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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 80

Translator: xjshengchen


Chapter 80: The Engineer from East Germany

“Got it.”

Wang Ji nodded.

What Professor Oak said was almost exactly the same as he had previously guessed. The difference was that Dr. has come up with a targeted solution. It’s no wonder that the echoes felt by Wang Ji were everywhere because of the characteristics of the ghost weapons. To destroy this seed of disaster, he must wait until it’s upgraded to a war fortress and seize the opportunity to destroy it.

“Remember what I said, once the central AllSpark is caught, the evolution of the Warband in the direction of urban science and technology may be different. That is to say, it is probably a super-quantum core computer. In terms of construction, it will be a great boost for the defense zone to go on the scientific and technological evolution route.”

Professor Oak said with a smile, he looked like he’s longing for it.

“I will, right here.”

Wang Ji also smiled politely.

At the same time. The Observatory in the south of the National Volcanic Geological Park.

The language is loaded.

Please note that this world has been shrouded in shadows, and powerful shadows are creating irreparable dimensional breaks. Now the sky you see is the source of the shadow. Once the shadow covers the entire defense zone, the dimensional breaks will completely isolate the world from the super film, and you will never be able to leave here.

From Tree party machine.

A young man with a helmet and dressed like an engineer stood in the hall and looked at the shadow reflected by the transparent glass window on the top. He showed extreme surprised. “Bad luck. When I just came here, I encounter the dimensional breaks? Hey, forget it, I should contact the Hunter in the defense zone first. He did not come to pick me up. It is estimated that there is no way due to this bad situation. I should contact him myself through the tree party machine.”

The young man thought of this, and immediately launched a tree party machine in his mind to inform the Hunter in this zone:

Dear superior Hunter:


Cossettin, the graduate of the First National Defense Engineering University of Liuyun Mining has successfully arrived in your defense zone as a subordinate Hunter intern. I am now at the agreed location and follow your arrangements.


His tree party machine immediately got a reply.

I’ve already arrived.

Capital A.

A sudden thunder came from the shadow-covered sky. The young engineer, Cossettin, looked up and saw the storm crow passing over the observatory and slamming the top glass window, then flew into the hall. The wings disappeared with the sizzling of thunder, and a figure in a black robe and a burning flame outside stood in front of him.

“Tell me what happened.”

This was the first sentence after Wang Ji’s meeting, and it’s also a sentence that impressed the engineer. The tone was indifferent and there’s no trace of emotions. The person seemed to have an indescribable aura, so that the young engineer unconsciously took a step back, and then he quickly took out a document from his arms and handed it to Wang Ji.


“Thanks, I’ll read it myself.”

Wang Ji stopped the young man in front of him from explaining nervously and took the documents to check the contents. The document was entitled “Agreement on Multiple Matters Concerning Transaction Cooperation”, and the relevant information was immediately displayed on the gravitational lens:

Capital A, according to the transaction cooperation proposed by Liuyun Mining, the graduate of the First National Defense Engineering University of Liuyun Mining, Cossettin will be your subordinate Hunter and work as an intern in your defense zone. Liuyun Mining will consider this graduate as a starting point for deeper cooperation with you.

The agreement will take effect immediately after signing, and the signature will be engraved into the Warband system.

From experiment A.

“So you are also a Hunter. In fact, I want to ask, is your Warband name a spoof?”

Wang Ji temporarily put down the document and asked. Cossettin quickly shook his head and responded. He said. “No. This is a very common name in East Germany. In addition, our counselors have assigned me a city, after your preaching war ends, as long as the protective film is still active, our two world defense zones will merge into a defense line. There are 2 million people who have been armed to the teeth, which can guarantee that there won’t be any population problems for a long time in this world.”


Wang Ji looked up and he looked slightly surprised. Two million people have been armed to the teeth?


Cossettin said embarrassedly. “Well, not all the worlds are in a weak position in the face of preaching wars. My civilization has always been strong. I think you should be able to see it. So after the preaching war, you don’t have to look for your superior Hunter submissively, but simply move the population directly to my city. After all, there’s a dimensional break in the world. If you’re permitted, you can abandon it.”

Cossettin said, looking up at the shadow caused by the dimensional breaks. The embarrassing atmosphere continued, and Wang Ji was indifferent to this, but Cossettin immediately realized his mistake after finishing his sentence. Talking to the boss like this would be ironic to a certain extent.

“Okay, I can help you with your internship.”

After Wang Ji said that, he took the signature pen attached to the document and signed it quickly. The handwriting exuded a dark red glow, which represented the entry into force of the agreement. After the “Capital A” was signed, the document was burnt itself into ashes and the signature pen in his hand disappeared.

