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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Treasure

You picked up the item: Holy Light Bomb;

You picked up the item: Heaven Sword;

You picked up the item: Explosive Gloves;

You picked up the knowledge fragment: Beowulf’s dragon-slaying skill (2/4).

From experiment A.

As Wang Ji quickly picked up the items from the Preacher, the last two golden fragments caught his attention. When Wang Ji picked them up, they fell directly into his palm and entered his body. However, he did not feel any abnormalities. The X-ray glasses immediately retrieved relevant information for him to understand.

Knowledge fragment: The knowledge fragments left by the predecessors, which recorded the knowledge and skills that the Hunters used to learn in the tree party. It’s an intellectual legacy of the long-term evolution of the intelligent life that left in the battle against other races. Search for relevant knowledge fragments in your mind to gain access to knowledge and skills.

“Knowledge fragment, Beowulf’s dragon-slaying skill, was the technique used by the Preacher to avoid the dark beam?”

In a flash, Wang Ji seemed to understand something. But time would not wait for him. With the death of the Preacher, the hint from the experiment A was sent to him immediately:

Capital A, after the Preacher’s death, the residual destructive species CR72 human parasite will enter the autonomous state for hunting due to loss of control. In order to avoid mass casualties in your city, please provide an application for item support to the tree party as soon as possible to obtain item support from the tree party.

“Right now.”

Wang Ji responded and the X-ray glasses immediately displayed the support application form from the tree party. Wang Ji’s codename “Capital A” and identity “Hunter” was filled in by default. He needed to input all the information obtained in this battle, as well as all the items he currently had. He quickly inputted all his items and information.

The application form has been delivered;

(It takes a total of ten days for the information review. The item support of the tree party will be transmitted to you from the future.)

The review is over; the item support has been delivered from the future;

Capital A, you have received item support from the tree party; your item “Wave-Particle Duality” is inlaid with a knowledge fragment.

From experiment A.

Wang Ji picked up the Wave-Particle Duality, and the X-ray glasses quickly displayed the data of the Wave-Particle Duality. Just below the note, there was a new line “Knowledge Fragment 1”!

Knowledge Fragment 1: Split Attack.

Split attack: The battle knowledge of the demon kings of the Abyss. After gaining the knowledge, the Wave-Particle Duality can emit 2~200 dark beams in a single shot (the value can be set by yourself, the upper limit is the dark beam full load); Unless you give a clear aim, all the dark beams will lock on all the targets in your sight, chasing all enemies within range; the damage of the split attack is 30% of the power of the dark beam on the main target.

“Split attack?”

Wang Ji was slightly shocked. This form of support was completely unexpected. Can I shoot all the dark beams at once? Then my efficiency will be greatly improved!

The pupils of the blood-colored hexagram flashed a bit, and the satellite attack immediately emerged in his mind.

He knew how to use the split attack.

“I can guess, I can guess that the tree party item support will use satellite attacks. I have long confirmed that the final problem will be solved by taking an efficient quantitative attack. But I still haven’t guessed that the tree party would be like this, generously giving me the weapons infused with knowledge fragment. There’s nothing to say, Lily was right, the power of the tree party item support is indeed beyond my expectation…head out immediately!”

Wang Ji systematically put away his loot, living the explosion ruin of the national grid. He came to the news interview car he had received in advance, and stepped on the gas to drive to North Sea Town. He had a lot of time to check his loot on the way.

At 21:35 of the bunker time.

City Government Building.

Because they were close to the Municipal People’s Hospital, Zhang Guoqing quickly organized the public. After the public were arranged in the underground bunker, which was built in the Soviet Union era, Zhang Guoqing returned upstairs with two guards and came to the mayor’s office.

“You two, wait outside. If there’s any situation, inform me immediately. I will go in and see if the mayor has left any documents.”

Zhang Guoqing told them, then entered the mayor’s office alone. After closing the door, he stood in front of the office through the moonlight and stroked the desk. His face was invisible in the moonlight. After touching the desk for a while, he sat in the mayor’s seat and took a delicate pen from his pocket.

After taking out the pen, Zhang Guoqing was suddenly at a loss what to do. He opened the drawer, took out a few documents from it, flipping them freely using the moonlight, and then signed his name on the paper with the pen. Suddenly he grabbed the paper and pinched it into a paper ball, throwing it into the trash can. Zhang Guoqing’s blue vein swell on his forehead, he seemed to be angered. He sat down again and took a deep breath on the chair, suddenly bursting into tears.

