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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 37

Translator: sjshengchen

Chapter 37: Imprisoning

At 17:55 p.m. of the bunker time.

There’s 11 hours and 4 minutes left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life; the information of the supporting seed remained unknown.

Municipal People’s Hospital.

The atmosphere became cold and everyone looked at the mayor’s body without talking.

“Can anybody tell me what had just happened!”

Zhang Guoqing looked at the mayor’s body and took a look at Wang Ji. The gloomy voice broke the silence. Wang Ji replied: “The mayor has been infected with parasites…” “I didn’t ask you.” Zhang Guoqing interrupted violently and asked other policemen. The others did not talk. Liu Hsiao Nan said at this time. “Wang Ji has already…”

Just like Zhang Guoqing interrupting Wang Ji’s speech, Wang Ji interrupted Liu Hsiao Nan’s speech now. He said. “I suspected that the mayor had been infected with parasites from the beginning. So when he wanted to meet you alone, I deliberately stopped him, then lied that I knew the things about the Hunters to defraud of his trust. I made a fake situation in advance, letting Hsiao Nan suspect that I was an infected monster. When you came to rescue the mayor, the monster that you killed was the mayor.”

“Then I really have to thank you.”

Zhang Guoqing nodded facelessly, his eyes showed an impatient look, and told the policemen around him. “Take him to check his temperature. If you find him abnormal, just execute him!”

Liu Hsiao Nan quickly said. “Director Zhang, He is actually not…”


Director Zhang ordered. Two black muzzles of the pistols immediately aimed at Wang Ji. Seeing this situation, Wang Ji silently put his hands on his head and walked out. When he left the mayor’s office, he still did not forget to look at the clock on the wall.

The time is approaching 6 o’clock in the evening.

“No matter what the result of the medical examination is.” Zhang Guoqing suddenly said, “even if he has no problem with his temperature, he should be temporarily locked up. The key will be managed by me personally. Without my permission, no one can meet with him alone, and we can’t let him go!”

“Director Zhang…”

Liu Hsiao Nan still wanted to say something more, but the armed personnel have already taken Wang Ji. When he was passing by Director Zhang, Wang Ji suddenly said ‘thank you’. Although the voice was light, but it still allowed Zhang Guoqing to hear him clearly. Zhang Guoqing could not help but frown, almost irritated and thinking that this kid was mocking him.

But Zhang Guoqing immediately returned to his serious face. Ten minutes later, Wang Ji passed a comprehensive examination of body temperature without any problems. However, according to the orders of Zhang Guoqing, he will still be locked in the morgue, guarded by two guards outside the door. Without Zhang Guoqing’s order, no one can get contacted with him. Liu Hsiao Nan sent Wang Ji all the way, and it was too late to talk. She hesitated and said. “I’m sorry.”

Wang Ji said. “The choice you made was the most sensible.” He knew that Liu Hsiao Nan had said something to Zhang Guoqing that was not good for him. But if she didn’t say that at the time, instead said that the mayor had a problem, all she would have got was reprimanding.

Her judgment and ability were completely correct. Therefore, Wang Ji did not mind at all. Compared to these, he was more concerned that the sky was getting darker. Before being locked down in the morgue, he glanced at the darkness of the corridor window.


He suddenly turned around and smiled at Liu Hsiao Nan.

“Get in!”

Then two guards pushed Wang Ji into the morgue. When the door was locked, the relevant personnel immediately took the key to find Zhang Guoqing. Liu Hsiao Nan stayed in a daze when watch the door closing. The ‘thank you’ made her more embarrassed. What she didn’t know was that Wang Ji wanted it all. Dark night was his home court.

It became dark.

In the morgue, because there was no window, it fell into the darkness earlier. And the vain flame burned. A pair of blood-colored eyes spread from the darkness, and the shape of the hexagram was outlined. In the morgue, all this was extremely thrilling!

Wang Ji turned and stretched his hand to the wall. He concentrated on one press and his palm of his hand disappeared into the wall.

Following his entire body, he passed through the wall, disappearing into the morgue and appearing in the hospital corridor. Boom! The lights on the ceiling suddenly burst, and the two guards guarding Wang Ji couldn’t help but hold the guns tight.

“What happened? Is it a power outage?”

“Don’t panic, I’ll stay here. Go ask someone to fix it.”

Wang Ji ignored the discussion of the two guards and continued to move forward. The lights above the place he passed by were all broken, and the corridor was in darkness. The whole process was like a horror movie. Wang Ji didn’t care about all these, but what information showed on the X-rays glasses:

Capital A, the protective film just detected a super membrane gliding. Be careful of the item support of the Preacher.

From experiment A.

“This is the second time that the opponent’s item support has been detected. Every time there is a new item, he is likely to adjust the operation. I also need to get the second item as soon as possible.”

Wang Ji thought.

“Even if Zhang Guoqing does not want to take responsibility, other people will not let him escape. After the mayor’s death, refuge plan will definitely be compromised in every district. According to the plan, my personal freedom has also been controlled. This is the best result. Now since I am in the city, I’d look for the seeds that support the CR72 seed and get the second item support.”

Confirming the next move, Wang Ji jumped out of the window and fell into the night after landing.

The city is extremely dark on that night, and most of the districts have been completely out of power. Under the night, Zhang Guoqing, the deputy director at the moment, was mediating the situation with the head of the military and police related to the refuge area. When the mayor died, Zhang Guoqing was the highest commander here. After all, the people in charge saw the monster body deformed by the mayor, everyone eventually listened to Zhang Guoqing’s opinions and let him unify all the armed personnel here.