Capital A, you’ve become the superior Hunter of the Hunter Cossettin; according to the agreement signed, Cossettin’s defense zone will be merged with yours in the next preaching war; the items and knowledge will be distributed by you; As a captain of the hunting team, you also need to shoulder your own responsibilities and try your best to ensure that the subordinate Hunters will survive and that the zone will not fall.

The intern requires ten preaching wars and five army missions; if the intern is alive after all the battles, that is, the internship period will expire. Then the student will decide to stay at his own decision. As a superior Hunter, you must abide by the agreement and cannot choose to intervene.

From experiment A.

“Make it short.”

After receiving the relevant reminder of experiment A, Wang Ji began to ask the engineer. “As a Hunter, when you are transferred to this zone, you must be clear about the situation here. Explain to me that what kind of knowledge, items you have simply. We don’t have much time, and in less than twenty minutes, the weapon ghosts will completely occupy the energy field.”

“I can repair, upgrade and control the technology items.” The engineer replied quickly. “As for the city construction and material supply, I can also repair, control and upgrade fast. In addition, I am also responsible for the support in your defense zone, I can also make a contribution to the defense against the ghost weapons.”

“Repair fast?”

Wang Ji asked. “You said it, how fast?”

“Anyway, really fast.”

It seems that Cossettin couldn’t tell the exact time. “It depends on what kind of things to repair and upgrade, the time it takes will be different.


The current sound suddenly came from the intercom at Wang’s waist. Wang Ji lowered his head and Wang Si’s voice came. “Hunter, the bridge in the Nan’an District was blown up, and the people who were ready to evacuate from the city are now trapped at the bridge, the number reached 10,000. According to the company report on which the evacuation mission was carried out, there was a team of unknown tanks moving toward there. Currently, the evacuated crowds are unarmed, and we hope that you can find a way to support them!”


Wang Ji promised while refreshing the satellite map. The Nan’an District was a relatively distant part of the south of the city. The exit of the city was a bridge. On the satellite map, there were already many artillery goblins and Armed Helicopter Dragons in the vicinity. The Bloody Road Flowers should be able to temporarily pin down the mechanical army, but the fundamental problem was still moving the escaping citizens away from the city as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the plant and the mechanical army fought together and accidentally injure civilians, it’s the worst result.

“You heard it.”

Wang Ji looked up and said to the young engineer who looked like he was about twenty years old. “We are rushing there right now, the location happens to be very close. There are only ten minutes left before the war fortress appear. At this time, we try our best to let the citizens leave the city to take refuge so as not to be affected by the subsequent wars.”

“Okay, do you have a nano bug? If you don’t have one, we can immediately release the zone support information in the Sky. The third-party support of the Cobra will be available soon.” The engineer asked.

“Nano bugs cannot swallow the resurrected metals.”

Wang Ji turned and reminded, while the silver beetle infiltrated from his palm and condensed between his fingers.

“That is because there is no AllSpark.”

When Cossettin reached out, Wang’s nano bug flew and landed on his hand. “As long as the AllSpark nano bug is upgraded, even we can destroy Decepticons. Since there is not much time left, we should immediately get to the city. On one hand, we support citizens to evacuate. On the other hand, we seized a scattered AllSpark as soon as possible to provide upgrades for the nano bug. When the war fortress appeared, I had a way to delay the metallization in the area and prevent it from manufacturing more weapons to invade the civilization.”

Wang Ji carefully examined his subordinate Hunter. This young man was just graduated from college. It seemed that although he’s a bit young, he had a strong enthusiasm and confidence as a rookie. He could also understand that the world background of Cossettin was different from his. Although he was only a college intern, the internship at the university was based on being a professional Hunter.


Cossettin was embarrassed to say. “I was rushing over from my hometown East Germany after visiting my relatives. In addition to the items necessary for my own knowledge, I didn’t bring many items. Would you have other flight item reserves except for the storm crow? After all, we need to hurry now.”


Wang Ji froze, took out jetpack he got in Yellowstone Park, and handed it over to the engineer. “Use this. If you arrive half an hour earlier, there is no need for the dimensional breaks. But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, dead people can’t be resurrected. The resources will eventually be used. Please prepare quickly and act now. .”

Under the shadow of the sky, there was a thunder raging, and Wang Ji, who turned into a storm crow, went first. The East German engineer from the Liuyun Mining world, Cossettin, was rushing to prepare the jetpack, swaying and catching up.

Of course, he couldn’t catch up.


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