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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 5

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5/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 5: The Ninja Mask

The Preacher’s timed warning was like a ghost, notifying humans of his existence at a specific time again.

Time: 15:20.

8 hours 49 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

The Agency of City Planning.

Wang Ji could only see the things above the ground, but the cities in modern times no longer looked like the cities during the Renaissance or the independence of North America. The city’s underground structure is invisible to Wang Ji who was standing on the hoist.

In the Agency of City Planning, there were a whole sets of models of the city and the maps to see. Everything was very clear, such as the underground route of the subway system, the reason why Wang Ji came here.

It was definitely dark without the sun, but the place where the clue referred to is only one place. By inquiring, observing and understanding, that’s the fastest way to find out. Wang Ji needs to make sure where the darkest and deepest place in the whole city is, which is why the Agency of City Planning is his first choice to gather information.

Imagine a cop wandering around the models like a man with lots of time in the Agency of City Planning, it was quite easy to attract people’s attention. The staff at the Agency of City Planning chatted for a while after seeing him, and a woman in a professional suit walked toward him.

The staff smiled and asked. “Comrade, how can I help you?”

“How deep is the subway route in our city?” Wang Ji turned back and looked at the staff, pointing at the models and asking. “I mean the related construction and the maintenance, by far, I mean the deepest place visible.”


The staff flushed, as she actually didn’t know the models that thoroughly, even though she worked here. On the exhibition of the subway route, the base route is Line 9, which is 45.6 meters deep. But as for the surrounding maintenance as well as the deepest point, the staff didn’t know.

“Like the Line 9.”

The male staff standing at the corner answered firmly.

Wang Ji asked. “How about the fallout shelter? I mean the deepest.”

“The deepest fallout shelter is on the ancient HinYang road in the southern city. You can ask the local old people for directions. The deepest point is around 90 meters under the ground. It was built during the cold war by Soviet experts.” The male staff seemed to know a lot about the city.

Wang Ji turned back and looked at the subway. “Where’s the deepest point in the city?”

The staff answered. “The underwater development area of the ChengYuan Company, the underground wells are more than 100 meters deep.”

Wang Ji asked. ”Do you have the underground structure of the development area?”

“That’s not under our jurisdiction.” The staff answered.


Wang Ji nodded, walked out the door and stopped a taxi.

“Sir, the underwater development area of the ChengYuan Company.”


Time: 15:51.

8 hours 8 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

The underwater development area of the ChengYuan Company.

“I need to see the construction map of the underground wells.”

“Right here.”

With the guidance of the employees of the company, Wang Ji was able to use the construction map of the underground wells at the lobby. The deepest point is 120 meters under the ground. Wang Ji pointed at the lowest layer and asked. “How’s the safety equipment here, and how’s the lighting system?”

“All modern equipment, we’ve got all of the latest lighting systems and the emergency equipment. All of them meet the national safety standard.”

The company took care of this guest after they checked Wang Ji’s identity carefully. No company would be happy to see a cop walking into their building.

Wang Ji shortly stated. “I need to check the safety maintenance tunnel of the lowest layer, please send me down to the well right now.”


After waiting for 15 minutes, Wang Ji finally put on his helmet and stood at the elevator area with guide. Wang Ji said that he had to pick up an object of his coworkers at the deepest and darkest point in the city. Though Wang Ji didn’t say too much, the staff were trying their best to meet his needs. In the opinion of a female staff member, “That’s not something you want to be in. The police is probably working on a case, but the crucial evidence was buried underground. And there’s likely corpses and limbs there.”

At the bottom of the well.

“There’s actually one tunnel, but it’s completely dark, so we need the light. On a regular day, it’s for maintenance of some minor pipes. But now this tunnel is out of service, and abandoned. According to the orders of the company, I have the key. But I am only permitted to use it under special circumstances. Also it’s obvious that you won’t like it. It’s really humid and dark there with water and stones around. Mice are even hardly seen there. No one except for the old workers who worked for more than 30 years here like us knows this tunnel. I don’t think your coworkers would have left some clues there for you.”

The supervisor at the bottom of the well was a 50-year-old man and he illustrated the situation after knowing Wang Ji’s purpose.

Wang Ji said seriously. “I need to get in there.”

“Fine, I’ll take you there since you enjoy your job so much. Take the light.”

The supervisor brought the light, and he led the way to the abandoned tunnel after he got the key. The steel gate was opened, and the old man said. “I’ll light the way under your feet. Put on the helmet and hold the handrail tight, it’s slippery on the stairs and the roads. Lean on the wall to walk.”

The old man lit the road. As they were walking, the underground tunnel made them feel like they were in endless darkness despite the help of the light. Except for the reflection on the places where the light illuminated, it’s totally dark elsewhere.

