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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 34

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Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 34: Crisis of Isolation

At 15:30 p.m. on the first day of the bunker time.

There’s 13 hours 39 minutes left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life; the information of the supporting seed remained unknown.

Municipal People’s Hospital.

“Please keep quiet. If you don’t have to, please don’t walk around. Our medical examination can immediately identify the unknown creatures sneaking into the crowd. We strive to complete the physical examination of everyone before sunset. Please don’t announce our medical examination plan easily after you complete it to prevent the information leakage from being informed by the Preacher. We are strengthening the search for him.”

Wang Ji walked back and forth in the hospital corridor with a horn, the horn automatically played the recording. He looked at all the people sitting in the living room, using the ogre contact lenses to detect these citizens. He just took a look at everyone, not pay more attention to avoid exposing himself.

Scan completed, edible.

Scan completed, edible.

Scan completed, edible.


Scan completed, not edible.

Wang Ji suddenly stood still and fixed his eyes on a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman looked at him with vigilance while she looked at him. Wang Ji suddenly smiled, then turned off the horn, and went up and said. “Comrade, you are a pregnant woman, it’s not good to stand like this. Sit down and rest, someone please yield a seat for her!”

“No, thanks.”

She said.

“It’s fine.”

Wang Ji did not touch her, but gave her a gesture of asking. A middle-aged man on the other side yielded the seat, but also looked apologetic. The pregnant woman barely smiled, then sat down, touching her stomach and not making any physical contact with anyone.

” It’s nice of you, young man!”

Some old people praised. Wang Ji just smiled as a response, then turned on the horn and walked to the rest of the corridor. The ogre’s recipe did not say that pregnant women wasn’t edible, but the entire upper body of a pregnant woman had completely become tumors and had extended to the fetus in the stomach. The reason why she touched her stomach was because the tumor was consuming the fetus.


Wang Ji called Liu Hsiao Nan, who was emotionally tight in the medical examination room. She suddenly turned back, and she snorted and came over to ask what happened after she saw Wang Ji.

“The pregnant woman over there, give her a check first, look at me! Don’t look at her!”

Wang Ji said that when he found that Liu Hsiao Nan was looking at the pregnant woman on the other side of the corridor, he quickly lowered his voice and stopped her.

Liu Hsiao Nan was shocked, and she couldn’t help but shake after she realized that the pregnant woman had a problem quickly. Liu Hsiao Nan stared at Wang Ji with a serious look and whispered. “You mean her…”

“Check her first!”

Wang Ji repeated it again. The tone was serious. Liu Hsiao Nan stopped asking questions. The horror scenes seen in the volcano park reappeared in her mind. Then she firmly nodded. She looked at the time. Now it’s 15:37 pm, the crisis of monster sneaking in officially appeared in the city!


5 minutes later.

“Comrade, I just talked to the leader. You may have a medical examination right away. After the medical examination, you can go to the hall inside. It is absolutely safe; you can take a full rest there.”

Wang Ji smiled and said to pregnant women. The pregnant woman’s face was a little pale, and she declined. “Thank you very much, but I don’t have to. I’ll sit here and wait in line. Anyway, the medical examination is very fast. Don’t disturb the order because of me.”

The old man sitting next to the pregnant woman said. “You are wrong with this idea. You are a pregnant woman. This kind of thing should be given priority. We are now in a good position to restore order. If we let you sit in line, then there is no order. Pregnant women have priority, that is what it should be. Police comrade, how do you think?”

When it came to the end, the old man looked at Wang Ji.

“That’s right.”

Wang Ji extended his hand and was ready to help pregnant women get up. Not far away, Liu Hsiao Nan’s cold has sweated. If this pregnant woman was really a monster, then the first dead person would be him once he drove her on to something desperate. She was originally unable to bear because she was a pregnant woman. But When she really stood here, the invisible crisis seemed to choke her throat at all times.

She therefore hung her hand unconsciously, trying to touch the gun at her waist. But when she saw Wang Ji turned back with a smile at her, Liu Hsiao Nan could not help but get in a daze. It’s hard to imagine what the smile meant. After seeing Wang Ji in the data office, she never saw Wang Ji smile. But now…

The smile didn’t really matter; Wang Ji’s look was just to let her not act rashly.

The biggest courage since birth has come to her heart. Liu Hsiao Nan bravely walked up and stood next to Wang Ji and said to the pregnant woman. “Yes, everyone is willing to let you go inside to rest first. Go.”

The pregnant woman bit the bullet and stood up, saying thank to the citizens nearby. Seeing Wang Ji’s face with a smile, Liu Hsiao Nan had a heavier mood. She didn’t know how Wang Ji was suffering from this psychological pressure. Immediately, she also smiled, walked in front to guide the pregnant woman, Wang Ji tried to help the pregnant woman, she refused.

“Thanks, you don’t have to.”

She said like that.

The short corridor seemed extremely long, and Liu Hsiao Nan followed the pregnant woman, and her nerves almost collapsed. If the pregnant woman next to her was really a monster, then as long as the other person was deformed, it’s enough to kill the entire hospital! The indescribable sense of oppression made Liu Hsiao Nan a little breathless. Although she did not show her emotions, her body was still trembling slightly.

She peeped at Wang Ji

He looked normal, which it’s too quiet!

This person did not seem to know what is dangerous, and looked very sweet as he guided the pregnant woman! Liu Hsiao Nan didn’t overdo it, but now followed them. She already felt that her heart was going to blow up!

