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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 38

Translator: sjshengchen

Chapter 38: The Curse of Blood Corpses

At 17:55 p.m. of the bunker time.

There’s 9 hours and 6 minutes left before the CR72 human parasite enters the second form of life; the information of the supporting seed remained unknown.

Municipal People’s Hospital.

Along with the closure of the hospital gate, Liu Hsiao Nan clenched the pistol and turned to look at the dark hall of the hospital building.

“The Preacher just declared war on the Hunter, not us. In his view, we are all pawns and gambling chips, not an opponent at all. The Hunter is his opponent. Director Zhang has rushed away with so many people…”

After clearly realizing the recklessness of Zhang Guoqing, Liu Hsiao Nan looked firmly, quickly walking into the reception hall of the hospital. Now Zhang Guoqing took most of the armed men out, so the responsibility of protecting the hospital fell on them.

Although she didn’t have any power and prestige yet, she was still willing to take on the responsibility.

“How’s that guy?”

Liu Hsiao Nan stood in front of the inspection room.

“He passed the medical examination. There’s no problem.”

The captain of the armed police said that. In the meantime, he lifted this shivering citizen up from the examination bed. “Sorry for making you shocked. Now it is a very special period. We are forced to do that. We’ll arrange a place for you to rest and prepare food and water for you.”

“No, he has not been excused from all the suspicions.”

Liu Hsiao Nan denied. “We should lock him down and I will look at him personally.” “Nan, you…” The captain shook his head and frowned. “He has been examined, and he is a normal person.” “Maybe the Preacher is also a normal person.” Liu Hsiao Nan firmly said. The surrounding armed police were suddenly in a daze and couldn’t answer.

“Fine, you handle him.”

A group of armed policemen left the examination room. Liu Hsiao Nan took the handcuffs from her waist and went up to the citizen who was full of fear in his eyes. The handcuffs were not fully tightened and made a sound. Liu Hsiao Nan frowned and glanced at the gloves on his hands, she was going to grab those.

“My wife bought these for me. I have already lost one. You can’t take the other one!” The citizen suddenly got out of control and held down the gloves on his right hand. Liu Hsiao Nan didn’t say a word, she pushed the handcuff upwards, locking his arm and aiming at his head with her gun.

“Get up, follow me.”

Liu Hsiao Nan’s tone was unquestionable.

“Sir, I…”

Perhaps he’s really just an ordinary citizen. When the muzzle pointed to his head again, he was so scared that his legs were trembling, and he couldn’t say anything. The armed policemen waiting outside examination room could not help but shook their heads. The intern of the Criminal Investigation Department was too cautious. If it weren’t for her father’s relationship, no one would maintain her dignity.

“I’ll count to three. If you don’t cooperate, I will shoot. Three…”

“I’ll cooperate, I’ll cooperate.”

He quickly stood up as his whole body shivered. He walked out of the examination room, and Liu Hsiao Nan followed him with a gun against his head. They walked to the other side of the corridor. The armed police watched silently until. They didn’t leave until they escorted them to a small office and shackled citizen to the chair.

After Liu Hsiao Nan closed the door, he sat on the opposite side of this suspicious person. Her eyes were clear and sharp, and she kept staring at him tightly with any break. The latter turned to avoid the fear, swept over the dimly lit room and saw the clock hanging on the wall. It’s close to 20 o’clock.

Municipal radio station.

“…As for the location, I won’t say it. You are so smart, you will guess it.”

The tape playback ended.

Wang Ji quietly looked at the videotape ending and began to think. “Since he played it on a videotape, it means that he was not at the radio station at this time, but he has already arrived elsewhere and started his own operation. By seducing me with this videotape, what did he want me to do? There are two things he could do at the moment. One is that he wants to slaughter the citizens as he said in his video, and the other is to find me.”

Wang Ji twisted his index finger and his thumb, speculating about the possibility of both. The studio where he was located was where the Preacher started killing in the morning. So far there were dozens of bodies lying on the ground, no one was taking care of them. The dark blood has already solidified. But not knowing from when, Wang Ji discovered the blood was bubbling.

“Or, he actually does them both simultaneously. The brainless creatures invade the world; the dead lives conquer the civilization…”

Thinking of this, Wang Ji quickly stood up, and his eyes saw a body in the blood pool suddenly standing up. Then, dozens of bodies stood up one after another!


These unrecognizable blood corpses greedily breathed the air and looked around in the darkness. The empty eye holes have lost their eyes, looking like finding something constantly.

“…I cannot believe they came out like this.” Wang Ji held down the anchor table motionlessly, silently watching the monsters, trying to collect some useful information, “They are not regular creatures, not spirits, so they have no way to see me. If the CR72 is a brainless creature, then these blood corpses should be dead lives.”

Wang Ji stood in front of them and observed various signs without saying a word. The results obtained by the X-ray glasses have surpassed a human’s capability. “The scanned object is unconventional creatures” fully made Wang Ji realize what he had met. These corpses were the supporting seeds of CR72!

