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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 53

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 53: Monster Shadows

“One minute, they will arrive in the town within one minute!”

Wang Ji immediately made a decision. There were too many monsters, and the zone information was displayed on the spy satellite map. The interior of Yellowstone Park was almost full of red spots except for the shadows, meaning there were countless seeds of disaster there!

“Harder! Let’s run after hiding him!”

The police were all sweaty, and her hand holding the shoulders of hobo could not help but tremble. But at the last moment, he still did not give up the drunken hobo.


Wang Ji began to pretend pushing, but in fact he ordered the nano bug to enter his body for limb strengthening. The silver nano bug instantly became a nano-robot that could not be seen by the naked eye, entering Wang Ji’s capillaries from the pores of the skin and traveled through his whole body.

“Three, two, one!”

Wang Ji and the police dragged the hobo to the trash. With the police on the back, Wang Ji pushed up and easily threw the fat hobo into the trash can. The police quickly patted on the trash can and froze when turning back and was about to talk to Wang Ji.

Wang Ji quickly turned his head and followed his gaze. Under the dark sky, a glowing cloud was spreading in the direction of the town, like a jellyfish drifting in the deep sea, emitting a strange and inexplicable light. The lights of the entire town have been extinguished, and the cold wind began to flow quietly in the dark night!


The police snorted at Wang Ji, then turned and fled in the other direction on the street. Wang Ji turned and fled along.

“The townspeople in Jackson Towns seem to know a lot of things. I should follow this black policeman and help him survive if necessary. I can also get some useful information before I officially connect with the Hunter in this world.”

The police ran in front, and Wang Ji followed him from behind. These two men stepped on the snow and left the fountain square. The night was gradually swallowed up by a strange light, and the police shouted. “Cover! Cover your mouth and nose!”

“It’s a kind of air virus.”

Wang Ji instantly understood what the police meant. He covered his face with the ninja mask, chasing the police and fleeing!

“It’s close! It’s close!”

Although the black policeman was burly, his endurance was not good. After he rushed for a moment, he was caught by Wang Ji. Both of them did not look back. The light behind the two was getting brighter and brighter, and it shone under the glory of the snow. The door of the police station suddenly opened in front of them and a policewoman desperately waved to them!

“Come in!”

Just as they two rushed in, the policewoman immediately closed the door, and the strange light was finally isolated. Wang Ji breathed heavily with his hands on his thighs, as he watched the police from the inside run to the window and pull the blinds to isolate the entire police station.

“Quickly, move the table over!”

“Block the window don’t let the light come in!”

“Gas mask! Put on your gas masks!”

The instructions were coming up indiscriminately, and a gas mask was thrown on Wang Ji’s chest in the darkness. Wang Ji looked up and saw all the police officers wearing gas masks. He also put on the mask, putting the pig’s mouth mask outside the ninja mask. Next to him, the black policeman who fled with him was still lying on the ground.

“Help me up!”

The black policeman said.

Wang Ji reached out and pulled him up. The police took advantage of the situation and patted Wang Ji’s shoulders. His breath was still a bit heavy, but he came up with a self-introduction. “My name is Kerry.” “Lawrence.” Wang Ji replied with a random name. “Well, Lawrence, let’s move the sofa over to the door.” Kerry staggered toward the sofa, and Wang Ji followed up and helped him push the sofa to the door. Just blocking the door with the door, Kerry lied on the sofa.


Sounds of slamming door appeared, and the door trembled lightly and violently, making them numb. From the feeling of frequency and force, Wang Ji could judge that it’s not a person slamming the door, but a group of unknown creatures with a small size but a large number. So it became silent in the police station, and no one dared to say a word. At such a close distance, Wang Ji has seen the black police Kerry once again lying on the sofa, his fingers still trembling slightly.

“There are too many.”

Through the spy satellite map, Wang Ji looked at the unclear red light spots in the police station moving violently. The unimaginable number of them completely scared everyone in the police station. This kind of silence lasted for five minutes, and the door knock stopped.

“Thanks for your help.”

Kerry gratefully thanked him, then turned his head and took off his mask. He looked at Wang Ji through the darkness and said. “Are you coming from outside?”

“San Francisco.”

Wang Ji lied.


Kerry said in astonishment.

Standing in front of the sofa, Wang Ji quickly recovered from the fatigue and cautiously asked. “How long have the seeds been planted here?”

“Seeds? No! Not the seeds of disaster.”

