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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: The Hunter Notes

Putting down the bow, Wang Ji stretched out his palm and faced the head of the Bloody Road Flower that fell on the mountain. He quickly and unmistakably recited the spell. Limbs madly emerged from under the bud of the Bloody Road Flower with only one head left, however, he just watched quietly without attacking. He wanted to control this monster with spell magic when its consciousness was weakest.

Suddenly, he clenched his fist!

Dozens of amber eyes of the Bloody Road Flower were suddenly widened, then it violently struggled and twitched on the ground, and became quiet in an instant. Its limbs were still recovering quickly, but their eyes were already dull. Their pupils were scattered, and they lost their luster.

As for Wang Ji, even in the case of the Ninja Mask covering his face, he could not stop the wrinkles growing on his forehead, and his long hair under the hood of the Moonlight Cloak became pale at this moment.

But he didn’t care at all.

“Then, Life Capture.”

He changed his gesture, and his palm faced the Bloody Road Flower that was fighting with the armored machine. He used Life Capture. A green beam accompanied by the blue mist was drawn from the body of the Bloody Road Flower, and quickly fell into his palm. Because the vitality consumed by the spell magic was quickly replenished, he resumed his heyday in the twinkling of an eye. The wrinkles on his forehead disappeared, and the hair re-emerged with mysterious luster.

The color of the Bloody Road Flower faded a lot after its vitality was extracted. Its furiously raging rhizome whipped the armored machine away and rushed over to Wang Ji. In an instant, the eyes of the absent-minded Bloody Road Flower suddenly flashed, quickly remaining focused, then its roots leaped vigorously. It slammed into other Bloody Road Flower, opening its mouth and biting off its head, then swallowed it!

In the blink of an eye, all the rhizomes became bloody, and the Bloody Road Flower that was bitten by the head immediately dyed the mountain with red blood. Wang Ji pulled the bow and adjusted split attack to 55 loads. He released an arrow and killed the Bloody Road Flower that was controlled by the hurricane in midair. After the last Bloody Road Flower was evaporating, the hurricane dissipated.

The fight was over.

Everything was solved in a short time, which corresponded with the way Wang Ji fought. His reasonable choice was never a war of attrition, because he never put off a battle that could end at the fastest speed.

On the mountains, there was bloody red color all over. The blood flowed down the mountain, and the armored machine powerlessly sat down on the ground. Its body was sizzling, and it seemed that the internal parts were damaged seriously.

The armored head opened and a figure with beard was exposed to the air. The man was also panting, and his mouth continued to bleed. As the cold air invaded into his lungs, he began to cough.

“Are you okay?”

Wang Ji put down his hood and went up. The long hair that temporarily grew due to natural forces hung down his chest, and there was a faint radiance between his hairs.

“No, I’m not.”

The white man with big beard writhed his head in a powerless way, indicating Wang Ji that he should look inside the armored machine. Wang Ji looked at where his eyes were looking at, the internal space of the armor had been crushed, and a group of flesh and blood was blurred.

“Warband codename: Veronica.”

The Hunter said reluctantly, he breathed out cold air, and he kept coughing blood when speaking. Raising his pale head, he looked at the distant Bloody Road Flower that was eating its fellow creature, and his eyes were still a little worried.

“Capital A.”

Wang Ji also made a self-introduction, the Hunter’s viscera were severely oppressed, and his organs were estimated to have been crushed. It’s no small miracle that he could talk alive.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any therapeutic items, sorry.”

Wang Ji expressed regret. This was the first Hunter he met, but the Hunter was dying.

“It’s fine.”

When Veronica spoke, he coughed up blood.

“I suggest that you stop talking.”

Wang Ji advised rationally.

Capital A, the other party requested to communicate with you through the tree party machine, do you agree?

From experiment A.


Wang Ji accepted the request.

The communication of the tree party machine has been connected.

The corresponding prompts were sent out through their respective tree party machines. Veronica closed his eyes peacefully and focused on his last bit of spirit to communicate with Wang Ji.

Hello, Capital A.

Like you, I am a Hunter who has accepted the hunting mission. But maybe we are a little bit different. I am a friend with the Hunter “psychologist” in this zone. I came here not to take the opportunity to snatch the items and knowledge of other Hunters, but to help him.

I am sorry that I will not leave my knowledge fragments and items to you after I die. I have to leave them to the Psychiatrist to help him through this difficult time. But I will repay you for your kindness. In my clothes, I took notes of all the information I know about the dimensional breaks.

The route of wisdom evolution may really have come to an end. In my short Hunter career, I have seen more than three civilized worlds shrouded in dimensional breaks. Unlike the Preacher’s aggression against civilization, none of the civilized worlds shrouded in dimensional faults can escape the destiny of being destroyed.

