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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Bloody Road Flower

It’s the 151 hour and 35th minute of the hunting time; on the seventh day, there were 16 hours and 24 minutes left before the final time limit.

The sky was not yet light, the ground was silver, and the river reflected silver under the meager skylight.

Nearly half of the world under the protective film was shrouded in dark shadows. There’s no snow under the sky, but only the dark mountains and rivers, the vast jungle and several strange landforms.

The black storm crow traversed the clouds and flew south along the margins of the protective film, passing through the vast snow-covered jungle toward the southern mountains.


With a gust of wind blowing the snow on the mountains, Wang Ji landed smoothly and stood on a snowy peak. The snow was a bit shaking, and the mountain faintly trembled. He did not immediately return to the human form, but still kept the posture of the storm crow, overlooking the ridge below. The red blood has turned into blood water, and all the roads between the mountains became red.

“Wait, here’s something.”

He followed the sound of the tree falling and looked at the forest covered with snow. Not far from the highway was the energy field, outer part of which was covered by a holiday cottage. And on the road not far from the holiday cottage, a big armored machine smashed two giant pines, snow and green branches were shaken down. Then a thick green plant rhizome rose from the snow on the ground in the forest, fluttered and smashed several ancient pines, slamming on the road.


The asphalt road was instantly hit into two pieces, the splashing blood and the snow splashed, and a large piece of debris flew out from the broken asphalt road. In the dense forest, a blood shadow was dragging on the ground and coming out, the place where it passed formed an astonishing blood road!

“It’s the big monster last night.”

Wang Ji was shocked looking at the shadow of a giant monster appearing in the woods. It dragged a bloody road and was exposed to Wang Ji’s vision. The thorns with stings floated up without the influence of gravity, and their roots were stained with blood. The monster did not show up in the tall ancient woods, but could only be seen as a giant, with numerous thorny roots!

Wang Ji made sure at just one glance that it was a giant with a height of more than ten meters. If it were not because of the mountain forest which was more ancient, the appearance of the monster couldn’t have been blocked. The thorns that rose between the trees slid through the sky with a stout root, and struck into the armored machine at an instant, which was hard to measure how many meters long it was.

Blood-stained thorns struck as if they were alive, one of which instantly pierced the rock, and its strength was strong that made the Wang Ji slightly surprised.

“It’s just the thorn growing out on the rhizome. These thorns are so powerful, it seems that the main rhizome is scarier.”

Wang Ji leaned down and still did not move, watching the monsters appearing from the woods. A blood-red flower bud was surrounded by all the thick rhizomes, which was one meter in diameter. The edges of the petals were sharp fangs that were tightly closed. The shape of the bud resembled a faucet, and an amber eye was on each petal, revealing the fierce gazes that only the beasts had!

Capital A, the monster you see is not a seed of disaster, but a magic carnivorous plant called Bloody Road Flower. This creature is extremely ferocious and a top predator.

From experiment A.

A simple information of the monster popped out on the X-ray glasses.


An old tree fell to the ground, and another giant plant rushed out. The huge root almost broke the ridge. A large stream of blood flowed out from its body when it moved, forming blood-stained mountains. The scene was the same as the blood road Wang Ji saw on the streets not long ago.

“It can’t be wrong. It was this raging monster that killed two Hunters in Jackson Town last night.”

Wang Ji looked at the third monster coming out from the snowy woods, it’s unimaginably huge, surrounding the huge armor painted in gold and red, while its roots were wielding and attacking at the same time. Though the metal shell of the armored machine was strong, it’s also leaking electricity when dodging the roots.

Although the armor was big, it was not more than four meters wide, which was obviously much smaller than the monster. And its attack method was relatively weak. Faced with the thorns wielding in the sky, the hands of the armored machine were clenched into fists, making the smashing metal sounds, and crossed on its chest.


Like the rapid rotation of the blower, the reaction furnace on the chest of the armored machine emitted intense light. The clenched fists suddenly spread outwards. The center of the robotic handgun fired two light waves and blew off the root of a giant plant. Then in the sharp screams of the Bloody Road Flower, the armor on its shoulders bounced off, and two fire-breathing missile barrels jumped out and fired two missiles!

Doooon! A dull sound burst with the whipping sound.

The released missile was actually whipped by the monster with its raging thorns, and directly dropped down the distant cliff, and a fierce explosion resounded in the woods under the mountains! The roar directly led to an avalanche on a mountain. As the giant armor just jumped off to escape the shock, its chest reactor was hit by the thorny tentacles.

