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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 45

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 45: New Nano Bug

There was smoke everywhere and the clouds were towering.

At 21:24 of the bunker time, there’s a huge explosion in the Municipal People’s Hospital. The power overturned all the office buildings in the hospital. In a moment, the hospital was turned into a ruin.

At the moment of the explosion, Liu Hsiao Nan burst into tears. She did not expect that the last words she said to Wang Ji were actually an apology. Wang Ji did not escape and got swallowed up by the fire of the explosion! Liu Hsiao Nan’s body was stiff, and then she was stopped by the police officers next to her when she rushed into the burning ruin.

Zhang Guoqing sternly said. “Nan, pay attention to your emotions! We have something more important to do!”

Liu Hsiao Nan’s were kneeling on the ground, raised her head eyes and looked at Zhang Guoqing with tears welling up in her eyes. She shouted in his face: “If it weren’t for him, you would have been eaten by the monsters! If it weren’t for him, you would have no infrared program! You locked him up because you’re jealous!”


Zhang Guoqing sneered. “If his words were not the Hunter let him say, I’d kill myself here. Who was always asking for merit?” When Zhang Guoqing paused here, he sighed. “It is worth grieving when losing a partner, but you don’t even know how many partners we have lost outside!”

“You deserved it!”


Zhang Guoqing lost his temper and flew into a rage!

On a building in the distance, the Preacher who smiled looking at this scene. “Oh, the rookie is a rookie. After all, how can I still have time to change the bombs in the whole city?”

As the Preacher looked at his arms and thighs, the broken arms and thighs are growing rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye. “Betraying the wisdom camp will make you lose a lot. But there’s always compensation. My strong body is unmatched by you Hunters. Well, it’s time to call you to make a real final face-off.”


In the pockets of the lucky citizens who just escaped from the explosion, the screens of their mobile phones lighted up, and at the same time, the lights in the city were lit again.

“I am sorry to have such a terrible explosion in your city. I express my deep condolences to the people who died. Hunter, this is the bet I owe you. You don’t have to go to Xihang airport now. Return to the hospital, find me at the nearby national grid. I am waiting for you there.”

The Preacher sneered.

“This time I will give you ten minutes, just enough for you to get to the national grid from the Xihang Airport. You don’t have any choice, do you? Within two minutes, we will end the battle. If I die, the bomb will not explode at 21:32. If you die, you can’t see the city burnt. They’re both great, aren’t they?”

The Preacher sneered and cut off.

Southern District, Zoo.

“So he thought his lie worked?”

Wang Ji put back his mobile phone and got his third item in the snake’s nest. It’s a silver ladybug, less than 3 mm in size. When Wang Ji entered the snake’s nest, the ladybug automatically flew up from the leaves. It landed on the blade of his Wave-Particle Duality, and the relevant information was immediately displayed on the X-ray glasses:

Item name: New Nano Bug

Item type: Functional Item

Item introduction: hundreds of millions of nano-robots make up this ladybug, and each nano-robot can be decomposed into 10081 basic nano work units. The power is better than the old nano-bug that swallowed the Eiffel Tower last time. It can easily cause devastation.

Item effect: Set the relevant instructions on the tree party machine and release it. The nano bug can accept the command to quickly disassemble and smash the target metal, splitting it into the most basic element units. The nano bug can also be implanted into the body to metalize parts of the body.

p.s: This item is a basic nano bug. If you want to own this item and get more functions of the nano bug, you need to trade with Cobra after the preaching war.

Wang Ji extended his palm, the night magic costume faded from his palm, the ladybug wings opened, and the sound of a weak and crisp flapping sound fell on his hand, which was so small that was almost negligible.

Through the proxy tree party machine that was embedded in the X-ray glasses, Wang Ji quickly inputs instructions and opened the city map under the spy satellite surveillance, he set the target into all the golden digital time bombs in the city.

Confirm the task of the nano bug?


Wang Ji chose to confirm.


The silvery nano bug was filled with the luster of mercury, and instantly turned into a mass of smoke in Wang Ji’s palm, which spread to the whole city. It was only a moment that it completely disappeared.

“Well, I can go to the appointment now. The reason why I didn’t try to kill you with the dark beam at that time, except for the lack of loads on the dark beams, to let your last item be sent is also an important reason. Now it’s about time. I am sure that your lightsaber is an item from heaven, and I have a good grasp of 80% to confirm that your third item is also an item from heaven.”