Suddenly, a blood corpse’s empty eye holes confronted Wang Ji. They had no eyes, only holes like a skeleton. But at this moment, it’s like four eyes looking at each other.

The blood corpse’s movements were stagnant.

“It saw me!”

When Wang Ji thought that, the blood corpse rushed to Wang Ji. The latter was far from surprised. Wang Ji quickly lowered his body and passed through the bottom of the anchor table. The whistling sounds of the corpses were like an explosion, and the silence of the night was torn apart. Before Wang Ji stood up from the ground, there was already a strong bloody smell behind him.


Wang Ji’s palm pressed against the ground, and almost at the same time, his feet had passed through the floor and his whole body fell down. At the last moment when he’s falling, Wang Ji clearly saw a pair of empty eyes similar to the awakening bloody skeleton facing him.

The landing was silent.

The studio where the Preacher started killing was on the tenth floor, and where Wang Ji’s landed was on the ninth floor, which was an empty studio. It seemed that they’re shooting kitchen shows there because he was next to the cupboards and the cooktops.

“Why could they suddenly see me?”

He had some doubts in his mind.

From the corridor, the sound of the liquid hitting the ground appeared. It was thick and powerful, and seemed to be extraordinarily stuffy on the dark night. Wang Ji’s mood was stable, he spread his palm quietly. The black-wing mark on his palm was spreading like wings layer after layer. The Wave-Particle Duality quickly appeared in his hand. He pulled the purple-red bowstring and pulled out the dark beam. He slowly walked out from the studio step by step and moved to the front of the door.

There was no sound outside.


Wang Ji suddenly kicked open the door. He saw a pair of deep eye holes. Before the roar of the monster burst, and it was hit by the dark beam. A strange noise appeared from the body of the monster getting shot. The blood on the whole body was annihilated by a large number of bubbles. It’s special among all the monsters killed by Wang Ji with the beams. It seemed to indicate that their body composition was more special.

“The composition of this monster is a bit strange.”

Wang Ji turned and leaned on the back of the door, pulling out the second beam, facing the front of the door.


A blood corpse walked in slowly, and its chin was still bleeding. It’s hard to imagine what this bloody thing was. They seemed to be slow, but they were incredibly quick when they launch an attack.

Wang Ji held his breath and didn’t loosen the bowstring.

“They didn’t see me, but why would they see me after we looked at each other? This may be one of the characteristics of the seeds.” Wang Ji’s speculation and thinking never stopped. When he saw the blood corpse turning, Wang Ji raised his head and took the bow, looking at the ceiling, while the beam was pointing to the blood corpse.

As long as it moved, Wang Ji could instantly destroy it, even a single drop of blood!

The brainless creatures invade the world; the dead lives conquer the civilization.”

His re-evaluated this sentence in his mind. The night was silent, and the atmosphere was not as intense as drumbeat. Wang Ji’s heart beat as usual, he just waited quietly. Finally, he heard the ticking sound re-appear, the blood corpse turned and walked away. It went to the studio, followed by hobbling blood corpses behind. All the places they passed have left two rows of dark blood.

“It turns out that we can’t look at each other.”

Wang Ji suddenly understood. These bodies had no eyes, but they have a unique way of hunting. Unexpectedly, as he just got an information of the seeds, these blood monsters crashed into the floor-to-ceiling windows and fell down. One, two, three… All the monsters passed through the broken floor-to-ceiling windows and fell down.

“It’s the ninth floor here. Don’t these things fall into mud after jumping like this?”

Wang Ji quickly followed up and stood by the window that was smashed, looking down from the tenth floor. As far as his vision reached, he actually saw a blood pool, but unexpectedly, the monsters he saw just stood up from the blood pool one by one. And they stood up in madness, swaying to the darkness.

Blurry texts suddenly began to appear in front of Wang Ji’s eyes. And instead of his mobile phone, the X-ray glasses received the second information of the seed of disaster:

Capital A, the second type of the civilization seeds of disaster that the Preacher currently has have been confirmed as cursed blood corpses. This seed is extremely dangerous, as it is able to convert all dead creatures into undead. If you don’t completely annihilate its body, you can’t destroy its life form. The form of seed transmission is blood transmission. Any life with its body contaminated with the blood of the seed will be converted into a blood corpse.

Blood corpses do not have visual and auditory abilities, but their cursing ability can lock in any target to conduct the infection if they’re looking at each other. And they will follow other seeds of disaster to conduct infection operation. It takes 19 hours for the seeds of disaster to enter the second form of immortality.

Mission updates:

Warning: The curse of blood corpse is extremely lethal to civilization. Please be sure to destroy all blood corpses before 0:02 on the second day of the bunker time. If it fails, all blood corpses will enter the second form of life, and their blood will carry on a thorough infection on the mainland and the sea, which will spread across the planet.

Clue updates:

Successfully filed the “cursed blood corpse” data. Someone sent a third-party item service through the super membrane, providing you with clues about the location of the item, which will assist you to complete this preaching war. Please collect it as soon as possible.

Equipment clue: Looking up at the stars.

From experiment A.

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