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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Dimensional Breaks

The 152nd hour of the hunting time, on the 7th day.

8:04 a.m., there are 15 hours 54 minutes left before the final deadline.

On the snow-capped mountain.

Wang Ji stood on the ridge and overlooked the earth. He saw the area on the northeast side of the shadow. In the shadow of the dense woods, he could still distinguish the outline of a city. But owing to the proximity to the shadow world, it had already fallen into the darkness. What could be distinguished was the dilapidation of the city.

It’s the City of Spruce there, a city where Hunters have conducted a massacre. After a while, Wang Ji sat back in the holiday cabin silently, opened the Hunter notes and continued reading.

Hunter notes:

In October 1963, the federal government’s drugs finally faced a lack of supply. Millions of people who have fallen into madness due to drug addiction walked on the streets and frantically vented through destruction. It was at this time that the animalization began to appear among ordinary humans, just in the City of Spruce near the park.

Those who were killed by us all woke up in a rainy night. Psychiatrist and I deeply remembered that there were many people whose flesh was even completely destroyed by us, but they revived on that rainy night. Groups of people walked into the forest and headed to deep inside the park.

There, they became brainless beasts.

Because of this, The Psychiatrist asked the Warband for a protective film that would only come during the preaching war. He hoped to destroy all the monsters, but it was already impossible.

Even with energy weapons, these monsters couldn’t be completely eliminated, because they would soon climb out of the ground. The beastized humans lingered in Yellowstone Park and couldn’t be completely eliminated, the protective film therefore would never disappear. Psychologist and I had no way of knowing the world outside the protective film, but the chaos must have begun.

This stalemate lasted until the early morning of December 18, when the Psychiatrist wrote to me telling me that the dimensional breaks appeared. It was a huge shadow, appearing from the east sky of the protective film and began to erode the entire sky. Its appearance led to the loss of the ability of the protective to isolate. According to all the records of the Warband, it would swallow up the entire world inside the protective film within 168 hours.

It would be when the civilized world crashed.

It’s hard to imagine something that could split the dimension, making a system like super film unable to be self-consistent. In fact, the so-called super-film is superficially understood as a kind of existence that maintains multiple universes and time. Through traveling and sliding on the super film, Hunters can travel in various universes and even time coordinates, and all items and knowledge are transmitted through it.

The so-called dimensional breaks are like some crack layers appearing on the super film. After all, time and space are explained in terms of dimensions. They are basically expressed in a scale. Once there is a break, the scale that can be extended indefinitely breaks.

These breaks have led to the isolation of a macroscopic universe and time coordinates, completely disconnected from the size of the world. Therefore, the Hunter must leave for a shelter before the break completely shields the defense zone. Except for the protective film, there is nothing that can block the appearance of shadows.

So what kind of shadow will cause time and space travel to fail?

Who knows?

I only know that at the same time the dimensional breaks appeared, all the beastized humans once again carried out a terrible life evolution, they changed from beasts to crazy plants; and the letter Psychologist sent to me indicated that animalization was no longer limited to humans who have taken the drugs. Throughout the defense zone, all those in their sleep would be animalized and eventually became a terrible plant monster. The plants in Yellowstone Park have also revived, raging in the darkness.

He eventually couldn’t resist the pressure.

The Psychiatrist may be desperate, and he turned to the Hunter who he hated the most. I didn’t know what the result of asking for help was, maybe those “abominable bloodsuckers” would allow him to take refuge. But this was not what he asked for. I didn’t know it until I saw his hunting mission in the Sky.

Hunting is an ancient ritual of Hunters. When a defense zone becomes a hunting ground, all Hunters can hunt each other and capture each other’s knowledge and items. This is the naked jungle law. But the ancestors of the intelligent life come to the present through fighting in such bloody slaughters.

Wisdom is selfish. No Hunter would be willing to help him against the shadow of dimensional breaks; but wisdom is also greedy. There were always Hunters who couldn’t resist the temptation and came to hunt. Maybe a Hunter would remember the ultimate goal after hunting?

But I’m not going nuts yet, I know that it’s impossible.

Numerous painful historical lessons tell me that the world of others has nothing to do with me. This is the last time I lost my mind. I will be involved in hunting mission and use all my strength to solve the dimensional breaks until I die or lose everything. I can lose and start over, but he has no chance.

Here is my guess, forgive me for not being able to see the secret behind the dimensional breaks, I can only use all my knowledge to guess:

In the myth of my civilization, human ancestors gained wisdom by eating the forbidden fruit, and they mastered endless knowledge and created multiplied civilization. God knew that when human beings have wisdom, they will be greedy for the fruit of the life tree, so he drove humans out of the Garden of Eden.

What humans in this civilized world have found was not the so-called “untouchable knowledge,” but another fruit from the life tree. Only the gods can make the life of wisdom re-select.

Give up wisdom and return to the Garden of Eden.


