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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 7

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Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 7: The Sulfur Fire

“It’s its buck teeth . It’s going to prey on me behind my back. Creatures like spiders usually use their teeth to attack and control their target, then they inject the digestion liquid to decompose the body. The moment when it’s attacking me is also the easiest time I can attack it.”

Wang Ji focused on the tent in front of him. He thought of the steel rails that were ripped off under the mountain, but he still remained calm and waited for the right time to attack as the danger approached.

He felt some liquid dripping on his shoulders and making a corrosion like noise. In the meantime, the two sickle-like teeth cut down the middle with force, trying to cut him into pieces. Wang Ji didn’t hesitate to open the mouth of the head of Kampus right away as he saw this coming.


Sounds like swallowing saliva came from the mouth of the head of Kampus. The jaw was suddenly dislocated, and three mouths that were hiding opened. The cross-like fire was shot out along the sounds!

The 1-meter-thick fire passed through the tent like nothing could stop it, blowing up the platform in the lab with a loud explosion. The tent became ashes in the blink of an eye, while the two scientific personnel who were infected with the virus also disappeared in the explosion!

A weird and sharp howling came from Wang Ji’s back; it was like the screaming of children getting torn apart. But Wang Ji did not panic. When he turned back, he saw a 3-meter-tall blood-coloured giant spider with a hole from its mouth to its stomach was struggling and jumping due to the fire on it. The remaining teeth in the sickle-like teeth shivered in the air, just like they’re going to tear something apart. Followed by an explosion, the limbs flying to the sky became ashes.

The dead batteries automatically fell out from the nose of Kampus and rolled on the ground.

“Two gold targets are eliminated.”

After confirming the death of the targets, Wang Ji unzipped with one hand, picked out a handful of batteries from the pocket. He stuck one battery after one into the nose to recharge the head of Kampus.

At night, the sound of teeth grinding appeared again. On the debris of the tent, one, two, three…. creatures fell into darkness again and again, landing on the ashes gracefully like landing one the fallen leaves. Every time it landed, there were strings of tears shining in the darkness.

Looking from far away, just like strings of pearls hiding in the darkness.

Wang Ji slowly stepped forward and stood under the streetlight, checking the mark of corrosion on his right shoulder of the shirt. Making sure that it’s fine, he stepped back into the darkness calmly.

The head of Kampus’s eyes became green, meaning that it’s fully charged and ready to shoot. At this moment, Wang Ji saw the strings of shining tears split into the woods, then surrounded him. The sound like teeth grinding was therefore separated, coming from multiple directions from his back slowly.

“First, there’s an intersection with a wide view of 300 meters behind me, it can be the best position for me. Secondly, the shooting of the sulfur fire actually lasts about 1.5 seconds, I can definitely enhance the performance of each shot. These are my strength. As for the nightmare knitters, amounts and moving speed are on their side. If I have a one-on-one fight against it, I’ll be killed. Therefore, I should run now!”

Wang Ji grabbed the head of Kampus and started dashing!


The streetlight not far away suddenly exploded, with the lamp post breaking into pieces and smashed on the ground! Sounds of electric current matched with the horrific howling. Strings of pearls moved around quickly in the woods along the road. The moan of the wind was loud, while the sounds of liquid corroding clear in the darkness.

“Their sizes are their strength, and they’re moving fast. The nightmare knitter behind me has the responsibility to expel me out, while those in the woods along the road are responsible to surround me. The quantity is very big, so they aren’t afraid of the sulfur fire. But animals will be animals, they find it hard changing the mode of preying after they are used to it. If the nightmare knitter running after me had chased me earlier, I’d probably be killed by now.”

Wang Ji increased his pace as he felt all his pores opening. His heart beat rocketed!

The area with streetlights in his back quickly became dark. 3-meter-tall nightmare knitters ran recklessly on the road, their huge body inevitably smashed on the lamp post. They have crashed one lamp post after another. Except for the sounds they made, there were only strings of shining eyes in the dark night, which was thrilling!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The lamp posts collapsed, which made loud noises!


Wang Ji had to adjust his breathing pattern as he ran at full speed! The 300-meter-long road seemed long at this moment, but somehow he made it. Under the light of the streetlight at the intersection, huge spiders covered with red hair had already jumped out from the mountain, and blocked the way to the front and other directions!


