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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: The Wisdom of Yan Wang

Lake District Lighthouse, Yellowstone Park.

Two searchlights above the smoking hot water pool illuminated very far away. Through the endless trees, a mage sitting on the broom looked into the raging storm behind the forest area with a telescope. Countless spore jellyfish enveloped the night sky, sweeping across all the cities at terrible speed. “It’s a bit unusual tonight. I know that spore jellyfish appeared whenever a Hunter come, but they’re particularly fierce tonight. They seem to be searching for something. It seems that it’s not safe tonight.”

“Should I explore the way?”

Another burly Hunter carrying a huge steel wrench said, he was wearing a leather armor with a monocle.

“There is a Bloody Road Flower there, I can’t go there.” The broom the mage sat on slowly landed, he lowered the telescope and said. “Notify the Psychiatrist. He released the hunting mission, so he should know all the Hunters coming to the defense zone. There were many activities, it must be a very strong Hunter.”

“That is to say, in addition to the Armored Hunter Veronica, there is another tough one. I will go back to Deepwater City.”

The Hunter below took out two flashing mechanical spiders from behind the leather armor, the spiders explored the road in front, and he followed them. The broom was re-stretched and the mage picked up the telescope again.

“Apart from the new Hunter, there are already more than five Hunter teams in the defense zone. There are more and more people. Nice, it seems that we got something big this time.”


Jackson Town.

In the police station, Wang Ji covered his face with a mask and a hat, and closed his eyes to sleep on the sofa. The huge tentacle shadow outside the window had now left, but Wang Ji couldn’t go anywhere. Taking advantage of the chance of the first night, Wang Ji closed his eyes and was ready to learn the Dark Ranger’s Experience.

“Kerry, aren’t you going to go back to Evergreen City? You haven’t seen your daughter for a long time, right?”

“I want, but I can’t leave now. It is safer in Evergreen City. Cannons and psychic towers are set there, which can effectively prevent the invasion of plants. Our town is facing a bigger danger, no one will maintain law and order if we leave.”

Before entering Sylvanas’s knowledge thoroughly, Wang Ji heard the conversation between Kerry and his colleague, then he could not hear anything. His consciousness had entered a polluted land, stood in the woods and looked at a shabby city ruin. At the moment, he heard a hoarse female voice whispering: I, Sylvanas.

“Is he sleeping?”

Suddenly, the policewoman asked Kerry. Kerry whispered ‘Lawrence’, and Wang Ji did not reply.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the room was immediately stunned. “No, wake him up!” The policewoman trembled. “Damn, how dare he fall asleep in the protective film?” Kerry cursed and was in over his head. After all, he didn’t want to see Wang Ji die because he just helped him not long ago. He tried to shake Wang Ji. As he reached out his hand, he suddenly shrank back as if he had an electric shock.

“Hurry up, if he becomes a beast, it’s too late!” The policewoman urged.

“He… he’s already died.”

The other people in the room were equally timid and eager to urge, but Kerry said such a thing. Others rushed to check Wang Ji’s breathe and found that Wang Ji’s body had become stiff.


They were all speechless.


The fierce knocking of the door burst again. The police immediately got nervous and had no mood to care for Wang Ji. The huge shadows were reflected on the wall through the blinds under the illumination of the strange light. The cold night wind blew again and this was destined to be a sleepless night.

It’s the 151th hour of hunting time, the defense zone entered the seventh day of the bunker time and was less than 17 hours before the final time limit.

At 7a.m.

Wang Ji gradually woke up and his whole body began warm again. When his consciousness was weak, the reminder of Experiment A began to appear in front of him after he eventually controlled a Destroying Guard with a spell in the dream.

After a long night of study, your control over the Dark Ranger’s Experience has improved.

Current learning process;

Silent Magic (you are level 4, Sylvanas is level 18);

Dark Arrows (You are level 4, Sylvanas is level 18);

Life Capture (you are level 6, Sylvanas is level 18);

Charm (you are level 3, Sylvanas is level 18).

“Sure enough, the learning efficiency of system-based knowledge is much faster than learning with knowledge fragments.”

Wang Ji thought. Then his consciousness completely withdrew from the cold dead body and returned to his own one. Throughout the night, his top priority was to learn the Life Capture. This knowledge was the basis for restoring his vitality and was also the most used.

He opened his eyes.

Don, don.

The first sound he heard after waking up was the sound of the shovel digging the frozen soil. Wang Ji sat up, took off the ninja mask and asked, “What are you doing?” He looked at the policemen who were digging holes with iron shovels. He turned his head and found himself sitting in a wasteland cemetery outside the town.

Those policemen looked at his “revived” body and felt demented. Kerry said in surprise. “We thought you were dead.”

“I’m fine, still alive.”