The note ended.

Wang Ji put down the notes and burned them with the Fire of the Dark Elf. He stood up again and walked down the stairs to the ridge, looking across the land of the entire Yellowstone Park. The colorful landscape was connected to the dark shadow zone, but on the map of the spy satellite, it’s full of red-lighted enemies.

Wang Ji turned quietly and looked at the bloody road in the distance. This horrible monster had plunged all its rhizomes into the road and the deep underground, and only its blood-red bud head was exposed. Dozens of its eyes were looking at the world without any aggressiveness.

“Is it the Garden of Eden?”

Wang Ji suddenly asked, not to anyone. The chilly wind blew through the ridge, and Wang Ji also lost his target temporarily like the Bloody Road Flower. Since all the monsters were undefeatable, then what’s the meaning of killing?

“I don’t believe it.”

Wang Ji suddenly said.

His eyes were still firm. If this is to return to the Garden of Eden, then what is the difference from death? He was glad that he had been stripped of a part of the emotional thinking, which was indeed the source of human weakness, as experiment A reminded.

“Let me think about it. Since killing monsters won’t play a substantial role, where should the direction of my investigation start from? The time left for me is not much.”

Wang Ji felt awkward.

Originally, he could still go with the flow, but Veronica’s notes basically negated all his previous thoughts. The time coordinates provided by the Psychiatrist have been a bit late, and it’s not easy to find out the formation of dimensional breaks thoroughly in less than 24 hours.

He had no ideas.

“I want to have more information, in fact, I should go to the Psychiatrist. He’s the master of this civilized world defense zone. He knows everything that happened here. But according to Veronica, if none of Hunters deserves to be trusted, then the Psychiatrist should also count.”

When Wang Ji thought of this, a notice suddenly appeared on his X-ray glasses:

All Hunters in the hunting area should pay attention. I am the Psychiatrist, the guardian of this world, and the Hunter in charge of this hunting area. Upon receiving my news, please come to the central square of Deepwater City. If you find no one after arriving here, wait and inform me at the third public seat on the south side of the square.

We must unite together to save this civilized world from being destroyed. I am sorry that I have turned off all resource sharing in the area. Please come to Deepwater City to see me. My resources are only available to Hunters who are willing to help me.

The Psychologist.

“He turned off sharing of all resources?”

Wang Ji looked back at the energy field.

“Forget it. Anyway, the energy supply of the spy satellite is still fine. I can still use it. It is meaningless to clean up these monsters now. They will soon be revived in the park. And the Psychiatrist’s actions can be explained in both good and bad ways, then it is meaningless to waste time here. I should act first.”

With a thunder roaring in the sky, Wang Ji’s lightning flashed again, turning into a storm crow flying to the sky and heading to Deepwater City.

The 153rd hour of the hunting time, on the 7th day. There are less than 15 hours left before the final deadline.

Wang Ji passed by Yellowstone Park.

There was no snow in the park, but a rotten smell in the air. There was danger in the dense woods. Suddenly, on the way to Deepwater City, he stopped and stood on a ruined road. The smell of corruption was unusually strong here. The crack covered the road under his feet. This road was a dividing line.

Wang Ji was standing on this dividing line. Behind him, there’s a forest that had been completely mired in darkness; and in front of him was a large pale forest, there was no snow in this place, but the trees were pale and the earth was corrupt. Except stubborn trees were still alive, there was even no grass on the land.

The wasteland.

Wang Ji looked at the psychic tower towering in the forest. They were scattered in the forest, and the towers of the dead bones and the woods are raised with five black spikes. The spikes of the skull were surrounded by a huge purple gem tower, and a group of ghosts was revolving around it. They found Wang Ji, and the whispers of the ghosts continued to come, but they did not attack him.

Capital A, you have occupied all the psychic towers in this area and have the highest decision-making power.

From experiment A.

“Undead natural disasters can pollute the entire land, and all vitality will be taken away. The psychologist wanted to use the wasteland to counter the spread of dimensional breaks. But it’s useless.”

Wang Ji realized what the Psychiatrist thought. Not long ago, he wandered through the night in the barren land, chasing all living things. He now knew the terribleness of the wasteland, but now it seemed that this horror couldn’t prevent the emergence of dimensional breaks, and the shadows were constantly eroding this zone.

He turned his head and looked at the dark shadow world. The lush forest was beyond imagination. In December, it was cold and lifeless. The dark and dense woods were really weird in this season. At the end of his gaze, he could vaguely see the dark forest, and there seemed to be a very huge phantom moving on the ground, accompanied by a slight tremor of the earth.

Surprisingly, it didn’t make any sound. It seemed that it existed, but it also seemed not to exist.


Wang Ji turned around and ignored the monster that maybe exist. He walked to a sign next to the road, and the English sentence written with blood on the board left a deep impression on Wang Ji: THE WORLD IS DESTINED TO BE DESTROYED.


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