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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Explosive Gloves

At 21:07 of the bunker time.

There are only 3 hours and 26 minutes left before the cursed blood corpses enter the second form of life.

Municipal People’s Hospital.

In the corridor, Wang Ji slowly pulled the bowstring, blocking the Preacher’s route of retreat step by step. A beam shot out of the darkness, and once again it passed the Preacher. An incredible thing happened again, which made him even more determined. His archery was normal, but the accuracy was not bad. So how could he miss at such a close range?

“It should be because of his dodging skill.”

Wang Ji once again pulled the bowstring and determined in his mind. “There are still 6 shots, I will use 3 shots to block his way, letting him escape from the corridor window. If facing off, I have little chance of hitting him, so I have to think about another strategy.”

Wang Ji never stopped thinking and began to think of a tactic that would kill the Preacher with 1 shot. Like him, the Preacher kept thinking about the route to retreat.

“It is too risky to predict the attack trajectory of the Wave-Particle Duality with anti-step posture. My body has almost no resistance to the dark beam, and I don’t know how much loads of beam are left in his weapon. Chances are slim that I will hit him with the Heaven Sword in this situation. No, I still have to wait for my last item. If facing a confrontation, the outcome is too unpredictable.”

The Preacher blocked the majestic light sword on his chest. He lost a part of his arm, and moved his body in a vigilant manner, facing the darkness in the corridor. He retreated carefully and was going to touch the end of the window.

He didn’t dare to run. Once he fled back against the Wave-Particle Duality, he would be killed immediately due to the precision of the rookie Hunter. This was also a point that made the Preacher feel sticky. He must retreat with this posture. And only in this posture, had he the hope of surviving in the duel.

A voice in his mind reminded him from time to time, making him feel ashamed and jealous: you are facing a rookie Hunter.

“No way, he actually has a banned item, the Wave-Particle Duality. It seems that his superior Hunter really intended to deploy him as an important piece. If I can go back alive, I must report this situation…I have come to the window, I will jump out from here. Then take advantage of the vision when I am separated from him. I will lure him to come out and then fight him the Holy Light!”

The Preacher’s eyebrows pressed down as he clenched the sword in his hand. This time, the match would determine everything. As long as the purification effect of the Heaven Sword hits the Night Devil in the darkness, then he would dare to turn back and kill the Hunter immediately, but if not…


Wang Ji pulled the bow and shot out with an arrow calmly. At the moment the dark beam was released, the Preacher was cautious, and his whole body flipped backward. The shining sword followed his movements, and the sword body had a wave of ripples, which was the trace left by the dark beam.

“Chase me if you still have guts!”

When the Preacher jumped off from the fourth floor, he snorted and launched a provocation against Wang Ji. While he was falling, he raised the lightsaber in his hand. “Purification!” he groaned, and a golden light gathered from the hilt of the lightsaber in his hand again, lighting the windows on the entire fourth floor of the hospital. However, the Preacher was extremely stunned in his heart.

There was no Devil’s shadow burned by the flame in the purifying light.

For a moment, an unbelievable thought flashed in the Preacher’s mind: this rookie Hunter was more cautious than all the Hunters he had seen. Now, not mentioning absorbing the Hunter as a new Preacher, it’s questionable whether he himself could escape alive!


The Preacher fell heavily on the ground, but he did not dare to stop when he landed. He endured the pain and climbed to escape. As the footsteps just started, the Holy Light in the windows of the fourth floor of the hospital disappeared. Wang Ji calmly chased to the window and released an arrow, then a dark beam instantly hit the Preacher’s left leg!


When the Preacher was shot again, the lightsaber slammed swiftly once again, breaking his left leg. At the last moment, he jumped desperately, spending all the power of his right leg and body. He crashed into the car window and jumped into the car parked in the yard.

Looking down from a height, Wang Ji immediately pulled the bow. Before the bowstring was loosened, the car suddenly exploded! The fire and the smoke rose into the sky and instantly blocked his vision.

“Did that car explode?”

Wang Ji put down the bow and looked at the explosion of the vehicle, feeling a bit strange. He quickly jumped down from the floor and landed in front of the wreckage of the exploded vehicle to look for the Preacher’s bones.

“There’s nobody. He blocked my vision with the explosion and took the opportunity to escape.”

Wang Ji turned around and took a long breath, putting back the Wave-Particle Duality. Then he re-entered the hospital building in the Night Devil’s Suit to look for Liu Hsiao Nan. He got quite a lot in this match. Wang Ji drove the Preacher up to the wall and found the opponent having many clues. The Fallen Badge that he hid in the preaching war did not be used until the Preacher was forced to escape.

“First, he seems to have a special ability of electromagnetic force, but it does not work for me. Second, the lightsaber in his hand has a purifying effect. The lightsaber should be an item from heaven. The so-called purification should have a huge lethality on a Night Devil like me, even kill me. Third, his posture was very strange, different from Rodin but with the same nature of evasion and defense; fourth, he has a certain resistance to the dark beam, so that he will not be annihilated immediately when he gets hit by the beam. Fifth, the car that he jumped into exploded in an instant, which is a doubt. Maybe it’s related to his gloves, because he is ragged all over except for the gloves. It’s probably an item.”

