his sin.”

The director sneered in front of the camera.

“Citizens, it’s an important news that our special police unit just successfully rescued the mayor in the crater…”

The news anchor of the city news radio station even expressed tears in excitement, announcing with sobs the news to the citizens towards the camera. The citizens who stayed in the central square and did not want to leave were so excited that they were so excited that they embraced each other. Everyone held their breath and waited for this moment, and finally their mayor was rescued.

“You have a little stiff smile!”

On the screen, the director suddenly said to the female reporter interviewing him.


A sound appeared out of no warning!

It’s not from the live broadcast in the crater, but from the studio. Excited to tears, the temple of the female anchor instantly burst into bloods, the whole person fell down, followed by the smiley masked Preacher with a gun coming into the lens. The gunshots appeared, and the sound of broken glass overlapped with the gunshots and screams.

“What happened to you, young man?”

In the upper right corner of the news on the big screen, the director asked the female reporter with concern. The female reporter only gave the camera a back view. However, at the next moment, her head suddenly became a cell tissue with huge cavities. It bit forward at the next moment, and the instantly deformed head immediately bit the head of the director!

The fierce gunshots appeared in the live broadcast!

The citizens in the central square staring at the big screen were stunned. They immediately heard a lot of gunshots and painful screams in the live broadcast. A policeman’s head broke into two bloody cell tentacles and danced in the air. With a sharp blade, the neck of the companion was cut off, blood was sprayed, and the limbs flew. Those blades were out of the shadows, and they seemed that to be formed with the bone tissue, closely tied to the cell tissue, killing with amazing efficiency.

Everything in the day was such a sudden, people have never seen such a bloody scene of bloodshed and such a horrible monster. In the broad daylight, they came up in the live broadcast which they pay their attention and hope.

“Welcome to my news channel, does this kind of direct live satisfy you?”

The Preacher threw the gun away and stood in front of the camera. He kicked the female anchor’s body away, and then sat in the anchor’s position. He wiped the mask with his hand, and the face was immediately stained with blood, making people afraid.

The Preacher began to tune the music, and he said. “It’s fun, isn’t it? Do you like classical music? I like Beethoven very much. The ninth symphony is very suitable for their situation. Did they fall into this situation because you are still in the city?”

The Preacher looked straight into the camera. He suddenly looked up and looked at the time above the studio. The lips under the smile opened. “Okay, it is already 10:25 in the morning. At 8 o’clock, I said that I’d let you arrive within three hours, it turned out that you had ambushed in the city. Did your superior Hunter tell you this way? How did you put the fate of your civilization on the suggestions of others? Rookie, no one will care whether you’re alive or dead, including the survival of your world.”

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