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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 66

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 66: The Last Madness

The 157th hour of the hunting time, on the 7th day. The blood moon arrived.

13:10 p.m.

A bloody full moon hung in the highest point of the shadow world, showing a touching red color. The moonlight looked real, an extreme bloody line was shining on the earth during the change of the spectrum. The blood rain did not stop, the jungle land began to discolor.

The vast land was stained with a bloody red color. The thorns and vines that climbed up the ruins stretched out to the sky and greedily accepted the inspiration of the evil spirits. The shadow world swallowed up two-thirds of the sky inside the protective film. Only the mountains around the edge of the film could enjoy the faint light.

The large forests and vegetation in Yellowstone Park were shrouded by the shadows. For the first time, the power of the shadows broke through the wasteland of the undead natural disasters and covered the cities deeper inside.

Just at the moment when Wang Ji opened his eyes, it all happened. Under the high sky near the protective film, the storm crow flew out of Evergreen City with a record player. In his sight, Wang Ji clearly saw that the crazy plants began to invade the distant jungle road. Just in the front line of the barren land, the tide-like plants began to besiege the psychic tower.


The bombs shot from the cannons deep in the city flew through the dense woods, exploding countless pieces of woods, and cleared the psychic tower on the wasteland in the front line. The power was strong enough to break the bones of a Bloody Road Flower. But such defenses still couldn’t stop the invasion of the plants. The floating jellyfish spores have passed through the wasteland. In the place where they passed, a large number of trees began to wake up, pulling their roots out of the land and faltering toward the city.

All this was what Lily said, everything returns to the paradise of God.

“Start with the nearest city. The people there are the most, and the animalization is sure to be the most serious.”

Wang Ji flew in the direction of Deepwater City with his record player. Although the multi-function X-ray glasses has been thrown away, he remembered all the mountain forests and urban distribution in the entire hunting area. Not to mention that he was now a storm crow, he could look down the entire land, which was impossible to get lost.

The city had the largest population, and the animalization was absolutely the most serious when it’s spurred by the blood moon. Wang Ji has promised Kerry’s daughter to save his father. Since all human beings on the earth were going to be animalized, he must have a priority when saving people.

The shadow of the storm crow passed through the rioting plants quickly under the bloody red moonlight, the sound waves of the magic music were constantly spreading, and making the plants that woke up sleepy. And the awakening trees closed their eyes again, putting their roots back into the land.

Deepwater City.

Blood was all over every corner of the city. The citizens who had taken refuge in their homes began to be animalized for no reason. They were covered with the hair of the beasts, rushing out of their homes, and began to scream at the moon on the streets.

On the street where the tower was located, Psychiatrist put down the treasure chest, and the box popping out was immediately deformed into a huge barrel, starting a ruthless attack on the wild beasts. With a bang, a tall building collapsed, smoke rose in the blood, huge gravel fell from the sky, and cars were smashed.

“All Hunters in the city, please note that the target has appeared. The storm crow.”

Standing in front of the weapon treasure chest, Psychiatrist looked at the imminence of the storm crow under the blood moon. It was not obvious in a dimly lit world, but it continued to pass through the woods at low altitude, and the magic music coming out from the record player which was separated by a great distance was spreading all over the city. The mad monster therefore became quiet here, and the fast-growing beast hair was suppressed and shrunk. Feeling abnormal, Psychiatrist adjusted the multi-function X-ray glasses and picked up the treasure chest on the ground to retreat calmly.


A citizen who was almost animalized sent a low-pitched roaring to him and revealed its fangs.


The Psychiatrist raised the energy gun in his hand and instantly turned the animalized citizens who had rushed over into ashes.

“Rest in peace. Relax, there will always be other civilizations to be buried with you.”

Putting the energy gun back to his waist, carrying the treasure chest with one hand and loosening the bow in front of his neck with the other hand, he behaved calmly and retreated from the chaotic dangerous street.

The storm crow arrived in Deepwater City.

“So far, the shadow of the dimensional breaks has enveloped more than two-thirds of the entire protective film. In this case, most Hunters must have withdrawn to the edge of the protective film. Fine, at least I won’t confront with them again.”

After arriving at the city at full speed, Wang Ji’s body rushed into the clouds and continued to broadcast the magic music with the greatest breadth. In his speculation, other Hunters should have retreated. In the face of frenzy plants of this scale, any Hunter won’t be easy to deal with. Wang Ji was thinking based on rationality, anyone who had brains wouldn’t fight a meaningless war.

However, just at the moment he took off, the golden light particles suddenly floated from him. Before he could react, he was turned into a flying sheep with wings, the record player instantly fell off his back!

“He becomes a sheep! Chase him!”