“The next step is to use the walkie-talkie to get in touch with the refuge area. The citizens in all refuge areas except the districts should be inspected and registered for safety.” The commander of the Armed Police Force said his opinion.

“The key, Director Zhang.”

The meeting room door was pushed open, and a police officer walked quickly to the side of Director Zhang and handed the key to the morgue where Wang Ji was locked down. Zhang Guoqing received it, playing with a black pen in his hand. The pen was exquisite, and the cap was still engraved with two words. The director stood up and said. “Right. We must adjust the evacuation plan. We must let all citizens take the comprehensive temperature check. There is no room for loss. Liu, take two people to take care of the mayor’s body and cremate it! We must immediately make a plan. Take the map.”

Zhang Guoqing began to re-plan. After a while, Liu ran back in panic. “Director Zhang! The mayor’s body is gone!”


Zhang Guoqing trembled fiercely, and involuntarily put the pen in his hand into his sleeve. “Take me to see that.” His tone sounded trembling. A group of people rushed to the office and saw that there was nothing on the ground. The body was gone. It’s windy outside the open window, and the moon had risen.

“Director Zhang, it’s urgent to adjust the evacuation plan.”

The person next to him said.

“Okay, I see.”

Zhang Guoqing clenched his fists and his eyes were erratic. He didn’t want to take care of the corpse. He got up and left and worked with others to develop a new refuge plan. After radio contact and serious negotiations, Zhang Guoqing decided to personally go to various refuge areas to conduct relevant personnel contacts, which was opposed by everyone. “It’s already at night, which is the most dangerous time, and also the easiest time for the Preacher to launch an attack. Director Zhang, you are bringing so many people with you. If the hospital has something wrong, no one can afford it.”

“Do you mean that I can’t afford the responsibility?”

Zhang Guoqing’s eyes looked serious.


“Then execute my order.” Zhang Guoqing’s hands pressed hard on the table. ” Let me tell you, it’s a piece of sand in the refuge area. Without my help, the person in charge there may not be able to carry out the infrared program thoroughly. I must bring all the police in all the refuge areas together to face the difficulties. It is necessary to have a unified dispatch in all refuge areas!”

At 7:30 in the evening, Zhang Guoqing came out of the hospital building with teams of the armed police. All of them boarded the armed truck. After Liu Hsiao Nan heard the news, she anxiously followed them from the building. “Director Zhang, where are you going with so many people?”

“We need to get in touch with people in other refuge areas. It is a very special period. We have to get through the difficulties. We must have a unified dispatch. Drive!” His voice was unprecedentedly loud, and a bit trembling which was hard to be observed. Liu Hsiao Nan looked at a truck full of a large number of defense personnel going out, she was suddenly frustrated. She couldn’t help but think that Zhang Guoqing was crazy.

“Save me! Save me!” On the street at night, suddenly a ragged man ran out of the darkness. Liu Hsiao Nan clenched the gun subconsciously and ran up. The vehicle stopped and Zhang Guoqing shook the window open.

“I came from the south… there…”

The man spoke breathlessly and couldn’t talk clearly. Zhang Guoqing looked back at the person in charge next to him, who immediately used the walkie-talkie to start contacting the refuge area. A pair of armed policemen came down from the rear of the armed truck, and the black muzzles pointed at the citizen suddenly coming out. Undoubtedly, the sudden appearance of this person was very doubtful.

“I, I’m not a monster.”

The ragged citizen’s eyes looked a little scared. Liu Hsiao Nan walked up with a gun and faced him with the same seriousness. “Take him to carry out a comprehensive temperature check, and if anything happens, kill him immediately!” Zhang Guoqing on the car ordered. The two armed police quickly went up and aimed at the man directly with the gun, pushing him into the hospital. Liu Hsiao Nan ran to the side of the car and solemnly said to Zhang Guoqing. “Director Zhang, even if this person is not dangerous, we cannot easily let him enter the hospital. If he is the Preacher, then we…”

“Good evening, everyone.”

As Liu Hsiao Nan put forward her opinion, the LED big screen in the hospital suddenly lit up, accompanied by the current sound in the whole city. Large area forcibly restored the power supply, and the voice of the Preacher appeared again by the means in the daytime, still in the TV station which the murder case happened in.

“I didn’t say hello to you all the afternoon. I am very sorry. After all, I am very busy. I know that it’s you that told them the means of detecting body temperature. I have to say that you are beyond my expectation, and that you realized so many things at the beginning… Well, it doesn’t matter, anyway, it’s already dark, now it’s your home court. We should make a bet. I bet that there will be tens of thousands of people dead before 22:00 tonight. As for the location… I won’t say it. You are so smart, you will definitely figure it out.”

The screen went out.

Once again, the Preacher’s mask smile was deeply engraved in everyone’s eyes.

The whole city has once again fallen into a silent night. When the night wind blew, Zhang Guoqing could not help but tremble. He subconsciously thought of other refuge areas. “Notify all refuge areas immediately that the other party has declared war. We must connect with the refuge area as soon as possible, so as not to cause heavy casualties!” He ordered.

“Director Zhang!”

Liu Hsiao Nan shouted, she couldn’t stop Zhang Guoqing from leaving but look at the vehicles started and leaving the hospital.

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