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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 67

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 67: Paradise

“The slaves of the darkness! It’s the Dark Arrows!”

A Hunter just shouted out the words, then his flesh and blood got annihilated in an instant, turning into a slave of the darkness and raising the sword to kill the Hunters nest to him. The Hunters that united immediately began a chaotic attack, many slaves of the darkness appeared in the deceased flesh and blood, holding the weapons and items in their hands and rushing to the Hunters besides them.


The bombardment of the cannons has never stopped for a moment, and the Hunters were suddenly stunned and then beheaded by the slaves of the darkness. When the surviving Hunters desperately fought their way out, they saw Wang Ji picking up the charger.

The Wave-particle Duality was fully charged.

This time, Wang Ji did not hesitate at all, but pulled the bow and released the dark beam of 200 rounds again. Under the effect of Dark Arrows, there were many more slaves of the darkness on the streets. At the same time, wrinkles began to appear on his forehead, and it’s a burden him after spending vitality on two dark arrows in a row.

“Retreat, his control of knowledge is too high, we are not…ugh…”

A Hunter talked nervously to the guys around him. But before he could finish his sentence, his body was drawn out of several layers of struggling light and shadow, and the pale soul was pulled out. The green lightning was drawn out from behind him along with the blue mist. His vitality began to disappear fast, his entire skin began to age, and his flesh and blood disappeared rapidly.


A dead body fell to the ground.


Wang Ji released a sigh of relief, regaining spirit and vitality. Without paying attention to these Hunters, he carried the record player, turning back into a storm crow and flying back into the sky. He had no extra time to waste on the uniting of such Hunters. Deepwater City was just one city, and there were animalized people in other cities and towns waiting for redemption.

Carrying the record player, Wang Ji flew to the next city. He left, but the bombardment of the cannon did not stop for a moment. Tall buildings collapsed and the gravel flew. The cannon pointed to all the hidden Hunters in the city, and the range easily covered the entire city.

The killing by the slaves of the darkness did not stop. Hundreds of skeletons were indifferently chasing the Hunters who fled, and they never compromised. The bullets were hard to work on them, even the bullets that wrapped in the holy light!

“No, the Hunter’s control of knowledge is too high, and these slaves of the darkness can’t be purified!”


A fierce explosion came up, and eight fighter aircraft flew over the sky. The fierce firepower instantly exploded the flesh of the two Hunters. And the psychiatrist, who dodged the bombardment, was stagnant. This was his city, the eight A10 fighter aircrafts belonged to him. But now, they actually did not listen to his instructions and conducted the massacre against the Hunters in the city!

“Let’s go! Leave this hunting area as soon as possible!”

The surviving Hunters shouted. Originally, they still wanted to unite a team to deal with a powerful Hunter before the dimensional breaks haven’t completely covered the protective film yet. It seemed that there’s no chance. Watching the storm crow flying away from Deepwater City, they had no choice. The siege and chasing of hundreds of slaves of the darkness were enough to make them give up.

What was even harder to imagine was the more terrible firepower above their heads! That Hunter has controlled all the resources in the entire hunting area, and it’s impossible to defeat him!

The plant frenzy in Yellowstone Park continued.

The defense of the psychic tower has been somewhat incapable, and more and more plants have crossed the wasteland and advanced to the city. The whole situation would soon be out of control. Bloody Road Flowers were waving the vines among the surrounding trees to move forward, and they spewed out countless luminescent spores, infecting their plant viruses. The poisonous mist followed the wind and drifted to the nearby town.

After flying through a thick jungle, Wang Ji saw that group of trees was going to rush into a nearby town. He flew down, and the sound waves of the magic music immediately made the big trees sleepy. The animalized humans showed painful expression, struggling to kneel on the ground and groan. And the long hair on their bodies receded.

“The effect of the magic music is weakened.”

He noticed the situation sensitively.

“It seems that the effect of the magic music is weakened by the deepening of the animalization. Now it is time to hurry.” Wang Ji, feeling abnormal, spread his wings. The storm crow skyrocketed and continued to fly further to distant towns.

Every time a city passed, the effect of magic music would be reduced a lot. The animalized humans were more painful under the influence of the magical music, struggling painfully since they’re half-human, half-beast. And it took more and more time to change back to humans. Wang Ji gradually guessed the ending.

Flying to the sky again, he went to his first stop in this world, also the last stop of this rescue trip: Jackson Town.

In the bloody towns, there were mad roaring monsters everywhere. Wang Ji landed on the roof of the Jackson Hotel and turned back to the human form. It’s the furthest town away from Evergreen City and the most marginal town that the blood moon could reach. He took it for granted the town as his last stop. However, his commitment to the ghost girl was here.

The record was still spinning under the stylus, and the strange magic music began to work. The beasts who were mad in the town struggled to fall to the ground, making heartbreaking groaning one by one. He could see that the magic music was causing great pain to them. But if not, they would have not become humans.