Kerry waved his hand and denied: “It’s not because of the Hunter, but the federal government’s fault. They forcibly explored a ground hole at the park that should not be touched, which led to the emergence of the disaster. Our Hunter should not have believed in the federal government from the beginning… Now that mistakes have emerged, the Hunter had nothing to do with it.”

“Ground hole?”

Wang Ji asked. He was a little surprised that the current situation was not caused by the seeds of disaster. If it’s not, then it’s very likely owing to the searching mission of civilization according to what they said. Here his thoughts were very fast and he did not let go of any important information.

“The people outside the protective film are really fooled by the federal government.” A policewoman joined the conversation and gave a cup of coffee to Wang Ji, then sat down on a chair and said. “Remember the news on the 30th of last October? The federal government announced that they have acquired the knowledge of Hunters and would defend our world. That is simply their ignorance!”

“Then what’s the truth?”

Wang Ji asked. The black policeman Kerry whispered: “The ground hole at the park under the supervolcano. In fact, the Hunter discovered it in the exploration of an ancient civilization heritage from the beginning. But the federal government monitored him at all costs, after he discovered the cave, the federal government also knew that. They knew that there’s knowledge sealed there that humans cannot touch.”

“Knowledge that humans cannot touch.”

Wang Ji whispered and repeated this passage.

“The Hunter warned the federal government more than once that everything there couldn’t be touched. Once humans touched it, it would be devastating! According to the Hunter’s, there is a horrible monster’s body hidden in it. Its blood is lava.”

“Blood is lava.” Wang Ji carefully followed the words.

“But the federal government still did it. They even competed for the Hunter’s knowledge source, though the president got assassinated by the Hunter. They succeeded. The cure for the drug developed last November was their harvest. But you didn’t understand. The medicine that cures everything was made of lava. It’s actually the origin of all disasters.”


Wang Ji’s eyes were widened. A cure for everything?

“Drink coffee, Mr. Reporter, you must be tired from the military isolation. The night is long, but you must not sleep. You will know the truth, but you will never be able to leave. The protective film has isolated us here completely. Because it has been eroded by shadows, it has lost the ability to isolate itself, but it is impossible for people inside to get out.”

The policewoman signaled Wang Ji to drink coffee first, and with her professional judgment, she mistakenly considered Wang Ji a reporter.

Wang Ji took a sip of coffee and began to think about the information he had just got.

The Hunter of this civilized world defense area found a bottomless hole in the ancient volcano of Yellowstone Park in the exploration of the ancient civilization heritage. He threatened everyone not to get there, but because the relationship with the federal government was not handled well, the military was still involved in the investigation. They didn’t stop even after the Hunter assassinated the president. Eventually, they got the knowledge and developed a cure for everything with the blood of a terrible monster.

It’s the origin of the disaster mentioned by them.

“There are still some clues missing.”

Wang Ji held the cup in his hands and wondered how the drugs developed by the federal government would destroy the civilized world. At this point, he suddenly saw that dense red spots appearing on the spy satellite map, which was only two kilometers away from his location. The door behind him started shaking violently again. It’s raging outside the police station in Jackson Town, and the whistling wind slammed the windows.

The police station was once again in a dead silence. The black policeman put on the mask and pressed the mask with his fingers. He signaled Wang Ji not to talk. His lips and fingers were trembling slightly. It would be extremely difficult to find if not observing carefully.

“Exactly, this is not an ordinary wind.”

Wang Ji put on the ninja mask. Through the defense zone on the spy satellite map, it’s clear that a large group of red spots was moving at high speed. Like a raging tornado, they kept rushing toward Jackson Town, attacking all cities and towns in the defense zone. Although he did not see this horrible scene with his own eyes, it was enough to shock him by watching the images of the spy satellite.


A strange sound like grinding teeth seemed to come out from nowhere, surrounding the police station. The roof of the police station began to squeak, as if the building was about to fall. Boom! The building suddenly shook, a huge black shadow hit the wall, and the glass was almost shattered by the earthquake!

The strange bloody light shone through the blinds into the police station. Wang Ji clearly saw a tentacle resembling a deep sea creature was deeply reflected on the wall in the bloody light. The horrible atmosphere began to penetrate the entire first floor of the police station. Then there was a rushing conversation outside!

“It’s a Bloody Road Flower! Use the magical powder to drag it! Hurry!”


The screams burst throughout the night, and the black policeman Kerry silently put his hand behind Wang Ji and wrote a paragraph awkwardly:

They are Hunters who come to support our world, but as you can see, two Hunters have died tonight. The disaster will not end, it is just beginning…


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