“How dare he?”

Liu Hsiao Nan thought while she’s trembling.

In the medical examination room.

The armed policemen stood at a distance of ten meters from the equipment, holding guns and looking at Liu Hsiao Nan, who came in. When they saw the pregnant woman behind her, everyone took the finger on the trigger out silently, but Immediately put it back on the trigger again right away. The slaughter at the volcano park was unforgettable for a lifetime, and they did not dare to relax.

After Wang Ji came in, he shut the door of the medical examination room.

“Please lie down there.”

Wang Ji pointed at the bed to the pregnant woman.


The pregnant woman promised, and went up. “Yes.” She suddenly stopped, suddenly all the guns in the room were up. The pregnant woman smiled and asked the doctor sitting in the distance. “Which aspect does this examination check? Body temperature?”

When the doctor heard that, he was a little stagnant and couldn’t speak. Liu Hsiao Nan silently touched the pistol at his waist, her fingers trembling slightly. Wang Ji said with a smile at this moment. “Don’t be nervous, this is a medical infrared camera. It is indeed a test of body temperature.” Wang Ji approached the pregnant woman. Liu Hsiao Nan was fast, and she quickly stopped him.

“It doesn’t matter; she shouldn’t be a monster.”

Wang Ji broke loose of Liu Hsiao Nan’s hand and approached the pregnant woman, smiling and explaining. “I will send you back for a break after the inspection…”

“You don’t have to, you’re too smart!”

The pregnant woman suddenly interrupted, and her peaceful face suddenly became horrifying! The skin cells of her upper body instantly opened, and the bone blades pierced her skin tissue instantly!


When the gunshot appeared, Liu Hsiao Nan quickly pulled the gun, but she still couldn’t be faster than the armed police around to pull the trigger. As soon as the monster cells began to split, the intensive gunshots made the bullets confuse her upper body. The fierce gunshots continued to reverberate in the medical examination hall, and it lasted for nearly ten seconds until it fell to the ground and stopped convulsions.

Blood and flesh were flying.

None of them shooting dared to hesitate, and every armed personnel on the scene knew the only chance to kill the monster was the time when it began to change into a monster. From the bone and the body, you could still see the sharp edges and bone blades transformed from cells by hardening and splitting. Liu Hsiao Nan walked two steps to Wang Ji and yanked his arm!

“You went nuts!”

Liu Hsiao Nan was eager to ask questions.

Wang Ji shook his head.

“It’s not like this.” he said. “If we didn’t deceive it, then we would just kill a pregnant woman. You know what happens when we kill a pregnant woman at this time? Now deal with the body and explain to the crowd, then move on to the next one.”

After the explanation, Wang Ji was ready to leave the medical examination room.

“How dare you take the risk of being a hostage?”

Liu Hsiao Nan turned her back to Wang Ji, and her voice was a little trembling.


Wang Ji turned around.

“It might kill you, or you could die along with it.” Liu Hsiao Nan frowned, she looked angry in the eyes.

“I believe in you.”

Wang Ji casually said it, then opened the door of the medical examination room and came out. He then closed the door. He did not deny that he had just lied. He did not believe in others at all, but only himself.

Faced with the crowds who heard the gunshots, Wang Ji’s look was a bit sad. People’s eyes cast, and Wang Ji sadly said. “Just now, we killed a monster that sneaked into us, it seized a pregnant woman’s body, and it tried to kidnap me. In the body of the pregnant woman, it left those hardened cells as weapons. The authorities will determine whether the body will be open for everyone to see or not. We will continue to fight the preacher to the end, and protect everyone’s safety.”

Wang Ji said that, then he walked away silently. A few minutes later, as the current highest command, Zhang issued an order to allow the adult citizens to see the monster’s body. So before the citizens had started to question them, the crowds in the hospital had witnessed the bloodiest and disgusting scene they had even seen since birth.

From their eyes alone, Wang Ji saw that these citizens regret coming to the hospital.

At 16:50 p.m.

There’s 12 hours 9 minutes left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life; the information of the supporting seed remained unknown.

Because of the incident of the pregnant women, Zhang Guoqing was aware of the serious situation. He agreed to the implementation of the execution power of the infrared program in each district, and supported the armed personnel and weapons resources in each district to unify the dispatch of each district.

After Liu Hsiao Nan told him the news, Wang Ji did not easily become relieved. “What are you worried about?” Liu Hsiao Nan asked.

“Nothing. It is the problem of confidentiality of the information.” Wang Ji whispered. “Though Zhang Guoqing’s current move is wise, but acknowledging the principle of security in the quarantine is to deny all the actions done by the mayor. He will certainly report to the mayor that now our armed police forces here are supporting the districts to carry out the infrared program. I am sure that the mayor will take away our equipment and weapons immediately after returning.”

“You are always skeptical of the mayor. I’ve explained all I have to the explain. You still suspect that; I have nothing to say.”

Liu Hsiao Nan finally couldn’t resist the pressure and let out all of the dissatisfaction. When she finished, a loud noise appeared in the hospital and an armed truck crashed into the telescopic door outside the hospital, stopping at the stairs of the People’s Hospital. In addition, a large number of armed police officers got off the bus, protecting the mayor and standing in front of the building.

“This is the city headquarters. The people inside, listen carefully, ask the man in charge to come out!”

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