In his sight, he put down the record player and jumped off from the rooftop of the hotel. After landing, he passed through the painful animalized humans and went toward the police station.

“Hope it’s not too late.”

The conflict with other Hunters was temporarily forgotten by him, and the promise to the girl continued to reverberate in his brain. Wang Ji’s pace was very fast, and he hoped that he would still arrive in time.


Beside a trash can, a sloppy hobo holding his head in his head was groaning painfully. The brown hair on his body grew continuously and was continuously suppressed, and the reciprocating process made the hobo feel great pain. In his blurred vision, the hobo suddenly saw a cloak swaying in the wind, a group of flames leaping around the man’s body, and the dark robe was sparkling with mysterious natural luster.

“Kill me, Hunter! Please!”

The hobo grabbed Wang Ji’s thigh, and he screamed at the very next second owing to the burning of the moonfire. Wang Ji did not pay attention to him and continued to go to the police station. The whole street was full of people as painful as the hobo.


A citizen slammed into the wall, his forehead ruptured, and his face was covered with blood. He did not stop, but kneeled on the ground and began to violently hit the masonry on the ground with his head. Such scenes still happened throughout the town. The citizens in a town were all crazy at this moment, constantly trying to end their pain through self-destruction.

The blood moon shined, and the moonlight was bright and bloody, dyeing the earth into an inferno. The bloody rain was still ongoing, and the bloody rain flowed down the streets to the lower waterway. Every painful citizen was deeply buried in the water. Just beside Wang Ji, a girl with a bloody face dug her eyes after scratching her face with her nails. The bulging eyeballs were immersed in the bloody rain, staring at Wang Ji, who passed by.

Passing through the fountain square, Wang Ji saw the police station directly across the street. The iron bars of the gate had been twisted into a ball, and dozens of policemen in front of the door were also twitched in pain. Their uniforms had been smashed, and the brown hair on their body constantly grew out of the pores and was suppressed constantly. Like other police officers, Kerry also underwent this painful process in the bloody rain.

The effect of the magic music became worse.


Wang Ji yelled.

Kerry, who was struggling to hold his head in his hands, looked up strenuously. His eyes flashed brightly, and he looked at the bloody rain. The man stood right under the blood moon, and the hood covered his hair. The robe was made of dark iron branches and feathers. The cloak around the neck wrapped around his shoulder and then hung behind him. The clear flame formed a raging fire curtain outside his body, separating all the bloody rain from the outside.

Anyway, he didn’t look like an ordinary person. Under the constant torture of the magic music, Kerry, whose consciousness was already weak, was already spaced out. He didn’t remember that he knew this person, but he was somewhat familiar with the mask of that person.

“It’s me, Lawrence.”

Wang Ji said calmly, “I promised your daughter to come to save you, please hold on, don’t lose your humanity.”

“My daughter… Is she okay?” Kerry struggled to stand up, but the huge pain quickly caused him to slip into the bloody rain and fell heavily.

“She’s fine.”

Wang Ji said.

“Don’t lie to me… The shadows shrouded the whole world, and you Hunters did not follow the promise of guardianship, my daughter… my wife…”

Kerry’s eyes were filled with painful tears. He bit his teeth to prevent himself from screaming crazily. On him, the beast’s hair was finally suppressed. However, even more terrible torture began to appear, and his white of the eye had become turbid, oozing out of the amber smudges. “I don’t have the power to protect them. You Hunters have no power to protect the world.” Kerry’s voice began to become chaotic, a drop of tear fell from Kerry’s eyes, solidified into a crystal amber in the bloody rain.

“Kerry, they have taken refuge and are safe now, please hold on.”

The tone of Wang Ji was still calm.

“My wife… my daughter… they still…”

Kerry burst into tears, and a crystal clear amber fell from his eyes. He looked up, his sullen eyes finally looked at Wang Ji, and the tormented face suddenly burst into a pale smile. “They are still…they are still alive.” The mutter of the dying man was already blurred.


Kerry’s chest suddenly exploded, and as he finally closed his eyes, a thick rhizome suddenly squeezed out of his chest, followed by the explosion of the flesh and blood of the limbs. Countless thorns and vines spread out, and his head began to split. A bloody bud bloomed quickly, and dozens of amber eyes opened together, looking at the blood moon in the dark sky.

There’s no more humanity in the eyes.

A fierce roar reverberated through entire Jackson Town, and the roots of the Bloody Road Flower quickly jumped over the height of the police station, raising its violent head. Under the blood moon, it gave a cry of bleak and endless shock toward the bloody moon on the blood-polluted land!

Immediately afterward, such screams resounded in every corner in the town, proclaiming that the humanity of a town had completely passed away. Huge Bloody Road Flowers began to appear everywhere, and the glowing jellyfish spores spitted out from the buds illuminated the entire sky. On the streets, more and more human beings have become plants during their last painful struggle.

Wang Ji silently closed his eyes and opened his palm, holding the Wave-particle Duality in his hand. He knew that everything around him was what Lily said, the paradise of God.


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