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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 39

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 39: Spy Satellite

At 20:35 p.m. of the bunker time;

There’s 3 hours and 26 minutes left before the cursed seeds of blood corpse enter the second form of life;

Municipal radio station.

“What kind of things will be given this time? It’s unlikely to be food. Dark beam also has the ability to destroy blood corpses. The only difficulty is that they are too widely distributed. It takes a lot of time to find them. Looking up at the stars… the sky is big!”

Wang Ji put back the phone. He felt that things were tricky. He knew that there was an observatory on a mountain in the volcanic park. He considered the effect possibility of the item, the clue was to look up at the stars. It’s not too difficult to determine the most possible place.

But it’s too far.

It would take Wang Ji an hour to go there and back if the condition was good. The area that was blocked by the protective film was not only the urban area, but also a considerable part of the surrounding outer suburbs.

“No, I have to hurry up to get the item within a minimum of time. The CR72 seeds will enter the second form of life at 5:02 next morning, and the hatching speed of the cursed blood corpses is five hours faster than the former. If what I get is not the Wave-Particle Duality, I’m afraid it’s extremely difficult to apply it to these undead creatures. The cursed blood corpse is not an assisting seed of CR72, but not the ace of the Preacher.”

Wang Ji immediately adjusted the priority of the task. It was more than three hours before he had nothing to do but wait for his death. He had no time to hesitate.

He jumped off from the tenth floor, and the hem of the Night Devil’s Suit was floating and fluctuating like a flame that was going to be blown out. Even though he couldn’t jump so high, but if he jumped off from the ninth floor, there’s still no problem with the body of the Night Devil. Up to now, he has hidden one of his own equipment, the Fallen Badge.

“Think about the process. I get the support and come back as soon as possible. At this time, no matter it is the outburst of the cursed blood corpse, or the setup of the Preacher, it’s about to appear. The game he wanted to play with me was nothing more than to exhausting me. If I have to make a choice, then I will do my own way and do it as efficient as I can.”

After landing, Wang Ji turned and re-entered the security department on the first floor of the radio station. In the dark, he recognized the font on the wall. “The multimedia on the second floor…not this, the 9th news interview car, this is it.” Taking the key, Wang Ji speeded up the pace to open the door of the car, then started it. He could open the door in the form of Night Devil, but there was no way to start the car. Not everyone that drives knew the method of wiring to start the car.

“I need time… and efficiency.”

Wang Ji sat in the car and silently thought about the whole operation, then he quickly drove the car out. There was no car on the driveway then. It has been 12 hours since the first time the Preacher greeted. The confusion has already appeared. Everyone was taking refuge now.

The interview car traveled into the night and disappeared.

At 20:40 p.m. of the bunker time;

There’s 3 hours and 21 minutes left before the cursed blood corpses enter the second form of life;

Refuge Area No.1.

“The ones from the hospital arrive.”

The armed trucks above the refuge well were ready. In order to transport a large number of citizens, the positioned armed police drove all the buses in the nearby transportation companies back. And some of them went to the passenger stations to get more cars back. The armed police finally got relieved after seeing the distant lights of the armed trucks.

“I am Zhang Guoqing. The person in charge, comes out.”

The vehicles stopped and Zhang Guoqing got off the car, walking up under the protection of the armed men, shouting to the person to the opposite.

“The Armed Police Squadron Captain Bai Pingnian reports!”

A flat-headed and capable armed policeman stood up and answered, and his posture was strong and his attitude was serious.


Zhang Guoqing nodded and said. “Take out the list of all the citizens you counted.” “Director, there are more than 8,000 people taking refuge here. We have limited capacity and there is no way to make a list.” The captain Bai reported loudly. Zhang Guoqing frowned. “How many people are involved in the infrared program?”

“Director, we transferred four hundred people this time. The elderly, the infirm, pregnant women, and passengers have the priority.”

Zhang Guoqing shook his head and said. “It’s too slow. We must transfer as fast as possible. Our Municipal People’s Hospital can accommodate 8000 more people. Team 1, listen to my instructions. Help the Team 3 bring all the citizens out. We will protect them and safely escort all citizens to the hospital.”

Captain Bai said with a high tone. “Director, this is very dangerous. I think we should send all the people on board away safely now. There’s no problem with the protection procedure in the shelter. But if all the citizens are exposed outside the refuge area, I think it is very dangerous.”

“Bullshxt! It is the real danger to let so many people crowd into the refuge well!”

Zhang Guoqing was furious. He could clearly understand the ability of the monsters. Once a monster was sneaking into the refuge well, it would result in immeasurable casualties.


At the moment Zhang Guoqing and the squad leader were in a stalemate, a little girl who was already sitting in the bus put her head on the glass and called her mother. The girl’s mother touched her head and whispered softly. “What’s wrong?”

“Look, there seems to be someone there.”

The little girl pointed at the window. A woman turned back and said: “Where is it, people now are … there are really so many people, those are…”

The whistling sound broke through the silent night sky, and Zhang Guoqing, who was about to scold the squadron leader, could not help but shiver. A lot of bloody humanoid monsters suddenly burst out on the dark streets. “Get on the bus, all of you!” Zhang Guoqing hurriedly ordered, and the gunshots burst. All disciplines and rules collapsed instantly. A monster slammed into the window, and the strength was almost overwhelming the entire bus. The little girl started crying and the citizens in the car immediately fell into a cry and confusion.

