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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 8

8/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 8: Dangerous Office Building

Time: 21:02; 2 hours and 57 minutes left before the birth of the second phase of the nightmare knitters.

Location: An Yi residential area

“Good lord, thank you for making my work go well today. Hope you bless the innocent people and don’t drop the punishment of destroying……”

In the parking lot, a taxi driver was holding a cross and praying quietly. Suddenly a loud noise came from the car next to the taxi, which made the driver shocked. He quickly opened the door to check it out. Then, he saw a haystack on top of the car next to him coming out of nowhere. A man broke free from the haystack and jumped off in front of his face.

The driver shouted, surprised. “Are you an angel from the heavens?”

“Not an angel from the heavens, but a cop from hell. Please send me to the main police station in town as soon as possible, I still need to interrogate two angels that broke the rules.”

Wang Ji showed his police license in front of the driver’s face. The dim light in the car wasn’t enough to allow him to see it clearly, but Wang Ji wasn’t going to waste time on verifying his identity. Going to the police station by pretending to be a cop isn’t a smart move at all, so he quickly put back his license and got into the car.

Until then, his Leap of Faith is only left for 1 more time.

“Such a nice joke.”

The driver scratched his head and got into the car. He looked at the haystack on the car beside and murmured. “Weird, when did those hay appear, the car maintenance nowadays is getting stranger and stranger.”

The engine was started and the taxi was moving out the parking space slowly. The old driver made a turn adeptly and drove the car on the road. The taxi stopped in front of the city’s police station, Wang Ji got off the car after paying. When he stood on the sideway, the cold wind blew from the gate of the police station. The steel gates of the police station was closed and there’s only a smaller door open. The light in the building was also dim. Wang Ji looked around in front the window of the security room and found the guard on duty in a weird position. It looked like he got scared. It’s already 9 p.m., there were almost no cars on the road in front of the police station. Wang Ji wiped the mask slightly with the dust of the virus on his finger.

“Well, all the remaining nightmare knitters have come here as I expected. Are they going to protect the last batch of the second phase of the parasites ?”

Wang Ji took out 6 batteries from the pocket with no emotions on his face, then he walked into the yard with the head of Kampus. He got into the building from the smaller door, holding the head tight and ready to shoot. He found something weird. The wind in the hallway sounded like the windows in the hallway were open. It’s not a usual case since the windows should be closed according to the rules, after most policemen get off work.

“Excluding the chance of mistakes, then it should be some guy that opened the windows to prepare for the spreading of the virus gas. The nightmare knitters cannot do it with their buckteeth and the sharp claws, so it’s definitely man-made.”

After predicting the situation, Wang Ji went to the staircase quietly without any noise. It’s so silent in the office that Wang Ji could even hear his regular heart beat. He’s breathing very slowly and quietly, standing behind the staircase. He did not look in, but activated the Eagle Vision.

There’s a shadow turning red at the corner in the darkness, indicating that it could pose threats and aggressiveness against Wang Ji. His position was tough, it’s definitely to get caught with the light of the moon. As long as Wang Ji slightly pops his head out, he will get shot in the head.


Wang Ji took out a battery in the darkness and looked up in the air. He’s ready to throw this battery into the air during the gap, in order to eliminate the threatening target after attracting its attention. He grabbed the battery, a giant hand suddenly held his arm as he’s just going to throw it.


Liu Guobang’s voice came from his nose, which made it hard to hear through the gas mask. Wang Ji quickly turned back and raised the head of Kampus, but he recognized the rare blue shadow of Leader Liu, meaning no threats against him, with the Eagle Vision.

Leader Liu took the battery from his hand and threw it towards the corner of the hallway. The glass window was broken with a loud noise. At this moment, there’s also a gunshot from upstairs! Leader Liu dodged the staircase with a nice roll, and shot the gun towards the moon. The muzzle of the pistol slightly shook due to the effect of the silencer.



A bitter howling came from above the corner, the man lying in wait at the corner fell to the ground. Leader Liu took out his handcuff from his waist with one single hand and rushed toward that man like a fierce tiger. He quickly disarmed the man and knocked him into unconsciousness. But, Liu Guobang did not stood up after that.

“You got shot?”

Wang Ji hurriedly ran upstairs and squatted down to pick up the battery thrown. Then he lowered his body to find the wound on Leader Liu, with his voice lowered. Leader Liu broke loose from his hands and said weakly. “I knew it’s you. There’s probably no one thinking that there’s problems here. I’m not shot. But the air here is a bit strange, I’m dizzy though I’m wearing the gas mask.”

Leader Liu took off the gas mask while he’s talking.

“You should put it on again. Also, you cannot be here. It’s dangerous here, you should leave as soon as possible.”

Wang Ji knew the reason right away. If the gas mask can defend the spreading of the virus, then the nightmare knitters are not competent for being called as the seed of disaster. He picked up the gas mask and handed it to Leader Liu.

Leader Liu got the mask and laughed. He said. “It’s you that shouldn’t be here. I saw something impervious to bullets when I was hiding in the mailroom before you came… It’s dangerous here. I’ve call the superior, but no one cares until now. You’d better keep your nose nice and clean. Your mask is even worse than mine.” Leader Liu still taunted Wang Ji, but out of goodwill.


