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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 79

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 79: Manhunt

Professor Oak handed over the fairy ball to Wang Ji.

“Well, the weapon ghost is a rare seed of disaster. I have been looking for this kind of seed of disaster to bring it back to do research. But every world I visit was destroyed by the ghost weapons, you know it how destructive they are. This stuff has not failed to destroy the worlds so far. How can I not capture such a charming thing? It’s hard to come to you, but I saw something more terrible… I will not mention, in short, it will definitely fail this time. After all, it encounters something more terrible. The commission is like this. You help me capture a seed of disaster with an AllSpark. If you succeed, I will give you a master ball and tell you how to use it in this campaign.”

“No problem.”

Wang Ji did not hesitate to agree and took over the fairy ball. It’s an ordinary “fairy ball”, red and white, with a button in the center, and quite heavy when placed in the palm. And the gravitational lens quickly displayed information about the item.

Item Name: Fairy Ball

Item type: commission items

Item introduction: Its invention was first used to enslave life by the intelligent life. When the first preaching war broke out, it was widely used to capture Hunters or Preachers.

Item Effect: Captures a creature.

Note: Dragonite, there’s a Dragonite!

When Wang Ji looked at the item information, Professor Oak was also carefully observing the state of the trees and the Bloody Road Flowers around him. He told Wang Ji. “I found that these monsters seem to be not interested in us! But anyway, it is best not to stay in the world where the dimensional breaks have occurred. I don’t know much about the gods. If you want to give up this defense zone, I advise you to remember to complete the preaching war as soon as possible and then contact a superior Hunter to take refuge as soon as possible. The gods, even if they only exist, will cause harm to ordinary intelligent life. It is likely that they will be obsessed with a certain religion, and if they are tempted by the knowledge of God, they will be completely done.”

Professor Oak pointed to his brain while saying.

“A problem in the brain?”

Wang Ji raised his head.

What Professor Oak said was Wang Ji’s concern.

“Of course. Approaching God will distort your ration, but do you know how close is the detailed distance? When it exists in a world, the world will be affected. Dimensional break is the proof. The world is affected, but what about fragile creatures? You have to complete the preaching war quickly and then leave to take refuge, move people away from here, try to avoid the worship of the gods, and don’t wait for the government to fall into madness. They will not listen to your warnings, but create endless troubles for you. Even if you take refuge in the new world, they will still try to approach the gods and wake up the gods without fear of death, and it is very likely that they do not understand why they should do this.”


Wang Ji remembered the origin of the disaster in Yellowstone Park. The Psychiatrist has taken independent missions in private, and the federal government was desperately mad to explore the untouchable knowledge. From the brewing to the birth, the disaster seemed to obey some kind of guidance, and all this was in line with what Professor Oak said.

Professor Oak continued to say seriously:

“God is born to enslave. In the world where I live, there is also a creature of God. But its true face is not as good as that in literary works. Fortunately, the god in that world hides himself deeply. After all, the evolution of two species in the tree of wisdom is too different. Ants never understand humans, just as we never understand the gods. You can’t understand their good and evil, and you can never guess their behavior.”

Professor Oak solemnly persuaded him, although he looked awkward, the knowledge he knew was really amazing. “Although it is our first meeting, you are a good Hunter, at least very polite. Take the surviving humans to take refuge in the place where your superior Hunter locates. You know, every high-end defense zone lacks population. Once the population of the defense zone is less than 100,000, the city is no longer a city, and the channel bound by the super film will also be invalid. For the population resources, your superior Hunter will accept you even if he’s cold-blooded.

“I see.”

Wang Ji said under his breath.

“Thank you very much, Professor Oak.”

Wang Ji said. “Thank you for providing me with this information. I will complete the commission for you immediately.” Wang Ji said and stepped back, raising his hand to the sky. In the thunder roaring, he turned into the storm crow rushing into the sky.

“If the population of the defense zone is less than 100,000, the channel bound by the super film will be ineffective; all the high-level defense zones are short of population because there are too many battles and too many dead people; so even if the superior Hunter is indifferent, he will accept asylum.”

Wang Ji whispered and began to deduct some rules that he did not know. If the population of the defense zone was less than 100,000, the channel bound by the super film will be invalid, which meant that the Preacher could re-select other cities to preach and transfer the disaster to other cities to facilitate infection. And the original construction in the defense zone will become a display. He then must go to the new city for defense.

At this time, a message suddenly appeared on the gravitational lens:

Capital A, ten minutes later, the specialist from Liuyun Mining will arrive in your world. The other party will appear at the place where you receive the Liuyun Mining items last time, and discuss the transaction with you. This means the transfer will offset one opportunity for your third-party item support delivery in this preaching war.

From experiment A.

