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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Family, Wang Si

Wang Ji unconsciously read it in. This Hunter note introduced the role of two kinds of knowledge fragments, which widened his view.

The knowledge fragments of the Colorful Arrows could use elements to enhance the power of the Dark Beam, and add a five-shot element effect to the Dark Beam, corresponding to the four elements of fire, ice, lightning, poison, and the arrow itself. The effect could cause continuous damage from burning, freezing, electric shock and poisoning. One of its great features was that there’s no conflict between these effects of sustained killing.

After using the Hunter’s mark, the Colorful Arrows could chase the enemies. Even in the face of special seeds of disaster which had natural resistance or mechanical lives, its lethality was still very amazing. The only bad thing was that the knowledge of the Ashes Master was too rare even amongst all knowledge of all Masters.

Demon Bow was a penetrating arch. The notes mentioned that among the currently known items, items which capable of countering the beam attack were not unusual. It’s lucky that he didn’t encounter them. Once encountering any of them, the Wave-Particle Duality would become totally useless. Therefore, any means of beam attack must have the cooperation of the knowledge of Demon Bow.

Demon Bow can concentrate the core force of the arrow, penetrating all the obstacles of defense and items. And Demon Bow with full control level can almost penetrate everything. Once the enemy is penetrated, the Demon Bow can effectively cause irreparable damage to the target. Even if the target is resistant to the beam, the wound cannot be restored.

At the same time, the wound caused by the Demon Bow cannot be restored, and the elemental damages of the Colorful Arrows will be attached to the wound, causing continuous and powerful damage to the target.

In addition, the notes also mention some of the knowledge that can be used in conjunction with Wave-Particle Duality, but these are mostly detailed. The most important knowledge were the two above. After reading the comments, Wang Ji specially checked the evaluation of other Hunters on this note. Other Hunters’ evaluation of the Hunter was related to whether the Hunter writing the notes could get the material reward from the Warband.

As a result, he was slightly surprised that most of the reviews were negative.

“Although I cannot understand it really well, his evaluation is definitely better than this. If the bad comments are about a certain extent, the Hunters who have left the notes will be punished by the Warband. It’s really strange, I need to look at the specific content of the evaluation.”

Wang Ji, who’s surprised, began to view the comments:

“The acquisition of Wave-Particle Duality is not easy, and getting it will be completely out of touch with the heaven items. The crisis exists all the time, are you sure to give up the opportunity of God’s Dice for the difficulties you face with?”

“You dare to take notes when only participating in one battle of the Legion. You are too young. I advise you to communicate with your superior Hunter to pull this through. Now it’s not too late to turn over the prohibited items.”

“Every Hunter’s civilized world is facing a difficult situation. I can understand that you take the prohibited items, but you’d just use it secretly. It is also shameless to leave notes to defraud material supports.”

“The D-series dice is the strongest recognized item. Rookie, since you picked up the demon items, you’ve killed yourself in the Legion mode. Which Hunter dare to help you from now on?”

“I am relieved to see other Hunters educating you.”

After roughly browsing the negative reviews, Wang Ji had a brief understanding of the mentality of the Hunters who left the negative reviews.

“If it is because of this, it will be very unfriendly to leave a negative comment. If you feel that there is a problem, you can raise questions, but you don’t have to leave a negative comment. A lot of them will make the Hunters who take notes get punished by the Warband. Even a rookie like me knows it, but you people still did it. Forget it, let me leave a positive review.”

Wang Ji was ready to give this poor Hunter a favorable comment since this note was still very helpful for him. After submitting the praise, the reminder of Experiment A suddenly showed up: the Hunter who left the note had died, the world he tried to protect had also been eliminated, and the evaluation system of the note has been closed.

For a moment, Wang Ji became speechless.

He wanted to give some feedback to the Hunter who helped him, but the Hunter was dead, along with the entire civilized world. The story of a Hunter ended like this, the only thing left was a note and countless negative reviews. Wang Ji silently looked at the signature of the Hunter, it’s an anonymous Hunter note.

“Thank you very much.”

Wang Ji thought, then closed the Sky, not willing to see those negative comments again.

“Let me look at the next mission, it seems that I am able to receive traps and city resources.”

When he was ready to look at the traps he could receive now, the sergeant who had just entered the office suddenly stood in front of him. A woman in a white coat stood behind him and said. “Comrades, thanks for your hard work. My brother and I have some family business to discuss.”

“Okay, Director Wang.”

The two sergeants got up and left, very polite to her.

Wang Ji looked up and saw a black-haired woman in a white coat. Her hands were in her pocket and her arms were still holding a document. Her skin was fair, and she’s wearing black-rimmed glasses. Her eyebrows were somewhat similar to his. She’s the kind of person who’s not very good at dressing up, but has a very good figure. She should be the top beauty among the science researchers. But the tone of her speech was a bit hard, not everyone could accept it.

