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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 3

3/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 3: The Case of Sacrificing the Son

It was crowded in the meeting room, where Wang Ji sat on the chair in the back of the room quietly. It seemed like Wang Ji was just a go-for owing to the position of his seat, at least Leader Liu treated him like that. He had never assigned any important cases to Wang Ji.

If he got the job through the back door, that made sense. Under no circumstances, Wang Ji did not look like a talented and knowledgeable person. It was really unreasonable for him to work in the crime investigation team. If he was assigned with a big case, he would definitely fail it. After all, he had permission to carry guns and yet he did not even have a gun..

Most guys who are pulled the strings don’t have the ability. Even if they succeeded, their status would still remain low because their abilities had determined everything.

Therefore, there are some people who work in the department that despise Wang Ji, which he knew, but he did not take it too seriously. It’s a police station, a place where officers guard the locals and protect the area. There shouldn’t be people like him working here.

So it’s quite easy to be such a person like that, just sit there and say nothing.

Leader Liu’s real name is Liu Giozheng, 45 years old. He had complaints about his smoking, so he always smoked beside the window while worrying over the cases. However, this case had no clues at all, but it’s so mind boggling that he couldn’t even eat.

It seemed like Leader Liu had found out that Wang Ji was looking at him, so he turned around and looked at him to ask if he wanted to smoke.

“Just quit.”

Wang Ji replied. He remembered that there were cigarettes on the desk when he woke up, so it should be a better way to decline to declare that he had quit smoking.


Leader Liu smiled, but his look was still very dignified. He knew that Wang Ji was talking rubbish, but he was not in the mood to play with him. He took out his cellphone and showed Wang Ji a message. “Did you get this message?”


Wang Ji replied.

“Everyone on earth got this.” Leader Liu nodded his head with a bitter smile on his face. “How good would this technique have to be to communicate like this!”

Wang Ji didn’t reply. He didn’t think it’s just about the power of techniques. The meeting is still ongoing. Liou, as called by Leader Liu, a female police officer was reading the documents and describing these difficult cases seriously.

“The first case happened in the southern neighborhood of the scenery area of the volcano at 18:30, August 29th, 2017. The name of the suspect is Chang Qianxia, female, 32 years old, suspected attempt to kill her 11-year-old son while she was suffering a mental illness. She stabbed her husband, Lee Keyun, with an ice pick when he tried to stop her. While chasing her son, she was subdued by the neighbors who came running due to the loud shouting. The suspect was arrested. There are lots of evidence that looks like spider webs and Arthropods found at crime scene.”

“The second case happened in the north part of the scenery area of the volcano at 5 a.m. , August 30th. The suspect is Bai Ge, her husband was killed in a car accident, so she lived with her son. On the day the crime was done, the neighbors heard her son asking for help. By the time they made it there, the suspect had already killed her son. It’s messy at the crime scene, evidence of spider webs and Arthropods were also found. The suspect died suddenly during interrogation, while the cause of her death remains unexplained.”

Liou felt a bit uncomfortable after hearing the report. She open the horrifying powerpoint presentation, showing the gruesome pictures of the crime scene to everyone in the room. Liou’s face was pale, and she felt like throwing up. In the end, she passed the remote control pen to the guy next to her, and sat down without looking at the powerpoint presentation.

Everyone there looked serious.

Two successive terrible cases could cause a horrible influence. If he couldn’t explain anything about it, these cases would end up being a kind of ghost legend.

Leader Liu said. “There’s rumors in the city. People already named these two cases, it’s called ‘The case of sacrificing the son’. It’s like a horror movie, people who have kids are scared of it. Pesticides have been sold out and rumors are everywhere. Rumours have it that some spiders are creeping, crawling out of the volcano….. Hey, how’s Lee now?”

Lee is an old interrogator who works with Leader Liu. At the moment Leader Liu wanted to go out for a sip of coffee, the suspect died suddenly. Lee got over stimulated and became spaced out.

“He is resting, the doctors will be here soon.”

A policeman answered.

Leader Liu said “The record of the interrogation is on the desk. Show them the record and the section underlined with red ink in my notes that I brought in during the investigation this morning, Liou.”

“Roger that.”

Liou stood up and passed the record, she also read the section underlined with red ink in Leader Liu’s note.

“Two suspects work in the same food company. Their last meeting was at the picnic organized by the company on May 11th. They never met on their day-off. Their lives were simple. They never participated in any illegal meetings. On the morning of 12th, the Fuhe mountain park where the picnic was organized were segregated by the national science department. They’re now working on discovering creatures on the mountain. When the crime happened, neighbors of both locations, found a pink gas coming out from their houses.”

Wang Ji listened to the meeting quietly. He had new information due to the new messages.

First, nightmare knitters should be Arthropods, or something close to spiders. Animals mainly behave for two reasons. One is to survive, the other is to mate. The cases confusing the police should be related to the behavior of nightmare knitters. Without a doubt, their behavior will pose a threat to humans.

