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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Trap in Deepwater City

The bloodstain looked like it was left no long ago.

“The world is destined to be destroyed.”

Wang Ji didn’t think that there would be any ordinary people who dared to go to this place now, because ordinary humans would be infected in the wasteland. And also, he didn’t think that there would be Hunters who left these words boringly. Considering the cultural background, the person who left the information was likely to be an American.

After all, not all Hunters speak English.

Looking back at the sign, he could not help but guessed who left the bloodstain. It’s very close to Deepwater City. It took him a lot of time to fly here. He didn’t think that it was left by Veronica, and the first person he thought of was the Psychiatrist.

“I hope it’s not him. If he left these words, it’s clear that he’s completely desperate. What a desperate person will do? It can’t be anything good in my imagination.”

Thinking of this, Wang Ji no longer stayed and turned into the storm crow again. It was not far from Deepwater City. He just needed to follow the road.

Deepwater City.

Layers of woods have finally come to an end, and the roads were blocked by a large number of sandbags and cement. At the top, there were gunmen who spontaneously guarded the entrance to the city as guard posts. The tall buildings in the city were behind them. A giant cannon stood at the highest point in the city. The muzzle faced the forest in the south. If his memory served well, there’s an unclear relationship between the cannon and Liuyun Mining.

It must be a French stuff, he knew it.

From the sky, he stayed close to the protective film and flew into the city. He fell on an inconspicuous corner of the city and took off the hood and the Moonlight Cloak, sneaking into the city as an ordinary person.

Except for the Psychic Tower in Yellowstone Park, other urban resources of the Psychiatrist like the cannons were all defending the city, while the air command was only in Deepwater City. There were 8 specially modified A-10 aircraft on standby. There was no doubt that this was the most defensive city and the home of the Psychiatrist. Wang Ji met some citizens walking on the dull streets. Most of them were dozing off. Apparently, they had a sleepless night yesterday.

9:30 a.m.

Central Square.

The square was quiet, the winter lawn was a bit withered, and there was no one in the walkway. Wang Ji stood on the other side of the street and silently observed the seat the Psychiatrist mentioned.

There was no one waiting at the appointed location. He could not help but became a little alert. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to sit in the seat and contact the Psychiatrist before making a survey.


Pushing the glass door open behind him, he walked into a coffee shop.


The owner of the store said while taking a nap, and he looked slouchy on the counter. Wang Ji sat down in front of him, looking outside the window from time to time, observing the appointed place. The location where the Psychiatrist told was so detailed, any person with vigilance would feel abnormal from it.

“Another sleepless night, right?”

The coffee shop owner said with a wry smile. He did not notice that Wang Ji didn’t pay attention to his words. “I hope everything is like what the Hunter said. After tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. You are my first guest this morning, the first cup is free, what do you want?”

“Yes, I want the most refreshing one.”

Wang Ji moved his eyes back and agreed with a smile. The coffee shop owner shook his head with a smile and gave Wang Ji a cup of strong coffee. He did not drink immediately, but slowly stirred the coffee with a spoon and asked absent-mindedly. “Who is the Hunter of our world?”


The owner smiled helplessly: “I don’t know who he was. But I know that he is crazy now. Since he destroyed Spruce City, the whole world has gone mad.”


Wang Ji said, his eyes looked through the window again, looking at the public seats at the appointed location on the other side of the street. There was still no one there. The citizens of this city have just survived a long night. There were not many people who didn’t have to sleep in the early morning, and there were fewer people who could walk on the streets.

Such a situation stepped up his vigilance to a new degree.


A low-pitched voice suddenly resounded at the door of the coffee shop. Wang Ji bowed his head and saw a fierce dog showing his fangs and looking at the inside of the coffee shop.

“Damn stray dogs. Since the shadows appeared, these animals have become wild and difficult to tame. The one outside the door has killed several people.”

The owner cursed and took the gun from the counter. As the black muzzle just came out from the counter, the dog outside quickly turned and ran away alertly.

The owner strode out of the door, and even shot a few shots, then shut the door back angrily, saying with a sigh of relief. “Since the shadow appeared, it’s been like this. All the beasts in the city will actively attack the person who is alone. You must be careful when you go out!”

Wang Ji nodded and suddenly asked. “Is it running far?”

The owner was angry and said. “Of course not. It is trying to trick me away, and then called a group of wild dogs to attack me. Don’t underestimate these beasts…”

Speaking of this, the owner’s tone suddenly became sullen, and he whispered to Wang Ji. “Pal, in fact, I doubt very much that except the human beings will be beastified in their sleep, those dogs will also. But the difference is that their animalization is impossible to be seen.”


Wang Ji replied casually, his fingers tapping the counter gently and he suddenly said. “In this case, it is better for me to kill it for you as long as you give me food as a bait.”