Wang Ji’s thinking was like a lightning bolt, almost all the information of the Preacher was dug out and integrated by him in an instant. Immediately, he thought of a point. If he kills the Preacher, could he obtain the Preacher’s items? If not, how could he find items for the deal with Rodin in exchange for the Wave-Particle Duality?

Only to rob the Preacher’s items, of course.

After everything was clear, Wang Ji knew that killing the Preacher was imperative. He needed more items, and the items the Preacher had were not necessarily less than his.

In the dark hospital office, Liu Hsiao Nan seemed to hear the cry of the devil.

“Wake up.”

She tried to open her eyes desperately, and it was a mess in front of her. She sat up with difficulty and held her aching forehead with her hand. “What did the Preacher say to you?” Suddenly, a low-pitched scary voice burst at night.


Liu Hsiao Nan got nervous instantly and fell to the ground to touch the dropped pistol. “It’s me, the Hunter.” Wang Ji stood by her side and replied. Liu Hsiao Nan’s froze for a moment, then she raised her head. Her bright eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. She quickly stood up and looked around, but could not see a figure. “You can’t see me at night, don’t waste your time. The young man who was with you during the day has already done the same effort as you.”

“Do you mean Wang Ji?”

Liu Hsiao Nan still held the gun tight.

“I don’t know his name, I don’t care, either.” Wang Ji responded and then asked. “Tell me what the Preacher has told you, tell me all.”


Liu Hsiao Nan paused for a moment, looking down at her head with uneasiness. Then she said everything the Preacher had said. Wang Ji stood in front of her, listening to it and thinking about it. He felt a faint uneasiness, and there seemed to be something in the night wind making a slight noise.

“Then you appeared…”


Wang Ji seemed to hear this kind of sound, which was very weak but still could be heard clearly. “Did you hear that?” Wang Ji suddenly said, “Tik, tok.” Liu Hsiao Nan stared blankly and looked at the darkness, shaking her head: “No, I did not hear anything.”

“It seems to come from downstairs. Follow me.”

Wang Ji said, grabbing Liu Hsiao Nan’s arm and affecting the surrounding material with his own special spirit, which let them go through the fourth floor and land on the third floor. Liu Hsiao Nan, who was caught in the arm, only felt a bitter cold in her arm, but she didn’t dare to say anything because she hadn’t reacted yet, and the scene in front of her has changed from the fourth floor to the third floor.

“Down there.”

Wang Ji felt that the source was closer, but there was still a distance. Grabbing Liu Hsiao Nan, he went down to the second floor. At this time, the discussion of the armed police outside the building was also clear. In groups of three or five, the armed police were investigating the exploded vehicle. He knew that the armed police stationed in the hospital came to the scene because they had heard the explosion of the vehicle.

“The source is on the first floor.”

This time, Wang Ji finally determined where sound that disturbed him was, and Liu Hsiao Nan also vaguely heard this sound. As the two landed in the examination room on the first floor, the source of the sound was shown clearly in front of Wang Ji. “It’s a medical infrared camera.” He looked at instruments that flashed red lights from time to time in the darkness.

Silently loosening Liu Hsiao Nan’s arm and walking to the medical infrared camera, he tried to check the instrument. All the details under the night were revealed in his eyes. A handprint was left out of nowhere on the panel of the instrument, and it’s marked “boom” in the middle of the palm.

“Boom, explosion.”

Wang Ji whispered, this was the first meaning he thought of.

Subsequently, the multi-function X-ray glasses quickly displayed a line of text:

Capital A, you successfully collected a clue of the Preacher’s item. The item that the Cobra organization has prepared for you has arrived. The clue of the spot is “Beast Cage”, and there were two fluctuations on the super film. The Preacher’s third item support had also arrived at the same time.

From experiment A.

Capital A, the handprints you saw were reserved for the “Explosive Gloves” series of items that have a large number of fanatics in the multiverse. One of the blasting gloves converts all metal instruments in contact into time bombs or let It instantly exploded, which is the same as you currently experienced (Note: The longer the time bomb is converted by the explosion gloves, the longer the explosion will be. If it’s more than three days, the bomb can blow up the mainland of Australia on your planet).

Your spy satellite service has been scanned and adjusted, marking all the time bombs in your city with gold color and displayed on your X-ray glasses map. Please get the items to respond to the disaster as soon as possible.

From experiment A.

After the relevant information was reported, Wang Ji’s X-ray glasses received the dense golden numbers throughout the city marked on the satellite map, which completely covered the entire city. Except for the time bomb in front of Wang Ji, which would explode 13 minutes later, all other bombs were set at 21:59:59.

He remembered what the Preacher said two hours ago: “Let’s make a bet, I bet that 20,000 people will die before 22:00 tonight, as for the location… I won’t tell you, because you are so smart, you will guess it…”

“It turned out that he disappeared for an afternoon to bury time bombs in the city.”

Wang Ji could not help but feel thrilled, he looked down at his watch. It’s now 21:11, less than 48 minutes left before the entire city gets bombed…


Blood Moon Eden (The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin Book 1) (from c1 to c71)

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