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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 69

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 69: The Horn

The hunting time was over, the paradise of God was born.

Time became eternal at this moment, it would not go forward, even a second distance. This world was gradually moving towards the desert of knowledge and wisdom. Wang Ji still stood on the second floor of the madhouse, pressing the button quickly in the crumbling darkness. The screen of his phone was lit, and a form of application was displayed on it. He filled in all the clues he knew.

It’s Wang Ji himself who filed the application for the tree party supply.

As he imagined, the tree party support didn’t require collecting all the information and seizing certainty before applying as Lily said, but under any conditions. What judged it was the tree party.

The reason why Lily said that was probably because the independent Hunters she knew would consider the tree party support as the final weapon. But only independent Hunters are clear about the real situation they face. In short, Wang Ji submitted all the information he knew, and the final problem was the guardian of the god.

It’s too strong. Its appearance was based on Lily’s knowledge and was enough to kill Lily. Wang Ji didn’t consider himself able to face it again.


1. The shadow of God led to the dimensional breaks; the shadows of the dimensional breaks isolated the super film and created the paradise of God;

2. God is also a creature; it is destined to be weak at an early age because it stands at the top of the food chain;

3. God cannot commit suicide;

4. Life without wisdom is destined to be enslaved by God;

5. A life with wisdom goes crazy after seeing God;

6. The more knowledge, the more terrible the truth is seen (the guardian of God);


In the shortest possible time, it is necessary to eliminate the power of the Guardian and all plant monsters.

Capital A.

“File the application.”

After submitting the application, Wang Ji began to wait for the fate silently. He didn’t know what kind of support the tree party would give him, and he couldn’t even determine if the tree party would reply to him.

“All monsters will be resurrected after death; even if their bodies are completely destroyed. What is the principle? Is that god reshaping the body of the plant, or they are not resurrected at all, and the god call them from other places?”

This was a question that Wang Ji thought of during the waiting process.

“In any case, there is a need for a process between their death and resurrection. My only chance is to seize this period of time. They will be resurrected when they die, and the guardian of God should be like this. I hope the tree party will think of it. In other words, the results it analyzes will be more comprehensive than I think.”

Wang Ji suddenly thought of this.

The moonfire burned in the darkness, and the dark red moonlight was outside. Wang Ji stood there, waiting quietly. After a while, the reply of the tree party finally came back. As a green light emerged in front of him, a heavy horn arrived from the sky and landed on his hands.

The overall of the horn was dark yellow, resembling a curved dragon from narrow to wide. A head of a stag was carved at the end of the horn, but the stag head looked like a faucet. The carving of the horn was extremely delicate and extremely solemn.

The screen of the mobile phone lit up again, Wang Ji held the horn in one hand, and took out his phone to view the item information with the other hand:

Capital A, you have got the support of the tree party, please choose the appropriate opportunity to use this item.

Note: The tree party determined that you have a very poor understanding of God, and your plan is therefore extremely uncertain. The tree party can only you the item based on the clues you collect. Whether you can succeed requires your verification. Once it fails, whether you survive or not, the tree party will withdraw the item. This is your last chance, and you therefore give up the qualification to leave notes for future generations.

From Experiment A.

Item Name: Cenarius Horn

Item Type: special type items

Item Introduction: Legend has it that the artifact of this night elf can summon the souls of all night elves, but it is no longer confirmed that it has only these effects because the last time it resounded, the spirit of Archimonde was also taken away.

Item Effect: Blowing the horn enables to wake up the ancestors of the night elves and all the spirits of the earth forest, only when the civilization is in danger. When the item is hidden by traditional branding, it can provide Hunters with the protection of Elune, enhancing the vitality of the Hunter and improving the recovery of the Hunter.

Note: Uuuuuuu!

“Cenarius Horn…”

Wang Ji began thinking. Choose the right timing to blow the horn, then when is this timing? The time in this world has now stopped, and some are only the eternal night and blood red light, and the mad plants.

“Go out and see, maybe the timing is not far away.”

Wang Ji got up and hid the horn in his traditional branding. After removing the exorcism powder from the back of his waist, he grabbed a pinch in his hand. After putting the bag of the exorcism powder back, he took out the holy light bomb and walked downstairs to the first floor.

In the madhouse where the bloody rain was drifting, the figure of Wang Ji came out of the ruins.

As his forefoot just stepped out, and the black mist that had infiltrated from the ground immediately rose. The huge devil’s hand came out from the ground toward Wang Ji. As the purple-red claws just came out, and Wang Ji’s backhand immediately threw out the exorcism powder.

As the silver-stained powder touched the magic hand, and the flesh and blood of the big black hand suddenly withered and fell weakly.


The bullet with a blaze was suddenly shot from the corner of the ruins. The nano-bug that stopped at Wang Ji’s chest flew to the bullets. In a flash, the bullet was swallowed up by the flames, and Wang Ji also turned around. At a glance, he aimed at the location of the ambusher, throwing out the Holy Light Bomb immediately!


A White Flame Cross rose from his feet!


The Psychiatrist did not expect that Capital A actually threw the Holy Light Bomb directly at his feet, and the magnificent light immediately swallowed it. The eyes of the Psychiatrist were instantly burned by the Holy Light!


The Psychiatrist screamed and rolled out of the ruins, covering his eyes with one hand, and raised the gun to shoot with the other hand. The nano bug continued to fly upward, and the gun in his hand was swallowed up in an instant.

The silver-stained nano bug landed on Wang Ji’s shoulders.

“You win! Kill me.”

The Psychiatrist covered his eyes and sneered at the ground. The bloody rain drifted away. Wang Ji slowly walked out of the holy light, looking at the Psychiatrist quietly, and did not call out the Wave-Particle Duality to end the life of the Hunter in front of him immediately.

