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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 35

Translator: xjshengchen

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Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 35: the Arrival of the Mayor

At 17:00 p.m. of the bunker time.

There’s 12 hours 1 minute left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life; the information of the supporting seed remained unknown.

Many armed trucks blocked the hospital building. The loudspeakers on the car were reporting the warnings of the armed forces. “This is the city headquarters. The people inside, listen carefully, ask the man in charge to come out!”

Liu Hsiao Nan couldn’t help but look awkward in the hall, and Wang Ji still seemed calm. “Let’s go look it.” He said. At this time, Director Zhang Guoqing rushed to the door with the relevant cadres.


Zhang Guoqing went up panickingly, apparently being caught off guard by the sudden arrival of the mayor.

“Disarm the armed forces in this hospital immediately.”

The mayor immediately ordered the armed men next to him, and Zhang Guoqing quickly said. “Wait a minute, we’re on the same team!” “You don’t listen to the order and act arbitrarily. And how you dare say we are on the same team? About the infrared program, you actually supported the armed police in other districts. What’s your intention to do so?” The mayor yelled. At the same time, the guards around him all raised their guns!

Seeing that the conflict was rapidly approaching the flash point, Zhang Guoqing quickly explained. “It’s not like this, let me explain it!”

The mayor looked down at his shoes and signaled that the men next to him to put down the guns. Zhang Guoqing let out a sigh of relief and quickly explained. “The main content of the infrared program is actually a discovery. We found that the local body temperature of the monster is different from that of ordinary people. And the abnormal temperature area will transfer from top to bottom as time goes by. So we came up with such a combat plan. Infrared is actually a medical infrared camera, which is used to monitor the body temperature. We have the results of the initial combat, the body of the monster is in the autopsy room. Mayor, you can bring people to check it. As for the support for the armed police in other districts, I really had no alternative!”

“Who came up with this plan?”

The mayor still looked at Zhang Guoqing with a weird look, but he has intentionally avoided the support for the armed police in other districts.


Director Zhang hesitated and said. “We brainstormed and came up together.”

“It is the combat plan that the Director Zhang told us and proposed.” The cadre next to Zhang Guoqing’s immediately raised his voice and said.

“It’s you?”

The mayor looked at Zhang Guoqing. The director hesitated, looking at the cadre behind him and reluctantly replying. “Well… it is me.”

“Pooh! Shame on you!”

Behind the glass door of the hospital hall, Liu Hsiao Nan looked at them and couldn’t help but spit. Wang Ji stood beside her and just looked at the mayor quietly.

X-ray glasses scan results: scan completed, not edible.


Wang Ji suddenly turned and walked away. He tore a paper at the hospital desk and wrote two words on it with a pen. Then he tore down the paper and rubbed it in his hand. Then he returned to the glass door and fixed his eyes on the mayor. A bad feeling engulfed his heart. Wang Ji bowed his head and quietly glanced at the black wing mark of his other palm.

“You, you should say it earlier. We should promote such an important discovery and plan immediately.”

The mayor walked to Zhang Guoqing with a serious look and grasped his hand. He said those words with a heavy tone. Zhang Guoqing reluctantly smiled and wiped the cold sweat that had just flowed down because he was nervous. And he said. “I just wanted to confirm that it’s 100% correct before I could report it to you. Only the right one can be promoted.”

“Don’t say it, I can understand that. Go, let’s go in together. I want to console the people here.”

The mayor said, holding the hand of Director Zhang. The armed men led the way, and the mayor immediately entered the hospital with Director Zhang. After seeing the crowds here, the mayor said with distress. “Letting everyone suffer, I have responsibility for these things happening now. I assure you that I will definitely find ways to establish contact with the outside world. That is, I’ll protect your safety even if I have to risk my life!”

The mayor was very passionate.

Wang Ji stood in the crowd listening and looked indifferent.

Accompanied by Zhang Guoqing, the mayor examined the bodies of monsters parked in the autopsy room of the hospital. He sighed after he came out from autopsy room, and Zhang Guoqing said. “Now this situation is critical. When it’s critical, we leaders must be reliable. If we are in chaos, who are the people looking for? Hey, because Zhao died in the volcano park, the total number of citizens participating in the asylum program is less than 50,000 up to now. The efficiency is so low because the district-level representatives made an emergency meeting when I was absent and made some regulations. I know all these. But now I am back, they are still disobedient, which is doubtful.”

The mayor said that while he was patting on the shoulder of Zhang Guoqing. “So we have to find a way as soon as possible. You are a reliable person, Zhang. Let’s find a quiet place to discuss what to do next.”


Zhang Guoqing’s eyes flashed with fascination, so he immediately nodded and agreed.

“Sure enough, he’s going to act on each district…”

Wang Ji’s eyes were cold, and he silently stuffed the paper ball held in his hand into Liu Hsiao nan’s hand. He ignored Nan’s surprise, but quickly squeezed out the crowd!

“Mayor!” Wang Ji shouted. “I have something important to report!”


Zhang Guoqing was shocked. The mayor waved his hand and asked Wang Ji very seriously. “If it is important, say it now.” Wang Ji said firmly. “It is about the Hunters mentioned by the Preacher.”

“Hunters? Are they?”

“The Hunters mentioned by the Preacher?”

Some cadres around the mayor began to discuss it. Zhang Guoqing hurriedly said to the mayor. “How can he know the Hunters, I’ve asked him before…”

“Is it true?”

The mayor ignored Zhang Guoqing and asked Wang Ji with a serious tone. Wang Ji firmly nodded.

“Mayor, he is…….”

Zhang Guoqing saw the mayor’s weird look and quickly advised, while Wang Ji raised his voice and said. “This is very important, I am afraid that someone here has been… in short, I can only talk to you alone.”

“Mayor, he is…….”


Zhang Guoqing would like to say more, but the mayor has said the unquestionable order with one powerful word and then said to Zhang Guoqing. “Relax, I will meet you soon after he finishes.” And then the mayor said to Wang Ji. “Come with me.”


Wang Ji followed him. Director Zhang looked at the mayor take Wang Ji away. His eyes could not help but reflect a bit of an annoyed look. Liu Hsiao Nan watched the whole process. After the mayor took Wang Ji through the corridor, she quietly came out of crowds to a corner where nobody was there and opened the small note. Only two words were written on the crumpled white paper: Save me.

A loud ‘bang’ appeared in Liu Hsiao Nan’s brain!

She suddenly recalled that a colleague called Wang Ji a coward when she drove away in the morning. This unsatisfied noun was also her understanding of Wang Ji at the beginning, but now… it made Liu Hsiao Nan want to cry out of pity. She crumpled the paper into a ball and put it in her pocket. She turned and rushed to find Zhang Guoqing.

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