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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Dark Ranger’s Experience

As Wang Ji just had doubts about this, the letter from the Warband was sent in time:

Capital A, the Warband has a lot of considerations for setting up your family. Consequently, many Hunters are overwhelmed. Please stay calm and we will explain it to you.

First of all, before you enter the family, the original Wang Ji had only Wang Si and the elder of the Wang family as his relatives. Such a family can effectively reduce your contact with ordinary people. Secondly, the Wang family is a family of elites in your country. This family background can provide you with a lot of resources. Finally, as the youngest male in your family, combined with the mainstream ideology of your civilized society, you will receive the utmost care in your family.

During the lengthy hunting process, many Hunters lost their humanity because they fell into killing for a long time. Or because of the death of their loved ones, which brought the mental problems. Therefore, the Warband set a new family background and identity for each Hunter at the beginning. This is the best way for the Warband to compromise after establishing the endless years of civilization.

Be sure to treasure your family. You will not meet such relatives again in the future. Use your wisdom to adjust your relationship with your family. Your only family will be very helpful to you.

The Warband

“Emotional breakdown? Many Hunters have an emotional breakdown?”

The letter from the Warband to Wang Ji suddenly made him feel that something was wrong. Will the Hunters get out of control? In a flash, Wang Ji suddenly thought of something. He immediately used the multi-function X-ray glasses to input the question through the brainwave. “Aren’t all the Hunters stripped away of the perceptual thinking that is not conducive to thinking?”

He did not get any answer.

“Tell my question to the Warband.”

Wang Ji stressed it once again, and the reply suddenly came:

Capital A, please do not try to inform anyone of your mental state, contact information with the tree party, including all the Hunters in the Warband. Otherwise, the experiment A will automatically unbind with you. In addition, what you are stripped off is the weakest and unwanted thing. You can think that you are not a complete person, but you are a perfect person.

From experiment A.

“I knew it!”

Wang Ji determined that he had found the problem. He dug out a horrifying fact from the details: the Warband did not know that the sensibility of the Hunter with the codename ‘Capital A’, was stripped off. And Experiment A is the one who did this. Other Hunters wasn’t treated with stripped off part of the mindset like him.

This means that other Hunters are normal and he is not normal.

“Exactly, I now suspect that I am still in the experimental mode. Whatever the experiment is, this word itself contains strong uncertainty and implication. For Hunters, uncertainty represents danger. But I don’t care, there is nothing certain in life.”

Wang Ji changed his mind and thought that this matter was temporarily put on hold. He was now facing the sister who’s difficult to deal with. This was the most important. With the care of the two sergeants, Wang Ji couldn’t even go to the bar to trade. Now he could only listen to the sister and thus he went on the plane.

At 6:30 in the evening, Yunxi Airport.

It’s getting dark. People have discovered that it’s too early to get dark recently, but this abnormality didn’t seem to bring too much change. Without the explanation of the authority, most people chose to ignore it.

After the flight crash, Yunxi Airport re-operated in the shortest possible time, but all passengers must undergo a rigorous physical examination. This was just as promised by the government that they would restore the order of life in the city in the shortest possible time and the safest means. In such an efficient country, Wang Ji couldn’t tell whether it’s good or bad. But it’s no doubt that his rational thinking was deeply influenced by the education of this country.

Last night was still a disaster, and the citizens were not so relaxed tonight. The sweet and gentle broadcast appeared, and Wang Ji was wearing a seat belt. The two sergeants accompanying him were ready to leave. Before the last flight, Sergeant Zhang reminded. “Are you sure that you don’t bring any luggage? Your check-out procedure is not done yet. I don’t think you can come back here, and we don’t know why you are still attached to this place after such an incident happened here.”


Wang Ji refused to answer the question and said goodbye. Being watched by the two sergeants for a whole day has wasted him too much time, and now he’s finally free. The plane took off and flew into the night sky. After the end of the takeoff, Wang Ji confirmed the time and got to the toilet.

After closing the door, the black flame on Wang Ji’s chest spread and covered him. With a bang, the bathroom lamp shattered. The flight attendants immediately heard the knock on the door. “Sir? Do you need help?”

Wang Ji did not pay attention, he turned and reached for the wall of the cabin, jumping off from the plane. In the darkness, a nameless flame fell toward the earth, and the Fallen Badge on Wang Ji’s chest was floating with the wind of the sky, while the robe was fluttering.

“Fortunately, I have not gone too far from the city.”

