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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 73

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 73: Burst of Infection


Rodin touched his bald head and had no idea about this situation. He leaned on the back of the chair and looked at himself in the mirror. He turned back and asked. “And then?”

“Then he told me that he was ashamed.”

Lily turned her head and looked at Rodin, she looked absent-minded. “Remember? There’s someone standing in the Garden of Eden and said to God that he was ashamed then.”


Rodin took a breath and he was puzzled. It’s hard to imagine the indifferent face of Wang Ji would say that he’s ashamed.

Lily shook her head and sighed, then said. “I have no way to control the Hunters, especially the independent Hunter. Just like in Gomorrah four thousand years ago, the world battle has not stopped since then. You will still go there to find them now. But will they listen to you? The gaps of the era have been cast, and we have no way. It only takes a ray of sunshine for the Skyfire to burn the city and destroy civilization from beginning to end.”

Rodin touched his bald head and said nothing.

Lily puffed out some smoke and said, “I have prepared new items to trade with the new Hunters in this world. Of course, it is not necessarily successful. Maybe for a long time, we will be deserted again. It is.”

She smoked quietly and faced everything calmly. Rodin listened quietly. Finally, after she finished speaking, he proudly touched his sunglasses and said. “But the Psychiatrist just sent me a letter, telling me that there’s something for Capital A!”


Lily looked back, her eyes were twinkling.

“Oh, things are handed over to you. Now since the epidemic in this world has not yet erupted, I have to go to Gomorrah again. As you said, independent Hunters are the origins of wisdom. They never need to listen to orders of anyone. But as an old friend, I still need to tell them, who was four thousand years ago, the failure of the Warband will be repeated again. As for Capital A, he returned from the paradise of God. Before seeing him, you can never imagine what he would be like.”

Rodin knocked on the table and pushed a box on the bar to Lily. When he was about to leave, he suddenly felt like he heard something. He looked back at the door of the bar and said. “Oh, he has come. Tell him what you want to say, I should go first.”

After that, he walked into the back aisle of the bar and disappeared into the corridor. For a moment, Wang Ji pulled down the curtain and walked in.

“Rodin just left.”

Wang Ji said that and he looked around the bar. He wasn’t like a stranger. He went straight to the bar and sat down, putting the record player on the bar.

“Your item.”

Wang Ji said.

Lily smoked indifferently, sitting in the darkness and looking at Wang Ji. She saw this Hunter again after farewell, which surprised her. It’s hard for her to imagine how cold the blood of this Hunter in front of him was, so that he could still be as calm as he was after experiencing everything.

“How do you know that he just left?”

Lily ignored the record player and asked Wang Ji a question she was very concerned about.

“I just felt it. In fact, I am not sure, but I think that this echo shouldn’t be other devils.”

Wang Ji answered.


“A special sense, I cannot explain it clearly.”

Wang Ji shook his head, looking at the darkness in the bar and himself in the wall mirror. It was now 10:41 a.m., the bar has not yet opened, and several devil waiters were wiping the table. As long as he was willing, he could feel it without having to look at it.

Echo, a sense that God perceives the world.

Wang Ji had difficulty in describing this. The most appropriate one was what he saw in the madhouse in Evergreen City: everything has echoes. As for him, he could hear the echoes in the vicinity, near or far, just like the vision and hearing, because different distance led to different feelings. The near one was very clear, while the far one was ambiguous. It’s difficult to describe more precisely, it’s an indescribable feeling deep in his mind.

“Well, these are the letter and the item sent by the Psychiatrist, which he asked Rodin to give them to you.”

Lily pushed the box that Rodin had entrusted to him to the front of Wang Ji. When the latter was about to open the box, there were sudden gunshots coming from the outside of the bar without any warning. The earth shook and dust fell from the ceiling of the bar, the lights disappeared in an instant.


Wang Ji’s watch was also lit suddenly!

Capital A, the seed of disaster has burst in a large area of your city. The protective film has enveloped your city.

From experiment A.

Gunshots and scream had performed a bloody symphony in just a few seconds!

The 1st hour of the bunker time; at 10:42 a.m. on September 25th, 2017.

Guanyin Well.

The gunshots burst on the streets without warning, and the patrolling soldiers couldn’t wait to find shelters, but what happened next was beyond their imagination. The gunshots weren’t from attacks against them, but because their guns discharged.


This description might not be appropriate enough. The rapid gunshots responded to the violent shaking of the guns themselves. They were not controlled by their owners. No matter how tightly young soldiers held, they could not stop their own guns firing. The direction of the bullets was toward the citizens who had no precautions on the streets!

The massacre began in an instant, accompanied by the citizens crying in horror, and a large number of bodies fell in the blood.


A young soldier desperately held the gun in his hand and tried to control it. However, the powerful force generated during the shooting made him unable to hold it. The discharge has completely failed to describe the abnormalities of the firearms. They seemed to be alive, no longer accepted any restraint, and they might come out at any time!

