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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Face-off

Municipal People’s Hospital.

Time has become extraordinarily long, and every minute was a torment for Liu Hsiao Nan. It’s already 9:50, and it’s been more than two hours since Zhang Guoqing’s departure. In the main city, he has not come back in the current traffic environment. Liu Hsiao Nan felt something wrong. But she couldn’t show it. Before the director came back, she had to look at the suspicious person.

“It’s going to be ten o’clock right away. When it’s two hours after ten o’clock, you will be finished.”

Suddenly the man sitting in front of her said. Liu Hsiao Nan immediately pulled out the gun and pointed at his head. “Shoot it, don’t hesitate. You’ve hesitated for nearly two hours,” the person sitting in front of her said.

With a bang, the gunshot burst without hesitation! The ragged citizen broke through the handcuffs in an instant, and the hand in the glove grabbed the bullet.

The sweat broke out on Liu Hsiao Nan’s backbone, and when she got up and stepped back, she shot with a gun!

As the bullets struck, his body swooped forward, as if a virtual shadow had crashed the desk. And he dodged all the bullets with a very strange angle in such a close distance. Liu Hsiao Nan’s pupils were instantly magnified. Before she responded, he had already grabbed her neck and slammed her into the wall, holding it firmly!

Liu Hsiao Nan’s head was violently hit, and she almost fainted.

“Where’s your wave-particle duality? You’ve guessed who I am, but still used a pistol to threaten me? What? Those people temporarily lent it to you, are you going to go back now? Oh, I can understand. They want to let me take the prohibited items and deny the relationship with myself with your death. But they still can’t bear such a powerful weapon, I understand. Rookies always get taken advantage of, you should understand now.”

The smile on the ragged man’s face disappeared.

“Listen, rookie, I have spent two hours with you. Don’t count on it, your superior Hunter has abandoned you. Desperate? It should be. You have been scammed since you revived. It’s not right or wrong, those Hunters have to plunder your resources if they want to live better. Want to revenge? I will tell you what the cost of revenge is, it’s destroying the world that is no longer relevant to you. Like me, you will become a Preacher.”

“He thinks that I’m the Hunter!”

Liu Hsiao Nan understood that the Preacher made a big mistake. In fact, she didn’t understand his words, but she knew she just obtained some very important information.

“Nan? What happened there?”

A voice came from outside the door.

“You idiot! don’t come!”

Liu Hsiao Nan’s heart beat violently. The movement just attracted her nearby colleague, but the scene that the Preacher had just escaped from the bullet attack within a distance of fewer than two meters still haunted in her brain, which made her feel thrilled. The Preacher smiled and said to Liu Hsiao Nan: “Your colleague is calling you, don’t you respond? Then I will help you respond.”

After that, the Preacher stretched out a hand and pointed at the door. The palm made a squeaking current, and then a strand of blue light was wrapped around the door.


Before the armed police outside finished speaking, the sound stopped abruptly. Immediately a sound of a sudden percussion came from the other side of the door, Liu Hsiao Nan was breathing with difficulty. Her whole mind began to become disordered. “Current, he was sucked by the current.” Even so, she could tell what happened to her colleague outside.

The Preacher clenched his fist he stretched out to the door.


After the explosion, the door was smashed and the whole room followed with a shake. There were only ash and charred wood on the ground.

“Betraying civilization and wisdom is a tough choice, but as long as you do this, you will always be compensated. If you want, you can have everything I just used.”

The Preacher’s tone was awkward, and the strange smile re-appeared on his face.

“I have been to ten civilized worlds. The Hunters there are rookies like you. I killed them all because they were too useless. But you are different. No matter it’s in the volcanic park or the way you released the baits to kill them, it’s my first time to all these on a rookie. You are very smart and calm. Such a smart person should not stay in the quagmire of civilization. As long as you promise, my last item support will specially strip the tree party machine for you. As Preachers, we won’t waste our remaining wisdom to deceive our partners. How about this, little girl? Are you interested? If you are, wink your eyes.”

Liu Hsiao Nan winked sorrowfully.

The Preacher let go of his hand, and Liu Hsiao Nan fell off the wall, huddling herself up and touching her neck, breathing greedily. The Preacher said indifferently. “Let’s go get your item support, your second item support is still not taken outside. The clues are only known to you, inform other Hunters to let them also come. We are there to ambush and help you revenge.”

Seeing the Preacher back to herself and ready to go to find some items, Liu Hsiao Nan glanced down, quietly pulling out the dagger at her waist. She stood up and followed him.

“You will be my deputy in the future. In this case, we will be eligible to take part in the next Army War, there are…” The Preacher suddenly turned, grabbing Liu Hsiao Nan’s knife. The Preacher’s eyes became wicked, looking at Liu Hsiao Nan, who looked desperate because of the unsuccessful sneak attack, and he said. “You don’t even have any weapon, how do you dare to resist… No, you are not the Hunter of this world!”

After he said that, the Preacher’s pupils were magnified. Immediately the arm that he grabbed the dagger disappeared at an alarming speed. Without any hesitation, the Preacher stretched out his hand. A white and majestic lightsaber appeared out of nowhere in the other hand, cutting his arm off.