From the first sight, he could feel the strength of hers.

“Not so good.”

Wang Ji remembered all the information he had searched for on the first day he had just woken up. So far, in his address book on his mobile phone, the calling records with the woman in front of him were still the most. And he actually didn’t know her at all, only has an impression on the photos on the address book. She is his sister, and Wang Ji originally did not know her name. It’s because he saw the work permit hanging on her chest now, he knew that she is called Wang Si.

“This is the flight to Beijing at 6:30 tonight. Go back and pack up, leave tonight. I have already handled the procedure at the police station. You were fired due to dereliction of duty.”

There were only brother and sister left in the hall. Wang Si spoke up and her tone was a bit cold. She threw the documents in her arms on Wang Ji’s lap and sat next to Wang Ji, habitually tilting her legs and hands crossed her chest. Simple and powerful opening, from the first word of the meeting, they were full of high-efficiency traces.

Wang Ji was impressed by the first family he met after becoming a Hunter.

“If I leave, what about you?”

When he spoke, Wang Ji’s eyes fell on Wang Si’s chest. On the work permit it clearly read, the National Aids Examination Team. He further judged his sister’s career.

“Me? The biochemical assessment is not over yet. The situation here will be complicated in a year or two. I may stay here for a few months or even longer. I don’t know if you’re alive here, how can I not come? Now Since I am here, I have to take responsibility. By the way, talk about how you escaped yesterday, and say all the useful information.”

Wang Si scratched her hair and leaned on the chair with a relatively lazy posture.

“Body temperature.”

“We know the body temperature. What happened to the blood corpses? I heard that as long as we don’t look at them, they don’t actively attack us.” Wang Si said, suddenly grabbing Wang Ji’s arm.

“Don’t move.”

Wang Si said with the tone of command, and immediately looked at the black wing tattoo on Wang Ji’s hand.


Wang Si smiled and dropped Wang Ji’s arm. Her clear and powerful eyes turned back and looked forward. “I was still worried that you would have problems. But now I am completely relieved. How dare you have tattoos as a cop? It seems that Leader Liu doesn’t take good care of you. Go back and clean that tattoo. You are not young. Don’t make troubles to your family.”

Wang Si stood up and pulled the sleeves to see the time.

“Go back to pack your luggage. You are going back to Beijing tonight. Call me at home. On September 14th, I arranged a director to meet you. Aren’t you trying to make a movie investment? If you can’t, go to Shanghai on the 20th. I have dealt with the greetings. That’s it. I’ve said everything that I should say. I am relieved to see you. Now I have to continue working. Go, Sergeant Liu and Sergeant Li, who brought you here, will accompany you until you are sent on the plane.”

Wang Si started making phone calls. Wang Ji was silent. After a brief message exchange, he had a new understanding of his sister’s character and family relationship. In the “Settings” of Experiment A, Wang Ji has a wealthy family, but the family relationship is very delicate. He is closest to his sister but most of the meetings are financial aid. As for that the father, it’s also a tradition that parents make the decisions.

“What if I say that I want to stay here?”

Wang Ji suddenly stood up.

“Don’t be a troublemaker. It cost me a lot to let you come here… Chang, does the report from the National Volcano Park come out? Yes, check the geological situation first. I will inform the meeting after the troops get the biological information. Tell Li Zhi, ask him to go to the Leader Chang in the afternoon. Yes, he is responsible for the biological information here, as well as the information of the isolation film. I need to see the report by tonight.”

Wang Si said that and she had already contacted other scientific researchers by telephone. When she spoke, Wang Si shook her hand and indicated that he could leave. Then, Wang Si made a phone call to a research room. Looking at the back of Wang Si, Wang Ji began to think about countermeasures.

His sister is very strong and decisive.

“She is also resolute, which is the same when handling my business. After making sure that I am alive, the ticket and all visas are processed in advance. The two sergeants will monitor me all day, and I have been arranged what to do after returning to Beijing. How incompetent did the Warband set me in her memory, so that I can be taken so much care of?”

Wang Ji is also an efficient person. Aside from his problems, Wang Ji also had his own countermeasures on the issue of his sister.

“So, in her memory, my character is very rebellious and self-willed. However, she has dealt with these things many times. If I insist on staying, it would be useless for a strong person like her. The result of irritating her will not be very good. I should get on the plane first. Then I will get off the plane… But the family background set by the Warband is to hide my Hunter identity. However, in the current situation, though she is protecting me, she is actually causing trouble for me.”

For a new identity, a new sister, Wang Ji did not have any opinion. Wang Si did everything for him, even if it caused him trouble to some extent.


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