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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 40

Translator: xjshengchen

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Chapter 40: A Fight in the City

“The support is right on time. The scanning effect of the multi-function X-ray glasses allows to ignore the buildings.”

After Wang Ji quickly scanned the entire city, he immediately set off for North Sea Town. According to the information of the item service, he seemed to be able to launch a satellite attack in the protective film with the energy weapon, the spy satellite and the protective film.

“I have to implement the role of the items as soon as possible. In addition, the seeds of disaster in the suburban towns have also arrived in the main city. I got to be faster.”

Leaving the observatory, Wang Ji immediately drove his car and went down the provincial park to the provincial road. He had never stopped the investigation of the city before the preaching war began. The population of the whole city was over 700,000, and the combined population of each district in the main city alone was 300,000. “Fortunately, neither the refuge plan nor the infrared program have mobilized the citizens of the whole city. Otherwise, the infection and the assimilation would be completely out of control.”

Wang Ji was contemplating.

At 20:35 p.m. of the bunker time;

There’s 2 hours 41 minutes left before the cursed blood corpse enter the second form of life;

North Sea Town.

Within a day, Wang Ji arrived at Mrs. Isa’s Mansion for the second time. The news interview car parked directly outside the manor. Wang Ji flipped over the wall and jumped into the manor, walking into the mansion quickly. He opened the floor and went in. The green lightning quickly went up in the air and shrouded him. The X-rays glasses quickly showed a relevant hint.

Capital A, the energy field and the energy conversion of the protective film was completed at the beginning of the bunker time. You can now use the energy field to transmit the attack of the energy weapon to the protective film, and carry out satellite attacks on any target in the city under the positioning of the spy satellite.

From experiment A.

“Is it possible?”

As Wang Ji saw this, he immediately spread his hand. The wave-particle duality was unfolding in his hand. He pulled the bowstring. Wang Ji immediately got the second hint:

Capital A, the energy fluctuation caused by the satellite attack can also be felt by the Preacher, he will be informed of the clues of your item support. Are you sure to do so?

From experiment A.

About to pull the bowstring, Wang immediately loosened his hands. He immediately turned around and left Mrs. Isa’s Mansion, then got into his car and drove back to the main city without any delay.

“On the main road of the South Road in the urban area, a large number of seeds of disaster began to gather. They’re more than one hundred, and they are surrounding a team of fast-moving blue targets. If nothing went wrong, it should be the police operation team. If this team gets annihilated, my approach to citizen management will be greatly reduced, so I have to support them as soon as possible.”

Wang Ji drove out of North Sea Town and rushed back to the main city at full speed. He always monitored what happened in the main city through the spy satellite. At least now, his control of the entire situation has not gone out of control.

“The CR72 human parasite was used by the Preacher to crack the whip. As a result, they’re almost completely defeated in the battle of the volcano. The rest of them on the map should be the hidden pawns in the refuge area. It shows that everyone’s vital signs are normal. It indicates that the Preacher did not choose to kill a lot of people using these pawns, but let them take time to enter the second form of life and hide among the human beings.”

He began to integrate all the information given by the spy satellite.

“There should be cursed blood corpses wandering on the streets. They are rapidly gathering and blocking a fleet of blue targets moving in all directions. The number of them is growing at a slow rate, and it will reach more than 500 if they all gather together. The Wave-Particle Duality beam is insufficient enough to destroy all blood corpses. So I can only fight and retreat to lead them away.”

Wang set his own plan of operations.

“Last, the Preacher will definitely take action after getting the second item. He sees my Night Devil’s Suit and Wave-Particle Duality through the view of CR72. Then the possibility that his second item is specific to me will be considerably high. So his current action is very likely to find and kill me. But I did not reveal any clue in the human posture, so the Preacher is most likely to suspect that the Hunter is…Liu Hsiao Nan!”

The thoughts of Wang Ji are like a lightning, and all the doubts disappeared in an instant. The most reasonable path was constructed.

Fifteen minutes later, on Qingyuan Street under the main road of South Road if the city.

The armed trucks went down the main road like they’re escaping. There were countless bloody monsters running along with them on the dark streets. They seemed to have endless strength and constantly approached the trucks that escaped. Zhang Guoqing was shocked, as he saw the monsters on both sides of the street through the rearview mirror. He ordered. “Drive faster! Retreat to the hospital!”

The police officer driving the car put the pedal to the metal and passed the intersection at lightning speed. Zhang Guoqing suddenly shivered. “I said to retreat to the hospital, where are you going?”

“Director Zhang, if we retreat to the hospital, we will only bring disaster to the people who have taken refuge in the hospital.”