The streetlight suddenly exploded and collapsed. The wooden post at the intersection was also smashed high up into the air! Wang Ji couldn’t stop his feet at one moment, he’s dashing towards a nightmare knitter at blazing speed even though he tried to decelerate.

The moment the streetlight exploded was the last shining in the dark, Wang Ji already saw a giant gold spider 5 meters in front of him with his Eagle Vision clearly. Two buck teeth with spikes on them already opened, as well as the smaller teeth. It shot out a spike toward him, while Wang Ji couldn’t slow down his speed and run into that spike.

The light was down.


The shot of the sulfur fire!

The cross-like sulfur fire shot from the head of Kampus penetrated through the nightmare knitter in front of him. Its spikes turned into ashes. However, he lost the control of his body and fell down at this very moment, then the cross-like sulfur fire made a spin in the darkness!

The fire lit up dozens of nightmare knitters surrounded by, cause the scary howling. In the end, numerous limb turned into an explosion. Suddenly it became silent, everything horrible
all disappeared at this moment.


Wang Ji fell on the ground with force, with his glasses and the head of Kampus next to him. He was covered with ashes.

“Hold on!”

Wang Ji felt the pain of his body, but it didn’t make him weak. He picked up the glasses and put them on. In the meantime, he picked up the head of Kampus and zip up the pocket to get the batteries. He started to fall back quickly and load the batteries. He felt some scratches on his knee, but his face that landed the ground was fine probably due to the ninja mask.

Shrill howling pierced in the dark once again!

In his Eagle Vision, 3 nightmare knitters survived from the sulfur fire ran away on the road. Their sizes were quite smaller than those of others, at the height of 1 meter to 1.5 meters.

“They are toward the avenue of mountain park, also the way to the exit of the park.” Wang Ji knew the landscape very well, but he did not chase after them. His both legs hurt a bit, he needed some time to rest.

Seemed like nightmare knitters move in group. As long as the group is gone, those who think they’re are fallen apart will run away. But Wang Ji didn’t consider it to be a simple runaway, they should go back to the nest where they think it’s safe.

In the dark, Wang Ji pulled out the batteries in the pocket and recharge the head of Kampus for the 3rd time. After loading the batteries one by one, the red light turned into green, which indicated that it had finished charging.

“It’s about time. Though it still hurts a bit, but it won’t affect my mobility. It’s not an emotional time. First, I should check those 2 nightmare knitters if ran out the park. If they did escape, that means there are no other members in their group left in the park. Second, there are no more eggs of the second phase of the nightmare knitters, so it can’t be a nest anymore.”

Wang Ji walked toward the highest point in the park, Temple of God, quickly.

“That means, if it’s sure that they have left the park, this park won’t be a dangerous zone anymore. And they are probably heading toward the police station, where the eggs are still existed. It at least meets one of the standards of the nest. Just like I predicted in the beginning, I cannot break the ‘law and rules of this world’ to eliminate that infected body in the police station, but the ‘law and rules’ should have been eliminated by them if they have arrived at the police station.”

Along the stairs, Wang Ji was walking toward Temple of God. Behind the temple, it’s the highest cliff in the park. Down the cliff, it’s the parking lot.

“Ahhhh….” “Help….” “God! Take me to the heaven…..”

Wang Ji heard a moan of pain from the direction of the front gate, as well as the sharp howling of nightmare knitters. Wang Ji didn’t stop, he kept walking along the handrails.

Time: 20:55.

It’s 3 hours 4 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

Place: Temple of God.

“Start the recording of the map.”

Wang Ji climbed over the wall of Temple of God, and he reached the top of the temple. He started to record the map. While he’s enlarging the city map, his main goal was to make sure the direction of the runaway of the nightmare knitters.

The whole Fuhe Mountain Park were recorded into the map in his Eagle Vision. It’s sure that there’s no more gold targets. Except for the remaining red shadow in the south gate and west gate, the personnel in the science department were assured dead.

The area near the city started to sync with the map recorded in the day. Wang Ji saw 3 gold targets running crazily under the streetlight on a wide road.

Wang Ji saw those 3 targets making fast movements. They never changed their route no matter what, even when they faced any apartments and yards, and only made a detour when facing the tall buildings. But they still moved extremely fast towards the police station. Wang Ji knew that he’s going to have a tough battle since the mobility and the use of the sulfur fire would be limited in the building compared to the wide mountain park.

Wang Ji jumped off the top of Temple of God. His body flipped over the walls and flew down the cliff.

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