He stood up and touched his chest, turning to Kerry after looking around the cemetery. “My driver’s license, please return it to me.” “Sorry, I just took it as a souvenir. We thought you were dead.” Kerry apologized and took the driver’s license from his pocket, giving it to Wang Ji.

“It’s fine, I just had a special dream last night.”

Wang Ji stood up, patted the snow on his body and did not take it to heart. Suddenly he remembered something, then he quickly walked out of the cemetery and ran to the town. “He didn’t actually become a beast, what a surprise.” Kerry exclaimed and touched his own curly hair.

Jackson Town.

“It sounds that they should have died here last night.”

On the empty street, Wang Ji found the location where the two Hunters died last night. The whole street was stained with blood, and the snow became blood. Wang Ji walked to the front of a supermarket ruin and saw a leather bag left on the ground. His eyes lit up and he quickly walked over. He saw two items.

They were two items left by the dead Hunters.

Item Name: Exorcism Powder

Item Type: universal items

Item Introduction: The California coast in the United States is the hometown of Indians. There have been many vampires, werewolves, and monsters in Indian mythology. In 1850, San Diego was established here. In order to protect the hard-won urban civilization, the exorcists developed a magical powder “Exorcism Powder” to deal with monsters. No matter facing any monster, sprinkling Exorcism Powder is the most useful way. With magical powder, everyone is an exorcism teenager.

Item Effect: Exorcism Powder sustainably burns supernatural creatures such as demons, monsters, and grievances, forcing them back or even killing them.

Note: San Diego, USA.

From experiment A.

“Only this one, am I coming too late and the other items got taken away?”

Wang Ji squeezed the leather bag carrying the Exorcism Powder and continued to search for other items. A Hunter should drop more items than that after being killed. But except the Exorcism Powder, he did not see any other items until he inadvertently saw the small hammer on the edge of the alley.
“Don’t tell me this is also an item.”

Wang Ji went up and picked up the hammer.

Item Name: The Wisdom of Yan Wang

Item Type: special items

Item Introduction: This item once belonged to a man with a very handsome face. He fully grasped the survival skills of intelligent life and raised the use of wisdom to a peak. This hammer is his most outstanding wisdom.

Item Effect: Holding the wisdom of Yan Wang allows you to break through any form of organ and hidden conditions, and definitely make it paralyzed.

Note: this is life.

From experiment A.

“It’s really an item, and it’s really hard to see. It seems that there have been Hunters who have arrived at Jackson Town for a while. I shouldn’t stay long here. I don’t know what kind of monsters are in this zone. The safest way is located all the red targets with spy satellites, then eliminate them all at once.”

Wang Ji put back the leather bag containing the Exorcism Powder and put the Wisdom of Yan Wang at his lower back.

Through the spy satellite map, he had seen that most of the monsters already disappeared. He thought they probably hid in the shadow of the horizon. In short, the floating jellyfishes left a deep impression on him last night. He felt that it’s necessary to clean up this area.

“They are too many. If not handled as early as possible, they may lead to a more difficult situation. I should act now. The nearest energy field is in the snow-capped mountains southwest of the protective film, where hasn’t been covered by shadows. Even though there are monsters nearby, I should be able to avoid them.”

He found the nearest place of the energy field on the map and hid in the alley, pressing his hand on his chest. The blue flames unfolded from his chest, sketching a mysterious storm mark. The dark and delicate iron branches and feathers interweaving, drowning the body above his calves, and tightly bound to the storm mark; the cloak hung down, and the clear moonfire burnt around him, the center of which revealed a deep essence of darkness.

Thunder began to appear in his pupil, and there was a gust of wind rolling up out of nowhere in the alley, blowing the brands on the roadside violently! The flame of the moonfire cloak was intertwined with the iron branches in his collar, and then turned into a dark hood to cover his head. The cloak roll fluttered in the wind, and black hair was growing crazily, which was long enough to cover the shoulders and shining with mysterious glow. He put on the Ninja Mask with one hand and pointed at the sky with the other hand.


Along with the dark shadows, a flash of lightning resounded. And the moonlight cloak began to flash the electric light. In an instant, Wang Ji vacated and turned into a black storm crow rushing to the sky.

The huge wings spread, the wide black wings covered the dark thunder, and the storm power overflowed through feathers, turning into black lightning from time to time. Wang Ji spread his wings and flew out of Jackson Town, overlooking the entire land and flying to the snowy mountains. At this time, a message suddenly appeared on the X-ray glasses:

All the Hunters in the hunting area should pay attention to this information: thank you very much for coming. Please come to the central square of Deepwater City. I am the Hunter of this defense zone, also the initiator of this hunting mission.

The Psychologist.

“He started to contact the Hunters through the tree party machine. I don’t have to worry about him now, I should solve the problem before deciding whether to go.”

Wang Ji chose not to meet the owner of this hunting area but continue to fly to the energy field in the snow-capped mountains. Overlooking the forests on the mountains, he had confirmed the location of the energy field.



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