The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 32

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Translator: xjshengchen

Editor: Pri


Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 32: Multi-functioning X-ray glasses

Due to the special geographical problem, the city where Wang Ji stayed was not as safe as he imagined.

As a border city, any macro-peripheral strategy of the country may have a great impact on their local area. The asylum plan that was mentioned by the mayor, was also based on real-life refuge areas and air-raid shelters. When Wang Ji visited the city, he also found many traces left during the Cold War.

The era was not stable and the crisis was still raging. In an extraordinary period, these buildings do have a huge role. Now, the enemy facing the city was not a low-end alien invader, but a more terrible enemy. A large number of citizens were gathered in the refuge areas and air-raid shelters for management and protection. If the seeds are spreading from here, the consequences will be unimaginable.

“The most important thing now is to figure out the source of the monsters, the situation of the seed spreading issue and the means of prevention. If the mayor is the original mayor, as the leader of the region, he will not be so rash in making decisions. Now I should find a way to confront the infiltrated authority.”

Wang Ji was lying on the roof of the car and thought extremely clearly.

Whether or not the mayor was a human now, the plan that he made was totally wrong. He must stop this mistake. It is 11:40 am, and the bunker time has lasted for nearly 12 hours. He couldn’t afford to handle the consequences if any mistakes happen, and neither could civilization afford it. A CR72 human parasite has been more terrible than a nightmare knitter, not to mention the preacher and a supporting seed, which is still not found.

At 11:52 a.m., it’s going to be the 12th hour of the bunker time.

There’s 17 hours and 18 minutes left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life; the information of the supporting seed remained unknown.

The rescue police team arrived at the police station. When the last special police transport vehicle passed West Road Street, Wang Ji jumped off to a roadside billboard and faded the Night Devil’s Suit to the downstairs. The city was silent, there was no one having fun, and there was no crowd to create chaos. All the citizens seemed to have returned to their homes. There were raging vehicles on the streets, but there were no pedestrians on the road. Wang Ji looked at a group of young people screaming while driving in the convertible car on the commercial street from the pedestrian street, he took out his police license, extending his arm to try to stop them.

“I am the police……”

“Go to hell, you idiot!”

A beautiful girl in the back seat flipped him off.

Seeing the convertible car rushing to his side, Wang Ji silently took out the gun. His thumb hung on the insurance, shooting through her palm. The bullet grazed the top of her head. The young man driving the car slipped and the car almost ran out. After they stopped urgently, Wang Ji went up. The muzzle pointed at the scared young man who controlled the steering wheel. He was pale and overwhelmed by the muzzle that was suddenly pointed at his temple.

“Get down here.”

Wang Ji calmly said, and quickly put away his police license, ordering the girls and the other flustered young people who rolled down on the seats and covered their heads while screaming. He almost killed her, but his original intention was to shoot her finger. This also made Wang Ji realize that he was not omnipotent. Handling the bow was a all about experience and feeling it, and he wanted to be a sharpshooter. If there’s a chance in the future, he really has to practice his shooting seriously.

Ten minutes later, he drove to the Guanyin Well area. Pulling over the car, Wang Ji walked to the Devil’s Bar. He had his driver’s license through passing the drivers’ test before, but he never thought that he would have to drive on such a deserted street.

Walking in a city which should be bustling, he only saw newspapers that were blown away by the autumn wind. The city was like a ghost town, and it has fallen into silence in the coolness of autumn. All of this had no effect on him. Wang Ji quickly took out the keys and pulled up the rolling gates. After switching on the lights, he saw a box with contact lens in it and two envelopes.

“A pair of glasses again?”

Wang Ji walked in quickly, there was a soft footstep coming out of nowhere behind him. He stopped and clenched his pistol, turning around.

It’s Liu Hsiao Nan.

It’s hard to imagine meeting her here, Wang Ji remembered that she also went to the National Volcano Park. He clearly remembered Liu Hsiao Nan’s bright and clear voice when he went there. Now she looked somewhat poor. Her police uniform also had some blood stains. The cool and concise female police now had some blood stains on her face.

Wang Ji didn’t stopped clenching his hands holding the gun.

Liu Hsiao Nan walked over.


Wang Ji raised the gun and easily ordered.

Liu Hsiao Nan stopped and raised both her hands, stepping back two steps. She leaned on the edge of the roller shutter. She checked out the outfit and situation of Wang Ji in the light. “It’s good that you are still alive. We have now saved the mayor. You have such wariness, it seems that the monsters that camouflaged as adults have already appeared in the urban area. Your clothes are very clean, and from this point I can’t tell if you have encountered them positively. Due to the fact that you are wearing casual clothes, do you want to hide now, or are there any other plans?”

“Stand there and don’t move.”

Wang Ji put down the gun, going to the bar to take the glasses. And he took out the phone to see the information of the item.

Capital A, you got the item support from the devil. The third-party item support in the current war has been obtained (1/3).

Equipment Name: Ogre X-ray glasses.

Equipment type: Assistant Equipment.

