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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 64

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 64: The Boss in the Shadow

The church in the shadow.

The time froze at 0:00 am; deep in the plant cathedral, a grand sacrifice was ongoing. There was a group of green fires hanging under the large ceiling of the carved church. Under the dim green light, hundreds of souls in robes worshiped and prayed around the altar. On the altar, a painful pregnant woman was constantly groaning. The atmosphere of divinity and evil was intertwined, and they kept mentioning ‘Coming of God’.

Wang Ji watched it indiscriminately, but didn’t disturb this terrible festival of sacrifice immediately. On the altar, the pregnant woman curled up to protect her belly. From time to time, there were strange movements on the belly. It was faint to judge that the two wings were constantly trying to spread inside it. It was probably because of this fetal movement that the pregnant woman was suffering.

The vines that were constantly moving extended out from below on the vine altar that she was lying on, and plucked into the body of souls in robes to absorb some energy to maintain the sacrifice on the altar. The souls in robes were constantly praying with dull eyes and worshipping the altar without moving, letting the thorns and vines take their energy away.

“Yes. If God wants to come, it will come out of the pregnant woman’s belly. But it seems that it needs a lot of energy to come. The frozen time here is at 0:00 am on the 25th. This should be the time the god comes. But I’m afraid that its current state is the embarrassing situation between the coming of God and the not coming of god. Because in the outside world, the shadows of the dimensional breaks have not completely engulfed this world.”

Wang Ji pulled the bowstring!

He tried to make a corollary about all the information he got. In any case, killing the pregnant woman on the altar was a must. No matter what was in her stomach, there’s a need to kill!

Holding a dark beam, he quietly adjusted its precision. Standing in the darkness, his eyes aimed at the twisted belly of the pregnant woman. At the same time, the prayers accompanying the painfulness of the pregnant woman were also finished once. At the moment he loosened the bowstring, the cold-eyed gaze reappeared from behind him in the moonlight corridor!

In an instant, all the souls in robes were dragged into the air by a terrible suction force, blocking the attack of the dark beam on the altar. A soul disappeared in an instant, and the remaining souls in robes were caught in a huge fear, running away in the mid-air.

At the same time, it made Wang Ji’s flesh creep, he almost subconsciously moved forward. He swiftly dashed toward the corridor next to the church, rolling and dodging. Just as he just dashed, a dark snake monster slammed out from the place behind him, smashing the beautifully carved bar!

The monster made a weird sound, and the serpentine body writhed frantically. The pointed mouth opened a huge mouth full of teeth and madly slammed into him. Its body was wide and thick that an adult could not hold it. The impact was terrible!

Wang Ji was in danger, but he didn’t retreat. He got up and pulled the bowstring, a dark beam killed the monster instantly. But at this time, the church’s all sides echoed with the violent crash, as if there were countless monsters slamming the church walls, and the floor under his feet began to shake sharply, and the entire plant cathedral began to revive!

A vine suddenly stretched out from the under of Wang Ji’s feet, and before it tied his feet, he had escaped in an instant!

The vibrations of the earth began to become fierce, and the shadow monsters that ravaged the madhouse began to come to this side!

“Kill the key target first! Split attack, 50 loads!”

Wang Ji, who was leaping, pulled the bowstring, and his sharp eyes aimed at the pregnant woman who was suffering on the altar. Through the corner of his eyes, he saw the raging roots and the awakening of the church. The souls in robes that were crying and escaping continued to groan, and the voice even overwhelmed the painful pregnant women.

On the top of the carved church, there are countless fierce snake-like monsters suddenly hanging down. As the moonlight shined through the cracks of the church, his surrounding clear moonfire burnt even more. With the protection of the moonlight cloak, he continuously volleyed to escape the monster’s attacks, and the cloak showed an elegant light between the leaps, which was raging with the wind!


His pupil shrank, and his eyes reflected the painful and distorted pregnant woman on the altar. The bowstring was loosened, one arrow was shot, and 50 loads of dark beams were poured out!


In the direction of the distant moonlight corridor, a faint scream suddenly flowed in. The deafening loud sound almost tore Wang Ji’s eardrums in an instant. Accompanied by a raging storm, the plant cathedral instantly crashed, turning into an infinite amount of furious vines and thorns, covering the sky!


Wang Ji flew out of the church and slammed into the ground, and the soil splashed!

The blood ran out of his forehead, evaporating in the burning of the moonfire, and his ear was still surrounded by the creaking sound. He climbed up, shaking his head hard, pressed his hands to the ground, and tried his best to restore consciousness.

