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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 41

Translator: xjshengchen

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Chapter 41: Backup

“Fall back!”

Their dominant areas began to disappear. After being rushed in by the blood corpses, the armed police began to get brutally killed, but the rest of them did not escape. They fought back to the end. The gunshots echoed in the mall, and they fought against the roaring blood corpses. “Right now.” In addition to the presence of the mayor, Zhang Guoqing softened his voice for the second time. “The Hunter will come soon, hang on!” But his voice was too soft and nobody heard it.


Blood suddenly splashed in the eyes of an armed policeman and knocked him down on the stairs.

“Chang! Fall back!”

An old armed policeman shouted desperately. However, Chang did not hear it. His body shook a bit, and the blood in his eyes spread to his whole body. Without any warning, a person suddenly died, and then he stood up again and rushed back with blood all over his body!


The old armed police opened his eyes in surprise, but the bloody hands in the darkness had already rushed toward him silently. The monster whom he called Chang grasped his head, and the voice appeared again. The body fell weakly on the stairs.

“Old Lee… Retreat!” The guns of other armed police officers were shooting even more crazily, and their tears even flowed out!

It’s completely a mess…

Even if they were killed by monsters, their will could not be changed. But seeing their colleague turning into a monster and killing their own teacher made their resistance instantly collapse…

“Damn, we can’t make it.”

Zhang Guoqing felt desperate and he did not shoot a bullet from the beginning to the end. It was too late, he knew why these people were fighting back like crazy because of the despair. The bodies on the corridor began to increase, and their bullets were getting fewer and fewer. A bloody monster slapped the neck of an armed policeman, and his head rolled down the stairs. The pungent bloody smell was filled the entire mall.

Zhang Guoqing silently took out the pen from his pocket, holding it tightly in his hand. He fell back with a dull light in his eyes, he silently watched other people falling into despair and madness. This time he came out with a total of two hundred people, and now there were fewer than thirty alive. From the holes in the mall to the stairs, there were corpses and blood everywhere. More bloody monsters stood up from those blood pool…

“Chang, I’ll revenge for you!”

An armed policeman dropped a rifle with no bullets in it. His voice was trembling, and he pulled out a short knife from his leg. He rushed to the bloody monster that rushed toward him! At this moment, the back of a bloody monster on the stairs suddenly exploded, and its body shook rapidly, and evaporated instantly!

At this moment, all the bloody monsters attacking them stopped attacking. The armed police also stopped shooting, and the old armed policeman who revenged for his brothers also stopped.

One! Two! Three!

The monsters that could not be destroyed anyway before began to disappear quickly from this moment. The armed police officers hardly understood what they saw, and they only saw the bloody monsters drastically reducing!

“Don’t look at them, don’t risk your lives. Go back to the hospital. They need you there.”

The eerie voice burst outside the mall, and all the police could not help but shiver. After the monster’s sharp screams suddenly appeared at the intersection outside the mall, all the bloody monsters in the mall finally reacted and turned around, rushing out of the mall toward a specific direction at night.

“Come on, come on.”

Wang Ji whispered, he stood at the crossroads of Qingyuan Street in a black robe waving like black flames!

The bow taller than his height was in his hand, and the two black wings spread like a knife. The bowstring was pulled, and the invisible dark beam was already on the bowstring, waiting to be shoot!

In his eyes, the blood-colored hexagram made a sharp eye contact with all the absent-minded eyes. Such a confrontation killed hundreds of monsters at the same time, and they screamed at the same time! The sharp voice pierced the coldness of the night, and it was chilling!

Almost all the monsters were taken away. Behind the stairs in the mall, Zhang Guoqing and the remaining armed police officers could not speak anything at all. Somehow, they suddenly broke free.

“He is the Hunter, the one who covered us and helped us retreat on the volcano during the day.”

Finally, someone has recalled it.

A roaring blood corpse suddenly rushed out of the street, and Wang Ji pulled the bowstring, killing it with a single beam. He then jumped up and fell on the roof of a car, jumping again and grabbing the billboard with the lights off. And his nimble body flipped over like a pendulum, then he stood on the billboard.


The blood corpse that jumped up slapped with his giant hand, and Wang Ji nimbly dodged the bloody giant hand on the billboard and let it slap on the wall. The dripping blood splashed on his Night Devil’s Suit.


Wang Ji turned back and released at an arrow, the distance of the dark beam was only a foot away from the blood corpse. As the purple-red bowstring was loosened, and the colorless beam evaporated the blood corpse!

“Come on, all of you.”

Wang Ji said.

The bloody corpses in all directions continued to scream and rushed upwards. Wang Ji looked down peacefully, and then jumped onto the open-air restaurant on the third floor. Turning over the handrails, he turned back and pulled the bowstring, and looking down at the blood corpses below.

The wind was freezing.

The wind blew his Night Devil’s Suit and the remnant was waving like flames. The wings of the Wave-Particle Duality fluttered against the wind and he lowered his head. A thrilling glow flashed in the blood-colored hexagram in his eyes at night. The tall buildings in the city became his shadow at night, and the mad blood corpses began to accumulate on the ground, stepping on each other to climb up toward him.

