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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 36

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Translator: xjshengchen

Editor: Prawnxia

Part 3: Under the Dome

Chapter 36: A Narrow Escape

At 17:40 p.m. on the first day of the bunker time.

There’s 11 hours and 21 minutes left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life; the information of the supporting seed remained unknown.

Municipal People’s Hospital.

“You two, stay in the corridor. Don’t come in without my order.”

After the mayor ordered the guards, he opened the door for Wang Ji. “Let’s talk here, come in.” Wang Ji went in, and the mayor closed the door with his foot. He was now in the office of the Dean, which was very spacious. There were only the two of them in the house. The mayor walked around the desk and sat on the leather chair. He took his pen out which was used to sign documents from his pocket. It’s black and extremely delicate, with the word ‘hero’ engraved on it. He played with a pen using his 2 fingers, looking at Wang Ji and putting his legs on the desk.

“Relax, take your time. There’s no one else here.”

The mayor said with a smile on his face.

Wang Ji did not answer, and his brain reflected the relevant information about CR72 human parasite. The seed is characterized by a parasitic brain that replaces the brain tissue. Its cells can mimic human elements to generate weapons and be able to disguise as any creature without incubation time, and their actions are directly manipulated by the preacher.

This means that every parasite he faces is a confrontation with the Preacher.

“He is a monster in a black robe, like…”

Wang Ji made an opening statement with a very raw adjective.

“Like a demon.”

The mayor reminded with a smile.

“Yes, like a demon.” Wang Ji nodded quickly and then continued. “He asked me to investigate in the city. He said that the Preacher had enough time to do other things besides preaching. He could not have lunch leisurely. The Preacher was definitely doing some kind of damage, although it’s hidden, but it’s probably the effect of a time bomb. I think it makes sense, so I want to ask you to pay attention.”

“You’re right. We are on the bright side, while he is on the dark side. There are many things to beware of.” The mayor agreed, but he indulged. “But now the city is quiet now, there is no abnormal situation.” “There was a big explosion at the electrical appliance recycling station in the Southern District.” Wang Ji suddenly said. This was the thing he just heard, which happened in the morning.

“You mean that!”

The mayor said. “I have sent people to investigate. We don’t rule out that there were people doing damage deliberately in the extraordinary period. But there is also a certain possibility of the Preacher. In any case, we must give corresponding attention to prevent accidents from happening again. Do you have anything else to say?”


Wang Ji said.

“That’s good.”

The mayor looked at Wang Ji with a smile. His tone was very meaningful. He suddenly touched his pocket and put down the pen, saying to Wang Ji. “You should avoid it now. I have something important to talk about. You don’t have to go out, just stay here. You can turn your head, and pretend that you don’t see it or hear it. Just keeping the secret is all right.”

The mayor took out the wireless walkie-talkie, Wang Ji’s eyes hung down and subconsciously squeezed his right hand. He nodded silently and went to the other side of the office to turn his back. And his hand quietly pressed his chest. .

“No. 3 refuge well, I have arrived at the People’s Hospital safely, please answer.”

Behind Wang Ji, the mayor used the walkie-talkie to start issuing orders to the refuge area. There was a dull light in Wang Ji’s eyes. He listened carefully to every word the mayor said, and he also heard the sound of footsteps, one of which seemed to come from the corridor. And one was the footsteps of the mayor standing up and moving. The sound was weak and rushing. If it were not for that his hearing ability had been strengthened now, he wouldn’t be able to hear this kind of noises.

Behind the mayor who may have been infected, he was in the most dangerous situation. He heard the footsteps form the corridor gradually became clearer as if it was a little confusing and rushing. And the footsteps of the mayor behind him was very calm. He was ignorant of the outside. And there’s something approaching him without a trace…

At 17:45 in the afternoon.

In the hospital corridor.

“Is it true?”

Zhang Guoqing asked seriously.

“No matter it is true or not, it is dangerous to let the mayor meet him alone.”

When Liu Hsiao Nan replied, she looked equally serious and anxious.

“That’s bad! I knew there was something wrong with that kid!”

Zhang Guoqing said with awkwardness, there was also a panic between his teeth, and his footsteps accelerated a bit. He began running in the end. Liu Hsiao Nan just reported to him that although Wang Ji reported important information, he did not pass the medical examination at all. Zhang Guoqing understood what it meant. If he does not handled in time, the mayor would be in danger!