I don’t place hope on you, nor do I place hope on any Hunter. By traveling in the worlds, I found that the history of the Warband is far less simple than imagined. It may have experienced unimaginable times, even dominating the eras. But the era we are in is the darkest among all.

Don’t trust any Hunter who is alive, even a dead one. Wisdom is greed, civilization is selfish; knowledge teaches life to kill, and skill teaches humans to plunder. If you are a rookie Hunter, please distinguish the difference between the defense zones and the hunting zones.

The former is guardian and the latter is killing.



Wang Ji answered, but Veronica didn’t reply.

Capital A, the communication of the tree party machine has been closed, and the communication target has died.

From experiment A.

The armored machine suddenly began to fold and deform. As the fog under the armor emerged, the armored machine was transported away, and Veronica’s fleshy body was stripped and fell into the woods. Wang Ji silently stepped forward and started searching on Veronica’s chest.

You picked up a Hunter note, which recorded all the important information the Hunter recorded in this defense zone.

From experiment A.

“It should be working. Let me see.”

Wang Ji turned to the holiday cottage where the energy was located, and sat down on the stairs in front of the house, then opened the notes to start reading, hoping to find useful information from it.

Hunter notes:

Under the super volcano of Yellowstone Park in this civilized world, there’s an unfathomably deep underground cave. There’s a knowledge which human beings cannot touch and shouldn’t touch, which is the origin of all subsequent disasters. But I believe that civilization has been in disaster since it’s born. In the culture of my world, the ancestors of mankind, Adam and Eve, ate the fruits that they should not eat, and gained wisdom and infinite knowledge.

In this civilized world in 1962, American newspaper and media were promoting a message crazily: human beings have overcome aging and disease, and the era of eternal life has arrived. The background at the time was actually like this. Under the super volcano of Yellowstone Park, the federal government got the knowledge that the Psychiatrist and I had warned countless times that smart life could not touch. It was the supreme tree party that warned the Hunters. We persuaded the federal government countless times, even using the most extreme means.

But in October of that year, they finally failed to resist the temptation of knowledge. Greed has created the origin of all destiny. We knew that this was the beginning of the disaster, but I did not expect that this was the beginning of the dimensional break.

Before that, I have been through two worlds with dimensional breaks. When the shadows began to appear, the whole world was doomed to destruction. However, at the time, I didn’t know that such a terrible thing happened in my friend’s defense zone.

In desperation, the Psychiatrist and I acquiesced in the victory of the secular government. At the same time, we have also dealt with any troubles that may arise from the “untouchable knowledge.” In November, they developed a drug. A drug that could heal everything and make people eternal.

The disaster started here.

When the psychologist wrote to me at the beginning, we really thought it was because of the identity of the Hunter that we were too sensitive to danger and too pessimistic about the federal government. But that was not the case at the time. In the psychologist’s civilized world, in the United States in 1962, the federal government solved all diseases in human history with all the drugs that healed everything. Since the drug was born, the whole world has fallen into ecstasy.

All diseases will be eliminated, drugs could rejuvenate lives, and always remain humans at the strongest age. Human beings have created eternal life, which had to be refreshing. A large number of drugs began to appear in the market and even began to spread freely. The psychologist panicked at this time. What kind of economic power did the federal government possess to ensure that all Americans could take the drugs that could make live eternal?

He wrote to me and told me that the drugs were actually created by the cooled blood of the monsters after they died according to the clues he got, and the cooled blood was lava. It’s hard to imagine how the federal government used lava to develop that drug. It’s even harder to imagine what kind of monsters would form lava with its cooled blood after dying.

He asked me for help. But what could I do? Hunters can ask for help at most to apply for a protective film to control an area from the outside world, but, a reasonable person can’t stop it when all people in a country fall into ecstasy. A large number of people started taking drugs, and soon, the addictive nature of the drug appeared.

People who have overdosed started madly asking for drugs, and they had to take drugs to control their anxiety. The Psychiatrist wrote to me desperately. He had no way to keep himself accustomed to eating human beings. All the people who had taken the drugs were found to be inedible in his invention. The reason was that the test object was not human.

I specially came to support him once, using the power of Hunter to drive away all the people who had used the drug in his city, and then called on all those who had not taken the medicine to go to the Yellowstone Park area to receive the protection of Hunters. We did it, we even destroyed the city of Spruce, where we killed more than 200,000 people there. The city thus became a ruin, and both of us paid for this.

But it was too late.

It has been more than half a month since the federal government invented the cure, but no Preachers have arrived in the psychologist’s defense zone. Can you imagine? The Preacher who destroyed civilization and considered any life that probably became a civilization as an enemy, actually gave up invading this world.

This was not fortunate because the animalization has appeared.


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