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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Evacuation

“The hospital is about to explode, inform the person in charge here. We better evacuate all the people in the hospital within ten minutes.”

Wang Ji said to Liu Hsiao Nan who was behind him. Liu Hsiao Nan was surprised. “The hospital is going to explode? How is it possible…” “Go ahead.” Wang Ji’s tone was unquestionable. Liu Hsiao Nan took a step back and ran out. She didn’t hear the countdown mentioned by the Hunter, but she chose to trust him.


The special audio was still ringing in front of him. This seemed to be a frequency that ordinary people can’t hear, like ultrasound, which could be heard by Wang Ji, a Night Devil. But his current thinking was not in the time bombs. From Liu Hsiao Nan, Wang Ji knew that the Preacher could also know the number of times his items had been delivered.

“The clue of the Beast Cage is also very simple. It refers to the zoo in the city. It is not far from the hospital and is entirely possible to arrive there within ten minutes. I am sure that the item support is for the bombs buried in the city. It is impossible for me to get to many destinations, otherwise, there will be a problem of distance and time with the item support. And the city will be bombed, I will lose in any case.”

He began to sort out his thoughts, starting with guessing the information of the item and making the last guess and deployment for the Preacher.

“Now let me put myself in his shoes to think. I am sure that his third item support is definitely for me. If I were him, I would immediately challenge the Hunter and never let the Hunter get his third item support, so that he would be too exhausted to have chances to find the equipment, even if it’s cheating, he would never let me relax.”

He thought of this, a series of currents began to resound and Wang Ji’s mobile phone screen was on. At this moment, all the people bringing the mobile phone received a call which had connected without picking up:

Hunter, now come to Xihang Airport in the north of the city, arrive within seven minutes, otherwise I will detonate all the time bombs in the city in advance. I know you can, can’t you?

The phone was hung up and the Preacher snorted at the end.

“He’s lying.”

Wang Ji came to the conclusion immediately.

“As I am a rookie, he was sure that I don’t know his details. I really didn’t know, but I have already known that he is a person who is afraid of death. The bombs can’t kill me or break the protective film either. But it can kill him. Even if his third item is to guarantee his immortality, as long as I am alive and the seed hasn’t entered the second form of life, I have time to kill him. He doesn’t know the loads of my Wave-Particle Dual. If he knew, then he wouldn’t have been afraid and run away.”

Wang Ji’s judgment was more than that.

“On the other hand, he does not have the ability to change all the items in such a short period of time. I believe that the Explosive Gloves can change its explosion time after re-contacting the instrument, but it’s necessary to touch all the bombs in the city. He isn’t that fast.”

Wang Ji guessed what the Preacher was thinking, he felt that the item delivery time has basically exposed the function of the items. The Preacher’s prop support was definitely used to deal with him, and his item was for the explosive gloves. It’s not difficult to guess if he took time into consideration.

“So he is definitely not at Xihang airport but at other locations, watching every movement in the hospital. If the hospital explodes, it indicates that his plan was successful. If the hospital does not explode after ten minutes, it indicates that the Hunter did not follow his instructions, but go to get the supportive item first. I just don’t move. After all, I still can’t give up my identity in the civilized world. As for him, his arms and legs have broken, he must not recover so quickly.”

Wang Ji got up, walking out of the examination room.

“I didn’t lie to you. You just saw what happened to the patrol armed police on the fourth floor. The car outside was also bombed without any reason. The Hunter said that.”

Liu Hsiao Nan tried to explain it behind several policemen. However, these people did not listen to her at all. One of them sneered in the nose. “How is it possible? How can there be a bomb in the hospital? Where is the Hunter? Let him come out to see me!”

“I’m here.”

Wang Ji replied, and the police officers suddenly felt the ultimate chill. The police officer who asked that question left the ground with his hands and neck hung in the sky. Wang Ji picked him up around his neck and said it slowly. “The medical infrared camera in the examination room had been turned into a bomb by the Preacher. All the police officers, evacuated immediately. There are only seven minutes left before it explodes.”

“Yes, yes!”

A group of policemen fled away. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they couldn’t imagine the sound they had just heard. It was not uttered by human beings. Since they heard it, it evoked the deepest fear in their hearts. Seeing that everyone else escape, Wang Ji let go and threw the policeman on the ground. The policeman fell to the ground and tried his best to press the light switch in the corridor. With a bang, the lamp exploded and he was scared to the ground once again.

Wang Ji reacted indifferently. He returned to the examination room and sat silently beside the bomb. The slight footsteps in the corridor approached slowly, and Liu Hsiao Nan walked a few steps lightly, watching the air and feeling a little helpless. “Hunter.” Her voice was very small, and there was some trepidation. “Can you tell us what to do after the hospital explodes?” She asked with courage.

“Dismiss all the crowds and let them go all the way to the west.”

Wang Ji replied.


Liu Hsiao Nan turned her head to the direction of the voice, but there was still no figure in her eyes. She did not understand.

