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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 65

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 65: Blood and Moon

Under the silver moonlight, the wind blades of the hurricane rolled up in the ruins.

However, there was no sign of any movement of the shadow. Under the moonlight, it lowered its head, and indifferently looked at the Bloody Road Flower, who was attached to the hoof of the shadow and drawing its vitality madly.

It raised its shadow hoof.


The earth was shattered, and a horrible scar appeared on the ground. The Bloody Road Flower was screaming, because it was almost smashed by the giant hoof! As the blood flowed, it instantly dyed the land where the madhouse was located red!

The mighty shadow of the bull’s head raised the giant blade once again, facing the moonlight and cleaving toward the escaping storm crow. A terrible wind of blade tore the air, almost making the storm crow into a meatloaf. As the wind advanced, the speed of the storm crow was even faster!

“You rest here, I’ll take care of this.”

Wang Ji ordered the dying Bloody Road Flower by the spell. By the acceleration of the wind, the speed he rushed to the plant cathedral was even faster! The Dark Fire under the storm crow’s claws started burning toward the vines that blocked him!

The burning sounds burst, the vines raging wildly escaped the dark fire, and a lot of vines were scared off by the hot flame! Among the mad plants, he fought his way out. However, the situation was not optimistic. Now it’s still time to race against time. Realizing that the situation wasn’t right, the shadow of the bull’s head spread its the wings. Its huge and swollen body rose up, grabbed the giant blade and pointed to the storm crow.

At this moment chasing with time, it has become a life-and-death race!

With the retreat of the vine thorns, the cry of the pregnant woman on the altar was clearer. The storm crow lifted his wings and landed smoothly. Surrounded by plants with intense low-frequency vibration, his scalp got numb. Wang Ji gritted his teeth, interlacing the charger with the wave-particle duality, and the energy was filled once again in an instant!


There was a sudden violent shock in the earth. Even if Wang Ji was prepared in advance, he still fell off due to the strong stress!

Two shadows of giant hoofs landed outside the church, and the shadow of the bull’s head lifted the giant blade forward, puncturing all the plants in its way, stabbing toward Wang Ji. The sharpest part of the blade was pointing directly to Wang Ji’s back! At this moment, Wang Ji turned over and pulled the purple-red bowstring. He has bet everything on this moment, and the wind and coldness coming from his back were almost crushing all his bones!


The pregnant woman on the altar screamed fiercely and still suffered tremendous pain. At this moment, Wang Ji loosened the bowstring and closed his eyes. At the last moment he closed his eyes, he saw that the shadows had completely enveloped the church, and all the light disappeared at this moment.

In the darkness, the shadow giant blade was less than five meters behind his back. As the bowstring rebounded, the shadow giant blade almost stabbed his back.

The beam came out silently and the painful groaning stopped.

The moment when the dark beam fell into the belly of the pregnant woman, her painful sorrow finally stopped. The entire tortured body was evaporated by the energy of the light beam in an instant, and the movement of the shadow of the bull’s head was also stagnant with the giant blade at this moment. As the pregnant woman disappeared, it was also erased completely. The furious plants also got peace at this moment.

It became dark and dull.


Wang Ji suddenly heard the voice of Kerry’s daughter. When he was about to open his eyes, a hand suddenly covered his eyes. A gloomy scent came up.


Wang Ji recalled the scent he was familiar with.

“Don’t open your eyes.”

Lily’s crisp voice came from behind him. She continued to cover his eyes with her palm, preventing him from opening his eyes.

“Quietly close your eyes and listen to me. Capital A, you killed a god that was about to be born here. Because of your appearance, the young god in the womb bled. But all this was foreseen by the wisdom of God. Remember the time when the dimensional breaks swallow the world? 168 hours, a whole week, it’s the time God created the world, but in fact, it has completed the creation on the sixth day. The time you are located is on the 7th day, which is its Sabbath. Everything is done, you are late.”

“I tell you what will happen next. God’s first drop of blood has been splashed into the deicide, your eyes, and when you open your eyes to see the moonlight, the prophecy will be completed. Blood combines with moon, and the god comes to the earth. All the remaining human beings in the protective film will be transformed by its inspiration, human beings become beasts, beasts become plants, and it will become a paradise for God here.”

“Which means that I made some troubles?”

Wang Ji calmly asked.

“It is not the case, you just chose a route that angered it.”

Lily’s voice replied, and soon she sighed.

“If it were not for that Rodin wrote to me, I couldn’t have known that you have arrived in this world. I was looking for you after trading with the Hunters here, but I didn’t expect you to be here. But there are other ways. Now, we can leave. As long as you leave here, the shadow of the dimensional breaks will disappear and your hunting mission will be completed.”

“As long as I leave, will the hunting mission be completed?”

