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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 4

4/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 4: The Assassin’s Camouflage Glasses

“If I left the experiment A, the worst result would be being deprived of everything I have. Therefore, it’s time to move now. We’ve got no time to waste.”

Wang Ji checked his shirt and the neckline while walking through the hallway to start the operation.

“The easiest clue to solve in these three should be the ‘the highest point in the city’. There’s obviously only one place, so it won’t be that hard to find. While the deepest and darkest place requires further investigation. The library……There are three libraries in downtown Fuhe on the online map. Two of them are in colleges and they are miles away. It’ll take a lot of time to go there and back. Except for finding the experimental objects, I also need to complete the experiment mode to eliminate the nightmare knitters. There isn’t as much time as I thought and l want efficiency.”

Wang Ji left the station fast. Owing to his position at the police station, it won’t be easy to ask for a police car just like asking Leader Liu for a gun. Facing an unknown situation, he needed efficiency. In order to save time, Wang Ji got a taxi along the road.

“What a new experience! I have never seen a policeman taking a taxi. Where are you going?”

The driver pulled by, asking for Wang Ji’s destination.

Wang Ji got into the taxi and closed the door after he sat tight. He asked: ”Where’s the highest point in the city?”

The talkative driver put his hands on the steering wheel and looked at Wang Ji in the rearview mirror. He joked: “You mean Saibainien Building? The building is not tall, but the hoist is definitely the highest point in the city. Two Russian men took a trip here two days ago. They climbed on the hoist to take pictures of the eagles when no one noticed them. These kids weren’t afraid of dying at all. I would pee my pants if I looked down while on the fifth floor.”

“Get there fast, please.”

Wang Ji replied firmly.

The Preacher’s third messages didn’t panic the locals. Most people took it as a mysterious joke.They would probably be worried if it really affected the country. There was no official explanation about the source of messages but lots of gossiping between the locals.

Time: 14:03.

9 hours 56 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

Place: Saibainien Building.

Getting off the vehicle, Wang Ji turned back and looked at the building. The upper floors of the building were still in maintenance. The primary layout of the building was done, but it required more construction on the inside.

If we only consider the height, the Global Economics Center not far away should be tallest. It’s 319 meters tall according to the Internet, which makes it the highest building in the city. But if we take the hoist into consideration, things are different.

It has been prospering fast here and the constructions using hoists were common downtown. Here are already lots of natural parks surrounding the surburbs.

Wang Ji found the entrance along the walls of the construction, but the entrance was blocked with security that was patrolling.

“If I take advantage of my identity, I can make it there in the fastest way possible.”

Wang Ji took out his police license and flashed it at the window of the security office.

“I’m a police. I need to check inside.”

Wang Ji knocked on the window ands aid that. The security guard was a young man, Wang Ji took back the license and walked straight into the building when the security wasn’t paying attention. Once he entered the building, he got on the elevator to reach the higher floors. Then he went up some stairs to get on the top floor.

There were the hoist and the construction machine on the top floor. After Wang Ji arrived, a man standing on a bag of sand and holding a map, looking like the supervisor waved at him, saying: “What’s up? I’m the supervisor.”

Wang Ji pointed at the top of the hoist and asked. “That’s the highest point in the town, right? There’s something my coworkers put at, I need to get it, right on the highest place in the city.”

“You’re definitely kidding, right? The highest place is the Global Economics Center! You can’t get on the hoist!”

It was windy on the roof, so the supervisor had to shout.

“It’s quite tiring to talk like this, I’ll just go up and get it.”

After Wang Ji saw the hoist was actually higher than the Global Economics Center, he grabbed the stairs next to the hoist and started climbing onto it. It’s a waste of time to talk to the supervisor, since he won’t permit him to climb up to the highest point.


The supervisor took out his phone and called the guy up there.

“Elevator! Get that elevator down, a cop is climbing it!”

The supervisor shouted at the phone.


The voice from the cellphone was shocked.

“That’s fine! He’s almost reach the top, what a strong body!”

They supervisor hung up the phone, looking at the young cop climbing into the controlling office. What surprised him is that, the cop went around the controlling office and went for the top of the hoist!

“My god! These young blood are such brave. There were just two foreigners climbing with gloves, now there’s another one……Be careful, don’t risk your life!”

The supervisor felt really nervous, starting sweating.

There’s nothing under the top of the hoist, it’s hanging above the Saibainien. Wang Ji was climbing up with the whole city under his feet!