“The reasons remain unknown. The husband stopped the crime the first time by nightmare knitters, which led to the son not being killed. The son-killing behavior that is good for them, did not succeed. Animals never kill just for the sake of killing, but for killing to reach their goals. These behaviors are special, which means the completion of the son-killing, will be like the religious form of killing. If it’s a hunting behavior, it will do this again soon after; if it’s a mating behavior, it’s unlikely going to do this again in the future. But if this creature appears the next time, the incident it could cause, would be disastrous for humans.”

Wang Ji made his speculation. He thought that if it’s the latter, it not only meant the birth of the seed, but also meant the spreading process.

“Lastly, the nest of the nightmare knitters is likely to be in the Fuhe mountain park. It might be a new discovery of new creatures, which attracts the government science department to work on the research.”

Wang Ji basically confirmed a dangerous zone.

“New incident! New incident!”

A young assistant of the court doctor dashed into the meeting room with a notebook. He adjusted his glasses and shouted to the people in the room. On hearing that, Leader Liu ran out of the room right away. Other officers all stood up to run after the young man.

“Now it’s the right time.”

Wang Ji stood up quietly and walked ahead to the desk in the meeting room, looked as if he’s organizing the documents. He checked the record of the interrogation very quickly. The nonsense talking of Bai Ge was written on the old notebook.

God says, contribute to family, you will see the heaven.

God will purify all crimes, let you see the whole view of hell, and then see the heaven.

Crazy talking of the dead, Bai Ge, was recorded in the documents.

Updates of the clues: Nightmare knitters make people confused. Maybe it’s their abilities to protect them.

From experiment A.

Receiving the updates again, Wang Ji took a glance at the white spider web found in the crime scene on the powerpoint presentation, then he went to the morgue.

At 13:30.

It’s been 55 hours since the birth of the nightmare knitters.

At the morgue.

“I dissected the body, then found lots of spiders like this in the stomach.”

The court doctor told Leader Liu. Along with his view, Leader Liu saw the bloody body, with gray spiders around 5 to 6 centimeters big crawling over the body. The spiders were also spreading all over the table, making it look very scary and gruesome.

“I promise, this is definitely the most unforgettable body I’ve ever seen.

The court doctor turned back his head after finishing the sentence.

The officers who came over all felt disgusted and stood outside the morgue. Wang Ji was the last person who arrived, he easily squeezed himself into the morgue as everyone was disgusted by the spiders.

Wang Ji noticed a spider crawling onto his leg. But he didn’t do anything and let it crawl up slowly. Wang Ji had his plan.


Leader Liu took a breath and got his dander up. He was hoping that there’s a new discovery in the morgue, but who could see this scene coming. And this made him even more confused.

This case is so weird that it makes people feel cold!

“It’s just like the birth of spiders, spiders crawled over a big spider. But what’s different is that the female spider will be sucked dry by the small spiders.”

The court doctor said.


Liou, who stood outside, threw up.

Wang Ji noticed what the court doctor said, and inferred, “What the court doctor said is indeed a life form of one kind of spiders. Small spiders suck the body of female spider to survive, the female spider will die until the small spiders grow up and have the ability to hunt…..So, if the seed of the spiders are parasitic on other creatures, it’s not impossible for a high-level predator.”

Wang Ji looked at the body, then a clear clue was gradually built in his brain. He didn’t say anything but was watching out for people noticing him. He bent down his body and scooped up the spiders and squeezed them into the pocket of the pants quickly. Then he took off his police badge on his chest and folded the badge to cover the pocket.

The whole process was really fast. Wang Ji doesn’t have any fear or disgust of spiders, he does it really fast without getting bitten by the spiders. He left the morgue silently. Nobody had noticed the arrival and the departure of a quiet man such as him. Everyone was not paying attention, but feeling gross and scared of the scene in the morgue.

Wang Ji found a place where the light was bright after he walked out the door. He opened the pocket and let the spiders out. He stepped on them after taking a picture of them.

He sent the picture to the online main page of his identity to ask for the type the spiders. He received lots of replies in a short time, but most of them were female users stating it horrible, and some of them were asking why Wang was playing with the spiders.

Wang Ji didn’t hope to get the answer on a social website. He searched for it in the Arthropods area on a online encyclopedia. Within 5 minutes, he got the reply.

The message quoted: Normal long-legged spider, killing roaches, no spider web

“The way of contributing to family isn’t meaningless for nightmare knitters, it’s actually a way to hide themselves. Normal spiders hide in their mother, the real seeds of the spider should be on their sons. So there are 2 areas going to be danger zones, even their nest, one is the mountain park, the other is ……. the police station.”

Lastly, Wang Ji felt cold due the breeze in the yard, though he became quite emotional. The phone vibrated, the experiment A sent the third message to him.

Experiment updates: The second phase of the nightmare knitters will be hatched by midnight. Please complete the experiment mode by that time, or the whole city will be in a disaster and spreading all over the world. If that happened, Capital A will automatically leave the experiment.

Clue updates: You successfully speculated the messages of the nightmare knitters, and unlocked the clue of weapons: you got a mail from far away, please receive it according to the hints to get the experimental weapons, and complete the experiment mode by the midnight.

Clue 1: The highest point in the city, where eagles live.

Clue 2: The deepest, darkest place in the city.

Clue 3 : Library, D.H. Lawrence.

From experiment A

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