“Hope I can make it!”

Liu Hsiao Nan thought. Two people rushed to the corridor in front of the Dean’s office with a team of armed police. The mayor’s guards did not say anything, but stood in front of them and raise the guns.

“In an emergency, the colleague of ours who just entered may have been infected and the mayor is now at risk.”

Liu Hsiao Nan said first, and she directly passed the two men with a gun. Zhang Guoqing said with a low voice. “What are you two still waiting for? Hurry up and check out the mayor!”

“You stay here, we’ll check it.”

The two guards quickly pushed Liu Hsiao Nan out and one of them took the walkie-talkie skillfully. “All teams should pay attention to the abnormal situation on the fourth floor of Zone D. It is necessary to catch Zhang Guoqing at that location! Please answer if you hear it.” One guard used the walkie-talkie to mobilize the staff, and the other quickly took the gun and walked in the mayor’s office.


Zhang Guoqing was shocked and angry. He suddenly jumped forward and punched the guard holding the walkie-talkie. Liu Hsiao Nan jumped across the guard and ran to the Dean’s office with a gun. Other armed policemen followed her and flocked with guns.

At the same time, in the Dean’s Office.

The mayor put down the walkie-talkie and took a glass of water under the water dispenser, and said with a cup in his hand. “Hey, now the situation is critical, but the districts are not listening to the leaders… By the way, do you like music? Don’t look back, turn back and help me look for the insulin, I remember that the dean has the same illness as me. There are also regular medicines in his office. I have to pee here, I can’t help it. You have to keep the secret.”

The mayor saw that Wang Ji was going to turn his head, he immediately yelled at him to turn back. And he symbolically untied the belt. After Wang Ji turned back, he quietly buckled up, then took the cup in his hand and slowly poured the water on the ground. “I was coming here in a rush, and I didn’t notice my physical condition. I can’t take care of the rules now… Don’t tell anyone that I pee here, otherwise I won’t spare you!” The mayor said.

“I see.”

Wang Ji replied indifferently, the remnant of his eyes reflected through the trophy on the cupboard, he saw the upper part of the mayor’s head began to split. And the disgusting cell tissue flesh and blood opened blurrily and hardened into a spike!


The mayor suddenly whistled, and as his head was completely split, the whistle could not be blown out. He said. “Have you heard of Beethoven’s song?” His voice was dull, which was from his belly and it’s very stuffy.

“I just heard it this morning.”

Wang Ji replied calmly. The window was open, and the cool breeze began to blow in. Wang Ji squinted at the trophy and saw long shadow head constant split. He clenched his fists, and the black wings hidden in his palm could open anytime. On his chest, the enchanting flame of the Night Devil’s Suit has already came out and spread to his chest, but only to the chest.

“Not yet now.”

Wang Ji said to himself. He’s still waiting, waiting for the real opportunity.

Every minute and every second were a bit bitter. But he still didn’t move at all, not showing the cloven foot. Behind him, a flying long thorn tissue reached out like a poisonous snake bending back, and its spike quietly targeted the Wang Ji’s back…


Suddenly, the voice of a guard outside the door came up at this moment!

At the same time, the office door was kicked open by the guards! The guards’ heads came in and randomly stopped after seeing the mayor’s split head! Time seemed to stop at this moment. Wang Ji suddenly turned around and saw that the upper body the mayor’s was completely mutated from the front, and it’s still continuing. And his chest cell tissue was also violently convulsing.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gunshots came up!

Liu Hsiao Nan suddenly rushed to the front of the office, and she aimed at the mayor and pulled the trigger! The mayor’s mutated upper body began to dance wildly, but the cell tissue that was thrown out was interrupted in an instant because it was not completely hardened!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Later, the gunshots followed in the entire corridor, and the loud noise of the shotguns were hurting the eardrums. The armed police who rushed over did not hesitate to shoot after seeing the monster. The cell tissue that had not been completely mutated and hardened was blurred as shot by the bullets!

The mayor, who had become a monster, passed through the violent convulsion and slammed into the ground.

“What happened?”

Zhang Guoqing ran over breathlessly and squeezed into the door to look inside. After seeing the fallen body, he froze. The mayor’s clothes were still clearly visible. He then looked up, he saw the Wang Ji standing in the corner.

The feeling of absurdity came to his mind, he couldn’t help starting to feel angry.

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