Wang Ji kept looking at the spy satellite map and flew in the direction of the Guanyin Well along the wind. The city at night was shining with lights. Without the curfew, the difficulty of the management of the troops in the city would undoubtedly increase, but everything was based on the premise of restoring order. For Wang Ji, this situation couldn’t be better. At least the Devil’s Bar was open.

Two minutes later, Wang Ji fell on the top floor of the building where the Devil’s Bar was located.

On the top floor, the arms dealer was quietly smoking a cigar, and he seemed to have already sensed the arrival of Wang Ji. Beside him, a man in a suit also smoked silently waiting, dressing like a salesman.

“He’s coming.”

Rodin looked up and annihilated the cigar. The salesman wiped the glasses and a layer of scanned red light appeared from top to bottom on the lens. After the salesman wiped the glasses, he turned to the position where Wang Ji was sitting, and went straight forward, saying. “Hunter Capital A, I am a Cobra salesman, hello.”


Wang Ji looked at Rodin, who was sitting on the pipe, he then shook hands with the salesman. Through the salesman, he saw a red dot on the far side of the building shining. If it’s not unexpected, it’s a member of the army on duty. The government seemed extremely calm and stable to the people and they restored the order of life, but that did not mean that they did not have a clear understanding of the situation in the city.

“Mr. Capital A, please rate the new Nano Bug we prepared for you. This survey will be an important feedback for our organization to sell the items. Please allow me to introduce you to the transaction situation of our organization.”

The salesman looked directly at Wang Ji through his eyes and gave him a score sheet.

“First of all, our trading is based on items, followed by city resources. You can trade with us through your existing items. For example, the loot you got in the preaching war.”

“I see.”

Wang Ji Li took out the items he had obtained in the preaching war, except for the Explosive Gloves. He took out the Holy Light Bomb and the Heaven Sword. The effect of the Explosive Gloves was extraordinary, so Wang Ji chose to keep it.

“You are a straightforward person.”

The salesman smiled and began to scan the data of the two items with glasses, then picked up the Heaven Sword and said. “This item can be used as an item for exchanging the Nano Bug.”

“Then take it.”

Wang Ji said that after taking the score, and the score sheet was returned to the salesman. He continued. “I am still in the stage of items accumulation. I don’t expect the function upgrade of the new Nano Bug. At present, my city still allows two allies to come in. If you want, you can come here to open a shop and we can conduct further item trades.”

“Thanks for inviting me.”

The salesman bowed and said. “But your city is still unstable. After you solve the problem of state involvement, we will definitely enter your city for trading. But now I can only carry out the work with you on behalf of the organization in a single thread. Thank you very much for purchasing our items. Except for not planning to upgrade the new Nano Bug, do you need anything else?”


Wang Ji shook his head.

“Wish you a good hunt, Hunter.”

The salesman put on the top hat, gracefully bowed again, and then stepped back to leave the balcony on the roof. There were only Wang Ji and Rodin on the balcony. The latter opened his lips and smiled. “Explosive Gloves.”


Wang Ji stared at him.

“According to the agreement, I can pick an item in your loots. I want your Explosive Gloves.”

Rodin gazed at the right hand of Wang Ji, and he saw through the cover of the Night Devil’s Suit. He then continued: “I also prepared the transaction for you. You have to make a trade-off. If you insist on keeping the Exploding Gloves, which is equivalent to buying the Exploding Gloves from me, and your loot will be chosen by me in the next preaching war.”

“Show me the items you have brought.”

Wang Ji said. He’s not yet ready to make a decision, maybe Rodin has brought something better this time.


Rodin made a strange laughter, and took out his box from the water pipe. He opened it in front of Wang Ji. A golden fruit appeared in front of his eyes, with an illusory and unreal meaning, as well as some transparency. Wang Ji’s X-ray glasses immediately displayed the information about the items.

No, it’s not an item, it’s a knowledge.

Wang Ji’s eyes were widened, and what he saw was a complete knowledge!

Knowledge Name: Dark Ranger’s Experience

Knowledge Type: Dark magic knowledge

Knowledge Introduction: The knowledge created by the Undead Scourge, but this knowledge does not belong to the Undead Scourge, it belongs to Sylvanas. Please use it to find your way in this world and eliminate all those who block the road.

Knowledge Skills: Silent Magic, Dark Arrows, Life Capture, and Charms.

Knowledge Note: This knowledge has been included in the forbidden knowledge.


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