“Get on the bus, retreat!”

Zhang Guoqing’s voice was trembling, he climbed up the vehicle under the cover of gunshots. The first monster rushing out from the darkness was smashed into a pile of blood by the fire coming out of the muzzle, and then the monsters behind it raised their blood claws and pounced onto armed police.


The screams came to an abrupt end, and the monster squeezed the head of a police officer and squeezed out the brain. The horrible scene afflicted everyone’s nerves, and the gunshots were even crazier. More monsters stared at the one who shot them with faint eyes after they got attacked. The slaughter began!

“Drive the citizens out Protect them at all costs…”

Bai Pingnian captain shouted loudly, watching Zhang Guoqing getting on the bus and ordering to retreat. He turned and shot a monster that would shake the bus. When he turned back, his eyes were faced with a pair of empty eyes. With a bang, the bloody giant hand squeezed the head of the squadron leader and crushed it, and the blood was pulled out from the gap of the fingers!

“At all costs, protect the citizens!”

The gunshots remained the same, and the fierce armed policemen were on fire. Ten buses carrying the citizens rushed out of the obstruction formed by the monsters. The armed police driving the car had already burst into tears, but he never stopped hitting the gas.

At the same time, at Municipal People’s Hospital.

Liu Hsiao Nan did not dare to relax, she continued to stare at the suspicious citizen in front of her. She could see that his emotions have stabilized, and his initial confusion and fear have disappeared.

“Our mayor is a great person, what do you say?”

The citizen suddenly asked. Liu Hsiao Nan did not answer. The citizen looked at his shackled hands, and he took a look at the watch on the wall. It was dark in the house and some could not be seen clearly.

“I have seen the Titanic many years ago and I felt very deeply. I like this kind of film very much. You can see the greatness of human nature, as well as the sorrow of human nature… ok, I will stop.” The citizen sighed with emotion, and Liu Hsiao Nan silently raised her gun and pointed at him. The citizen immediately chose to shut up.

Perhaps it’s an illusion that Liu Hsiao Nan always felt that she had just seen a suspicious smile on the face of the citizen, which made her even more afraid to relax, and she held the gun in her hand tightly.

“It’s a bit interesting. It’s going to be a mess outside, and you will have nothing to do with it soon. And you still sit here and watch me at ease? Oh, are you still expecting there are other Hunters coming to support you? Funny. Wait. The longer you wait, the more you will be afraid. The longer you wait, the more desperate you will be for the so-called Warband. What are the Hunters of Civilization? They are just some jokes.”

He was actually laughing.

At 21:04 p.m. of the bunker time;

There’s only 2 hours and 57 minutes left before the cursed blood corpses enter the second form of life; the rest of the time could be counted down. Wang Ji’s car was on the provincial road, and it’s about half way.

“The front is the National Volcano Park.”

Wang Ji left the provincial road and drove to the National Volcanic Park. The mountains along the road were sinister, the night was too cold. Wang Ji could still see many armed helicopters constantly squatting outside the protective film. The country has not given up the city. It’s conceivable that people outside had a tough day. Everyone was working hard, and there’s no exception for Wang Ji.

“Soon, soon.”

Wang Ji said.

At the observatory.

Wang Ji got off the bus and hurried through the closed door of the observatory, he then stood in a bright hall. The moonlight illuminated the giant transparent glass roof, and it’s bright inside due to the reflection of the tiles. There was only one letter on the ground. When Wang Ji picked it up, the X-ray glasses quickly displayed a message.

Capital A, you got the item service support provided by Liuyun Mining, the third-party item support in the current war (2/3).

Equipment Name: Spy Satellite

Equipment Type: Service Equipment

Equipment Introduction: Its name is not only its entire meaning, let alone doing something out of line in the open air. In its view, doing a shameful thing at home is like doing it on a live broadcast.

Equipment Effect: Combined with the equipment related to the contact machine, it monitors all areas within the protective film. It can be combined with the scanning items to enhance the effect of scanning the whole city. The effect matched with the protective film and the energy weapon to attack all the targets in the protective film.

p.s.: This service Equipment requires an energy field to be activated, and an equivalent item is required to purchase the service. For details, please consult the Liuyun Mining after the preaching war.

From experiment A.


The blood-colored hexagram in the eyes of Wang Ji began to flash, and then the city under the entire protective film was completely displayed in his eyes. The X-ray glasses followed and started the full scanning.



Not edible!

The huge maps began to show a lot of light spots. They were blue and red. And the entire city, country, and forest in the protective film have become a huge dynamic map. All the terrain couldn’t escape his eyes. The details have slightly ravaged the nerves of Wang Ji. He then opened the envelope:

Hello, my friend from far away.

The spy satellite shows blue as normal humans and red as seeds of disaster. As for the problem of paid exchange, our boss provides you with spy satellite service, but he just wants to give it. However, the rules for paid transactions must be followed, so in the next planting campaign in your world, we will send someone to talk to you about the transaction.

Liuyun Mining.

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