“Someone is coming again?”

Wang Ji suddenly recalled that Liuyun Mining would send a specialist to talk with him in detail, just in this preaching war. Intuition told Wang Ji that this was another opportunity to solve the weapon ghosts.

The 1st hour of the bunker time, at 12:15 p.m. on September 25th, 2017.

The resistance of the scattered AllSpark to the dark beams has been upgraded; the occupation of the energy field continues; the seeds of disaster known to have scattered AllSparks were artillery goblins and armed helicopter dragons;

The location of the central AllSpark remained unknown.

Southern toll station in the city.

The wide road into the city was broken, and the huge Bloody Road Flowers rushed out from under the earth. The wavy vines instantly tied a small armed helicopter dragon flying at low altitude and dragged it to the ground. The artillery goblins not far away turned the fort and the thick gun barrel turned to the Bloody Road Flowers!


The bombs flew out, and the Bloody Road Flowers that had succeeded immediately retracted the head back to the ground, dragging the captured armed helicopter dragon into the ground and avoiding the bombardment of the artillery goblin. Traps like this happened everywhere in the city, the earth was cracked, crazy plants were raging across the alleys and avenues, grabbing the mad artillery goblins, or the armed helicopter dragons chasing the wild dogs at low altitude. They dragged them all into the ground.

According to the instructions of Wang Ji, most of the Bloody Road Flowers have been ambushed in the underground of the city. In addition to seizing the opportunity to sneak attack on the mechanical army of the seeds of disaster, they were waiting for the final order!

In front of the toll booth.

In the diffuse smoke, Wang Ji bypassed the cracked ground and the deep pit on the road, holding the Wave-particle Duality to an artillery goblin that got lost. The latter also discovered the appearance of Wang Ji, it turned the fort, and the muzzle was pointed to Wang Ji.

“Let the manhunt begin.”

Wang Ji put the Wave-particle Duality on his chest, and slowly approached the artillery goblin in a slow and defensive manner. He kept looking at the deep muzzle and waited for the bomb to be fired. Now he couldn’t help with the destruction of the dark beam, but this didn’t mean that he had no way with these.


At the moment when the shell was fired, Wang Ji’s pupil violently shrank. He caught the ballistic wave and waved the Wave-particle Duality, and bounced the shell back.


The shells fell back to the body of the artillery goblin. Its tracks were violently shaken, almost suddenly turned over, and the armor of the outer shell was broken. They were obviously not resistant to their own attacks. The broken armor revealed the interior scattered source shining with a faint light. The barrel was also blown up in half.

Bombed by his own shells, the artillery goblin completely lost its combat power. It began to repair slowly and did not have any resistance to the threat. Wang Ji came out of the smoke, pressed the button on the fairy ball, and threw it out.


The fairy ball made a crisp sound when it landed, the sphere opened, and a white light was shot to cover the artillery goblin. Then it was dragged into the fairy ball, the sphere closed, and Wang Ji picked the item up.

“Seems that it’s quite easy.”

He got up and turned into a storm crow and flew back to South Sea Town to find Professor Oak, the whole process was efficient.

Five minutes later, he arrived in South Sea Town, at the same time, the commissioner from Liuyun Mining also arrived in the city, in the observatory of the southern suburbs of the National Volcanic Geological Park. Of course, Wang Ji had no time to go to see him. He needed to get the information that was vital to the whole battle from Professor Oak.

South Sea Town.

“This artillery goblin is hurt, but it can repair itself.”

Wang Ji handed over the fairy ball to Professor Oak.

“Well done.”

After Professor Oak took the fairy ball, he took out another fairy ball from his pocket. The style was completely different from that of the previous one. It was blue on one side, and there were two purple-red coatings on the top and a white ‘M’ mark. “It is like this. The weapon ghosts are impossible to be captured before they have real bodies. You can feel the soul of organic creatures through items, but you definitely can’t feel the soul of the inorganic matter. So you can’t find it, you don’t even feel the existence of the central AllSpark, either.”

Professor Oak explained.

“But once it has a shape, it is different. At present it should occupy your energy field, it should succeed soon. Once it takes over the energy field, it will be upgraded to a war fortress. The city begins to be metalized then. According to the experience of the destruction in other civilized worlds, war fortresses will rise from the earth and take off, create an infinite number of mechanical life, transform and attack the civilized world. The opportunity is here. As long as you seize the moment of its emergence, rush into the war fortress, reach the core, and use the master ball to grasp its energy source, you can solve the crisis. After all, the central AllSpark has gathered the entity as a core at that time. Remember that it is best to launch a raid when the war fortress has just been built and flying. This period of time is very short. Once its outer defense upgrade is completed, you will have a hard time getting in, so be sure to seize the opportunity.”


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