The crisp metal squeaking sound burst, and the armored machine that was hit again was pumped out more than ten meters away. The inexhaustible bloody thorns followed the prey to kill it!

“He’s dying!”

Wang Ji immediately got up!

“Only Hunters can have such a war machine. Call the regional tree party to display the Hunter’s newsletter, and the notification message is ‘Backward Avoidance’.”

Wang Ji informed the Hunter who operated the armor to retreat through the tree party machine while spreading his wings and swooping down from the peak of the snow-capped mountain!


The dark thunder was raging between the wings of the diving storm crows, the shadow of flying wings swept through the snow, and quickly attacked the battlefield in the woods. Wang Ji gazed at the huge plant monster that was closer to the armored Hunter. “The fire of the Black Elves, then the Holy Light Bomb, and then turn back to the human form.” He set a preliminary confrontation strategy.

Before officially confronted, the corresponding strategy has formed in his mind.


The mad tiger-like eyes also instantly found the approaching storm crow, and the bud with eyes on it suddenly opened, facing the storm crow and spurting out the glowing jellyfish spores and the fragrant poisonous mist. Wang Ji did not fear but got closer and closer to the Bloody Road Flower. He suddenly recovered his human form and took out the Holy Light Bomb pointing to the mouth of Bloody Road Flower which was filled with buck teeth, and threw it out with all his strength!


Holy light explosion!

A magnificent white light rose between the mountains and the roads. The violent light formed a cross in the sky. The holy light was full of raging thorns. Several eyes of the blind monsters scattered in the light, and the jellyfish spores were all exploding when dispelled!

The Fallen Badge was fluttering and shining in front of the Wang Ji’s chest. When he threw out the bomb, he stood up and stepped on a rhizome, jumping off from the back of the monster. When he landed, he rolled up agilely on the snow and stretched out, reaching out and using the fire of the Black Elves against the three giants!

The black and purple flames burned unreasonably on the three giant monsters, as if they were burnt from deep inside the roots. The fire of the Black Elves began to torture these monsters. The roots of the three monsters madly swept across the mountain, and they were about to hit Wang Ji.


The energy cannon was sprayed from the corner of the mountain. The armored machine raised its hand and released a shot to break the rhizome. After reviewing the armored machine, Wang Ji quickly remained focused. He took out the Wave-Particle Duality, and the wings were spreading in his hand! Aiming at the heads of the three monsters, Wang Ji has released three arrows at an instant, and none of these three colorless dark beams was missing but into the monsters’ heads!

The dark beam entering the monster’s body instantly evaporated a big hole, but didn’t kill them. The thorns were still raging, which was even worse because of the pain! Seeing the head that had evaporated with a big hole began to grow back quickly, he was surprised by the speed of recovery. At this time, all of the three Bloody Road Flowers were recovered from the blinding state, and hundreds of amber eyes were locked in Wang Ji!

” Wave-Particle Duality? No, it doesn’t work either! They are very resistant to energy attacks, and your bow is far worse!”

The Hunter’s anxious voice came from the armored machine. The legs of the machine were bent, and two shock waves were released from its feet. The recoil of the armor caused him to smash a Bloody Road Flower. He uttered to Wang Ji and told him about the weakness.

“I see.”

Wang Ji put down the Wave-Particle Duality and used the knowledge “Hurricane”!

The Moonlight Cloak raged wildly, and Wang Ji’s palm stretched out from the inside. A tornado hurricane rose between the mountains and the snow, rolling the trees the entire forest, which were almost collapsed! A Bloody Road Flower was too late to attack and sent by a hurricane into a hundred meters in the air. It was cut wildly by the violent wind blade and most of the roots were cut off and blown away!

“The hurricane got one, the armored machine got one, and there’s one left.”

Wang Ji turned his gaze from the sky and looked at the Bloody Road Flower that was originally closest to him, but already came close with his blood and thorns. Inside the armored machine came the Hunter’s voice. “Change to any other weapon, you can’t hurt it with a bow!” Wang Ji didn’t listen to him. He rolled back and escaped the thorn attack, slamming into a giant tree behind him. And he pulled the bowstring.

“Split attack, 50 loads.”

Wang Ji thought. After activating the split attack and adjusting the loads, he looked at the monster and his hand pinched the dark beam.

“You should change…”

The Hunter in the armor was roaring, and Wang Ji has been loosening the bowstring. When the bowstring was rebounding, dozens of thick and huge roots raging in the sky was annihilated in an instant! Only the central flower head was left. The Hunter, who was entangled with another Bloody Road Flower, didn’t say anything, and he was completely stunned.


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