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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The End of the Bunker Time

At 21:55 of the bunker time.

The bombs in the city were all dismantled, and there are 2 hours and 6 minutes before the blood corpses entering the second form of life.

North Sea Town, outside Mrs. Isa’s Mansion.

Wang Ji came down from the car and jumped over the tight iron gate. His Night Devil body turned into shadow and entered the mansion through the manor, coming to the basement of the mansion. The green lightning immediately dissipated, and the originally empty load of the Wave-Particle Duality was filled with energy in an instant.

“Start from here.”

Wang Ji stood still and raised his hand to the sky, pulling the bowstring. A dark beam condensed in his hand. He turned on the split attack of the knowledge mounted in the weapon and adjusted the split number to the highest load of 200!

Spy satellite map refreshed.

Protective film opening and the Wave-Particle Duality energy attack bridge converting…

The bridge is converted;

The current item combination is Wave-Particle Duality (split attack) + protective film + spy satellite;

The current item combination effect is “satellite attack”;

The current item combination attack range is the attack range of the “Wave-Particle Duality”;

The goals are all the red targets in the entire city!

“Let the final cleaning begin!”

Wang Ji loosened the bowstring, and the dark beam was silently emitted. The load was exhausted from the full load of 200 in a flash. The green lightning haunting in the energy field immediately swarmed up, and the 200 rounds of dark beams of the Wave-Particle Duality were fully charged again!

Wang Ji pulled the bow and shot all the loads of beams in one single shot. As the load of Wave-Particle Duality was exhausted, the energy field filled the bow energy for the third time.

The third shot!

The fourth shot!

The fifth shot!

Wang Ji kept repeating this process, shooting all the beams to the top of the protective film. Mrs. Isa’s Mansion has been completely controlled by him. Now, Wang Ji was the master of the world inside the protection film.

In the city.

There were roars of monsters almost everywhere. In the cemetery in the east of the city, the night watchman shivered and hid in the duty room where the lights were turned off. He watched a bloody corpse in the cemetery crawling out of the cemetery. He thought it’s the end of the world, and he started to pray silently.

“Suppress them with fire, protect the crowds to retreat!”

“We’ve been surrounded!”

“Don’t be distracted”

“There are monsters rushing in!”

Along with the last cry, a blood corpse suddenly jumped on the line of heavy vehicles, swaying a huge palm to tear up the defense line of the armed police, jumping in and rushing inside.

“Protect the crowds to evacuate!”

The representative of the district stood on the high side and directed the evacuation. He didn’t know what war was, but when hundreds of monsters rushed in from the isolation line, the only thing he could do was this. He couldn’t use the guns. The evacuating crowds were behind him. If he fell back, the line of defense would collapse completely.

Fall back?

There is no way back!

The bloody smell from the direction of the refuge area has filled the whole city. Following the wind direction, people in the quarantine area could clearly judge the direction of the monsters. It’s the refuge and the air-raid shelter in the mayor’s refuge plan. They had been completely done there.

“Contact the refuge areas again!”

“Sir, no response!”

A police answered it during the fierce gunshots. The chief of the battlefield in the quarantine area was disappointed. The suspicion of the district representative meeting from the beginning was already taken seriously. The mayor was controlled, and the refuge area has been lost. The people there have all been killed.

More and more monsters were coming from the streets, and the fall of the quarantine has become a matter of time. People were desperate, even if they retreated, where could they retreat? The dome separated the world into two parts. Inside the film, they would eventually become the prey of the monsters. In the bloody slaughter night, a radiance in the sky suddenly broke the darkness, as if the clouds covering the sky were shattered, and the sun was seen once again, illuminating the earth and the city!

“Sir, look!”

An armed policeman pointed to the sky. The transparent dome covering the grand city had a violent reaction. It seemed like the ripples constructed by the hit of the rain, and the ripples on the dome were bright and shocking. This rainy rippled scene continued to stretch and quickly took over the entire zenith.

Above the ground, the raging monsters began to disappear and evaporate at an alarming rate, as if an invisible rain drenched the entire city!

In the building, the mother and son who were driven to the wall embraced each other tightly, shivered and waited for the doom of being massacred. However, this moment has not come, and the monsters in the corridor were wiped out in an instant. Everything came so suddenly, no one realized what was going on. On the streets, in the alleys, and in the fierce quarantine area of the crossfire, the undead monsters were all evaporated in a flash and no blood left.

A dreamlike miracle was presented to the people.

“There is a strong energy response detected on the film! The source of pollution in the city is being purified!”

On the gunships exploring outside the dome, an inspiring voice came from the intercom. The command waiting for a long time outside the protective film immediately responded. “Detect energy!”

“The energy level is incredibly high!”

North Sea Town, Mrs. Isa’s Mansion.

Seeing that all the red targets on the satellite map were removed, Wang Ji finally stopped. His back has been soaked in sweat. He has never been so tired in his life, and has never been so satisfied. Sitting on the ground, he waited for the news from experiment A.

All red targets on the satellite map are cleared;

All seeds of disaster are eliminated;

The Preacher has been successfully killed;

Capital A, you have won this preaching war. Unlock zone upgrades:

Zone upgrade:

Your city is officially upgraded to the first-level A-level zone of the Smart Tree Party and is eligible to receive Class A supplies to support your city (Unlock conditions: 1. The city has the lowest level of energy facilities; 2 Successful civilization defense; 3. Eliminate all invading seeds of disaster; 4. Hunt all the Preachers).