The police officer driving the car took the lead and crossed the intersection. All the vehicles followed behind them, and dozens of vehicles all lost the opportunity to go back to the hospital with the least distance. Zhang Guoqing’s blue veins appeared on his forehead, “Son, if you don’t go back to the hospital, what do you use as a bunker? How can you fight? How much oil is left in the fuel tank? You can still run…”


A giant force from the horizontal direction suddenly smashed on the galloping truck and almost knocked the entire truck down. However, undergoing such a horrible force, the truck was still knocked out the established route and rushed to the shopping mall on the roadside. It was impossible to stop at such a fast speed. With a loud bang, the shutter and the glass door were smashed, and the truck crashed into the mall.

A horrible scream came from the darkness. A blood corpse suddenly fell on the top of the second armed truck. The bloody giant hand tore the truck apart and the gunshots appeared along with it. The surrounding blood corpses rushed to it, and they directly flipped over the second vehicle! The chain reaction was about to take shape. The driver of the third car rushed to the other side of the road, smashing the car parked by the roadside and crashing into the building on the other side. Loud noises began to burst in the vehicles on the parking spaces on both sides of the street. In the midst of chaos, the armed trucks behind them stopped.

The gunshots were loud. Black muzzles emerged from the window and began shoot violently. The armed police escaping at the first time due to the execution of the order didn’t escape for the second time, they dared to fight with the rushing monsters. The bloody killings began here. The intensive bullets may have turned a blood corpse into a pile of rogue blood, but there’s always a blood corpse rushing into the car. The huge bloody hand explored and grabbed a young policeman beside, holding his head like a baby and throwing it out!


Blood is everywhere.

“Hang on, everyone! We can’t bring them back to the hospital even if we die!”

Blood and fire began to wreak havoc on the streets. Everyone there was aware of their death. For the first time in their lives, they encountered such an opponent. The horror and despair had already surpassed the rationality until they watched the death of the squadron captain Bai. The death of a hero gave them unlimited courage after continuous defeats.

Zhang Guoqing wiped the blood in front of his forehead, and looked at the death of the young man next to him in the darkness. He turned and took the walkie-talkie that was stuck in the seat, making every effort to climb out of the window and shout. “Don’t fight in open areas! Occupy the advantage zone!”


The sound of the shotgun was loud, and a blood corpse was turned into a blood. The armed police began to retreat to the mall, and the areas under control to concentrate, which blocked the blood corpses. But when the blood corpses in front were down, those in the back followed and rushed toward them. After those in the back died, the blood on the ground reorganized hundreds of blood corpses endlessly. They continue to rush to them, from the streets in all directions, there were more and more blood corpses running wild.

They never saw anything, but just like what Wang Ji experienced in the radio station. These undead creatures felt the existence their fellow-creatures and immediately rushed to the battle scene!

“The refuge area, attention to all refuge areas, I am Zhang Guoqing, currently on Qingyuan Street under the main road of the South Road, we are surrounded by monsters and need fire support.”

Seeing that all of his subordinates were entering the mall and protecting themselves, Zhang Guoqing let out a sigh of relief and turned on the intercom to start asking for help. There was a squeaky radio wave coming out from the intercom, followed by a hoarse voice.

“Director Zhang, tell others that please try not to look at the bloody monsters. I will arrive later.”

The voice came over, Zhang Guoqing’s body could not help but tremble, as if a cold wind pierced his back. On the other side of the main road of South Road, outside the refuge area No. 1, the news interview car stopped nearby. Wang Ji picked up a walkie-talkie from the middle of corpses to and responded to the people there.

“Who, who are you?”

Zhang Guoqing’s voice trembled.

Wang Ji looked at the blood and bodies of the armed police on the ground. “I’m the Hunter.”

He’s back.

With the city’s vision of the spy satellites, Wang Ji chose the fastest return route, and with the efficiency brought by this, he’s ready to kill the Preacher who was caught off guard.

On Qingyuan Street.

Zhang Guoqing looked awkward, and the horrible devil’s words were still echoing in his brain. The coldness rising from his heart made him shudder.

The gunshots were dim in his ear, but the actual noise still made his scalp numb. No one around was concerned about what he had just heard on the walkie-talkie, and everyone was ready to die.

“My ammunition is running out!”

There’s a clip in my backpack!”

Along with the loud dialogues of the armed police, crazy blood corpses rushed in with a bloody hand at the moment of alternating firepower, slapping the two armed policemen standing at the forefront onto the wall. The strength was strong that the walls were shaken. The two armed policemen slapped were killed on the spot, and the bloody corpses that rushed in were roaring and attacking other people. More monsters swayed and rushed up.

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