Before the arm that has been shackled landed, it has been completely annihilated!

“There is actually another person hiding here!!”

The Preacher bit his teeth, his eyes full of anger, but his expression was like laughing. He quickly lowered his body, dodging for no reasons. He rolled directly out of the room after that. Wang Ji silently penetrated the window, ignoring Liu Hsiao Nan, who was lying on the other side due to exhaustion. He grabbed the chair on the ground and threw it out, then jumped to the door.


The Preacher was hysterical, raising the majestic sword. A sacred golden light rushed out of the blade from the hilt, and the light shattered the chair at the moment the chair jumped out of the hall from the room. The Preacher’s pupils were enlarged again.


When the thought just flashed in his mind, such a danger that he hadn’t felt for a long time was re-emerged in her heart. He flipped back and rolled away helplessly. A colorless dark light vanished the place where he had just escaped. The ground was gone!

“Heat, it’s the Wave-Particle Duality!”

The Preacher’s heart began to beat violently. He didn’t expect that the sudden moment of decisive battle would come so soon.

He felt the instantaneous warming and extinction of the heat. He knew that it was the dark beam from the Wave-Particle Duality. He knew that the beam would emit unimaginable energy after shooting the Hunter’s target. The heat was one of them. As for the extinction of the heat, it’s because he has escaped and not been hit by the dark beam.

Without hitting the target, the dark beam would extinguish the energy and turn into ordinary invisible light. However, these are not the points. The point is that the Hunter he faced showed the strategies and unprecedented consciousness!

“Hang on, he’s a rookie who has just passed the experimental mode. He will definitely make mistakes.”

The Preacher lowered his posture and began to tumble and retreat. Wang Ji took the bow out of the room and pulled the bow again. He pinched the dark beam in his hand and then released the second shot at the Preacher.


The Preacher’s hem was shot by the dark beam. With a slight sound, the Preacher turned the lightsaber in his hand and tore the hem.


As the majestic white sword flipped, the Preacher raised the sword for the second time. He shouted out this sentence in his heart and his eyes fixed on the vague shadow. However, when raising the sword, the Hunter had loosened the bowstring in advance. The horrible heat was approaching once again, the Preacher couldn’t care less about any purification. His upper body rolled backward to dodge the attack of the dark beam. The whole process was extremely thrilling. He knew he was not shot simply because he was still alive.

“He can see me because of the lightsaber?”

Wang Ji pulled up the bow without hesitation, staring at the Preacher’s body movement, and launched the dark beam once again. Some scenes in the chasing game came to mind. It seemed that Rodin’s speed couldn’t be compared to the speed of light, but he did avoid his attacks at that time. Similar, the Preacher in front of him was much more embarrassed, but he dodged Wang Ji’s attacks too.

“His dodge is a bit strange, like Rodin.”


The Preacher flipped over the sword he summoned before and grabbed the hilt, rolling over to the front. The blade was violently shocked, and the Preacher could barely hold the trembling sword. The body of the lightsaber had a violent ripple. Once again, the dark beam was blocked, and the blood of the Preacher seemed to have entered the pump since it’s going to explode with this attack!

“Sure enough, he judged it by staring at my hand’s movements.”

Wang Ji clearly saw the entire process of the Preacher’s evasion. He jumped up and followed him, pulling the bowstring aiming at the Preacher again.

“What happened?”

“Who’s there…”

At the corner of the corridor, six armed police officers raised the guns and watched the Preacher who just climbed up, not knowing what happened. “It’s just right!” The Preacher seemed to see the saviors. His body flew forward. When he got up, he spread his hands and grabbed in the air. The blue electric light instantly burst out of the palms and sucked the six people!

“Stop! We should lay down our weapons and talk!”

The Preacher stood behind the six people. He finally stood up from the embarrassing dodges, and the six people who were firmly sucked by the electricity kept twitching.

“Don’t force me to kill these 6 people…”

The Preacher’s broken left arm was still bleeding, and a sly smile appeared on his pale face. Unfortunately, this self-righteous performance did not come into play like what he thought. The Hunter loosened the bowstring without any hesitation. As the familiar heat appeared again, the Preacher had a chill and lowered his body and jumped. When he dodged, a person in front of him was instantly annihilated!

“It’s useless to take hostages to him.”

The Preacher’s hand holding the sword faintly shook. He once again felt the toughness of the rookie. This finally made him realize that this opponent was not a weak person fainting in the civilized hotbed. He was faced with a Hunter that could murder without blinking.

“My bow can still get 7 shots.”

Wang Ji took the bow and jumped over the five remaining hostages, calmly chasing after the Preacher. There were still seven shots of dark beam left, and this narrow space in the hospital corridor was enough to choke the Preacher. But this was not enough. The way the Preacher dodged reminded Wang Ji of Rodin in the game of chasing.

They all seemed to have an extraordinary fighting skill. Compared to the electromagnetic power exhibited by the Preacher, he cared more about this fighting skill.


Blood Moon Eden (The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin Book 1) (from c1 to c71)

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