“They are very alert, I have already tried it with the bait.”

The owner denied.

“As long as you give me the bow hanging on your wall.”

Wang Ji’s eyes fell on the hunting bow hanging on the wall of the coffee shop, giving the owner a hint.

“You can shoot an arrow?” the owner asked in surprise. “Of course. I have confidence in my archery.” Wang Ji laughed.


The owner laughed too. He said. “That should be the entertainment today.”

9:55 a.m.

The coffee shop in the south of Central Square.

Wang Ji took the bow and stood in front of the coffee shop with the owner. On the main road not far away, it was the fierce sable dog. Because two people came out of the coffee shop, the dog stood up and looked at them alertly. The owner of the coffee shop asked. “I don’t understand. What do you do with the raw pork tied to the arrow?”

“You’ll see soon.”

Wang Ji replied, putting the arrow tied with raw pork on the bow, pulled the bowstring and adjusted the angle. He aimed at the location the Psychiatrist mentioned, the third public seat in the south, and at the same time, he opened the Sky system and replied to the Psychiatrist.

I have arrived at the appointed location, please come as soon as possible.

Capital A.

After the message was sent, he let go of the bowstring and shot the arrow out.


The arrow hit the seat and slammed into the ground. The dog in the middle of the road looked up at the arrow flying out, subconsciously rushing toward the direction of the arrow landing.

“Alright, now the second arrow!”

The owner bit his teeth and reminded Wang Ji. He did not answer, but silently looked at the vicious dog rushing to the front of the seat, biting the raw pork bundled on it and beginning to bite the violently. “Fast! Now!” The owner lowered his voice, at this time, Wang Ji’s multi-function X-ray glasses displayed a warning.



The masonry on the square walkway suddenly burst, and the stinky dog who bit the arrow in the gravel was also exploding in an instant! The black fog appeared above the earth, a huge black hand suddenly pulled out from the ground, and the length of the blood red nail was far beyond the length of a seat! The skinny black hand crushed the seat, grabbing the exploded dog, and blood was exuding through the fingertips. In an instant, the black hand retracted to the ground!


The coffee shop owner was scared to the ground, looking pale and overwhelmed. Wang Ji was also shocked. He threw the bow away and turned around. The hint of Experiment A was also displayed on the X-ray glasses quickly:

Capital A, what you just saw is a Hunter trap.

Experiment A.

Then, an information coming out of nowhere was displayed on the X-ray glasses.

Capital A, glad that you are still alive.

My superior Hunter has taken control of the city. They will use traps to kill all the Hunters involved in hunting to rob their items. I have no way to stop them, but now I can tell you a way to identify them.

Any information transmitted through the tree party machine must be signed, and only the hunting bulletin can be sent through the tree party machine in the hunting area. Undoubtedly, these are the bait laid by my superior Hunters to trick all the Hunters in the defense zone into the trap.

Only with my invention, multi-function X-ray glasses, the information is credible. All Hunters equipped with multi-function X-ray glasses in the same defense zone can conduct private communication. I am the Psychiatrist. If you want to contact me, please use the X-ray system.


Wang Ji quickly walked on the street and began to check the information he received. The information transmitted through the tree party machine was signed at the end, but the recent two contacts from the Psychiatrist weren’t. He checked the source of the information and was sure that it was an information transmitted through the private function of the X-ray glasses.

“So by multi-function X-ray glasses, you are sure that I am still alive.”

Wang Ji couldn’t help but feel weird. The Hunter trap only brought a short shock, which was not enough to move his thoughts. And the Psychiatrist immediately confirmed that he was still alive through the multi-function X-ray glasses, he felt that it was a great threat in an instant.

Yes, he didn’t believe the Psychiatrist.

“This multi-function X-ray glasses can confirm my survival in real-time. It is also possible for the Psychiatrist to confirm my coordinates through it. He just confirmed my goal and knew that I would not be trapped, so he let me escape, and then passed the buck to his own superior Hunters.”

Thinking of this, he suddenly stood still. He recalled the item introduction he saw when he first got the multi-function X-ray glasses. That indicated that the person who developed the item was a psychiatrist, calm, knowledgeable and resourceful, and was a fanatical human flesh enthusiast.

“He is really difficult to deal with.”

Wang Ji’s eyes flashed. He looked back and saw the vicious dogs that had been grinding their teeth in the alleys filled with rubbish. Not thinking much, he quickly responded to the Psychiatrist through a multi-function X-ray glasses: Don’t lie to me, I will wait for you in the collapsed area in the north of Deepwater city in one hour.

After the message was sent, he decisively took off the multi-function X-ray glasses. Taking the two contact lenses of the X-ray glasses, he walked over to two vicious dogs…


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