Hunting area upgrade:

The city has been upgraded to a 1-star high-level hunting area, allowing three of its allies to enter the hunting area. Currently, one company has entered and two more allies can be stationed (Unlock conditions: 1. Complete a civilized exploration mission; 2. Kill all the seeds of disaster in the battle; 3. Successfully kill the Preacher).

From experiment A.

Capital A, the Preacher you killed was originally a Hunter of the 49, 37, 62 coordinate universe. He destroyed his own civilization and exploded his own planet, betraying the wisdom tree party to join the Preachers. At present, he’s the fugitive No. 109863051 of the Warband. According to the regulations and rewards requirements, you get the proper organizational identity “Warband Watcher”. The reward will be sent during the next preaching war; on the other hand, the Warband system “Sky” has been opened to you.

The Warband.

Capital A, the protective film will be closed within ten minutes, and the bunker time will be officially finished at that time. Please be prepared to deal with the identity test. According to the post alternation process of the Preachers, there will be a new Preacher to take over the work of the dead Preacher within the next 240 hours. Please prepare for it.

From experiment A.

“109863051? If half of them are Hunters who betrayed the wisdom tree party, it must be the Warband’s fault.”

Wang Ji noticed this detail but did not delve into it. After taking off the Night Devil’s Suit, he checked the time on his watch. “The army should take over the city right away. I can’t stay here.” Thinking of this, Wang Ji put on the Night Devil’s Suit again and quickly left the mansion, avoiding all the surveillance cameras with his soul body. He walked to the entrance of the provincial road of North Sea Town, canceling the coverage of the Night Devil’s Suit. He then sat on the side of the road and began to wait silently.

Ten minutes later, the protective film disappeared and the bunker time officially ended;

“Report, the protective film outside the city has disappeared.”

“Notify the ministries, enter the city.”

Armed helicopters whizzed into the city.

The lights of their searchlights shone far and wide, illuminating everywhere in the city. The voices of the people’s cry for help didn’t stop. After the disaster, they could see the troops sent by the country again. This feeling was complicated and unclear.

At 22:20 at night.

The armored tanks and heavy-duty transport vehicles of the troops entered the city and began to control the security situation in the whole city. Everything was stabilized. Wang Ji waited for half an hour at the entrance of the provincial road of North Sea Town, and he almost fell asleep. He forgot what time it was, while a car stopped by him.

“Wang Ji?”

Liu Hsiao Nan rolled the window down and was surprised to see Wang Ji, who was leaning on the side of the fence. He didn’t die, and he lived well. In an instant, Liu Hsiao Nan was reminded of what the Hunter said. The Hunter asked her to come here to save people. Did he mean saving him?

“Why are you here?”

Wang Ji opened his eyes and shivered in the night wind.

“The Hunter asked me to come here to save people. You…had you already escaped?” Liu Hsiao Nan’s voice was a little trembling. Wang Ji got up and opened the back door, then sat in it. He closed the door and lied down in the back seat. “He took me out, and then threw me here. Go, go back to the city, the dome is gone. The support from the country has arrived.”

Liu Hsiao Nan suddenly laughed in the front seat, letting go of the steering wheel and leaning on the driver’s seat. She laughed as if to cry, then quickly covered her face with her hands and hid her complicated emotional changes. “What’s wrong?” Wang Ji asked.

“You mean that the dome will reappear?”

Liu Hsiao Nan wiped the teardrops with her fingers, and her eyes were red. She asked softly.


After Wang Ji finished speaking, he slept. He couldn’t stop himself from sleeping. At last glance, Wang Ji saw a silver ladybug flying into the window and falling on his chest.

A voice is constantly calling in his mind: I am very pleased to see that there are still Hunters who are willing to inherit my knowledge. I was your partner three thousand years ago, the Dragon Hunter Beowulf. The first real battle in my life happened when I was 13 years old, facing a wolf who sneaked into the village.

Unknowingly, Wang Ji’s consciousness followed Beowulf’s guide, coming to a temple on snow-capped mountains. A burly black-haired wolf turned around, and sharp teeth showed up in its mouth. The green eyes looked at Wang Ji. Beowulf said: Now, you are going to use its blood to write the first glory with me, grabbing the weapon in your hands tight. The Hunters should never be timid!

At 7 a.m. on September 12th, 2017.

Feeling the sunshine, Wang Ji opened his eyes, and the silver ladybug on his chest took off. The sunshine fell on the window, turning into a flashing light spot. The TV in the hall was still turned on. “According to the current effective statistics, the total number of casualties and police missing in this Preacher attack has exceeded 50,000. This number is still rising…”

Wang Ji stood in front of the window and looked at the new sun. He turned and saw the officers who just were off work in the police station hall. “Excuse me. May I get by?” A soldier holding a plate came over, and Wang Ji subconsciously dodged him. Immediately, Wang Ji realized that it was not right, but the soldier just nodded to him and smiled, walking away.

“ID card, please.”

At this time, suddenly two officers said to him. Wang Ji looked at them and took out his ID card.

“You are Wang Ji? Please come with us.”


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