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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 70

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 70: The Ground Hole in the Volcano

In the eternal shadow world, numerous auras were floating across the earth and the mountains. The green lights that represent life were surrounding the shadow of the bull’s head to form a spectacular ring.


The shadow of the bull’s head, who was casting, began to struggle, apparently bound by a powerful force. The green light of life kept floating in the vast jungle of the park, and the light of the spirits rushed to gather outside the guardian and began to come together.

The sound of the wind was wild.

The wind in the distance brought a more intense cyclone, the furious wind rolled the leaves, and a large scale of trees on the earth began to sleep. As light flew out of their bodies, the plants quickly fell asleep. The guardian’s eyes were a little different. It was struggling, the body began to crack, and the bloody light shined through the inside, giving off a dazzling light!

The guardian gazed at the distant ridge and looked at Wang Ji. There seemed to be an unfathomable vortex in its eyes.


As the earth violently trembled, the body of the shadow exploded, endless bloody light illuminated from inside, the eye-catching light swallowed everything, and the endless trees on the earth turned into decay in an instant. At the moment, all the forests in the park turned into ashes, but the fire and the blood were still burning on the earth!

The ashes were floating, the guardian of God died, and all the plants in the park turned into ashes. Everything came very suddenly.

“It’s about time.”

On the peak of a high snow-capped mountain, Wang Ji hid the horn with traditional branding. Pointing to the sky with his single finger, he turned into a storm crow flying to the sky with a clap of thunder, heading to the supervolcano he had been unable to set foot on. Unprecedented opportunities have arrived, and all the possibilities of stopping him were temporarily not existing. This was undoubtedly his best time to approach the god.

“Follow me.”

Wang Ji began to summon his servant with a spell.

In the meanwhile, in the madhouse, Evergreen City.

The Bloody Road Flower he summoned began the operation from underground and rushed toward the supervolcano. The dark slaves wandering on the edge of the protective film all turned back and raised their weapons to the supervolcano.

The blood moon hung in the sky, and the bloody rain was dripping.

The storm crow passed through many layers of bloody light and successfully reached the supervolcano. Here was the core of the shadow world, all the faint was diminished by the moonlight, the seemingly real moonlight was like a bloodshot. The blood moon was so red that it shined, hanging over the top of the supervolcano.

Inside the crater, Wang Ji landed in the abandoned scientific research station. This was the scientific research station left by the federal government to specifically detect the volcano. Its following function was unknown. Following the direction of road signs and warnings, Wang Ji entered the interior of the scientific research station. The dark scientific research room was hung with various kinds of strange creatures, huge bat wings, tentacles of deep-sea creatures, etc.

It’s hard to imagine what the federal government found under the ground hole.

The corridor was silent, only the weak current was still working. Wang Ji exploded an iron gate at the end with the holy light bomb. Finally, he saw the ground hole.

A huge cave with a radius of more than 50 meters, deep into the bottom of the volcano, which was like the abyss. “The Bloody Road Flower is coming, I should hurry up and continue to move forward. The shadow of the bull’s head will appear at any time.” Wang Ji quickly observed the environment around the ground hole and turned into a storm crow immediately, fly down to the abyss.

He has been falling for 2 minutes.

“At the bottom now.”

The storm crow steadily landed on the ground, and the burning scent immediately rushed from all around, which was warm and almost suffocating. In the ground hole, there was a purple light shining under the moonlight, and it’s dim in the darkness. The messy amethyst was seen from the bottom, and the whole underworld was starry, like the sky that was studded with stars.

“It’s amethyst. It seems that it is not too far from the lava layer.”

Looking around, Wang Ji had a vague judgment about where he was. He must be inside the volcano now, and not too far from the lava layer. However, the reason why the crystals of amethyst could be produced here was definitely because they have experienced a lengthy crust change. It should be said that it’s relatively stable.

In addition to the crystals, there were bodies of various monsters.

Not far from him, a body of a mouse with wings lay quietly, its red eyes opened in vain, quietly glaring at him. Crystal jewels and various incredible monsters were in this underground world, which was creepy.

“It should be in the front.”

Wang Ji jumped and jumped on a beam-sized amethyst and walked forward. He saw a faint bright star in the distance shining from the darkness.

Suddenly a pair of eyes opened!

This feeling was exactly the same as that in the madhouse. Without a warning, Wang Ji suddenly felt a pair of eyes opening and staring at him. In the dark underground world, a murky voice that was like it’s cursed suddenly came out from behind him. In an instant, he felt a kind of extreme cold smashing out from his back!


Wang Ji leaped forward.

After landing, he evoked the wave-particle duality with the fastest response speed, and his finger quickly grasped the bowstring and pinched the dark beam in his hand.