Equipment introduction: The person who developed this item was a psychiatrist. He was calm, knowledgeable and resourceful, and he was a fanatical human flesh enthusiast. Years of experience in eating meat made him suffer from the falsification of pathological data. When he was eating the diseased organ for the 19th time, he finally couldn’t help but develop his intelligence and made such a talented item.

Equipment Effect: After placing it on, it can scan the various body states and pathological conditions of the human body, and it can display the contact information of the tree party machine.

p.s.: There are two kinds of people in the world, one is edible.

From experiment A.

“In addition to the tree party item support, there are third-party item support in all kinds of support. For the former, I got the right to apply once. The latter is the same as the experiment mode, I can only get up to 3 third-party item support.”

Wang Ji confirmed the situation of item support.

“Can I come over?”

Liu Hsiao Nan leaned on the side of the rolling gate and asked with helplessness.


Wang Ji replied, and Liu Hsiao Nan just stood up and prepared to come over. Wang Ji then said, “As long as you don’t mind that I will blow your head with a single shot.”

Liu Hsiao Nan immediately turned back and returned to the shutter. After noticing that Wang Ji’s hand was always pressing on the gun, she turned her eyes and looked at the tall building outside silently. Seeing Wang Ji again made her a bit relieved. He was wary, which proved that the situation in the urban area was not optimistic. Liu Hsiao Nan felt a little comfort. If Wang Ji was unprepared to accept everything, perhaps it’s the real sorrow.

“Pull up the roller shutter.”

Wang Ji suddenly said.


“Pull up the roller shutter, and then stand outside.”

Wang Ji held the gun barrel.

“Ok, ok.”

Liu Hsiao Nan pulled the shutter up and stood outside waiting. Wang Ji himself has not been more relaxed at all. After he washed his hands, he took the contact lenses out of the package and started to wear them. Wang Ji believed that if Liu Hsiao Nan was still herself, she will not be stupid enough to break in suddenly.

The transparent contact lens was slowly closing to the pupil.

At the moment of contact, a lot of cell tissue was suddenly produced around the thin lens, and they quickly merged into the eye of Wang Ji. The left eye of Wang Ji’s left eye was blurred for a moment, and it became clear and bright in an instant. The contact lens seemed to be fully integrated to his eye, without any discomfort. He barely felt its existence.

He put on another piece. After all his vision was clear, he held the gun in one hand and began to unpack the envelope with the other hand. And he shouted to the outside. “Okay, come in.”


Liu Hsiao Nan pushed open the shutter and walked in. Wang Ji turned his head. When he first saw Liu Hsiao Nan, the effect of contact lenses seemed to follow his consciousness and began to operate. All aspects of medical pathology data began to appear in his brain.

Food sex: female;

Food body temperature: 38.5 °C;

Body lesions: none


Scan finished, edible.

“Sure enough, it’s invented by an ogre.”

Wang Ji shook his head regretfully. It would be great if the item was invented by a normal person. It’s a pity that the developer was actually an ogre. The doctor seemed to like to add these strange information into his device. Did it prank other people who use it deliberately?

It’s foreseeable that the conclusion of whether he could eat it or not would certainly occur when he observes a person’s physical condition.

“May I come over now?”

Liu Hsiao Nan did not know why Wang Ji was shaking his head. She just wanted to inform him of the message as soon as possible, hoping that he could help her to investigate together. Wang Ji nodded, then took the envelope apart and looked at its content:

The agreement has been fulfilled. If the ogre invites you to his world, don’t ever go. His world has been shrouded in powerful shadows. His superior Hunters have given up there. It’s a world that must be destroyed, you don’t have to die there.

Devil smuggler

Gomorrah, 1902 BC

This letter is translated by experiment A.

Another letter:

Hello, my friend from far away.

I sincerely invite you to visit my world, and sent a help message to you. Please help me on Shabbat. Just like you, I’m also a scarecrow in a civilization field. Don’t doubt my determination because of your personal tastes. God to mankind is just like the shepherd to the Lamb.


U.S., 1963

This letter was translated by experiment A.

Wang Ji put down the envelope and got up, going to the kitchen behind the bar. Liu Hsiao Nan sat in his position and read the letter. “Hebrew? English? You have friends of all kinds, is the time of this letter a joke?” Wang Ji was cutting the bread in the kitchen and did not answer. Liu Hsiao Nan put the letter down and walked in. “The situation is very serious now. Fortunately, the mayor is back. The bureau seriously lacks of personnel now. You should hurry back to help. All the citizens are panicking, and the Preacher is still… …”

“Let’s eat lunch first!”

Wang Ji suddenly said.

“What is it?”

Liu Hsiao Nan didn’t listen to him clearly, but she didn’t believe her ears.

“If a hungry hunter is hunting, he will put himself in a weak and dangerous situation.” Wang Ji took out the beef from the refrigerator. He took a look at the time on his wrist. “It’s 12:36 a.m. now.” Wang Ji turned and talked to Liu Hsiao Nan, “There’s still 24 minutes to enjoy a safe lunch. Then, you and I won’t be as relaxed like we are right now.”

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