Wang Ji’s tone sounded doubtless. He nodded. “Okay, how can I go with you?” Lily said. “It’s not difficult, as long as I take you away, the tree party machine will ask you. You then agree to follow me.”

Wang Ji slightly nodded his head.

“I see.”

He said.

“Thank you very much for your care, but my hunting mission is not over yet, I will not leave. As you said, I killed the embryonic god in the womb in its expectation; I open my eyes and there will be blood moon arriving. But when I am able to escape with my eyes closed, the dimensional breaks will disappear. God will not appear, and the civilized world will be saved. This inference is undoubtedly insulting the IQ of that God.”

Wang Ji’s words led to Lily’s long silence.


Lily’s tone became indifferent.

“I have never seen a sense of responsibility in you. Now it is the same. Don’t play tricks in important choices. I am looking forward to returning all your investments. There’s a considerable portion of the benefits in hell requiring you in the future. I don’t want a long-term investment to be aborted now. Think about the tips from the tree party machine, you must leave before the shadows cover completely. If you want to stay, unfortunately, you have no chance of winning.”

“I will help Kerry’s daughter save her father and fulfill her promise.” Wang Ji calmly said. “I know that you left the record player for her. I just heard her talking. Is it you who doesn’t allow her to talk? Well, no need to do this, you are a partner of the Hunters, not a parent of the Hunters.”


Lily still covered his eyes with her hands to avoid direct contact between his eyes and the moonlight.

“Okay. From the time you open your eyes, time will be no much left. So your starting point is important. Go, if you still have a sense of direction.”

“No problem.”

Perhaps it was Lily who used magic to cover his vision. Wang Ji was completely unable to sense through his eyelids. But he still couldn’t be wrong with the basic sense of direction.

“Thank you, thank you for remembering me. Thank you so much.”

The ghost girl’s shivering voice came from behind, and she was extremely excited. “Of course I remember, I remember all the promises.” Wang Ji replied, his tone was a little calm. Under the moonlight, Lily saw the Hunter’s expression faintly changing.

“It’s here. Become a storm crow, then your trip will be very tight. I have no other words to say. Hunter, no matter what, please remember. Leave here before the shadow of the dimensional breaks completely envelope the world.”

At this time, Wang Ji felt that a drop of rain fell on his eyelids, with a strong bloody smell. Through the sensation of the eyelids, he felt a dim red color around him. At the same time, he heard the sizzling sound of a certain liquid evaporating by the moonfire, which was becoming more and more urgent. Lily’s hands, which covered his eyes, were now gone.

He felt that it was raining.

He opened his eyes, and the tips of Experiment A was sent. When he looked at the watch, a drop of bright red blood fell on the illuminated screen of the watch.

Capital A, your actions succeeded in angering the existence of the dimensional breaks. The blood moon is coming, it will speed up the footsteps that drive the shadows to swallow the entire sky. Please leave here before the dimension breaks envelope the entire sky, otherwise you will be completely disconnected from the super film.

From experiment A.

“It still takes time.”

Wang Ji frowned, thinking about this detail. Immediately, the lightning around his body burst, and he became a storm crow. In addition to seeing the ghost girl holding the record player running toward him, there was bloody red rain falling down from the sky. The rain was constantly expediting. The forest land was also bloody-red, as well as the city ruins.

At this time, he had already stood in the courtyard of the madhouse, not knowing where Lily had gone. The moonlight like the silver line now had turned into a dim light. The silver moon in the sky was also completely dyed bloody. At the same time, countless screaming beasts were screaming in the ruins of Evergreen City and the dark forests in the shadow world, which sounded extremely pleasant.


The tall buildings collapsed. In the ruined city, several Bloody Road Flowers started to emerge from the earth. Their roots were raging and they squirted the jellyfish spores from the buds. The glowing plankton quickly soaked with the light of the blood moon and began to mutate violently.

“Hunter, thank you for remembering me. The record player is for you. After rescuing the surviving humans, run away. Don’t stay in this world. I have heard its call, it will soon be reborn in its own shell. Take care.”

The ghost girl gently informed Wang Ji, and placed the record player on his back smoothly. The record under the stylus began to rotate, and the strange sound appeared from his back, which was continuous and high, and was extremely strong. The magic music began to spread around, like an ultrasound that was constantly spreading.

The girl flew into the wreckage of the madhouse and disappeared. Not far from the courtyard, the dying Bloody Road Flower was slowly recovering.

“Rest, I’ll summon you later.”

Wang Ji told his servant through the charm of the spell.

He fluttered and flew toward the bloody night. Looking down on the bloody land, everything began to get crazy. The jellyfish spores raged like clouds last night, jumping wildly in the forest and the ruined city, accepting the irradiation of the moonlight.


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