“Let it begin.”

Wang Ji thought, the purple-red bowstring was fiddled, smashing a running blood corpse with a loud bang and killing it with the beam!

“Run, go back to the hospital.”

Wang Ji said with a little hoarse voice.

He saw the survivors in the mall come out. The grief remaining people did not care where Wang Ji was. They couldn’t see it, but only hear the horrible voice. “Along the Qingyuan Street all the way south, pass by Guanyin Well and back to the hospital. This is a safe route, and it only takes time. After going back, evacuate the crowds and let them take refuge in the west of the city. Don’t stay near the hospital.”

“Get on the bus! Go!” Zhang Guoqing looked cold and regained the tone of his speech.

At the same time, the light beam penetrated more than a dozen blood corpses. In the eyes of everybody, the blood corpses that piled up into mountains were instantly evaporated, and the blood wall that was piled up and trampled on collapsed! They saw that the Hunter was in the open-air restaurant on the third floor, destroying dozens of monsters in an instant with a scary weapon.

But they couldn’t see the Hunter’s figure. The open-air restaurant on the third floor was just an empty darkness. Just like what the colleague returning from a volcanic after they handled the back during the day said, a monster would evaporate whenever the Hunter pulled the bowstring. Now, they couldn’t even see the figure in a black-colored coat with a blood-colored hexagram in his eyes.

“Don’t look at these monsters.”

Suddenly finding Zhang Guoqing and a blood corpse look at each other after he turned, Wang Ji raised the bow and shot the monster with the beam. A monster that climbed up swooped over, and Wang Ji stepped back one step, waving the wings to tear open the monster’s giant hand, pulling the bow and shooting it. And his move was smooth.

“Run back. Don’t look at it, don’t try to get close.”

Wang Ji’s devil voice echoed in the night.

“Come on, there must have been an accident in the hospital!”

Zhang Guoqing turned and was the first to run to the south of Qingyuan Street. Under his leadership, the remaining troops ran away. Wang Ji shot the blood corpses while he was at the top, watching them leaving. He didn’t relax until he couldn’t see them.

Through the spy satellite, Wang Ji could still guarantee the safety of the remaining armed police forces. But now, there were no worries, it’s best for him to face the blood corpses alone.

More and more blood corpses began to flood here. They were desperately crawling to the open-air restaurant on the third floor. Sharp screams were overlapping, as if a knife was cutting the eardrum!

“It’s almost the time I should be going. There are still 15 dark beams left. According to the current killing method, once the load of the dark beam is exhausted, I should be shredded by these things.”

Wang Ji retreated from the handrails on the balcony.

Taking advantage of the moment he was not in the eyesight of the opponents, he quickly took off the Night Devil’s Suit and put back the Wave-Particle Duality, the vain flames gathered into his chest, and the Wave-Particle Duality was folded and became the black wing mark in his palm. A youth in sweatpants suddenly appeared in the open-air restaurant.

Without the suppression of the dark beams, the blood corpses quickly climbed up. As Wang Ji turned his back to the blood corpses, he kicked open the door to the open-air restaurant.


It was shaking.

In the open-air restaurant behind his back, there was immediately a screaming of the blood corpses, and then it suddenly became silent. Two blood corpses that first climbed up was hobbling in the open-air restaurant. Even if the sound of Wang Ji kicking door was so loud, they did not find it. The monsters began to walk aimlessly, none of which noticed Wang Ji, the back of young man in the sweatpants.

“Sure enough, as long as the vision and the identity are changed, these blood corpses will lose their target. The two kinds of destruction caused by the Preacher are very clear. I have now understood the commonality of the seeds of disaster. All the seeds are flawed in the first form of life. The first form of life of the seeds of disaster should be the basis of its evolution, while the second form of life is evolved against the earth’s environment.”

Wang Ji left from the interior of the building in a human state. There was no fear.

At the door, on the first floor.

There were still hundreds of blood corpses wandering and bleeding. The monsters hobbled aimlessly. After seeing this scene, Wang Ji thought about it. He re-applied the Night Devil’s Suit and pushed the door out.

Still, no monsters noticed him. None of them noticed that the one that walked in front of them was a shadow that they had desperately pursued.

“After losing the target, even if the target walks past them, they will not see it at all. It seems that the cursed blood corpses’ visual lock has a limit. They are faster than CR72, but it is only limited to the open environment. When I returned to my normal condition, they stopped chasing me. Now I am re-emerging as a Night Devil. Without looking face to face, they stopped chasing me forever.”

The Night Devil leaped lightly from the sky above the blood corpses, and then Wang Ji passed the monsters after landing, going to the front of his car and sitting in it calmly.

“It’s now 20:35 p.m. of the bunker time. There are 2 hours 21 minutes left before these monsters enter the second form of life. I have not understood what the Preacher is contemplating now. He took two items, and it was time to have a match and find out his details. If nothing unexpected happens, he should be in the People’s Hospital. There are still 15 shots left in the Waves Particle Duality, which is enough to deal with the Preacher.”

Starting the car, Wang Ji held the steering wheel.

“Hope you’re still alive.”

What he meant was Liu Hsiao Nan.



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