“Help! The troop is killing people!”

The escaping citizens fell into despair in a few seconds and began to scream and cry for help!

“The troop is killing people! The soldiers shot us!”

“Run! The troop is killing people!”

The cry for help and all kinds of screams resounded, the citizens still had the ability to escape. Some of them were hit by the bullets, they fell in the blood and covered the wound, screaming. However, such a tragic situation didn’t only occur in Guanyin Well.

When the dome landed again, the entire city and even the towns were boiling in an instant. Intense gunshots and screams have swept the city!

“Reporting Command, here is the Guanyin Well patrol area. The protective film has appeared, the weapon began to discharge for no reason. Please answer if you hear, please answer if you hear!”

The patrol squad leader quickly reported the situation with the intercom, and when he looked back, he saw the soldiers in his squad holding down the guns with their bodies and blocking the muzzles with flesh and blood. He couldn’t help but feel dizzy. The billboard in the distance began to shake in his sight.

In his sight, the streets were full of escaping citizens, and the crying and gunshots were constantly echoing in his ear. Young soldiers were willing to block the muzzles using their bodies. They all lay on the ground, letting the bullets continue to pass through their body. The military uniforms were full of holes and blood fog, and blood flowed down the bricks from underneath their bodies.

The squad leader was stunned and looked down at the time. A missile suddenly flew out, and blood was bursting in front of his forehead!


The squad leader’s body fell heavily on the ground, and the blood on his forehead ran into his eyes along the skin. He was looking at the big clock hanging on the mall building on the other side of the street.

At 10:42 a.m. on September 25th, 2017, the disaster broke out!

Military Command.

“Report! The protective film has appeared again!”

“Report! The scope of the protective film is expanding! We are now trapped inside the film!”

“Report! There is an unknown discharge in the outpost!”

“Report! High energy fluctuations are found in the city!”

The command was blasted at this moment, and reports from all over the place were gathered here. A lot of information was accompanied by the failure of satellite monitoring, and then the main control room was turned off!

“Report! The electricity has been cut off by the protective film!”

“Start emergency plan!”

The officers running back and forth started the operation nervously, and the report was sent to the highest commander in the military region quickly. The light of the commander’s lounge was dim, and with the earthquake as the protective film came, the entire military area was caught in a short blackout.

Commander’s lounge.

After a moment of darkness, the lights were recovered as the devices started, and the commander observed the little change.

“Just as we expected, the Preacher returned.”

The commander of the military region stood up and he was determined. After the reports and analyses these days, he had long assured that such destruction and disaster could not be easily ended. Although the monsters in the protective film disappeared, no one knew whether the Preacher was alive or not.

Without a confirmation of the death of the target, they must not slack.

“From the previous information, the Preacher seems to like to kidnap key targets and influence the whole situation. He could kidnap the mayor here without knowing it, so it is not impossible to penetrate into the military region. Come on, I am waiting for you.”

The commander with white sideburns walked steadily around the combat simulation platform, stood at the desk and pulled the drawers out, took out the pistols, and began to load the bullets one by one. The more you reach a tense moment, you have to be steady.

“Hey hey.”

Suddenly, there was laughter in the lounge. The commander frowned and looked grim. He was sure that he had not misunderstood. A very strange laugh resounded in the lounge, like a hyena, not like a human voice.

“Who? Get out!”

The commander quickly raised the gun and glanced over the lounge. A gunshot suddenly appeared outside the door of the lounge, followed by the movement of the person falling to the ground. The commander’s pupil was suddenly widened. “Chang!” He screamed anxiously, hoping that the young man who had followed him for 2 years would respond.

No response.

“Damn it!”

The commander took the gun and went outside the lounge. Just taking two steps, there’s strange laughter behind his back. The commander stopped and suddenly looking back, pulling the trigger!


The wall shot by three bullets broke and the gravel fell. The lounge was still empty except for him. The commander remained firm, but the cold sweat had already emerged from his forehead. He was not afraid of monsters, but he was afraid that he could not see anything. But at this moment, he saw the barrel of the shotgun hanging on the wall twisted and the black muzzle turned toward him.

The strange laughter resounded again, and it seemed that the hyena-like laughter came from the shotgun!

The commander’s hand shook violently. When he was about to raise the gun, the hands holding the gun began to tremble violently. The pistol in his hands seemed to struggle as if it’s alive, and then the hyena-like laughter also came up from it!


The commander’s back of the head splattered with blood, and his whole person fell weakly…


“Comrade Chang! Leader! Leader!”


The gunshots burst.

Immediately afterward, the military area where the entire army was stationed was like firing firecrackers. The gunshots didn’t stop. The massacre did not give any warning. Since the seeds of disaster came, and the gestation was in peace, but it suddenly broke out in the morning!


A grenade exploded. Then, thousands of grenades began to detonate!


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