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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 78

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 78: Professor Oak

In the shadow world.

The shadow of the dimensional breaks began to devour the sky quickly. The cool breeze blew through the National Volcanic Geological Park, and the vegetation began to shake at this moment, as if to wake up. A pair of eyes opened, the shadow of the guardian enveloped the entire volcano group, countless tentacles of the snakes were raging in the sky, and huge wings covered the sky. The earth seemed to tremble, a pair of burning eyes appeared in the sky.

“Leaving a gap, I still have support to transfer to this world through the super film.”

The hood fell, and the wind fluttered Wang Ji’s hair. He calmly gave his servant an order and “locked” the spell on it, and he would not hesitate to kill his servant in the event of an accident. The order was issued and the shadow quickly stopped engulfing the sky. In the protective film, almost the entire sky was engulfed in an instant, only the edge was still soaking up the sun.

But immediately, half of the shadows that shrouded the sky disappeared, and the remaining shadows began to plummet. Light and darkness existed simultaneously in this world, and the dimensional breaks were formally formed, but it kept disappearing in a strange way.

“I think your wisdom should be able to distinguish the difference between humans and seeds of disaster. Don’t hurt humans, do what you can. Although I know that your existence is a kind of harm to them.”

Wang Ji said and turned to look at the Armed Helicopter Dragons who were chasing after him. While he was watching, the huge shadow blade had already crossed the sky, and the guardian’s huge weapon destroyed all the chasing Armed Helicopter Dragon in an instant until they disappeared. The gap between their power was reflected in all the small movements.


The earth shook and the huge shadow blade was deeply inserted into the ground. The whisper of the guardian in the Yellowstone Park seemed to come up again, and all the plants in the volcanic geological park began to wake up. Wang Ji flew up to the crater, and he soon saw the Bloody Road Flowers all over the mountains appear in the shadow world.

The plants began to revive. Wang Ji looked far into the world inside the protective film. The city was full of smoke and gunfire. It’s hard to imagine how this ruin would become the target of the Preacher. He now had to consider it for the future. If the population was sharply reduced and the survivors were all evacuated, could the super film binding still work? Would the Preacher come to a dead city?

He’s afraid that there would be new changes at the time, and now, he had to be careful to guard against his servants.

“Waking you up might scare my allies.”

Wang Ji stood in the wind and whispered.

“Frankly, I am also worried about this. I don’t know what the cost of awakening you will be. But I guess there is no absolute constraint on enslaving and getting enslaved. Letting you grow, I will lose control of you one day. I think it will incur the catastrophe. Although I can confirm that your life cycle as a supreme life will be very long. But I am not the kind of person who will not care anything when I’m dead. After destroying those things, you will fall asleep again. I will not wake you up, servant. If it is not necessary, I hope your guardian will not act rashly, otherwise…”

He didn’t continue.

Wang Ji clearly remembered his knowledge of the Psychiatrist’s world. Just as he did not trust the government and the violent institutions in the first place, ordinary human beings were so fragile that Wang Ji believed that they were spontaneously enslaved. As for God, Wang Ji knew too little, just like what experiment said.

Since he knew too little, he could only take precautions and be able to let it sleep forever.


The Guardian made a low-pitched roaring. Some information appeared on the gravitational lens:

God was born to enslave all things, not to be enslaved. The enslaved God will no longer be a God;

My Lord is awakened in this dirty world because of your inspiration; it will therefore lose the position of God. False gods cannot control the Garden of Eden, nor do they have guardians;

Under the shadow of God is no longer the paradise of true God. I am even more powerless outside the paradise; God’s people are also degraded; their help to you is extremely limited;

Please finish your business as soon as possible, end the slavery before the Garden of Eden completely disappears, and let my Lord sleep again; now it can only maintain a position when sleeping without enslaved, and it is no longer a god after waking up;

My Lord has completely lost the power to create the Garden of Eden, and I can no longer serve the God who has lost the position; the devil will approach the gods after I disappear, which is not good to you.


Translated by experiment A.

Wang Ji turned his eyes and was surprised. He looked at the unparalleled shadow of the guardian. The monster actually passed the information to him through experiment A, and he realized that the dimensional breaks shrouding the sky shattered at the speed visible to the naked eyes. It actually represented the young god’s loss of control over the Garden of Eden and the loss of God’s position.

“The enslaved God will lose his position and will no longer be able to control the Garden of Eden. Only by sleeping, he can retain his identity. The shadows will pass away, and Lily, who finds the situation, will approach God…”

Wang Ji murmured.

A servant who could only sleep was of no practical use. However, keeping it awake was likely to lose even the useless servants. Of course, Wang Ji could make a clear choice. In addition, the information that the guardian gave him was worth pondering.