Wang Ji held onto the humid stone wall and followed the old man. After walking for about 50 meters, a wooden box with gold trim on it appeared in their sight.

“Where did the box come from?”

The old man was shocked, wondering why there was a box down in the tunnel.

In a humid environment, this box looked very dry. Wang Ji passed by the supervisor and opened the wooden box.

There were several graffiti, a goat-horn devil puppet with shapes of blood sewed with red wool under the head. It looked like a single item, not separated by other things.

Wang Ji took out his phone to check the vibration of the message. It’s garbled on the screen with no words on it.

He looked at the old man and found out he’s looking and his cellphone too. Wang Ji guessed that the messages from the Experiment A are only readable when he’s alone. So, he turned his back on the supervisor. The phone showed the message on the screen.

Capital A, you got the mail from Isaac

Object name: Head of Kampus

Object type: experiment mode objects

Object introduction: Kampus is a bad educator and Santa Claus. It beats bad kids with tree branches and takes them away, but it shouldn’t get into the treasure box of Boy Bear as it was killed by Boy Bear in the end. The head became the toys of the children. But it’s not important, what’s important is that Isaac can help you.

Object effects: Shoots cross-like sulfur fire with the head centered, penetrates every obstacle in the sight

p.s. : Grab its horns and open its mouth, then you can shoot. It’ll cost 6 AA batteries for every shot.

From Experiment A.

“I’ll carry the box away.”

Wang Ji picked up the box.

“Suit yourself,” The supervisor shook his head and said, “If that’s what you wanted to find.”


Time: 16:26.

7 hours 33 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

“Sir, nearest national library, please.”

In the taxi, Wang Ji started the search of the last experimental object, hoping to find the last one before 5 p.m. Otherwise the students who finish school, adults who finish work and parents picking up their kids will be outside from that period of time until 7 p.m. , which will make the traffic bad.

It’ll be a low efficiency period, and Wang Ji planned to avoid it by taking action in the evening.

The letter from Isaac.

Dear Brother or Sister:

Hi, it’s Isaac.

Upon receiving the message, I just beat Kampus in the devil’s room. Therefore, I lend you its head. Remember to put it back after you finish it. Please forgive my selfishness, these toys are everything I have in my whole life.


October 20th, 2011.

This letter was translated by the Experiment A.

“Thank you so such, I’ll put it back after I finish.”

Wang Ji put the letter into the envelope and put it back in the pocket. 10 minutes later, Wang Ji arrived at the nearest national library. According to the classification, he found the place where Lawrence’s works are. Wang Ji had seen D.H. Lawrence’s works, there were very bold descriptions in some of them.

He opened book after book to search for the clues. In the end, he found a mask and a postcard under a bookcase.

Capital A, you got the mail from ninjas.

Object name: Ninja Shi’s backup mask.

Object type: experiment mode object.

Object introduction: The owner of this mask never showed anyone his appearance, even when he’s dining. So you get the point, it’ll never be an obstacle for you to perform the Ninjitsu skills, no matter if you’re shooting fire or water from your mouth.

Object effect : Defend virus with aerial transmission for 24 hours after wearing it, defend pm 2.5, maybe a little more undead attribute?

p.s. : Put the mask on your face, it’ll fit perfectly.

From Experiment A.


Hello, you don’t have to return it. Inform me if there’s a second edition of the movie “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”.

Ninja Shi.

After the 4th Great Ninja War.

This letter was translated by the Experiment A.

“Completion of the search.”

Wang Ji put the books back to where they should be. He walked out the national library with the experiment objects he got. The sun was already in the west side of the sky, approaching sunset. As summer was over, an early sunset made the locals upset. It’s just around 5 p.m., still almost 7 hours left before the deadline of the experiment mode.

“The leather shoes are quite uncomfortable. I need to go back to the rental house to change my clothes, or I’ll be passive because dealing with nightmare knitters requires moving the body.” Wang Ji waited for a taxi outside the national library, shaking his ankles. Wearing leather shoes and running all day made his feet very uncomfortable.

Wang Ji checked his phone when it started ringing. It’s Leader Liu, so he answered the phone.

“Hello, Leader Liu.”

“How do you feel after you’ve fooled around all afternoon?”

“Leader Liu, I found some clues.”

“Don’t f*****g….”

“I found clues while visiting Fuhe Mountain Park.”

Wang Ji repeated the information, and the scolding from the phone stopped. Wang Ji clearly knew that he needed some dining time to rest.

If he could find a helper with the advantage of his identity, it’ll be the smart thing to do.

Now the situation is obvious, Leader Liu was considering what he said.

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