On the top of the high-rise buildings in Deepwater City, Hunters were screaming. Wang Ji struggled to flap his wings, ignoring the ambushing Hunters. He immediately stopped flapping his wings and descended from the sky to chase the fallen record player!

“Faster, my Polymorph won’t last long!”

A Hunter shouted, followed by a flying skateboard that dashed behind Wang Ji’s body. A Hunter with a big palm punched Wang Ji’s back.

“Fist of Heaven!”


At the height of nearly 100 meters, though Wang Ji was a sheep now, the impact of the fall was also made a huge crack in the asphalt road of the street.

“Fist of… Heaven?”

The blood rain washed the smoke on the streets, and Wang Ji, who was covered with blood, stood up and swayed. He turned and looked at the Hunter above. The moonfire of his whole body quickly evaporated the blood on his body. As he raised his hand, he caught the fallen record player.

“Don’t let him recover, or we can’t take him under the siege!”

The Psychiatrist said with a weapon treasure chest on a high building. After he just said that, the mage Hunter immediately swung his staff. When he was going to change him into a sheep, Wang Ji suddenly retreated and made him become dumb. Seeing that the spell could not be displayed, a Hunter jumped out of the car agilely, smashing the car with one foot and slamming his fist toward Wang Ji.

“Isn’t it Fist of Heaven this time?”

Wang Ji’s tone was indifferent, and a powerful tornado suddenly rose from the ground, sending the Hunter to the sky. The dark wind blade was cutting continuously, and the blood was splashing. He didn’t stop here, but looked at the Hunter who was skateboarding, reaching out and using Life Capture!

The green light floating in the blue mist instantly pulled out from the Hunter’s back, and the Hunter’s pale soul seemed to be drawn out. The Hunter’s body began to age at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his whole body instantly became a dry corpse and fell from the skateboard.

The gunfire and the bullets fall like a rainstorm. A gust of silver wind blew and all the metal was swallowed up. The nano bug fell back to Wang Ji’s chest.

“You really are standing in the bright and sullen place, although the Fist of Heaven sounds ridiculous, even if it looks ridiculous.”

Wang Ji’s pale face quickly restored ruddy, and he firmly remembered the ambush. He silently placed the record player beside him. After that, he stretched out his palm and summoned the Wave-particle Duality into his hand.

“You really gave me a lesson. Angels… now take your fists and run away… you still have time.”

Wang Ji indifferently made a final announcement, but his uncaring tone and ridiculous words still revealed his anger and disdain. Wave-particle Duality was already in hand, the charging of the charger has been completed, and the full-loaded dark beam could be launched at any time.

“Hello, I’m the man in charge of this hunting area: the Psychiatrist.”

The Psychiatrist, standing on the rooftop of the high-rise building, put down the treasure chest and introduced himself gently and kindly. And at the same time, he bowed to greet. After standing straight, he smiled and said. “You should be Capital A. Our intentions are nothing more than the knowledge fragments and items you bring. I didn’t expect the devil to lie to me, neither did I expect that a Hunter like you would be in my hunting area. But since you are here, how can you leave easily without having fun?”

“I see.”

Wang Ji did not hesitate to pull the bow. “You are already desperate. Since this is the case, I have no compassion to waste time with you guys. The shadow of the dimensional breaks will engulf this civilized world, but in the end, you’re still thinking about taking some knowledge fragments and items from me…”

“Stop him!”

All the Hunters hid nearby sneak out at this moment, but still couldn’t catch up with the speed of the beam! When Wang Ji spoke, he had loosened the Wave-particle Duality, and the dark beam with 200 rounds poured out!

This time, he did not compromise. He used the knowledge he did not want to use the most: Dark Arrows!



The Psychologist’s reaction speed was also like thunder. His arms were bent behind his back, and a blue light wall appeared immediately behind him. The dark beam fell from the sky. The Psychologist tumbled several times in a row, screaming and dodging the dark beam attack. He almost got killed every time!


The Psychiatrist bit his teeth and shouted out the order. All the cannons that stood at the commanding heights of the city turned the gun barrel and pointed to Wang Ji.


A cannonball bombarded the top floor of the high-rising building, and the Psychiatrist was instantly blown out. “Impossible! I let the cannon attack him!” The full surprise came from the bottom of his heart, but now he had no power to fight back, like a helpless paper leaf under the bombardment of a cannon.


A Hunter waving a katana on the streets was instantly smashed into dead limbs, while some of the half-animalized humans on the streets far away were hit by the dark arrows, and their flesh and blood were instantly annihilated, leaving only pale shackles. Their eyes burned with dark green fires and slashed at the nearby Hunters.

They had been transformed into the slaves of the darkness.


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