“From the very beginning, the infrared program was not right. From the beginning, Zhang Guoqing’s was helping the Preacher to find the targets.”

Wang Ji said, and Liu Hsiao Nan listened carefully.

“After the hospital explosion, Zhang Guoqing may bring the remaining officers back. If he evacuates the people to the west of the city, you have to follow him; if he wants to bring the crowds to take refuge in the city government building not far from the hospital, you have to find an excuse to leave for North Sea Town to save people. From Chengxi Road, follow the provincial road on Nanhua Road, although it will be very far away, but it’s safe along the road.”

“Save who?”

Liu Xiao doubted, and her eyes were shining in the darkness.

“You’ll see.”

Wang Ji replied.


Liu Hsiao Nan immediately agreed, and she was very nervous. On the same night, she saw the Preacher and the Hunter, mastering too many information that ordinary people did not know. The sense of responsibility as a police told her in her mind that she might have a very important person to save.

“Now let’s see if Zhang Guoqing can still listen to others. Dead or alive, his choice will determine his fate.”

Wang Ji thought, sitting in front of the bomb silently.

Five minutes later, a large number of citizens who had taken refuge in the hospital were awakened and evacuated from the hospital. The process of just a few minutes was full of tests of human nature. Liu Hsiao Nan shouted from time to time with a horn. “Please try to maintain order, we will shoot if necessary!”

After her voices, there were gunshots. The armed policemen did not hesitate to shoot, to warn them. They had to use extraordinary means in the extraordinary period. If there was no violence to maintain order, moral humanities were just some jokes in the face of the crisis of life and death.

They chose to tell everyone that there’s a bomb in the hospital.

Before that, they tried to communicate, but the citizens were objected about that. They were never willing to listen to the police officers when the situation was still unclear. Too many people were mad as they heard that there’s a time bomb that might explode in a matter of minutes.

When the order collapsed and the horrors of self-discipline were about to appear, violence has solved all of this.

“Are you willing to die immediately under the gun, or obediently escape in order? The people at the door, go first! Others, leave with small steps in order! Liu, look at the A1 gate. Shoot anyone who dares to cut in line immediately to me!”

The armed police captain shouted in anger.

Evacuating all citizens within a few minutes is the most difficult one among all the missions. Wang Ji, who released the mission, also knew that the crisis of human nature appeared in the hospital, but he just left the hospital alone and went to the zoo. The devil’s whisper may wake police up, but facing the public will only make them completely collapsed because of fear.

At 21:21 of the bunker time.

After a long detour, Zhang Guoqing led the remaining officers back to the city hospital.

“What are you doing!”

Zhang Guoqing saw a large number of people being dismissed from the hospital. He immediately rebuked the police. “The whole city is now full of monsters, and you dismissed the citizens? You are looking for death!”

“Director Zhang, a time bomb was buried in the hospital!”

“Bullshxt! Who said that?!”

“The Hunter!”

“Bullshxt! The Hunter is still fighting in Qingyuan Street. He is covering us. How can he tell you that there is a bomb here! I tell you, there are bombs all over the city! It’s all the Preacher’s bullshxt!”

Zhang Guoqing’s body trembled with shackles, and the hysterical snoring resounded through the night sky.

“Report! The citizens have all been evacuated!” The voice of a police immediately ignited Zhang Guoqing’s temper. “It’s bullshxt! Send all the citizens back to the hospital for the resettlement!” Some of the citizens were scared and trembling. Indeed, Zhang Guoqing and the others fought back, almost everyone’s clothes were soaked in blood, which looked so terrible.

The armed police team stationed in the hospital was silent. For a moment, the armed police captain looked at the time and said. “I am sorry, but we have to be responsible for the crowds. If the hospital does not explode after one minute, we will immediately resettle the citizens back to the hospital. If the hospital explodes, according to the Hunter’s statement, you will take charge of our following mission.”

Zhang Guoqing asked subconsciously, “He said that I am responsible?” “Yes, Hsiao Nan ventured closer to the Hunter. This is the information she got back.” The armed police captain explained and looked at Liu Hsiao Nan.

Liu Hsiao Nan looked at the hospital with a complicated look. Suddenly, she turned her head and asked the two armed policemen not far away. “Where’s Wang Ji? Why didn’t you bring him out?” The two armed policemen stunned and then turned to look at Zhang Guoqing.

“Director Zhang, the key!”

Liu Hsiao Nan quickly turned and rushed to Zhang Guoqing.


Zhang Guoqing raised his brow.

“The key, Wang Ji is still inside!” Liu Hsiao Nan’s tone was rushed, her anxious feelings flowed in words. Zhang Guoqing sternly refused. “No, the Hunter said that the hospital is about to explode, you can’t take the risk. And the remaining time is less than a minute, you have to consider the overall situation.”

“The key, Director Zhang…!”

Liu Hsiao Nan was anxious that she almost cried out. At this time, the whole earth suddenly shook, and then there was a loud bang. The fire instantly tore the entire hospital, and several buildings were swallowed up in an instant!


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