These are undoubtedly important attributes of God.

“By encircling and controlling the city, allow the Bloody Road Flowers to sneak and harass the mechanical army through the underground. I don’t force your plant frenzy to face the Armed Helicopter Dragons which now had the control of the sky. As long as you can do as much as possible without harming humans, I will be satisfied. Stay here to continue to guard your God. I have no requirements for you. I only want to control the situation and avoid irreparable situations after the war fortress appears. I will end as soon as possible. If you can let it sleep forever, I don’t want to wake it up.”

He calmly issued the order. The result was the best.

In the city area.

In the Guanyin Well area where the war and the smoke-filled, the devil’s bar’s rolling gate was rolled up again. Lily’s figure appeared outside the door. Looking at the half of the sky inside the protective film engulfed by the shadows, Lily was very surprised. He eyes were constantly shining like silent nights, and she couldn’t believe that the dimensional breaks have appeared in this world.

“How come? The god followed him to come here?”

The absurd idea filled Lily’s mind. She looked at the dimensional breaks and carefully perceived it. It was difficult for her to confirm the position of Wang Ji in the dimensional breaks. He was about in the middle of the shadow, near the gods, otherwise Lily had no reason not to find him.

She turned her head and her eyes were shining. Lily didn’t know how the gods appeared in the world, but she knew how the gods would affect ordinary life after they appeared in the world. In a block, a walking artillery goblin seemed to find Lily’s presence on the streets, and the barrel was turned around, facing the devil’s bar.


The artillery goblin exploded!

“No, the shadows of the dimensional breaks were disappearing, the Eden is gone! Is it no longer a god?”

Lily couldn’t accept this message for a while. When she calmed down, she returned to the devil’s bar and asked her servants to pull down the roller shutter and sat at the bar to drink some red wine, starting to think quietly. All the independent Hunters she knew resounded in her mind. She was impressed by the style of all independent Hunters, but none of them was the same as the Capital A, which made her completely unable to predict his next step.

All doubts traced back to the very beginning of the question, how did he leave the dimensional breaks? After she left, what did Capital A experience in the Garden of Eden?

“Maybe the Psychiatrist will know.”

Lily suddenly thought of a Hunter who had these happening in his world, and he might know. In short, she needed to confirm reliable information first.

The 2nd hour of the bunker time, at 12:10 p.m. on September 25th, 2017.

Professor Oak arrived at South Sea Town.

At South Sea Town, which was shrouded by the shadow, the awakened plants evolved in a short period of time into huge Bloody Road Flowers, waving vines and thorns that swayed across the sky, plunging into the center of the earth, and moving around the city to surrounding the area. In the dark shadow world, a doctor who also looked like Asian was looking at the sky and marveling.

“Oh my god!”

Professor Oak was wearing a white scientific research suit, his pale hair looked messy. Watching the trees in the distance continue to wake up and then keep evolving, he was shocked that the species evolved so quickly. At this point, a storm crow flew down from the sky and landed beside him, returning to the human form.

“Professor Oak?”

Wang Ji wore the hood down, and his lips were fluttering through the ninja mask.

“Capital A?”

Professor Oak sized Wang Ji up and asked.


Wang Ji stopped a bit and said. “You can tell me your commission now. I will try my best. And I hope that the commission you give me is the core of solving the whole problem.”

“It could.”

Professor Oak pouted, scratching his messy hair, looking at the dimensional breaks in a complex look, and said. “But now it’s not working, I think I can help you solve the weapon ghost, but I can’t do anything with dimensional breaks. Sorry, I think you may not know, this kind of shadow is no way to erase it, because it is the shadow of God. It is a pity that I originally felt like staying here and cooperating with you for a long time. I also prepared some cold jokes to enhance my relationship. It’s a pity that your world has become like this. I can’t be humorous now.”

After Professor Oak said that, there was a pity in his look. Wang Ji could see that he has made a lot of preparations for this trip.

“Do not worry about the dimensional breaks, you have seen that it is constantly disappearing. I only need to solve the ghost weapons; I am sorry that these scared you.” Wang Ji slightly bowed to apologize to the older professor. After he got up, he continued to say. “Welcome to my defense zone. I think we will cooperate happily in the future. Please tell me your commission, I will try my best.”


Professor Oak looked back at the shadow caused by the dimensional breaks, asking Wang Ji in surprise. “Is it alright?” “Of course.” Wang Ji replied.


Professor Oak shook his head helplessly to express his helplessness about Wang’s self-confidence. Immediately, he took out a fairy ball from his pocket.



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