“I know that you are desperate. I have nothing to say about this. I am not qualified to criticize your misconduct. Put away your arrogance, you don’t need it now.”

He said.

The Psychiatrist covered his eyes and laughed crazily, then replied: “Criticize me, don’t be kind! Kill me for yourself and revenge for the civilized world. If it had not been for that I took the independent test without authorization, the hole would not have appeared in the volcano, and God’s Incitement would not have appeared, nothing would have happened! You would not have died here, and this world would not have been like this! Criticize me, don’t be polite!”

“Independent test?”

Wang Ji looked at the twirled figure, the source of all this was an independent test?

“Do it, don’t be ridiculously kind. I won’t help you survive in this world. What waits for you is the endless plant frenzy. You can’t get close to God and get redemption because you will go crazy as you get too close to it and eventually become a member among the plants. You can’t enjoy the compassion of death. You will lose all your wisdom. Don’t let me continue the curse, just end my life!”

In the end, the Psychiatrist was a bit choking. Wang Ji silently looked at him and did not express any opinions. Because he accepted an independent test? It doesn’t matter, it’s not the time to think about it.

“Quickly, kill me!”

The Psychiatrist shouted.

“I have no time to waste with a madman. Remember your friend Veronica, who could have been able to escape this, but his civilized world has become precarious since he tried to help you. If you are just looking for someone to die with you from the beginning, then go on, I don’t care.”

Wang Ji picked up the record player and turned into a storm crow, flying away from Evergreen City. He had something more important to do.

“So the origin of everything is actually stemmed from the independent test? It’s no wonder that the more knowledge I have, the more terrible the truth is. All the puzzles are indeed in line with the intricate style of the independent test. All the answers are clear, I will have to actually kill the guardian once to let it exist for my knowledge…”

Above the clouds, Wang Ji could not help but started thinking. If Lily’s reminder was correct, God is very vulnerable as a top predator at first birth. Then the only difficulty he faced now was God’s babysitter. The shadow guardian appeared in the presence of Lily, and Wang Ji had to let it die once, so that even if it reappeared, it’s based on the knowledge of Wang Ji.

By doing so, Wang Ji had the chance to fight it.

Yellowstone Park.

Deep in the Grand Canyon, Wang Ji opened the city resource that he finally occupied, “Super Subway Station”. Through the radio station here, he broadcasted an asylum plan to all cities in the protective film:

“All surviving humans please note that I am a Hunter who travels from other worlds. From hearing the broadcast, go to the city, town, subway station, underground passage, or basement and underground parking lot you are located at. There will be an underground super subway station, which can provide shelter for you. Please be assured that only the one verified as a human by scanning can enter.”

After the notice was issued, Wang Ji once again became a storm crow, continuing to hover in the shadow world and waiting for the opportunity to come. He flew over two cities and saw some citizens walking on the cold and dark streets to the subway station. Wang Ji has tried his best. He had already thought of what the result of blowing Cenarius Horn would be, and hoped that the explosion would not affect the city.

Flying back to Yellowstone Park, he finally saw some abnormal situations. He found that the trees hypnotized by the magic music began to gradually wake up. The plants all pulled their roots out of the land and swarmed to the east.

“It’s the direction of the supervolcano.”

Wang Ji realized that it was weird, so he spread his wings to follow up.

In the sky above the eastern park, the burning eyes reappeared. Wang Ji saw the shadow guardian of God at a glance. Its huge body was like a mountain rising from the ground, which was majestic and terrifying. Standing between the forests, the two corners of its horns were near the sky, bathing in the bloody moonlight.

The snake-like beard was raging, and each eye began to glow faintly. Immediately, the guardian’s blurred lips seemed to be moving. The hoof shadow swept across the jungle and went to the center of the park.

“It’s coming.”

Wang Ji began to retreat along the protective film, and widened the distance between the shadow and him. He always observed the movement of the shadow guardian. Once he had a chance, he would immediately bypass it and head to the volcanic hole.

The center of Yellowstone Park.

Under the glory of the blood moon, the shadow of the bull’s head finally stopped. At this point, its vague lips finally uttered a clear voice, and the obscure spell began to appear. The Guardian raised a huge shadow blade and inserted it into the earth. All the plants began to rage. Wang Ji flew back, and when summoned the Bloody Road Flower, he landed on a snow peak and restored the human form.

The abyss-like spell came out of the mouth of the guardian, it was visible to the naked eye. Wang Ji saw that the branches of the tree began to soften and became vines with his own eyes. The leaves turned into thorny thorns. Deep inside the tree, a huge bud grew.

Bloody Road Flower!

All plants have started the crazy evolution of species!

“Is… it a chance?”

Wang Ji hesitated, and then call out the Cenarius horn. He could hardly imagine the terrible power of the spell, which allowed the plants in the entire Yellowstone Park to evolve so rapidly. So many plant evolutions might be opportunities.

If it’s not the timing, then a little later, maybe he had no chance at all. Thinking of it, Wang Ji raised Cenarius horn. Facing the distant guardian of god, he took a deep breath and blew it!


The ancient horn sounded above the snow peak!

On the vast land, a strong wind coming out of nowhere started to blow, blowing the cloak of Wang Ji. At the moment the horn sounded, all the plants stopped evolving, the branches and leaves began to shake with the wind, and the dense leaves swayed under the illumination of the blood moon.

With the sound of the wind, the sound of the plants swept the whole earth.


The sound of the horn continued, and Wang Ji clenched the horn, waiting for the miracle to come.


A flashing green light leaped from the top of the trees and flew into the sky. Then, thousands of green lights rose from the earth and leaped from the top of the trees. The green light of life ran through the distance between the sky and the earth, and began to gather into a center in all directions.

In the center was the guardian of God, the shadow!


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