For a moment, he struggled to stand up from the soil, pressing the Wave-Particle Duality with one hand and supporting himself with the blade. In his eyesight, he saw the plant cathedral turned into a furious plant vine and thorn out of control, the shape of the church has completely collapsed, constantly expanding and deforming.

But it still surrounded the altar in the deepest inside, and above the maddening vegetation, it was a green flame that beat from time to time, hiding a majestic approaching shadow in the distance.




The heavy hooves swayed Wang Ji’s nerves. The silvery bright moonlight still couldn’t illuminate the details of the shadow monster. It was still an unattainable majestic shadow. The huge and bloated body was still blurrily dark as it walked. The moon only shone its outline.

As if two horns were standing tall on the outline of the mountain-like face, the two horns were bent down at first and then curved toward the sky. They looked like two terrible fangs, also the horns of a bull.

Underneath the bull’s head was full of seemingly vital tentacles. They were clearer than other shadows. Looking closely, you could completely recognize them. They were the appearance of snake-like monsters. The broken shadow wings on both sides were opened behind it, and could almost cover any ruined building in Evergreen City.

The eyes of the shadow resembled a burning flame. Under the silver moon, there’s a distinctly different hooking force. It’s a feeling, a kind of shuddering feeling when the eyes stared.

Feeling has made all the cold and the most extreme eyes, which omnipresent. It just stared at Wang Ji and approached the twisted church. Every step made the city ruins and the woods tremble. All the plants began to retreat when he approached. All the animalized monsters also only dared to tremble from the distance.

Undoubtedly, it’s the boss in the shadow world.

“It’s coming, but I still have time.”

Wang Ji frowned, and his eyes still aimed at the altar deep in the plant cathedral. He still believed that killing the pregnant woman was far more important than killing the shadow. Looking back, he took out the charger at his waist and skillfully rubbed it on the Wave-Particle Duality. The green lightning instantly poured into the bow body, and the weapon was full of energy.

At this time, the shadow of the bull’s head was facing the woods where he was located, and its palm was extended!

“It can cast!”

Realizing that the situation was weird instantly, Wang Ji immediately reached out and pointed to the monster with a silent magic.


The wild storm raged!

Unfortunately, in the face of the boss of the shadow world, his silent magic was totally ineffective. As the palm of the shadow monster pinched, a storm and a violent suction force dragged him, pulling him from the broken woods as if the confetti was blown to the broken city!

Tong, tong, tong… The tremors of the earth suddenly intensified, and the majestic and horrible shadows of the bull’s head suddenly accelerated. When they stepped on the large houses, the brick walls of the old city were all flattened! In the fierce impact and collapse, the wings behind it spread, and this huge monster suddenly jumped off from the earth, flying into the sky. It waved a shadow giant blade, and smashed into the tiny Hunter in the storm!

“Get out!”

In the storm, Wang Ji strove to pull the bowstring, and the split attack was loaded with 200 rounds of dark beams!


The building of the madhouse collapsed, and the Bloody Road Flower screamed and leaped into the sky. The roots and thorns in the sky instantly caught a long hoof of the shadow monster. The shadow in the mid-air lost control, and the shadow giant blade deviated from the original trajectory, flying toward a tall building!


The 20-story residential building was instantly crushed by the shadow giant blade, the dust was raging on the earth, and the huge shadow monster was tripped by the Bloody Road Flower, slamming the large residential houses! Dust and cloud were covering the earth! At the same time, Wang Ji loosened the bowstring, and 200 rounds of dark beams all poured out in an instant. Wang Ji reached out his palm and cast the Fire of the Dark Elf to the shadow!


He turned his head and pointed his finger to the sky under the barrier of the storm. The thunder raged with a bang. He became a storm crow and broke through the storm and suction force, rushing to the church. His posture suddenly turned back into the human form in mid-air.

Wang Ji agilely wiped the charger with the wave-particle duality, the bow energy was instantly fully charged!

Pulling the bow, he did not hesitate to pour out all the dark beams. But until then he still could not relax, and he waved to summon a hurricane!

However, there were only a few brief hollow holes in the body of the shadow of the bull’s head that fell to the ground. The giant shadow recovered immediately. It stood up from the ground and faced the pouring dark beams without fear. In Wang Ji’s sight, the shocking scene appeared:

After a large number of holes have appeared again in the body of the shadow of the bull’s head, the shadow quickly filled these them. All the damage caused by the dark beams was recovered in an instant!

“I’m no match for it!”

He immediately faced the fact and gave up any illusion of killing the shadow of the bull’s head. He became a storm crow and accelerated to the deformed plant cathedral!


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