“Mayor, Director Zhao, this responsibility is too heavy!”

Zhang Guoqing, who’s nearly 50-year-old, suddenly cried like a child, and then he got two tissues to wipe his face. At this moment, a slight knock on the door suddenly came from outside the door.

“Report, there may be a situation in the corridor outside. Please get out quickly, Director Zhang. Let’s block the corridor and go.”

The armed police whispered through the intercom. Zhang Guoqing jumped up, picking up the gun and hurrying to the front door. After going out for two steps, he suddenly remembered something. He went back to his desk and picked up the pen before he came out again. Opening the door, Zhang Guoqing whispered. “What is the situation!”

“Director Zhang, fall back.”

The two armed policemen broke into a heavy sweat and looked at a corner of the corridor, pulling Zhang Guoqing back. Zhang Guoqing looked along the two men’s sight lines and saw two figures in the dark corner. One was facing them, the outlines were very familiar; and the other was back to them, lowering his body a little bit, which was also familiar.

“Wait, Director Zhao?”

When the darkness disappeared, Zhang Guoqing suddenly recognized the figure facing him. He was Director Zhao, who just sacrificed in the front line in the volcano. When he saw Director Zhao, Director Zhao was also looking at him with no expression. Immediately, Zhang Guoqing looked at another person who was back to him.


With a crisp sound, Zhang Guoqing’s hand was uncontrollable and the pen fell from his hand to the ground. At the same time, the figure back to him turned his head and looked at him.


A blood blade suddenly separated from the figure’s head, leaving a blood mark on Zhang Guoqing’s face at lightning speed. From the forehead to the chin, Zhang Guoqing split into two fleshy parts and fell to the ground. Instantly, the gunshots burst, and a blood corpse rushed out from the dark corner. Its head split into pieces of cell tissue flew up. The blades were flying in the hallway and they killed the two armed police in a moment.


Director Zhao’s upper body also began to split, turning into countless bone blades, rushing down the floor. Another bloody body seemed to be aware of it and followed it up.

The night of slaughter began, the mad monsters finally stopped hiding, going on the streets one after another, screamed and started to prey. When the refuge areas were caught off guard, suddenly someone became a monster and slaughtered the people around him. The crying and the gunshots were overlapped, and a lot of bodies began to fall, with the blood flowing all over the ground.

On south bank of the southernmost part of the city, the district representative stood on the line of defense consisting of large trucks, watching a large number of blood corpses following a body-divided monster coming toward them, and the scene of the blood-skinned siege has entered his eyes, this was the most memorable scene he has ever seen in his life. Just the bloody smell that came with the wind almost made him pass out.

“All the guards! Use sacks to block the underside of the truck! Don’t let them attack!”

Wang Ji selected the shortest route, driving to the North Sea Town. On the way, he retrieved the proceeds from killing the Preacher. In addition to the knowledge fragment, there were three items, all of which should be items supported by the Preacher party. They’re all now owned by him.

Item Name: Holy Light Bomb

Item Type: weapon class items from the heaven

Item introduction: The permanent weapons of the Angel Legion, using the Holy Light to drive away the evil, obscuring the gaze of normal people. Normal people cannot see the true face of the angel. After entering the information era, curious males always searched for the name of the angel on the Internet and add the words “no holy light” to find out the true face covered with the holy light by the Angel Legion.

Item Effect: Dispels the darkness, so that the spirit manifests itself and causes blindness or other powerful light damage to all targets in the range. This item can be used limitlessly, but must be picked up after each use.

Note: the holy light shines on us.

From experiment A.

Item Name: Heaven Sword

Item type: weapon class item from the heaven

Item Introduction: The feathers from countless angels who lost their wings in the Legion cast this holy sword with bright power.

Item Effect: The one who holds the Heaven Sword can see spirits. It has a powerful lethal effect on the devils and can resist the effect of the devil items and purify the target.

Note: no one can’t escape from dying.

From experiment A.

Explosive Gloves

Item Type: function class strange items

Item Introduction: boom series gloves are the most popular series of super film, with a large number of fans. For any creature that dares to question the ability of item, believers will wear gloves and touch the sceptic’s mother.

Item Effect: This explosive glove acts on metal appliances, and can be used to convert any metal-carrying electrical machinery into a time bomb or make it explode instantaneously (timed self-control, the upper limit is no more than one month).

Note: Your mother has blown up!

From experiment A.


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