A drop of sticky liquid dropped down on Liu Guobang’s leg, and it made a sharp noise like it’s burning.

“Raise me up!”

Leader Liu’s voice was low and powerful, he tried hard to make himself sober. He already saw the buck teeth coming out of the dark night above the handrails of hallway in his angle. They’re shining and thrilling under the moonlight. A creature that he’s never seen before could easily arise the fear and despair deep inside his heart. But he did not want to implicate Wang Ji, who couldn’t even hold his gun well, but still fooled around here with a puppet in his hands.

Wang Ji did not care what Liu Guobang just said. He soon got up and fell back 2 steps toward the stairs. He looked right at the front after a dripping of the saliva of the nightmare knitters flashing in front of his face. He aimed above, then he opened the mouth of the head of Kampus.

Liu Guobang saw the shadow of the scary monster clearly once again when Wang Ji fell back to the staircase beyond his ability, and exposed himself of the buckteeth. Liu Guobang thought desperately in his mind. “Kid, beat it!” A thought crossing in his mind could make him scream over millions of times in his brain, but there’s no time for his dry throat to shout out.

He couldn’t talk, but watching the horrifying monster diving down. He wanted to close his eyes to avoid the disaster going to happen. Then, he saw a burning cross. The smell of the sulfur burned the unpleasant smell. The fire purified everything in the dark night!

The burning nightmare knitter was bumped back into the hallway by the fire, suffering painfully and rowing along the hallway. It tried to escape after it’s racked with sobs. There’s only half of its body left, with fire still burning the grim of its burned body. Wang Ji chased after him calmly, recharging the head of Kampus by reloading the batteries.


The burning cross appeared once again, while the suffering monster got burned into ashes in the end. The fire smelled like sulfur, which did not smell good. But somehow, Leader Liu felt refreshed. The energy he lost and his weak consciousness were recovered a bit. Leader Liu had no time to care about it, but looked at the puppet in Wang Ji’s hands.

“What’s that?”

Liu Guobang’s voice sounded like he’s recovered.

“Just pesticide.”

Wang Ji looked up with the help of the moonlight through the gap of the stairs. A sharp noise like a bullet hit on the steel rails came. A bullet shooting down from above in front of Wang Ji’s face, just at the same instant. He remained focus, without being grateful for his narrow escape but genuinely doubt. There’re obviously still officers under the control of the neurotropic virus upstairs, but they did not rush down. As long as there are two officers with pistols, he and Liu Guobang can be killed easily.

“It won’t work.”

Liu Guobang softly said. “You don’t need to hide. The crews in the crime department and the supervision department are all there. They won’t come down but stick to the staircase. You can’t get up there. You seem like you knew those bugs. What’s up there? You can tell me now.”

Liu Guobang was still a bit in a trance. The burning cross in Wang Ji’s hands which looked like a flaming sword still remained in his eyes. His consciousness was better off, he knew clearly that Wang Ji had a secret that he’s unwilling to tell him. Maybe he’s the guy specialized in dealing with that kind of monsters.

“I send you out first, then I’ll think of ways.”

Wang Ji walked downstairs from the second floor. He picked up the gun left near Liu Guobang when raised him up. He said that he’ll borrow the gun. Liu Guobang did not decline the order. He stood up and walked downstairs to the yard on the first floor groggily with Wang Ji.

“Don’t take presumptuous action on your own. Wait for the back-ups,” Luo Guobang said.

“That’s inefficient. Did they cut off the electricity supply?”

Wang Ji put Liu Guobang on the ground and asked suddenly. Liu Guobang nodded. “They broke it. They’re guarding the building now.”

“I have my own way.”

Wang Ji said.

“Be careful.”

Leader Liu said. Understanding and tolerance were expressed in the simple conversation between a veteran and a young man. Leader Liu did not have a hand in what Wang Ji had and what he’s going to do.

Wang Ji quickly walked back to the dark building, walking around on the first floor. Then he arrived at the electricity supply room. Some of the machines looked like being damaged with obvious crashes with force. Wang Ji knew where their intelligence was from, but it seemed like they destroyed here just because they simply wanted to close the light in the whole building. Looking for darkness and creating darkness seemed like something meets with their survival mode.

The power supply of the elevator shaft was still good, only the main power switch was shut down.

“According to the exploration and the information given by Liu Guobang, the personnel controlled by nightmare knitters only remained simple linear thinking. It’s like the thinking mode when people are sleeping, looking normal but in fact it’s absent-minded. So I think it’s not necessary to confront the tough with toughness.”

He activated the emergency power supply system of the elevator shaft, making sharp noise of electric current.

“It’ll soon be testify whether you’re guarding the staircase or floor.”

Wang Ji came to the second floor where he made sure it’s safe. He got into the elevators, and set it up to the 9th floor and down to the 1st floor, respectively. After that he got out the elevators, waiting in front of the staircase. He’s waiting to make sure what the exact mission of the officers controlled by the nightmare knitters is.

Is it to intercept the staircase or the whole floor?

The elevators started to operate after the door closed. Wang Ji carried a chair from the office and put it on the handrails. Soon there are gunshots. When the bullets flew out the bore of the guns, Wang Ji even could see many numb faces through the gap of the hallway. He quietly pulled the chair back.

“It’s confirmed, that their thinking is easy and numb.”

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