Wang Ji whispered in his mind took out the item he had never used in the whole preaching war from his pocket: the Fallen Badge. When he wore this item, all items from heaven will be invalidated, and all demonic items double their effectiveness.

The blood-stained holy badge flashed the mysterious luster on Wang Ji’s chest, and the robes of the whole Night Devil’s Suit was floating with the night wind. Wang Ji gently stood on his toes and flew out of the snake’s nest, slightly stepped on the zoo’s signboard and disappeared in the night.

At the same time, the hospital ruin.

After listening to it, Zhang Guoqing frowned and ordered. “Protect the crowds to the city government building to take refuge, there is a bunker on the ground, which can play as a protective role. The Armed Police Team Two, go to the armed ministry and retrieve the ammunition there. Everyone else, get to move!”

After hearing it, an armed police hurriedly persuaded. “Deputy Director, the Hunter asked us to go to the west of the city…” “So many people have to evacuate, all the hospital’s cars have been bombed, and is it possible for us to take them out like this?”

Zhang Guoqing severely rebuked. The armed police immediately became quiet.

Liu Hsiao Nan wiped her tears and stood up silently, clenching her fists and heading in the opposite direction.

“Where are you going!”

Zhang Guoqing yelled.

Liu Hsiao Nan did not answer, she thought of the task assigned by the Hunter after wiping tears. “Go to the west of the city to find a car, then go to North Sea Town to save people.” She whispered in her mind. After the grief was temporarily suppressed, it’s replaced by a greater belief. Wang Ji may not be her good friend, but he’s the one who made the greatest contribution in this disaster. Usually, although without a good character, he’s always reliable at this critical moment.

Now she’s the only reliable person, and she would complete the rescue task assigned by the Hunter.

“I’ll stop her!”

An armed police said.

“Forget it, let her go. Get ready, take refuge in the city government!”

Zhang Guoqing waved impatiently. The disobedient men were too many. Not long ago, he almost got killed owing to them. This kind of person staying with him would only become his burdens. It’s good for such people to get out of his way themselves.

At 21:29 of the bunker time.

There’s less than half an hour left before all time bombs exploded;

Wang Ji arrived at the national grid. His Night Devil body passed through the roller shutter and came to the hall inside, sitting down on the seat in front of the counter.

Turning around and spreading the purple-red bowstring, Wang Ji pinched a dark beam in his hand.

Except for this one, he still had two loads of beam. But for him, it’s only a moment to decide life and death, so a dark beam was enough.

A large number of golden countdown numbers on the city map have been erased. The phagocytic effect of the nano bug was indeed beyond Wang Ji’s expectation, and the efficiency was amazing.

“If he is punctual, then he should be here now.”

Wang Ji thought.

Suddenly, his cell phone started to vibrate, which was especially clear in the extremely quiet night.

“Oh. you’re really punctual!”

The Preacher, standing in front of the national grid shutter, opened his mouth and laughed, then threw the phone in his hand and immediately grabbed a ball filled with holy light from behind his waist, throwing it out!


The strong explosion mixed with the incomparably huge sacred white light instantly lit up the entire night sky, as if an irregular beam of light skyrocketed. The shutter was torn and shattered, and the entire national grid building was torn apart. The hall inside was illuminated due to the strong holy light! The Preacher raised the lightsaber and strode into the white holy light with a cold smile on his face. “How’s the taste of the holy light bomb…”


The colorless dark beam penetrated the Preacher’s forehead, the Preacher’s face was stiff and his pupils were instantly enlarged. At his last glance, he saw a shadow in the holy light stand up and put down the bow in the hand. The black blood badge floating with the strong wind was clearly reflected in his eyes. This was the last scene he saw before he died.

It’s too late, the dark beam that has been strengthened by the badge was much stronger than before. He had no resistance in the face of it.


The strong wind caused by the explosion instantly engulfed the Preacher’s body. His body was annihilated in a flash, and the lightsaber and the explosive gloves dropped on the ground at the same time. Two pieces of golden fragments dropped on the ground from the air, where the Preacher’s body was. The golden fragments seemed to be the fragments of two pages of books, constantly swaying in the strong wind, but never blown away.

Wang Ji calmly picked up the ball rolling on the ground, and the X-ray glasses quickly displayed the information:

Capital A, you have killed the Preacher, all the information of this preaching war has been collected.

Information is being retrieved, please wait…

The information retrieval is completed. You are informed of the identity information of the dead Preacher.

Your tree party item support permission is open, you can submit your application now, and get the tree party item delivery support immediately!


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