Just like walking on the cloud!

“It’s definitely the highest place, where it’s about as high as the roof of the Global Economics Center. If I fall, I’m going to explode on the ground. It seems like this situation gives me a sense of triumph. I thought I was going to pee my pants, but now I even can overcome it.”

Wang Ji was climbing to the top of the hoist with no fear.

“But it’s not a perfect situation. Emotions are actually a system of self-defend, fear and frailty can make threats away. But enough consciousness can enable me to deal with myself, I still have to be careful. It’s just help me to overcome the possibility of losing control of my body due to the emotions. So far, it’s a good situation.”

As Wang Ji reaching the top, it’s still windy at this kind of height. Wang Ji looked down to prevent the chance of wind blowing straight to his eyes. With a bunch of workers watching him on the top floor, he made it to the top. There’s a small box on the platform which is no wider than 20 centimeters, while an eagle just flew away.

Wang Ji picked up the box and squatted down on the platform. He tried his best to lower his body and grab the stairs in the back to avoid the influence of the wind.

He opened the box with the other hand.

There’s a black glasses and a letter in it. The number on his watch turned into words after a strong shaking. It’s the update!

Capital A, you got the mail from the assassin.

Object name: camouflage glasses.

Object type: experiment mode object.

Object introduction: The owner of the glasses used to use it as a camouflage to run away from the Templars. And the fact shows that it’s not better than hiding in a group of people like our ancestors did. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the glasses will give you the sight of eagles. Therefore, he will give it to you now.

Object effect: Provide the Eagle Vision, support the Memory of Viewpoint, provide 3 times of Leap of Faith during the experiment mode (3/3)

p.s.: wear it, record your city, and jump down like a boss.

From experiment A.

Wang Ji put on the glasses.

The city suddenly looked very clear in his eyes and he could see things such as the streets and the aisles. Then, the map left a deep print on him and everywhere in the city was very clear.

“Get down! Don’t risk it!”

“Get down quickly!”

The workers were yelling on the top floor.

Wang Ji calculated the time. “It cost more than half an hour to reach here from the ground. If I do it as carefully and slowly as I did in the future, it will consume more time and energy. The time I spend on finding the experimental objects should be shortened, so, what I need is the executive power.”

He put the letter into the pocket, and jumped off the platform after he stood up.

“Oh snap!”

The workers who watching at him were shocked.

“He suicides!”

“Call the guys on the ground to check him!”

Workers looked down the building along the handrail in a hurry, watching Wang Ji falling down into a bush. Then he turned around and jumped out of the bush, and walked away like it’s no big deal..

“No, I’m dizzy.”

A worker pressed his helmet and stood back. The other workers who weren’t afraid of the height looked at each other with a dull and absent light in their eyes showing their speechlessness. That cop just jumped off the tall building, and walked away like it’s no big deal?


Time: 14:53.

9 hours 7 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

“Then it’s the deepest and darkest point in the city. It’s likely to be some dark corner in the subway station, but I consider the darkest place to be a fallout shelter or a well in the underground. It’ll cost time to find, I should avoid the time section of 5 to 7 if taking the rush hour of off-work in the city. I’d better collect the experimental objects before it or I will have to be able to deal with the inefficiency of these 2 hours.”

In the taxi, Wang Ji started thinking about the location of the next experimental object. The times of Leap of Faith left became 2.

“Sir, I’m going to the agency of city planning.”

Wang Ji described his next destination to the driver and opened the letter from the assassin.

Friend far away:


When I heard that there would be a man fighting for freedom like me in the new world, I felt glad from the bottom of my heart. I know you have a lot of worries, but it will be overcome one day. You’ll know that our war isn’t meaningless, and maybe you’ll come to my world to be my guest some day in the far future. Of course, it’s possible for me to go to your world to run away the war. Please remember, I’ll show up in the highest place in the city with my mail sent there. If you want to reply to me, please send it to me in the highest place.

Assassin Des.

May 31st, 1493.

Translated by experiment A.

“Thanks. Though I am not afraid of heights, I won’t be able to reply in such a short time. Maybe I’ll hire a Russian guy to send emails to you as the workers would go crazy if I climbed up again.”

Wang Ji put the letter into the pocket quietly.

“Sir, do you know where the lowest and darkest place in the city is?”

“What, you want to go to the subway station?”

“The agency of city planning first.”

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