The arrow was shot, and as the purple-red bowstring was loosened, the dark beam immediately fell into a column of crystals. And above the crystal column that was chaotically collapsed, a burning stalwart shadow appeared.

The double-pointed long blade lay on the crystal column, and the bloated body could crush the crystal column at any time. The body of the revived Guardian was much smaller than before, and the size was similar to a Bloody Road Flower. But compared to the shadows that were faint before, the bloody flames of his burning body were much full of power! The guardian’s beard was a living fire snake, swaying on his chest. Its fierce gaze was fixed, and it aimed at Wang Ji!


As the ambiguous sound of the spell came out, a shadowy blade suddenly landed and smashed into the crystal column. All the crystal columns in the underground world shattered, the earth shook, and a cloud of ghostly fire took off from the cracks in the earth, melted the amethyst and engulfed everything encountering!

The two lumps of fires burned in his eyes, and the fire reflected the retreating figure of Wang Ji. The cracks in the earth quickly cracked in the direction of him. A pillar of fire rose into the sky, as if it were a dazzling fire dragon, which was able to burn everything into ashes!


Wang Ji reached out his hands and cast silent magic.


The burning giant body suddenly waved the shadow blade and rushed over, showing a powerful flame, and instantly reached the front of Wang Ji! Seeing that the blade was about to fall, Wang Ji’s pupils were enlarged, and the cold sweat on his whole body was almost evaporated by the flames. The moonfire was engulfed by the guardian’s raging flames in an instant!

Exhausting all his strength, Wang Ji pulled the bowstring, and consumed 50 rounds of light beam load at the moment when he was about to be killed. A void beam flashed out from the oblique column and evaporated many crystal columns in a row, slamming into the dark mountain and falling to the ground.

On the edge of the underground world, the mountain body has a burning line of fire. After the gathering into the top, it appeared in the form of fire rain. The guardian’s palm pointed to the sky, bathing with the fire rain, and controlled the knowledge to completely block the retreatment of Wang Ji. Silent magic didn’t work at all.

Resisting the pain, Wang Ji rolled up and quickly threw out the Holy Light Bomb!


Blazing flames rose into the sky and showed irregular changes after hitting the top of the earth. The holy light illuminated the entire underground world.

Jumped off from the ground, Wang Ji turned to use the Fire of the Dark Elf. The burning body came out of the holy light, like the unbeaten god in the abyss, kicking the light bomb aside with its foot. The Fire of the Dark Elf fell on the shadows and was quickly bounced off by a mysterious force!

All magics and techniques were useless to it.

Wang Ji clenched the black bow and felt awkward while he cast the hurricane. As the whistling hurricane just appeared, the shadow of the giant blade cut through the wind, all the dark wind blades were dispelled!

“Although it’s not as terrible as before since it’s just been resurrected, I am still no match for it.”

Wang Ji rationally recognized this. His thinking and concerns were correct. To get close to God, he must conquer the guardian. But the guardian was invincible, even if its power was based on the knowledge of Wang Ji now, there was still no chance of winning in front of it.

“It’s fine, my servant should arrive soon.”
Wang Ji quickly stabilized his emotion. Even so, he still had the hope to fight for. After swiftly passing through dozens of crystal columns, he pulled the bowstring, and the Wave-particle Duality split and shot out 50 loads to fight for the last time. But 50 consecutive dark beams have fallen into the flames, like a stone sinking into the sea!

Shadow flames were not moving…

The burning eyes of the Guardian began to give off evil light, and the snake-shaped beard began to rage on its chest. The hoof moved, the shadow suddenly grabbed the giant blade in the hand and rushed forward. The blood outside the guardian was even wilder, and the numerous crystal columns were crashed!


The dark underground world was suddenly crushed out a huge hole. The Bloody Road Flower broke through the rock layer, snarled sharply, and suddenly appeared, instantly falling to the guardian!

“Right now!”

Wang Ji leaped and turned into the storm crow form, flying at full speed to the distant fire! Now at the position where he was standing, he could clearly see that there’s a fire at the end of the underground world!


The guardian who fell to the ground stood up and grabbed the trunk of the Bloody Road Flower. It slammed it to the ground and trampled on it with its hoof. The blood was splashing everywhere, which was instantly evaporated by the raging flame. With the Bloody Road Flower screaming, the guardian’s turned its head, and stared at the distant storm crow with his gleaming eyes, dragging the shadow blade to chase up. The hoof shadow was like the wind, which was incredibly fast!

Cronk! Cronk! Cronk!

Heavy footsteps would be likely to smash the ground at any time!

“It’s coming soon!”

The lump of light became clearer and clearer. Wang Ji has clearly seen that it’s an exit surrounded by lava, and he therefore looked more determined! A he was going through the exit, the heavy hand of the guardian catching up rushed out and grabbed his wings!


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